Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 313

Jade Dragon mountain range, Jade Sword Peak mountainside, the calm space suddenly rippled, and in the next instant a black hole-like distorted void appeared, and the center was also filled with silver light.

Four silhouettes appeared from this passage one after another. It was the four Yan Qingshan who disappeared from the wind and thunder mountain range, and Lin Yan, who was a little stunned, looked around and saw a completely unfamiliar scenery. With.

He subconsciously swallowed two mouthfuls, and said in disbelief: “This is really the Jade Dragon mountain range. If I remember well, this distance is almost half of the Northern Domain.”


“My way of driving is special.”

Yan Qingshan raised his eyebrows lightly. This time he came to this jade dragon mountain range. He used the three strongest puppets. The devil dragon, the puppet of the fighting saint level, is still forged by the Dragon King of the Ancient Void Dragon clan who is good at Force of Void. The speed of the journey is naturally beyond ordinary people’s expectations.

Yan Qingshan threw some jade bottles to Lin Yan, and then went to Jade Sword Sect with Han Yue and Han Xue, “When the time comes, I want to enter the veins of the jade dragon, Lin Yan, you and Yue Er Xue Er, just stay at Jade Sword Sect cultivation. You have collected these medicine pills.”

Yan Qingshan didn’t ask Lin Yan why he came to Northern Domain. He didn’t tell him at the time. After not letting Lin Yan go where to cultivation, Lin Yan came to Northern Domain to participate in the Four Pavilion grand competition, but he was quite surprised, secretly admiring the so-called destiny and making people, and he had no other ideas.

He is tighter now, the two beauties sitting on the right side, “Yue Er, Xue Er, sorry, this jade dragon mountain range matter, I have long wanted to find out. , I said I would take you out for a trip, I’m afraid I’m going to break my promise again.”

The cold Han Yue said with a tender face: “I know, you never intentionally, like this, and a man It should be the most important thing.”

Han Xue slightly leaned on his shoulder, did not speak, but was a well-behaved nodded expressing his approval. This pair of sisters are so sensible and well-behaved, but Yan Qingshan feels even more guilty. He hugs him tightly and slows down a bit.


Jade Dragon mountain range, under the Jade Sword Peak sword pond, Yan Qingshan’s silhouette slowly falls, looking around curiously.

The underground, which should have been dark, was as bright as day. A faint glow came from all directions, and a halo of strange energy came from all directions.

“What is the secret in this place, why my Dou Qi seems to be a little sensitive.”

When Yan Qingshan arrived here, he felt Dou Qi in his body boiling. , Especially the palms of both hands seemed to be slightly hot, looking around all around a bright hall, he walked to the place with the brightest light, which is also the place with the strongest energy induction.

One side of the jade birch across the front blocks the way, and the eye is full of emerald green. This is a side of jade veins, and in this jade dragon mountain range, the chalcedony buried in the ground is even more of a kind Strange materials and weapon forging are quite good.


Yan Qingshan is running Dou Qi, with one hand slowly close to the jade bi, ready to smash it deep into this jade vein, but a strange scene happens Now, when his palm touched the jade bi, it was not tenacious, but rather soft, and a little force penetrated it.

Yan Qingshan continued to step forward with the color of astonishment, his hands rippled in the jade bi, the whole person naturally inhaled it, and the emerald light filled his vision, one after another illusory The halo submerged into his mind, and his body rushed into the depths of the Yumai unconsciously.

Jade dragon mountain range underground, a place that has never been traced before, a marrow pond of three meters square, there are endless dragon-like spiritual qi here, there is a small pool of crystal clear liquid, almost fragrant It makes people drunk, and in it, it seems better that there is a jade book ups and downs.


A silhouette fell abruptly from the jade bamboo shoots flying above, and the whole was submerged in the marrow pond. This was naturally Yan Qingshan.

“In the legendary dragon pond, at least one ancient Sacred Dragon sits in this jade dragon mountain range to form an underground Dragon Vein!”

Yan Qingshan in the pond Gu Pan, I saw dragon scales on the inner wall of the small pond, and the Qing Lin pieces were shining brightly, as if they were carrying life fluctuations.

