Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 318

“This old fellow, it’s really not easy to get something out of his hand.”

Outside the great hall, Yan Qingshan looked at this A token with the word’dan’ inscribed with a smile on the corner of his mouth. This danling is a symbol of the giant Pill Tower and also represents the meaning of passing the throne. He was originally a candidate for the giant, and with it, Sooner or later, the three words “candidate” have to be removed.

“Yan little brother, people have to fight against the essence and soul…”

Yan Qingshan’s side suddenly heard a whistling voice of coquettishness , The lovable body that was swirling and passionate was attached to his arm, Little Witch hung on his body, staring scorchingly at the Dan Ling in his hand, saying that Little Witch has been greedy for a long time.

Yan Qingshan turned his gaze to Little Witch, then looked at Dan Chen and Ye Xinlan, and said with a smile: “There are all of them, it depends on your performance.”

He asked Cao Ying and the three daughters to come together this time, which also meant to help them improve their Soul Realm. That many souls can’t be finished by himself, and the leeks at Soul Palace have not been cut, so there is nothing to waste. .

“There are three of us sisters, can you please!”

A provocative smile appeared at the corner of Cao Ying’s mouth, and she stared at him like this with attractive eyes, aside Both Dan Chen and Ye Xinlan’s faces are almost red.

“You doubt me, I’ll let you know how great you are later.”

Yan Qingshan’s eyebrow raised, hehe took a shot of Little Witch’s upright part, and then gave it a big hand With a wave, the four of them disappeared in the same place. The reappears are already in the arranged boudoir. Before the retreat, he checked the bodies of several girls. This is not too much!


Sacred Pill City external region, where the Star Meteor Pavilion is located, under the starlight, Xiao Yan and Old Yao are talking in the courtyard, they come to Sacred Pill City, naturally It is for Pill Competition.

Xiao Yan cultivation Flame Mantra naturally needs to absorb more Heavenly Flame. Heavenly Flame ranks the Ranked 9th Three Thousand Raging Fire. Since there is a chance, Xiao Yan will naturally not let it go. Not to mention that he has to refine the Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill for Old Yao, and he also needs to come to the Pill Region to collect medicine ingredients.

“Teacher, you said this time the Pill Competition, can I have a chance.”

Xiao Yan looked at the Pill Tower in the distance indifferently said that he came to Sacred On the first day of Pill City, looking at the Heavenspan giant tower in the distance, I couldn’t help but feel a little more excited.

“This matter is afraid that the difficulty is not small. The qualifications for conquering Three Thousand Raging Fire are not large. Only the top ten of the Pill Competition are required. However, this Heavenly Flame is very difficult to conquer.”

A vague silhouette appeared beside him, Old Yao’s voice rang, and he suddenly turned in one direction, “Since it’s here, why hide, like a mouse? .”

“Yao Chen, long time no see!”

There was a slight fluctuation in the void, and immediately a silhouette wrapped in a black robe, slowly from the distorted space Appeared everywhere.

“Soul Palace people?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were fixed on the uninvited guest. From the other party, he felt a somewhat familiar taste. For so many years The entanglement between him and Soul Palace is not shallow, and he is naturally disgusted and wary of this force.

“Yao Chen, you have a good vision of choosing the discipline. This kid is better than Han Feng back then! Speaking of which, shouldn’t this kid call me master’s fellow apprentice!”

The black robed man said softly with a smile, and as its voice fell, Old Yao’s soul fluctuated, and a blaze of white flames appeared on his body.

“Mu Gu, you bastard.”

Old Yao’s eyes are full of killing intents, and the surrounding space has been burned to the degree of distortion by the fire. This is the first time for Xiao Yan Seeing Old Yao showing such killing intent to the people in Soul Palace.

This Old Man Mu Gu was the culprit who lured Han Feng into betrayal and caused Old Yao’s fall. He ruined Old Yao’s life in one hand, so he didn’t hate this guy so much.

“Hate me so much! It’s a pity, you don’t have the power to kill me at all.”

This black robed sillhouette sneered, and stared at Xiao Yan with scorching eyes. “This kid has practiced the Qi Method I got back then, the Flame Mantra that can make Heavenly Flame blend with each other. It’s really amazing, but it should be mine.”

“Flame Mantra!!!”

When Xiao Yan heard this guy mention Flame Mantra, an uncontrollable killing intent suddenly rose in his heart. Flame Mantra is his biggest secret, who If you dare to contaminate, you will kill it.

Old Yao indifferently said: “Back then, you and I were able to rely on abilities in the remains. Although you discovered it first, but in the end I got Flame Mantra, so you can’t afford to lose.”

“Hehe, I can’t afford to lose, a joke. The cultivation Qi Method, I was the first to get it, but you old fellow used means to steal it in secret and go that’s all.”

Old Man Mu Gu said softly with a smile, raised his head slightly, and with the help of the moonlight in the sky, he could see allow some pale chins, “If you had not Feng Xian’s help that day, you would not have taken Flame Mantra away. ability. Now I am here to take back what originally belonged to me.”

“You want Flame Mantra, but what you think is really beautiful, but here is Sacred Pill City, you still dare to do it, not afraid of Pill Tower Did you find out about the powerhouse!”

Old Yao did not answer, Xiao Yan sneered, Dou Qi inside his body, like a flood, whizzing and rushing.

