Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 310

“Teacher, what is this.”

The bell rang, the sky-blue fire sea was pushed aside in an instant, and Xiao Yan retreated very embarrassedly Most of the silverwood square, his face is rather ugly.

Old Yao’s deep voice rang in Xiao Yan’s mind, “This seems to be the Demon Phoenix Bell, but it doesn’t seem to be exactly the same as in my memory.”

” Huang Zhong!”

Above the seats in Silverwood Square, the four Venerable eyes stared at the huge black giant clock slightly, and their faces all allowed some dignity, this style Dou Technique, for some In the eyes of a qualified powerhouse, the name is quite not weak.

In Xiao Yan’s mind, Old Yao narrated his understanding of the Demon Phoenix Clock, “The Demon Phoenix Clock is a masterpiece of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, one of the Magic Beast Three Great Races.

It is rumored to be of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, inherited from the ancient Dou Technique, rooted in bloodline, defensive power is extremely terrifying, and can also use this to perform extremely sharp sonic attacks, both offensive and defensive, extremely tricky, of the same order It’s almost unbreakable.

In my memory, a certain Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan elder undying’s one-type demon phoenix clock was shrouded in a hundred miles, and the bell rang, and its vitality was destroyed.

This girl is obviously just cultivation to some fur, but this kind of power seems to be too strong, and the demon phoenix I have seen is black light, this purple color, but it seems even more Profound and ordinary…”

“It’s a pity, this icon of the Demon Phoenix Bell must require the Bloodline Strength of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family to be able to display it.”

On the seat, Venerable Huang There was a faint glow in Quan’s eyes, and then he sighed with regret. At their level, there are few things that can attract them.

But the icon of the demon phoenix clock, he is really heart-moving, if he uses his strength to display the demon phoenix clock, I am afraid that he can even rely on strength of oneself to compete with two Dou Zun powerhouses of the same strength. .

Venerable Lei glanced at him and said with a hint of warning: “Venerable Huang Quan, don’t faint, Heavenly Demon Phoenix family things, try to touch them as little as possible, those guys, even The body of clansman will not make people confuse people, even more how this baby Dou Technique?”

Venerable Huang Quan Hearing this, his complexion changed slightly, and immediately laughed, saying: “I’m just jesting, this deity can Not as stupid as that.”

He is really enthusiastic about the Dou Technique of the Demon Phoenix Bell, but he is even more worried about the Death Pavilion and his own life. The Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan has the great power of fighting saints. Influence is not something that his little Death Pavilion can provoke.

“Xiao Yan, are you ready, are you ready to die!”

A fiery wave of fire raged in all directions, and the huge purple clock radiated waves, and the surrounding space seemed to be The waves continued to ripple.

Xiao Yan’s complexion was slightly changed, “Feng Qing Er, trifling the demon phoenix clock, do you really think that you are bound to win!”

“You have a bit of knowledge, but You are wrong, I am not the Demon Phoenix Bell, but the Sky Phoenix Bell!!!”

Feng Qing Er screamed, and the purple divine bell burst out with unprecedented light, and the sound of the bell rang. Ears, waves and waves cracked into the sky, and the entire Silverwood Square flew across, and everything seemed to be destroyed.

“You think I’m really afraid that you won’t make it.”

Xiao Yan’s complexion slightly changed, and the three flames between his hands quickly converged, and a delicate Fire Lotus appeared , The three colors of white, blue, and yellow circulate, all around the black seams, exuding extremely terrifying energy fluctuations.

“Buddha’s Fury Flame Lotus? Xuan Huangyan? How could it be…”

The moment that a Fire Lotus appeared in Xiao Yan’s hand, Yan Qingshan got up, the first complexion greatly changed , The eyes are full of puzzlement.

The three-color Fire Lotus of the Buddha’s Fury Flame Lotus series Dou Technique, developed when Qing Ling was captured by Heaven Snake House Lu Man in the original work, is now being displayed by Xiao Yan. It contains three Heavenly species. Flame power, power is almost comparable to Heaven Class Dou Technique.

But this is exactly what makes Yan Qingshan puzzled the most. Compared with the original work, Old Yao was not taken away. Xiao Yan now walks more smoothly, with a higher cultivation base, and a lot of shallower connections between the powers and influences.

Many of his opportunities were intercepted by Yan Qingshan, including several Heavenly Flames. Even Qing Ling has nothing to do with him. According to reason, Buddha’s Fury Flame Lotus should have been blocked long ago. Kill it, let alone the three-color Fire Lotus, where is the third Heavenly Flame of this guy.

The pure white and cold bone cold spirit fire belongs to Old Yao. The blue Sea Heart Flame was traded after he killed Han Feng, but the third yellow Heavenly Flame is clearly on the top of the Heavenly Flame list. The Xuan Huangyan at the end is right.

Ke Xuan Huang Yan is a background board in the original work, and he also mentioned at the end, how could he suddenly be born now and in the hands of Xiao Yan, isn’t this a trouble!

Yan Qingshan can’t figure it out, and his thoughts can’t change anything. Above the square, with the appearance of the Sky Phoenix clock and the tricolor Fire Lotus, the power of terror and the fluctuation of energy swept across the square. field.