When he saw this dragon pond, he finally understood the origin of the jade dragon mountain range, this is one place far away from the ancient Holy dragon.

Yan Qingshan once learned some knowledge in the ancient books of Ancient Void Dragon, among them there is an introduction to such a situation.

Generally speaking, when a saint is naturally aging and is approaching the end of his life, he will feel that he is about to reach the end of his life. Find a place to die by yourself.

Yan Qingshan found the latter in the mountain range of bones in the beast area. The owner of the remains arranged a lot for their behind affairs, but unfortunately they still failed to escape the locust crossing.

The other one is even more rare, that is, being killed by a person or sitting naturally, like a whale falling, the energy in the body radiates back to Heaven and Earth.

The gate of Heaven Snake House and the mountain range of the jade dragon probably came from this way. After the fall of Ancient Heavenly Snake and Ancient Void Dragon, the huge energy caused the landform to change, and the winding mountain range looked like a dragon. Lying snakes also contain various precious ores in the ground.

The former of this kind of situation is relatively rare. After all, Saint Skeleton is a very precious resource. How can it be possible to let go of the enemy’s body if it has the ability to kill a powerhouse of fighting saints!

For the latter, or the ninth-order Sacred Beast, this situation is quite rare. Magic Beast respects bloodline. The more powerful Magic Beast is, the less it will let its bloodline drift away. Dragons have Dragon Tomb and snakes have snake dens. They rarely choose to sit outside.

However, once this happens in the powerhouse of the Ancient Void Dragon clan, it will show the unusual form in front of you, the inheritance dragon pond, a special beast spirit cover that contains the ancient fighting sage. Essence inheritance.

“My hands, these are the dragon mark……”

Yan Qingshan felt his hands are hot, and he felt like a jade book floating in his In front of him, an azure light dragon shadow hit from the depths of the dragon pond, cyan brilliance filled his body, and a Draconic Seal appeared on his forehead.

In a trance, Yan Qingshan seemed to have entered an easy Star Sea full of azure light, and the sound of a dragon roar shook the soul.

A azure light blazing sun flooded his vision, and the huge silhouette of thousands zhang was shrouded in brilliance, not phantom. As the light circulates, it is already exactly similar to the real entity, as if it is a real giant.

On the body of this silhouette, there seems to be an Azure Dragon entwined, and the giant dragon is entrenched on that body, the dragon head is raised, as if swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth.

“Azure Dragon Dharma Body, Greenwood Immortal Body…”

In the underground dragon pool, Yan Qingshan’s eyes showed a dazed color, and the breath was continuously changing, and the cultivation base slowly grew. .


“The Ancient Dragon Sage, Azure Dragon Sage, there is even a Great Thousand Dharma Body. Could it be that this ancient Dou Qi continent once had a connection with Great Thousand Worlds? Period?”

When Yan Qingshan regained consciousness again, everything around him had recovered calm, and he also sorted out some effective messages from the chaotic memory fragments.

This jade dragon mountain range is a saint of the Far Ancient Dragon clan, the Land of Buried Bones of Azure Dragon saint, but this dragon saint at first is not a pure-blooded Ancient Dragon, but Similar to Ancient Dragon Bear and Heavenspan Jiao, it contains the 7th-Rank Sapphire Jiao of dragon clan bloodline.

But this sage once had a great opportunity and got a jade book, which recorded a unique Azure Dragon Dharma body of Qi Method or Dou Technique. It has been cultivation throughout his life. Has not completed the mastery, but also became the body of the ninth-order Sacred Dragon.

This jade dragon mountain range is his own choice of Land of Buried Bones. After his death, he merged with Heaven and Earth, and his soul returned to Nine Nether, leaving a dragon marrow vein of several hundred li.

The reason why Yan Qingshan is more sensitive to cultivation of the jade veins in this place is entirely because the two are predestined. This is the Di Class High Level Dou Technique Azure Dragon of his cultivation. The proud work of Azure Dragon Sage can barely be regarded as the prerequisite of Azure Dragon Dharma Body.

Yan Qingshan can barely figure out the reason for all this, but there are more doubts in his heart. Whether it is Misty Cloud Sect’s Life and Death Gate or the Dharma body cultivation method he has now obtained, this should be The product of Great Thousand Worlds, but here is Dou Qi continent!

