Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 311


Just as Feng Qing Er’s silhouette quickly caught up with Xiao Yan, when the cold jade palm moved towards his head, he said A deep sigh sounded, Xiao Yan’s body suddenly surged with a vague wave, making Feng Qing Er’s stature stagnant.

“Dare to break the contest, so bold.”

The four Venerables almost reacted at the same time. Venerable Lei drank angrily, Venerable Huang Quan and Venerable Jian complexion slightly changed , Pondered did not say much after a moment, but Venerable Feng trembled, staring at Xiao Yan in a daze, or Xiao Yan who now has a change in his body.

“Soul body? Who you are?”

Feng Qing Er’s offensive was blocked, but did not continue to pursue it, but turned his wings back and fell, with a vigilant look in his eyes .

An old voice that does not meet the age came from Xiao Yan’s mouth, “Girl doll, when the old man became famous, you were not born yet! Xiao Yan is my discipline, how about giving me face , I surrendered on his behalf.”

Venerable Lei’s voice came over, “Hey! Although your Excellency was Dou Zun in his lifetime, he was so bold in destroying my Four-Way Pavilion competition. This is not going to my Four-Way Pavilion. -Way Pavilion in your eyes! Could it be that you think that the soul of trifling Dou Zun has the capital to speak.”


Venerable Lei’s stunned shout, and Venerable Jian and Venerable Huang Quan were very strange. All three of them looked towards Venerable Feng’s direction. A terrifying storm quickly took shape on top of his head. “This person, no one Don’t move him!”

Venerable Feng’s voice hovered in the sky of Thunder Mountain, and seemed to have a magical power. When the sound fell, this space was completely solidified, and countless people’s faces were at this moment. It’s a comical sluggishness.

No one knows exactly what happened, but the weight of Venerable Feng’s words is very clear at this moment, the weight of a Dou Zun powerhouse, the Star Meteor Pavilion ruler, one of the Four-Way Pavilion I’m afraid not many people dare to question the entire Dou Qi continent.

At the edge of the square, Mu Qing Luan also opened his mouth slightly to look at the direction where Venerable Feng is, and was shocked. After so many years of Venerable Feng cultivation, she has almost never seen a back who has always been calm and unhurried. The person has shown such a determined emotion.

She is very clear about what Venerable Feng said at this time. If this matter is not done well, I am afraid it will be really opposed to Wind and Thunder Pavilion, but Venerable Feng is still the same. I did it without hesitation.

The slender eyebrows are frowning, Mu Qing Luan is a bit at a loss. Although Venerable Feng has a lot of friends, there are not many life and Death Friends like it! Who is the old person who can make Venerable Feng do this?

The silent atmosphere shrouded this sky, and even the dark clouds that were tumbling on the sky calmed down slowly at this moment.

Venerable Lei and the others came back to his senses slowly. He turned his head and locked Venerable Feng with thunderous eyes, said solemnly: “Venerable Feng, what do you mean?”

Venerable Jian looked astonished and still hasn’t dissipated. He didn’t expect Venerable Feng to come forward suddenly, and it was so good that there was no room for maneuver. Venerable Huang Quan’s eyes flickered, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he sneered in his heart.

Venerable Feng did not answer them, but kept looking at’Xiao Yan’, took a breath, slowly raised his head, slowly said with a hoarse voice: “old fellow, you have made me good for these years Look for…”

The old sigh came from Xiao Yan’s mouth, and it seemed to bring a sigh of sorrow, “Feng Xian, long time no see…”

Venerable A trace of nostalgia flashed in Feng’s eyes, and he sighed: “Yes, it’s been a long time, it’s been a long time, I’ve been looking for you for many years!”

The old voice came out again, With a hint of urgency, “You old boy, don’t talk about the old things and get rid of things quickly! The situation of my discipline is not so good!”

“You old fellow, This is anxious…”

Venerable Feng laughed, turning around for the first time, looking at the sinking Venerable Lei on the seat, slightly smiled, and said: “Venerable Lei, this is what happened today. Xiao Yan lose! The result of the match is set, but I want to take away the man.”

He never mentioned the situation where Old Yao suddenly possessed and intervened in the battle between Feng Qing Er and Xiao Yan. Even to him, this is simply nothing.

Venerable Lei took a deep look at Venerable Feng, “Venerable Feng, do you know what you’re talking about? Four-Way Pavilion has competed against Grand Meeting so many times. This is the first time anyone dared to do this. General obstacles, if this is let go, then in the future…”

“Today’s affairs, as a result, I will bear it all. If he has something, the two cabinets will go to war.”

Venerable Feng indifferently said, the decisive voice in the voice shocked everyone. Venerable Huang Quan and Venerable Jian were shocked. How could this involve the Second Pavilion at war? Even Venerable Lei not talking anymore.

Venerable Lei brows tightly frowns, the palm of the armchair is also slowly held tightly. He didn’t expect that this Venerable Feng, who has always been free and easy, will have such a sharp side today.

Among the Four Pavilions, Venerable Feng has been famous for the longest time. He really wants to speak of which, and his strength should be the top one among the four Venerables. For him, even Venerable Lei has some fears.

Furthermore, the Star Meteor Pavilion has a lot of involvement behind it. The two pavilions are at war. The implications are too big, and even Venerable Lei’s courage is not easy to say.