The golden light strikes, Fire Lotus flies out. Compared with the huge volume of the purple bell, the size of Fire Lotus can only be described as small, but although it is small, it contains The terrifying energy, but no one dares to underestimate it.

When Fire Lotus passes by, the space trembles violently, and a pitch-black Space Crack, accompanied by the flying of Fire Lotus, splatters like ink on the void sky, the endless darkness that is deep to the soul, making People have a kind of shocking feeling.

Under the gaze of countless line of sights, Fire Lotus is like a small grain of sand, smashing the purple divine light all the way with a decisive force, and slamming hard on the giant clock.


At the moment of collision, a thunder-like bell rang suddenly sounded, and the huge sound wave, like substance, went crazy from there The surface of the giant clock spread out, violent fluctuations, and even the dark clouds in the sky were stirred to churn.

Just as the bell rang, a low voice followed. At the same moment, the three-color Fire Lotus, the size of a washbasin, also quietly exploded.

The sound of the explosion is not loud, but the three-color fire wave that surges out suddenly, like a ten thousand zhang wave on the sea level, the whole Heaven and Earth, at this moment Become a world of flame.

The temperature rises rapidly. In the distant wind and thunder mountain range, some places are directly burned by the high temperature, one after another smoke rushes into the sky.

The fire waves hiding the sky and covering the earth, in this brief moment, as if covering the sky, even the thick dark clouds above Thunder Mountain were all evaporated at this moment. The flickering thunder quickly burned under the sweep of the three-color Heavenly Flame.

At the moment when the three-color Fire Lotus broke out, the entire Thunder Mountain was in chaos. Countless people were sweating profusely, and even Dou Qi could not completely isolate the high temperature. Everyone was. Staring at the endless three-color fire sea in the sky dumbfounded.

If the fire sea moves down a bit, I am afraid that this piece of Thunder Mountain will be completely destroyed by it. At this moment, even the faces of the four Venerables have changed greatly.

At the center of the spread of the fire sea, the purple clock stands steadily, one after another golden light spreads, and ripples of energy are swept by the three-color fire waves.

Venerable Lei looks at the Sky Phoenix clock, which has not changed much under the influence of the three-color fire waves, secretly sighed in relief, as long as Feng Qing Er can persist under this attack, then this The competition will still end with her victory.


Just before Lei was relieved, a clear and subtle voice was quietly in this quiet Heaven and Earth Sounded.

Although this voice was faint, it still hadn’t escaped the ears of the powerhouse present. Many eyes locked on the square, and there seemed to be an extremely subtle crack on the divine clock.

“No good, this is not the case of the Demon Phoenix Bell being broken. Xiao Yan, hurry…”

Dou Qi suffered serious wear and tear after Xiao Yan played Buddha’s Fury Flame Lotus. He secretly adjusted his breath and stood there waiting for the result. Hearing the slight movement from the Sky Phoenix clock, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help provoke a satisfactory arc, but at this moment Old Yao’s scream came in his mind.

In the three-color fire sea in the center of the square, Fire Lotus burst out a terrifying fire wave, hitting the giant clock fiercely, and the original tiny cracks quickly expanded, just like Sky Phoenix The bell can’t hold it anymore.


The impact of this time was like a rock burst, and there was an astonishing loud noise, and immediately only the purple divine clock trembled violently. , The cracked Sky Phoenix clock returned to light, suddenly shining brightly, and then peng sound, the giant clock crashed.

The purple fragments hiding the sky and covering the earth, mixed with astonishing speed, burst out from all directions, and each fragment contains amazing energy.

The aggressive air waves produced by the explosion shattered the fire sea, and the purple rain formed by countless streams of light, consciously all moved towards Xiao Yan pouring out, and I was shocked to get Old Yao reminded Xiao Yan to shoot Dou Qi with both hands to form a defense.

On the edge of the square, Mu Qing Luan and Tang Ying, as well as the look pale Wang Chen, looking at the two people in the endless fire sea, they all have a feeling of softness in their hands and feet. Terrifying Dou Technique, these two guys are really their peers.

Wang Chen gritted his teeth. Under the fire sea that filled the sky, those promises in his heart were unwilling, and he could only be crushed by him.

“It’s too early for you to be proud.”

A beautiful figure rushed out of the fire sea, and between the purple wings of the phoenix flapping, Feng Qing Er had arrived in front of Xiao Yan, speaking Between the eyebrows, a Dao Accumulation with a fierce wind of colored silk and satin suddenly shot at it.

Reluctantly resisting the torrent of fragments of the Sky Phoenix clock, he sneered after standing firm, grabbing the colored satin with his palms, and stature took advantage of a fierce rush to get close to Feng Qing Er if he wanted to. collision.

When he got close to him, he suddenly felt something wrong. The Feng Qing Er in front of him seemed a little fuzzy. In a flash, he was a little strange that he was dazzled. When he was still probing forward and attacking, he suddenly heard from behind. A huge force hit the vest, and the whole person fell and flew out.

“pu… ”

Xiao Yan’s face, the trace of joy before it even had time to recede, the moment his body flew out, a big mouth of blood spurted out of his mouth. The breath quickly languished.

This thrilling contest seems to have had results. Xiao Yan’s vest was injured, his advantages were lost, and everything was settled.

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