If you say that Dou Qi continent was once related to Great Thousand Worlds, then it is not even in one point that the news has not been passed down. This fact is strange, but for him now It has little effect.

Yan Qingshan clenched his fists, “I absorbed this dragon pool and barely let the Azure Dragon Dharma body start, feeling that this power is still above Dou Qi of Heaven Class Qi Method cultivation. This is Is it spiritual power? Or is it a low-profile version of spiritual power in Dou Qi continent?

This level of breath is probably 6-Star Dou Zun. If you continue to absorb the power of the underground jade veins, I’m afraid He will follow the old path of the Azure Dragon sage.

His understanding of this dharma body should be biased, otherwise he will not go to a dead end, and the conflict of power will eventually sit down. If I want to be here in Dou Qi continent cultivation Law Bodies, you have to find a way!” Yan Qingshan has some thoughts in his heart, but these are not the most important now. This jade-veined dragon pond is indeed a good opportunity, if it is completely inherited The power of this saint absorbs and refining the energy of the entire jade vein, and can even break through the battle.

This way of doing things will make him unconsciously embark on the old path of Azure Dragon saints. This is not what he wants, but he can only leave with reluctance.

Yan Qingshan condensed his mind, collected all the dragon marrow, and cut a large piece of dragon marrow jade crystal into the Storage Ring, and then the silhouette gradually dissipated in the underground jade veins.


The undead mountain range is located in the Central Plain northwestern region. This place can also be regarded as a more famous fierce land in Central Plain. It is said that it used to be here a long time ago. There have been many battles, and under the mud of the mountain range, I don’t know how many bones were buried.

There is a very strong natural cold here, which causes the cold fog to cover the mountain range all year round. In the depths of this cold fog, Spiritual Perception will be affected. If it is some reckless people, maybe it is still He was directly trapped in the mountain range.

Such a Jedi that everyone can’t avoid is a hidden Soul Palace Side-Branch Palace, and even a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse sits here.

In the cold mist-filled forest, the white fog obstructs the vision. In this environment, the visibility is extremely low, even if it is a soul sensor, if there is no such extremely tyrannical soul divine sense, it is Cannot extend beyond 100 meters.

“xiu xiu…”

Occasionally in the white misty forest where there are bursts of low beast roars, suddenly there is a slight roaring wind, and a whole body is enveloped in the black robe. The lower silhouette appeared, looking at a certain position in the depths of the mountain range.

This silhouette was suddenly blurred, slowly dissipated in place, and then appeared on the other side of the distance in the next instant, and then another silhouette, until this one after another silhouette spreads far away Ground, the first afterimage is slowly dissipated.

This black robe shrouded silhouette slowly stops. This is a steep slope within the mountain range of the undead. The fog here is quite thin, and it is a little weird, and in many, on the slope At the end, there is a huge valley surrounded by mountains.

In the valley, a huge black temple with a huge zhang, like a creeping Great Desolate ominous beast, filled with a chilling terrifying breath in the darkness, black The space around the giant hall seems to have a different twisted color.

In this space barrier, on some stone pillars around the black giant hall, some dark shadows sitting cross-legged can be seen faintly. These silhouettes are all shrouded in the black mist, and between , The gloomy atmosphere permeated.

“Five Dou Zun, dozens of Dou Zong, and hundreds of Dou Wang Dou Huang, and one of them is 5-Star Dou Zun, the Side- of Soul Palace. Branch Palace, it should be very important!”

While this black robed sillhouette spoke, a little purple light lingers on the finger, and there is a space barrier with a radius of a square meter in the distorted space, which quietly turns For nothingness, an invisible space gate appeared.

In the depths of the black giant hall, there is a huge square. On the square, the black stone pillar of the huge hundred zhang stands high above the sky. On the stone pillar, there are countless weird runes, one after another in pitch black. The chains extend from the stone pillar and are crossed and outlined in the middle of the square.

At the end of these chains, there are faint light clusters floating in them, and within them are soul bodies with painful expressions and illusory bodies.

“Senior Elder!”

A man in a purple robe with a group of silhouettes haunting a strange black mist, patrolling this great hall, the man in the purple robe passed by Every black robed sillhouette who was doing errands bowed their heads, full of respect and humility.

