Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 316

“Tell me, what do you do for food…”

In the Heavenly Stars Palace, Hun Miesheng yelled, and the entire Heavenly Stars Palace resounded His voice, a whistling storm swept past, among the many powerhouses present, only three of them could barely stand firm.

“Palace Master calm down!”

Including Soul Palace deputy Palace Master, many powerhouses hurriedly bowed down, facing the furious Hun Miesheng, no one dared to show it at this time Heterochromatic.

Hun Miesheng angrily roared: “In three days, but in just three days, my Soul Palace lost sixteen side-branch palaces, more than fifty Venerable, twenty Heavenly Venerate, and All the soul origins that were sealed underground have been looted. Such a big thing, how do you calm me down.”

The great Heavenly Venerate of Soul Palace stood up and said: “Palace Master, I see this. , Quite has several points of strange, the location of Side-Branch Palace in my Soul Palace has always been hidden. Even Senior Elder Level 1 is not clear about the layout. Moreover, the soul origin of every Side-Branch Palace has been obscured. Snatch away, don’t say, it’s someone deliberately doing it.”

Hun Miesheng said with a sneer: “Oh! according to what you said, this is someone who stared at our Soul Palace early, specifically to rush Soul origin is here!”

“Palace Master, this is very possible.”

Soul Palace Deputy Palace Master also spoke: “The forces that started this time are clean and tidy. However, within three days, sixteen Side-Branch Palaces fell. Obviously, it was premeditated. If you have the strength to do this, I am afraid that only…”

Hun Miesheng was silent, the deputy He hadn’t thought of what the Palace Master and Great Heavenly Venerate had said, but for this reason, if Bao Shang went, the senior members of the clan would appreciate his difficulties? No, those high-level powerhouses will only order him not to delay the annual soul origin.

Hun Miesheng pondered said again for a long time: “This matter cannot be relaxed. During this time, more powerhouses will be sent out for inspections. You two and Guyou must take care of the remaining eight Earth Fiend Palaces.

Also, if we send out people, even if we look through the entire Central Plain, I will find this group of people.”


Vice Palace Master and Eight Heavenly Venerate bow at the same time, and they also hold a fire in their hearts. The soul origin of the sixteen Side-Branch Palaces in Soul Palace was taken away. This loss was reported to Hun Clan, all of them All have to be eaten.

This time, even if it attracts the attention of many forces, even if it is digging the ground three feet to turn the Central Plain upside down, their Soul Palace will have to make some of the’rats’ in the dark pay the price.


“Soul Palace will not let you go.”

“Palace Master will give us revenge…”

“If you offend Soul Palace, all your clans will be destroyed.”

Central Plain Pill Region, a hidden retreat, Yan Qingshan sits in the secret room with stars in front of him There are sixteen silver light clusters around them that are not too different from each other.

This is the result of his busy work for three days, rushing to the Sixteen Side-Branch Palace of Soul Palace. These sixteen groups of silver light sources are mostly about half a foot in size, and each of them has ten Thousands of souls are condensed, and this little bit of resentment is the soul of the many Soul Palace powerhouses that died in his hands.

Yan Qingshan leaned on the three-headed dragon to attack all sides and broke the Soul Palace’s 16 Side-Branch Palaces. Even after solving the magic rain, it still destroyed two Side-Branch Palaces again. He just stopped. If it weren’t for the large number of people who nearly hit Soul Palace behind, he wouldn’t have stopped so easily!

Many of the soul origins in front of him, many of them just died not long ago. They used Fallen Heart Flame to refine them. Similar to Dou Zun level, they can still retain a little wraith, so they have So much noise, but that was because he didn’t have time before. Now, it’s time to concoct them.

“I haven’t had Alchemy for a long time. It’s rare to have so many good materials. I believe I will like it with Fallen Heart Flame.”

Yan Qingshan glanced brightly If the origins of the many souls of the stars, with a wave of hand, the Fallen Heart Flame floats out and condenses into a flame furnace cauldron. The horrible fluctuations make one after another soul with remnant thoughts tremble.


“You must not die…”

“Soul Palace won’t…”

A powerful suction force involved thousands of souls, one after another soul’s origin was forcibly refined into the furnace cauldron, and soon it was completely shattered.

Soul light source of the sixteenth regiment hovered around Yan Qingshan. Accompanied by this screaming scream, the soul source collected by Soul Palace also showed slight changes.

One by one soul light group releases a faint luster, and there is a lot of information from it. These soul light groups have too much soul origin, most of which do not have intelligence, but they contain some The feelings of resentment, unwillingness and so on left before completely dying.

These emotions were originally difficult to completely refining, but if they are absorbed indiscriminately, they will inevitably affect the mind. But Yan Qingshan killed the batch of powerhouses of Soul Palace in front of them, and successfully gave these souls killed by Soul Palace some comfort and rest.

Ten days later, when the last trace of soul resentment was refining cleaned, within the fire cauldron, a group of glowing soul origin appeared in front of Yan Qingshan.

