Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 314

“You think there are a few more people, can you change anything!”

This black robed sillhouette doesn’t seem to care that the four Senior Elders are rescued, they still do So peaceful, raising his hand slightly, the azure light burst out with terrifying power.

“Joining hands!!!”

The five senior Elders sensed the horror of this move, and quickly joined forces to deal with them. The majestic black mist spread out, and sudden fluctuations appeared. , During the violent creeping, it turned into a huge black python with hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of zhangs. It screamed up to the sky, flicked its giant tail, and squeaked and slashed with a shatter void, bringing an unparalleled wind toward the azure light.

A destructive force rushed up into the sky, swept out like a storm, and the hill on which the black giant hall was located was immediately wiped out.

The entire mountain range is shaking like an earthquake in this brief moment, with huge cracks, centered on the valley, spreading out towards all directions. Under this shaking The great hall on the verge of collapse is up, and many Soul Palace powerhouses are covered head and sneaked away like a rat in horror.

The storm is raging, and the waves of destruction spread out like ripples. The incomparably strong black temples disappeared. Many Soul Palace powerhouses. When the body was affected by the waves of destruction, the’pu’ sound turned into A group of pure soul origin.

The wave of destruction has spread for nearly a kilometer, within a kilometer, all are red land, dense forests, and lofty mountains. In this moment, everything is annihilated, leaving only a dark land of ashes, a little bit of silver The bright soul light group hangs in the void, and two figures appear in the storm.

There is only one Zhai Xing Old Ghost left in the top five senior elders, and the other four are also refined into the soul origin in the azure light, accompanied by the storage ring on the left hand of the black robed man Slowly flooding, countless soul sources are pouring into it.

“You dare to destroy the Side-Branch Palace, you are dead.”

Zhai Xing Old Ghost was left in the air with one hand. His condition is very bad, almost dead. It was on the spot, even speaking quite reluctantly.

black robed sillhouette lifted the mask, revealing a young face, it is Yan Qingshan, he is holding Zhai Xing Old Ghost in one hand, and his eyes are shiny, “trifling Hun Miesheng, do you think I am afraid of him. Tell me the location of the other 23 Earth Fiend Palace and the three Heavenly Stars Palace.”

“I, no, no…”

Zhai Xing Old Ghost met Yan Qingshan’s eyes, and twisted struggling colors flashed in his eyes, but in the end it was no match for Yan Qingshan’s mental hypnosis, his eyes were completely lost, and he spoke out the information Yan Qingshan needed.

Soul Palace, as a peripheral force of Hun Clan deployed on Dou Qi continent, is responsible for a very heavy function. Many people are disgusted by the killing of powerhouses and plundering soul bodies all the year round, so Side-Branch Palaces everywhere It’s all confidential.

Soul Palace has a lot of Side-Branch Palaces in the Central Plain. Among them, there are 24 more important side-Branch Palaces called Earth Fiend Palace. It is one of the Earth Fiend Palace, which has many Senior Elders.

Above the Earth Fiend Palace, there is the Heavenly Stars Palace. The Heavenly Stars Palace is divided into three halls: Heaven, Earth and Human. Heaven Palace is the headquarters of Soul Palace. It is hosted by Soul Palace Palace Master. Hun Miesheng sits in person.

Soul Palace Palace Master Hun Miesheng, the long-famous 4-Star Peak Powerhouse, has actually broken through 5-Star Fighting Saints, but some ancient influences have made a covenant, 4-Star Fighting Saints The above powerhouse does not easily intervene in continent affairs, so he hides his strength.

Under Hun Miesheng, Soul Palace also has two Da Dou Shi saints, namely the Soul Palace Vice Palace Master of the 3-Star Dou Saint and the Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate of the 1-star Dou Saint. These three People are all real powerhouses, sitting in the underground hall and the human hall respectively.

Among them, the Palace of Man has the most powerful influence. The Soul Palace, apart from the two Palace Masters, the nine Heavenly Venerates are all in the Palace of Man. Soul Palace two Heavenly Venerate Guyou saints are high level Half Sage, three Heavenly Venerate suspected breakthrough Half Sage, and the remaining six Heavenly Venerates are all 7-Star Dou Zun or above. In terms of the power and complexity alone, it is the power of the Palace of Human beings that is the most.

Whether it is Heavenly Stars Palace or Earth Fiend Palace, for Yan Qingshan, who has three dragons, as long as Hun Clan does not send any back-ups, he will not be taken seriously.

Yan Qingshan this time shot the Earth Fiend Palace in the mountain range of the dead, in order to make his own strength breakthrough, especially Soul Realm, which is the most difficult cultivation.

He wants to quickly improve his Soul Realm. Apart from absorbing the heavenly materials and earthly treasures that are helpful to soul, refining a large amount of soul origin is also a method. The former is quite scarce and difficult to collect, while the latter It is necessary to collect countless soul body refining, a bad one is ruin.

But Yan Qingshan knows that there is another method, which is to intercept Soul Palace directly. Soul Palace has been collecting soul refining sources for countless years. The three Heavenly Stars Palaces and twenty-four Earth Fiend Palaces, as the most important bases, must be the result of refining.

However, Soul Palace has always been tricky. As the ultimate stronghold, Earth Fiend Palace is naturally not so easy to find. The Earth Fiend Palace in the mountain range of the dead souls, he still knows after reading the original.

After Zhai Xing Old Ghost finished all the narration, a reddish flame completely refined it, and after a small light group of soul origin was collected into the Storage Ring, Yan Qingshan slammed into the ground with a palm. deep.