“What is the relationship between Xiao Yan and this soul body and Venerable Feng? Why does it make him so hard to protect?”

Venerable Lei’s eyes are slightly heavy, His question was something that everyone present wanted to know. At this time, an unexpected voice sounded.

“Today’s business, let it be like this!”

Yan Qingshan’s voice sounded abruptly. He looked at Old Yao who was possessed by Xiao Yan, and said with a smile: “Mr. Old Yao After coming out of the mountain again, who should not give face to the continent!”

Yan Qingshan’s faint laughter reached the ears of others, and most people did not respond, Venerable Lei, Venerable Jian and Venerable Huang Quan was shocked. The title of Mr. Old Yao was connected with the reactions of Star Meteor Pavilion and Venerable Feng, reminding them of a person.

“You are Venerable Yao.”

Venerable Lei suddenly got up and stared at Old Yao who possessed Xiao Yan. Venerable Feng also got up at the same time, and Venerable Lei was locked by the seemingly non-existent Qi machine. ‘Xiao Yan’ didn’t answer, but the silence seemed to be acquiescence.

As soon as the word Venerable Yao came out, the entire square was boiling, and countless voices started to talk noisily. The word Venerable cannot be used in the continent. It represents Dou Zun powerhouse.

The name Venerable Yao is a bit unfamiliar to most people. After all, nothing has been reported for several decades, and it is almost disappearing.

However, several decades ago, this name was really not small, and anyone who had knowledge of Venerable Feng knew the meaning of this name.

The first Alchemist of continent on the surface, Alchemy technique is still above the current Pill Tower Big Three, and the peak powerhouse of the continent, these names are gathered in one person, the ancient clan In the era when the battle with the saints did not appear, for the powerhouse in the middle and lower tiers of the continent, this is a legend.

“I won’t talk more about gossip, people, I will take away.”

Venerable Feng got up when he said that, Venerable Lei was silent, and squeezed the chair handle. Slowly loosened his palm, and slightly cup one fist in the other hand to Venerable Feng, indicating that the matter has passed.

If Xiao Yan is the discipline of ordinary people, if it is the soul of ordinary Dou Zun who prevented the competition just now, he will not compromise on anything, but this is Venerable Yao, and Venerable Feng has such an attitude, he only Able to bow.

Venerable Yao Yao Chen, to his Venerable Lei, they are all the old seniors who have been well-known for a long time. The prestige and reputation of that year was still higher than that of the Pill Tower Big Three. Tier Eight Peak Alchemist is said to be able to train. Produced Tier Eight nine-color Divine Pill’s’continent first Alchemist’.

With so many titles, the contacts of this Peak powerhouse back then were also exaggerated terrifying. I won’t say what kind of friends I made, and those who are suspected of having a scandal are all the female giants of Pill Tower. The existence of Flower Sect at this level of Old Ancestor is not something his little Wind and Thunder Pavilion can provoke.

This level of powerhouse, even if there is only soul left, his Wind and Thunder Pavilion will definitely not be able to provoke him, of course, he can only bow his head.

“Everyone, see you again in the future.”

Venerable Feng laughed, arched his hands at the other people, and then waved his hand, the surrounding Heaven and Earth gusts, and then that The Wind Attribute between Heaven and Earth automatically condenses the energy, and a huge wind giant eagle appears.

“old friend, let’s go!”

Venerable Feng beckoned, Xiao Yan’s body flew over, and he also swept the giant eagle, Mu Qing Luan was right Yan Qingshan said something in a false voice, and then followed closely.

After everyone swept on the giant eagle, Venerable Feng lost both hands behind and stood on the eagle’s head. When the giant eagle’s wings vibrated, it brought a violent wind, squeaked, and pierced. The sky, rushing away from the wind and thunder mountain range, disappeared under the gaze of countless line of sight in a few flashes.

“Venerable Lei, I will also take a step first.”

After Venerable Feng took the people away, Venerable Huang Quan also said goodbye to Venerable Lei, and then took the dísciple. , Left Thunder Mountain quickly. Before Wang Chen left, he took a bitter look at Lin Yan who was still on the court.

After Venerable Huang Quan left, Venerable Jian was also preparing to take Tang Ying away. At this time, a sudden voice sounded again.

“Venerable Jian!”

Yan Qingshan’s voice came. Venerable Jian, who was about to leave, turned his head in surprise. He and Yan Qingshan had no friendship.

“Xiaoyou Zhang, what’s the matter?”

Although Venerable Jian was surprised, he would not underestimate Yan Qingshan, despite the fact that this person has actually been exposed to the Great Venerable Jian did not dare to underestimate the identity in Influence’s sight and Yan Qingshan’s strength alone.

This person is right in front of him, but even his Dou Zun powerhouse can’t see through it, and it’s bottomless, but every time he scans his eyes, he feels that his life is threatened. This is the intuition of a swordsman, this person can threaten his life, and it is definitely not a fighting sect.

Yan Qingshan flipped his hand and took out a jade bottle, “I want to visit the jade veins at the bottom of Yulong Mountain. I don’t know if Venerable Jian can agree. This Tier Eight Spirit Pill can be rewarded.”

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