“Xuan Yi and Heavenly Lightning both ignored Pill Tower’s affairs, and Xuan Kong was also in retreat during this period. There is no that many powerhouses in Pill Tower have the ability to observe here. The situation.”

The black robed man’s sleeves moved slightly, and a dry as skinny palm slowly protruded from the sleeves. With the palm of his hand, a flamboyant flame flowed, “I know Feng Xian also But before I came, this small courtyard had already been put on the soul mirror, and I would not be able to find it for a while.”

“Teacher, break this guy’s ban.”

A cold color flashed in Xiao Yan’s eyes, a palm burst out in a sneer, and the surging Heavenly Flame shrouded out, and immediately struck fiercely on the invisible barrier on the wall.


The deep voice sounded, Xiao Yan’s punch did not break the invisible barrier, but only caused ripples on it.

“Stubborn, you think this old fellow is still in Peak, so you can’t break my soul formation.”

Seeing Xiao Yan’s move, the voice of the black robed man is also Becoming cold, and waving his sleeves at random, the flame in his hand was condensed into a musket like lightning, and Tearing the Void shot Xiao Yan directly with fierce energy.

“Mu Gu, when you are an old man, there is no resistance at all.”

Old Yao’s Spirit Physique stands in front of Xiao Yan, and the cold bones form a strong fire net. Intertwined, easily stopped this musket assault.

“Yao Chen, if you still have a body, I will leave right away, but unfortunately you have no strength at all. You can only play the Peak Douzong’s cultivation base, and fight with me. My time Not much, if you are stubborn again, then don’t blame me for the killer.”

Old Man Mu Gu blasted out the offensive that broke the bone cold and spiritual fire with a palm, and his eyes went over Old Yao to stare at Xiao. Yan immediately stepped on the void. This is Sacred Pill City. He shouldn’t act too aggressively, otherwise it would be quite troublesome if discovered by the people in Pill Tower.

In addition, there is Venerable Feng not far away in this courtyard, accidentally there may be movement. Therefore, he must do it quickly.

Xiao Yan looked at the guy who came by, his complexion getting colder and colder, his origin, Heavenly Flame, spit out from his mouth, and then split into Sea Heart Flame and Xuanhuang Flame, a touch of pitch black Storage on his fingers Ring, Mori White’s Bone Chilling Flame also appeared.

Old Man Mu Gu was slightly surprised when he saw the three kinds of Heavenly Flames, and immediately laughed heartily, “haha, three kinds of Heavenly Flames, not bad, not bad, it seems that the harvest this time is not small…”

“Sacred Pill City is such a dangerous thing. You can’t do anything in Sacred Pill City.”

Old Yao flew up to meet this Old Man Mu Gu, preparing to give Xiao Yan time to use Dou Technique, suddenly There was a crisp sound, and the invisible barrier covering the courtyard suddenly burst into countless small soul fragments at this moment, and a sound familiar to Xiao Yan and Xiao Yan sounded.

A vast breath suddenly swept down from above the starry sky, and the voice contained incomparable majesty, “The place of Pill Tower cannot tolerate the people of Soul Palace in the wild.”

“Mu Gu, you won’t succeed in courting death.”

The Space Formation is broken, and a silhouette is swept in a flash like a lightning glow, and it appears in an instant Beside Old Yao, he looked surprised and angry at Old Man Mu Gu in midair.

“The people at Pill Tower are really nasty guys, nosy.”

Old Man Mu Gu is floating in the air, his gloomy gaze shows nether glow, he didn’t ‘t expect that I have been so careful, and I was discovered by the old fellows of Pill Tower. Now my deeds have been locked. If I stay for a long time, I am afraid that the powerhouse of Pill Tower will also come.

“Do you think you still left!”

Just when Old Man Mu Gu was about to say something cruel and leave, behind suddenly split into a Space Crack, Yan Qingshan’s silhouette appeared behind him, with a palm grabbing his shoulder.

“The juniors of Pill Tower also dare to do it, you think you are…”

Old Man Mu Gu suddenly turned around and saw Yan Qingshan who came, a trace of contempt flashed in his eyes. It didn’t feel right until a palm blasted out, his attack directly penetrated this silhouette, but the next moment his shoulder sank.


Yan Qingshan’s afterimage slowly dissipated in front of Old Man Mu Gu, and he himself appeared behind him in the next instant, grabbing him with a palm With a slight force on his shoulders, the old fellow knelt on the ground.

“Danling, how could you have…”

Old Man Mu Gu one-knee kneels fell, barely raised his head just to see the one on Yan Qingshan’s waist The token, understanding its meaning, he couldn’t believe it.

“Before the Xuan Chairman retreats through the breakthrough Half Sage, he is already preparing to pass it to me. You have an opinion.”

Yan Qingshan lowered his head slightly, the power of 7-Star Dou Zun is no longer hidden. The surging imposing manner set off a hurricane, and under the pressure of the air machine lock, Old Man Mu Gu had a luxury even if he wanted to stand up.


Old Man Mu Gu was also ready to speak, with one hand strangling his neck and lifting him up.

“Since you are here, you don’t have to go!”

Yan Qingshan said and opened a Space Crack, before he stepped forward, he turned his head and looked towards Old Yao, “Old Yao, Xuan Yi Chairman is about to leave, you have to be prepared.”

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