Yan Qingshan’s palm blasted out, and the ruins of the black giant hall burst open. The stone pillar as high as several hundred zhang rose from the ground and lifted up countless earth and rocks. The ruined land split into a giant pit. And in the depths of the giant pit, there is a light ball about half a foot in size.

This light group is transparent. On the periphery of the light group, there are countless dark chains connected, and the ends of these chains are connected to the souls that were originally imprisoned in the black giant hall. Where the body’s cage is, this is the origin of the extracted soul.

“This quantity, I am afraid it will be 100,000!”

This group of soul origin made him feel a kind of extreme terrifying soul fluctuation, extremely pure, Without the slightest impurity, the amount is still extremely large. He just killed thousands of powerhouses, and the soul source he collected was only one percent of this lump.

Soul, is the foundation of life, Heaven and Earth all have soul, and deep in soul, there is a trace of soul origin. This is the foundation of the birth of soul, it can also be said to be between Heaven and Earth The purest kind of strange energy.

This kind of bizarre energy, after being refined, can enhance a person’s soul quality and heritage. Breakthrough Soul Realm and Soul Realm are difficult to improve, and Soul Realm goes up, and breakthrough cultivation realm is also It will be easier.

The soul origin light group in front of Yan Qingshan, condensing nearly 100,000 soul origin of powerhouse, its value is immeasurable. Once this thing is taken out, I don’t know how many powerhouses will be crazy.

“If an accident happens to the three Heavenly Stars Palace’s fighting sages, Hun Clan will definitely be alarmed, and he can’t move for the time being, but the twenty-four Earth Fiend Palaces are not that many scruples!”

Yan Qingshan’s eyes are shining. This time during the trip to Thunder Mountain, Xiao Yan got the Xuan Huangyan, which put him under a little pressure, but the other opportunities in the memory are still not visible. After thinking about it, he thinks it is It’s time to cut a wave of leeks from Soul Palace.

These three Heavenly Stars Palaces can’t be messed up. Twenty-four Earth Fiend Palaces. If possible, he is ready to even serve it, so it’s a Soul Palace to find some trouble.


On the northwestern edge of the Central Plain Pill Region, in the depths of the ghost swamp, a huge black temple is hidden between the jungles, one after another stone pillar penetrates the ground, one statue The powerhouse lingering in the black mist looked at the surroundings vigilantly.

A black mist silhouette whose breath is close to Dou Zun is talking, “The big guy is cheering up. Over the past two days, many Side-Branch Palaces in my Soul Palace have been broken. This is bold. The disciples are attacking my Soul Palace. The above has already ordered a guard, and soon Heavenly Venerate will come over to sit…”

“The fourteenth Side-Branch Palace, it seems to be on guard. News! But it’s useless!”

The void suddenly opened ripples, and a silhouette appeared above the Side-Branch Palace. Yan Qingshan, who was covered by black robe, took a look and stretched out his palm, azure The light turned into a dragon’s shadow, and instantly burst the outer space defense, and then lifted the top of the Side-Branch Palace.


One after another silhouette flew out from the palace, it should have come from the warning signal, and the imposing manner showed an unusually strong breath, and Yan Qingshan in midair flew straight down, and a great battle broke out.

A quarter of an hour later, in a clear dragon roar, the azure light dragon completely crushed this great hall. Among the broken walls, a silhouette appeared again, and a palm smashed the ground. , Deep underground to the hundred zhang, a light ball was torn out.

“A little 6-Star Dou Zun, I don’t believe you can even destroy my Soul Palace and eleven Side-Branch Palaces. Who are you from? Who else is with you? Action.”

This group of soul origin has just been put away by Yan Qingshan, the void on the side ripples, and then there is a voice.

A blue silhouette walks out slowly, and with the appearance of this silhouette, the air in this world immediately becomes moist, and there are still small raindrops on the sky. The crackle poured down.

Such a strange change naturally attracted Yan Qingshan’s attention. This person can use the vast Dou Qi within his body to induce changes in the energy of Heaven and Earth. This kind of strength must be at least 7-Star Dou Zun. He also knows a little about these nine Heavenly Venerate magic rain, 7-Star Peak Dou Zun powerhouse.

“Soul Palace Nine Heavenly Venerate, magic rain!”

Yan Qingshan’s whole body is shrouded in a black robe. He can’t see his appearance and his identity, so this person naturally doesn’t recognize it. He, but he recognized the Soul Palace powerhouse that rushed over, the magic rain at the end of Soul Palace’s nine Heavenly Venerates.

“You know this Heavenly Venerate, and so, you guys, since you have chosen to shoot my Soul Palace, you should have known some things.”

Nine Heavenly Venerate Magic Rain Faintly smiled, glanced at Yan Qingshan, slowly shook the head, the strong blue energy filled his palm, “Within three days, my Soul Palace was destroyed in eleven Side-Branch Palaces. It should be you and What your companions do!

trifling 6-Star Dou Zun dare to attack Soul Palace, there are people behind you! Which ancient clan is it, Gu Clan? Ling Clan? Or Yao Clan?”

Moyu tentatively spoke. In his opinion, only those ancient clans who dared to attack Soul Palace like this are the only ones who have Gu Clan’s strength second only to Hun Clan behind Soul Palace. , It is possible to do it.

Ling Clan ranks among the top seven clans today. The bloodline is declining, and powerhouse is urgently needed. Ling Clan has the word’Spirit’, which is the clan that has refined the way of soul, and the soul collected by Hun Clan. The origin also has a great effect on them.

Yao Clan is the Imperial Clan who frequently comes out of Alchemist. The soul origin is also extremely useful to them, and naturally it is on the list of doubts.

Of course, it’s not that Soul Palace has determined that they made the move. This is just a guess. The rest of the ancient clans and some ancient influences may also secretly start Soul Palace.

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