Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 309

"authentic, I don’t need to make a fake about this!"

Xiao Yan laughed, behaving very generously, and said slightly: "Mus Young Miss , Please."

While he spoke, Heavy Xuan Ruler swept out, and a flame swept across. The target was Mu Qing Luan who laughed at hehe, and he was very ruthless and decisive.

"People are not interested in fighting with you!"

Mu Qing Luan is driving the sound of the wind, and the silhouette has already reached another place before moving, the whole body is azure light lingering, breath Uncertainty.

"Xiao Yan, this female doll should be from the Tianluan clan, Feng Xian has collected a good recipe."

Old Yao’s voice sounded in Xiao Yan’s mind, Listening to Old Yao introducing the Tianluan clan, Xiao Yan's eyes also changed slightly.

Although the Tianluan clan is not the Three Great Races of Magic Beast, it is also a strong clan. There are many powerful demonic beasts in the 8th-Rank, and they also inherit part of the ancient Sky Phoenix bloodline. Qing Luan lineage, where Mu Qing Luan is located, is even more skilled in speed.

"The discipline that Yao Chen found is not bad!"

Old Yao and Xiao Yan are observing Mu Qing Luan, and on the stand, Venerable Feng Feng Xian is also Observing Xiao Yan, at first he was not sure.

But when Xiao Yan took out Old Yao’s signature Heavy Xuan Ruler, the right hand black Storage Ring made him feel familiar with the soul breath, as well as the various Dous that he played between the hands. Technique, let him know clearly that his old friend is back.

"Your cultivation base is not bad. People are not your opponent, or Feng Qing Er will let you deal with it."

azure light flashed, Mu Qing Luan's The silhouette appeared again, still smiling and groaning. The big eyes rolled around, seeming to be a little stunned, "The origin of Feng Qing Er is not simple. If you defeat her, you will not only become famous for a while!"

"I admire Young Miss jesting, you are not a simple character!"

Mu Qing Luan did not let Xiao Yan relax his vigilance. It was still a solemn opening. , Qi machine has been locked in her.

"People are very weak, just a weak woman, can't you give up?"

Mu Qing Luan laughed at hehe's mouth and said, stature jumped out of the square with a move, and came to By Venerable Feng's side, "Teacher, they lost!"

"You little girl, thinking about being lazy! But I remember that you didn't say that this time must defeat Feng Qing Er. Is it."

Venerable Feng glanced at his discipline, but laughed but didn’t care about it. It was said that Xiao Yan was Yao Chen’s discipline, Star Meteor Pavilion’s Little Hall Master, and Mu Qing Luan lost to him. It’s nothing, even if Xiao Yan and Old Yao have nothing to do with him, his discipline doesn’t want to fight anymore, it’s not a major event.

Mu Qing Luan's small face collapsed, he glanced at Yan Qingshan next to him, and said with a bit of grievance: "People want to fight with Feng Qing Er, but who makes Feng Qing Er better luck? Well, the strength of the bloodline relic has been greatly increased.

The left and right people can't beat Feng Qing Er again, so what are they fighting for? These men like to fight for those fictitious names, just so that he and Feng Qing Er A good touch, it’s best to hit the head and shed blood."

Mu Qing Luan said in a faint tone at the end, his eyes were completely staring at Yan Qingshan, and these old people around him are not fools. This pair of eyes swept, even though Yan Qingshan's face was extremely thick, it felt a bit like sitting on pins and needles.

Mu Qing Luan chose to admit defeat, Xiao Yan upset and won. This surprised many people speechless, until now, Four-Way Pavilion’s four young powerhouses actually ranked among the four young powerhouses, and Wang Chen was the bottom. That, and Mu Qing Luan is Feng Qing Er's most powerful competitor, who was once qualified to win the first prize.

Xiao Yan and Mu Qing Luan's Star Meteor Pavilion'internal fight' has resulted, Tang Ying and Feng Qing Er's contest has also begun. Myriad Sword Pavilion's masters have always been fighting intents, even if they are face-to-face For Feng Qing Er, who had repeatedly defeated him, he still chose to draw his sword, without hesitation.

However, Tang Ying lost in the end. Even though his iron sword was flying, the sword qi was vertical and horizontal, he still failed to break Feng Qing Er's defense. Under the strong wind and thunder Dou Qi of the opponent, he finally It was a complete defeat.

"The last game, Xiao Yan, to Feng Qing Er."

After Tang Ying was defeated, Venerable Lei stood up and silently announced the last game, inside and outside the square. Suddenly it was filled with a tense atmosphere, and the final battle began.

On the square with swords drawn and bows bent, Feng Qing Er and Xiao Yan lined up in two separate lines, the proud little Feng Huang beautiful eye lightly picked, and glanced at Xiao Yan in front of him." You are Xiao Yan, someone told me about you."

Feng Qing Er's voice is so clear and sweet, just like Phoenix Cry, with a sense of dignity and arrogance that can't be concealed.


Xiao Yan did not hear her words, his eyes were flat, the majestic Dou Qi slowly circulated in his body, a powerful breath, quietly pouring out , Immediately went straight to the sky.

"You seem to be very confident in yourself, but in front of me, your confidence is meaningless."

Xiao Yan's plain and calm appearance makes Feng Qing Er black brows slightly wrinkle, she didn't like a person of her same age who showed such annoying appearance in front of her, because it reminded her of the guy who made her love and hate.