The purple-robed man inspected and found nothing wrong, nodded with satisfaction, “Liu Custodian, you did good things here.”

This group of black robed One of the sillhouettes hurriedly bowed, with humble flattery in his voice, “Many thanks Senior Elder from my subordinates.”

“Heavenly Venerate is only now sitting in Side-Branch Palace. , This is the Heavenly Venerate messenger representing the main hall. Our dead soul Side-Branch Palace must…”


This purple-robed Senior Elder is working with many of his men Speaking, there was a muffled sound suddenly, and the whole giant hall shook.

“What’s going on?”

The purple robe Senior Elder’s complexion changed transiently, and the many dark shadows quickly started to move. Just when they were just about to go out, the outside The message finally came.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Suddenly there was another bang. When the scream came, the entire giant hall was opened for a little while, purple robe The sky was suddenly bright in front of the eyes of Senior Elder and many Custodians, and the passage to the outside world and the roof of the temple were all lifted off.

one after another The black shadow retreats like a tide crazily, but a silhouette moves forward, countless chains swept out, wherever it passes, every black mist shrouded silhouette will instantly burst into a ball The vague black fog, soul belongs to the source of dead silence.

“Who you are, how come I will attack my Soul Palace method.”

Senior Elder in purple robe yelled and burst into power, directly It made the flying sand running stone in the valley, the powerful pressure, from the sky filled, caused some Soul Palace Custodian faces to change drastically.

“I, naturally, the one who destroyed you.”

The silhouette under the black robe chuckled lightly, and didn’t put the purple robe Senior Elder in his eyes.

“Dare to come to my Soul Palace to make trouble, you won’t be courting death!”

The purple robe Senior Elder was extremely angry, and the movement here finally attracted the attention of Soul Palace’s other powerhouses , The three silhouettes flew out from the depths of the giant hall with their bodies covered in murderous aura, and four Dou Zuns surrounded them and forced them towards this person.

“Even if you are Dou Zun, dare to come to my Soul Palace, courting death!!!”

Among the four Soul Palace Venerables in the sky, one of them was coldly shouted , Directly threw away a majestic black mist took the lead, black mist called Xiao Tianji like a black snake, the other three also shot at the same time, pitch-black as ink chains black mist swept the encirclement.

“I think you are the one who courting death!”

The surging Dou Qi swept out of this silhouette. There are countless number of people in the mountain range of the dead souls. The forest seemed to have recovered in an instant. Within a few breaths, countless vines rolled over, completely submerging this dark ancient palace.

In the black giant hall, countless vines cover the sky and the sun, and old trees broke out of the ground, dismantling the entire giant hall, disintegrating and disintegrating, glowing where the azure light trees and vines pass. , One after another The silhouette of the black mist that can’t be avoided instantly Nirvana annihilates and becomes the soul origin.

Most of these shrouded silhouettes of black mist are powerhouses captured by Soul Palace and depraved. The soul is only left after death, but now it has been blown up. Naturally, there are only a group of souls left. force.

But there are some living people, including the Soul Palace Senior Elder, who all have physical existence, so there are some blood mist bones that permeate the temple.

The four Dou Zuns of Soul Palace are also at risk at this time. They are wrapped into four sepak takraw balls by countless vines. Although they are more in number, their strength is not enough to watch. They can only be barely suppressed. Self-protection.

“Zhai Xing Old Ghost, do you think you are still gone!”

The black robe shrouded silhouette did not continue to attack them, but slammed into them. black Another aspect of the giant hall.

“You are so bold that you dare to take action against Soul Palace. Do you think that a trifling 6-Star Dou Zun can be right with Soul Palace.”

The space was suddenly distorted, and an old man in a gray clothed shirt fell to the ground embarrassedly. Obviously, he was trying to act secretly just now but didn’t want to be found out.

While he speaks, his right hand five fingers behind, the fingers tremble, five sticky black fog, from his fingertips, surge out violently, a burst of crash-bang, condensed into a weird The black chains tangled in the air, and with a sneer, they pierced the void and smashed the sepak takraw ball to rescue the other four Senior Elders.

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