The origin of this soul group is obviously larger than other soul groups in terms of quality and quantity. Sixteen Side-Branch Palaces of the Soul Palace were destroyed. Nearly 20,000 souls of the powerhouse were taken away by Yan Qingshan refining. Among them, there were nearly a hundred Dou Zun who produced this mass. The soul light mass contained in it is naturally far away. Super other.

Yan Qingshan looked at the seventeen light groups in front of him, and suddenly shook the head again, “If these soul origins can absorb all the refining, they can help me break into the heaven and even approach the heaven. Great Perfection! It’s a pity that the threshold between Heaven and Spirit Stage is not so easy to break through!”

His soul is now close to Spirit Stage Late Phase, and only needs to absorb a part of the spoils of war, you can easily break through to Spirit Stage Peak, and you have the background of the breakthrough heaven, but you can only have the background that’s all.

Heavenly soul, at least has to cross the daoist sect threshold to become the Half Sage powerhouse, and now he is just 6-Star Peak Dou Zun, which is far from the ninth turn of Dou Zun Peak. Let alone the realm of Half Sage.

Although it cannot break through the realm of heaven, Spirit Stage Peak is not weak for the entire continent, especially for Alchemist, Soul Realm’s Tier Eight Alchemist at this level, as long as Alchemy has passed it, It is possible to refine Divine Pill with more than seven colors in Tier Eight.

Because Soul Realm is so important, it is quite difficult to improve. The most convenient way is to kill people and refine souls from powerhouse soul as Yan Qingshan is now, but this The method also has hidden dangers.

Let’s not talk about the difficulty of killing people and refining souls, and then there is definitely something that will offend some people or forces, and once this behavior is exposed, it must be everyone shouting and beating, and being chased by many people. Status.

Yan Qingshan did a beautiful job this time. Soul Palace itself has offended many forces, and their actions are destined to have few allies.

As the true number one Sect of Central Plain, Soul Palace didn’t expect someone to do this to them. Unsuspectingly, Yan Qingshan broke 16 Side-Branch Palaces one after another. It is full of harvest.

His actions at this time did not leave a living, and the possibility of being tracked down is too small, so this boring loss, Soul Palace is settled.


In the closed chamber, the seventeen soul light clusters in front of Yan Qingshan’s eyes are gently suspended. The soft and pure luster continuously diffuses from it, shining in On the face of all around, a different kind of magical halo is mapped out.

Yan Qingshan adjusted his state, extend the hand palm and grasped the soul light ball he had made in his hand, and a vast soul Source Power slowly poured into his body, letting him between The soul Sea of ​​Consciousness at the eyebrows felt extremely warm.

In Yan Qingshan’s place between the eyebrows, the soul sea power surged out violently, transforming into a humanoid Spirit Physique identical to the body, an extremely pure soul Source Power spreading from the soul light group , Continuously integrated into his Spirit Physique.

More and more soul origins are absorbed into Spirit Physique, and Yan Qingshan’s soul surface gradually emerges a layer of strange crystals like crystals.

With this kind of refining, on the Spirit Physique face that soul transforms, there is also a faint faint intoxication. He feels his soul as if being invaded in a warm light Generally, the feeling is as if the fetus is in the womb.

Yan Qingshan in the secret room did not know how long he sat cross-legged. The original seventeen soul origins in front of him, at this time there are thirteen groups left, and more than 300,000 soul origins were absorbed and refined by him. , This also allowed his Soul Realm to reach a limit level.

A circle of invisible fluctuations also centered on Yan Qingshan, spreading slowly, and the invisible fluctuations made the mountain within the hundred zhang silent.

All the creatures in the mountains and forests felt a kind of pressure from the depths of the soul at this moment. Under this kind of pressure, even the most ferocious Magic Beast in the mountains, at this moment It’s trembling with fear creeping on the ground, and I dare not even growl.

At a certain moment, his body shook suddenly, and the dazzling light surged out violently from his body, an invisible wave resembling Heaven and Earth, hiding the sky and covering like a storm. The earth swept out.

At this moment, the sky is covered with dark clouds and thunder is dancing. Lightning bursts out like a silver snake, and the sound of thunder resounds in this space. At the same time, a vast invisible wave is also centered on that mountain, like a storm, sweeping quietly. And open.

“Spirit Stage Great Perfection, 7-Star Dou Zun. Only half a step away from the sky, under Half Sage, I won’t have any bottleneck anymore.”

Yan Qingshan slowly opened his eyes, and the bright color in his eyes even covered the thirteen souls floating in front of him.

After several months of retreat, using the massive soul origin, he successfully promoted his Soul Realm to the Spirit Stage Great Perfection level, and the cultivation base also reached the 7-Star Dou Zun breakthrough again. .

At this moment, it is not impossible for him to continue to retreat. With the essence of fighting spirit and various resources, as well as so many soul origins that have not been refined, he may be able to hit Half Sage in one breath. , But after thinking about it, he is still ready to leave the customs, because the Pill Competition is about to begin.

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