Xiao Yan raised his eyes and glanced at Feng Qing Er, then suddenly grinned, "didn't expect you were such a quiet woman when you met. It really disappointed me. To be honest, in In my eyes.

If you don’t have Wind and Thunder Pavilion or other backgrounds, it may be the best choice to be a man’s imprisonment with your appearance. Moreover, you seem to rely on men to have The current strength."

Xiao Yan’s words meant something, tone barely fell, Feng Qing Er’s beautiful pretty face, slowly surging with a touch of chill, beautiful eyes staring at Xiao Yan coldly, The majestic breath rises into the sky, bringing up the sound of hong long long wind and thunder.

beautiful eye stared at Xiao Yan coldly, Feng Qing Er’s lips pulled a icy arc: "You are fine. Believe me, you will regret this remark."

Mu Qing Luan in the stands stared at Xiao Yan like a fool, and muttered in a low voice: "This kid is too courageous. If you say this in the public...Feng Qing Er will go crazy... …"

Feng Qing Er's icy cold on the cheeks is thicker, beautiful eyes slowly closed, the atmosphere in the field suddenly tense, a chilling sharp killing intent, sweeping through the air.


Feng Qing Er's eyes suddenly opened, and his pupils suddenly turned into a strange blue silver color, and that sharp cold The killing intent is also steep to the peak.

A deep blue Dou Qi storm erupted, and within the huge storm, there was still a faintly flickering silver thunder and lightning, and the sound of wind and thunder made people tremble.

The tornado of nearly a dozen feet rises up from the ground, and the energy pressure permeated from it makes countless people look dull. No one didn’t expect that the initiator of all this would be It's such a little girl.

There was fierce suction from within the tornado, the hard silverwood square, under the mad tear of the storm, fluctuating like an earthquake, one after another thick cracks in the arms spread to the entire square, shaking Countless pieces of silver wood fluttered wildly among them.

Xiao Yan squinted his eyes to look ahead, his body was like sticking to a square, no matter how the storm sucked, his body was completely motionless.

"wind and thunder Dou Qi, really rare!"

Xiao Yan has a vigilant heart in his heart. Dou Qi of two attributes is really rare, and unlike Alchemist Normal fire is stronger than wood. This wind and thunder Dou Qi are almost coexisting. The sharpness of the wind and the violent thunder are the perfect fusion of the two attributes.

Within the huge storm, a line of colored silk and satin burst out like an arrow. When passing through the storm, a bright thunder light also adhered to it, and immediately penetrated directly into the space. , Shot at the direction where Xiao Yan was located fiercely.

Xiao Yan's heavy Xuan Ruler horizontal shot in the palm of his palm contains the burst of Dou Qi of Heavenly Flame. The space in front of him is suddenly distorted, and the trajectory of the colorful silks penetrating the space deviates and passes his shoulders dangerously.

"Slaughter Wind Finger!"

Feng Qing Er has no interest in continuing to entangle with Xiao Yan, coldly shouted body floating in the sky, colorful skirts fluttering, like Goddess, noble And arrogant, his jade hand points to Xiao Yan below.

A Radiant Phoenix phantom envelops Feng Qing Er, a majestic and terrifying blue silver beam of light quickly formed in the mouth of Radiant Phoenix, and it instantly turned into a palm-sized beam of light bursting out .

Slaughter Wind Finger, one of the most lethal Dou Techniques in Wind and Thunder Pavilion. When Feng Qing Er performed this move, one after another air-conditioning sounded. Obviously everyone was gorgeous about this One of the fingers is no stranger.

On the seat, Venerable Feng squinted his eyes slightly, leaning forward, and the dark cyan wind whirled back and forth like an elf on the fingers of his sleeve.

The speed of the light beam is extremely terrifying. It pierced the space in a flash, and Xiao Yan's endless shadow defense instantly collapsed.

But at the next moment, a blue flame of water rises, and layers continue, like deep sea waves. The Slaughter Wind Finger force caught in it at first also set off a stormy sea, but in the end, Against being submerged and obliterated, the flame tornado of this sea wave vortex turned upside down and rolled back towards Feng Qing Er.


The situation changed in an instant, the fire was surging, Feng Qing Er was instantly submerged, and the brilliant blue fire sea swept the audience, causing a sudden sound Screaming, is this Wind and Thunder Pavilion's Heaven's Proud Daughter so defeated?

"Xiao Yan, quickly retreat!!!!"

On the Silverwood Square, Xiao Yan controlled the Sea Heart Flame with both hands to constantly sweep the center of the fire sea in front of him, suddenly , Old Yao's scream came in his mind, and he was shocked to flash back quickly.

Among the light blue fire sea, a flame Divine Bird appears out of thin air, golden light is full of fire, and makes a sharp phoenix sound from the sky, which is the legendary undying Feng Huang.

The dazzling golden light squirmed, and after a while, it condensed into a huge purple clock that was more than ten feet long. The surface of the giant clock was carved with a purple Feng Huang flying high. The Divine flame curled out, and the purple clock became more solid.

This giant clock is very strange. It is obviously condensed by energy, but it looks more real than the real thing. Even the golden light flowing on it is completely the same as the real thing. The same, seen from a distance, gives people an indestructible terrifying imposing manner.

When a bell rings, the surging fire sea bursts open in an instant, countless flames swept away, and the terrifying power brought the high temperature to silence the Quartet.

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