Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 319

“This kid’s cultivation base is stronger. Xuan Kong’s son Xuan Kong was passed down so early, which is really unexpected.”

Yan Qingshan has his eyes on Disappeared in the yard, and Old Yao and Venerable Feng watched their departure, unavoidably has several points of sigh.

Venerable Feng shook his head, “This kid is indeed evil. When I first saw him, it was just a trifling fight. Now his strength is far above me.”


Xiao Yan looked at the direction where Yan Qingshan was leaving, a faint cold glow appeared in his eyes, and suddenly he said: “Teacher, what is the Dan Ling that Old Man Mu Gu said?”

“Did you see the token that Yan Xiaozi wears on his waist? That is Dan Ling, and a symbol of the giant Pill Tower.”

Old Yao shook his head, inevitably has several points of Mo Ran’s color, “As soon as he got the Dan Ling, he was recognized as the next Pill Tower giant. Xuan Kong retreats. If he can successfully break through Half Sage, then this Yan boy can truly succeed the Pill Tower giant.

If I remember correctly, he is also at worst a few years older than you, a Pill Tower giant in his twenties. This is probably the first time in the history of Pill Tower!”

“Pill Tower, the youngest giant!”

When Xiao Yan listened to Old Yao’s words, his heart was full of disgust, his fists clenched unconsciously, his eyes filled with desire.

“Boy, do you dare to do to me, Soul Palace will not let you go.”

In the Pill Tower great hall, Yan Qingshan’s silhouette slowly appeared, and his hands The old Man Mu Gu kept clamoring, he blocked Dou Qi casually and threw it on the ground.

“Xian’er, give this old fellow a good look, lest he doesn’t know how to measure.”

Yan Qingshan glanced indifferently, the girl who quietly appeared beside him There was a smile at the corner of his mouth, Zhenshou was resting on his shoulders, a poisonous Dou Qi directly made Old Man Mu Gu on the ground feel what is called the burning of five inner parts, life is better than death.

“I heard that Hun Miesheng takes you very seriously. You should know a lot of Soul Palace secrets. If you think about it, let’s explain it after Pill Competition!”

Yan Qingshan After saying these words, he just ignored him, holding Xiao Yi Xian’s slender waist and turning around. He had been busy catching such a small fish for a long time, but he was also tired, so he still hugged his fragrant Xianer to sleep. , Making a villain or something.


The next day, when the first rays of morning glory poured down from the sky, the entire Sacred Pill City plunged into a frenetic atmosphere, and everyone was boiling.

Today, at Sacred Pill City focal point of ten thousands, the eyes of the entire Central Plain are gathered here, and countless are looking forward to the emergence of the Pill Competition champion, from the Alchemy geniuses from all over the Dou Qi continent Stand out from the crowd, that person will undoubtedly be the real son of heaven.

Each generation of Pill Competition champions have left a prestigious name in the history of Dou Qi continent. Without exception, they are the figures of continent Peak.

Because of this, the real value of the Pill Competition will be magnified infinitely. Whoever can become the final champion, then the future history of Dou Qi continent will surely add to it prominent One stroke.

This glory is enough to make anyone crazy. After all, no one wants to be one of the mediocre beings in a lifetime.

Pill Competition, the noblest in the hearts of countless Alchemists, the Grand Meeting that made many Alchemists crazy, finally opened its curtain today.

The venue of the Pill Competition is located in the northern part of the inner domain, and that area, as early as a few days ago, was occupied by terrifying vast crowds.

A crisp chime is resounded in this world, the grandiose chime spreads away, the loud noise of the sky is suppressed by it, this world has become much quieter, countless lines With a scream of sight, I stopped at the tower-like stone platform on the east side of the square.

Suddenly bursts of roaring wind sounded, and then the space of the stone platform was slightly distorted, and more than a dozen silhouettes appeared slowly.

In the middle of the three silhouettes, the old man on the left has quite dark skin, his face jumps tightly, and he has a stern, unsmiling feeling, his eyes are like electricity, stabbing people’s soul. It hurts.

On the far right is a beautiful woman in a cheongsam, but her appearance is similar to that of a woman in her thirties. Her expression is indifferent, with a faint charm of precipitation over time. At this time, his gaze crossed the crowd and locked on the body of the Star Meteor Pavilion.

The silhouette in the middle is the most incredible. It is a youngster in his twenties. It is not so handsome, but it has an unforgettable temperament, and he wears it on the waist. A token, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

As soon as these three people appeared, this world became much quieter. In the vast crowd that can’t see the end, countless gazes with various emotions gathered on the bodies of these three people. , Especially on the youngster in the middle.

There was a low voice inside and outside the square. Although it would not be so noisy, it also revealed that many people are quite uneasy. Anyone with a little bit of knowledge knows that this youngster’s danling is on his waist. What it means is that I am even more surprised because of this.

Pill Tower Three Great Giants and Dou Qi continent are truly famous, and it is incredible that such a power of continent Peak will have a youngster soon to succeed.

“old man Heavenly Lightning, here on behalf of Pill Tower, welcome all Alchemist who came here…”

Heavenly Lightning stepped forward, cold and severe The voice rang clearly in the ears of everyone present. The audience was silent, no matter how rebellious the aggressive generation, at such a moment, they could only restrain their fierce anger, and did not dare to have the slightest contradiction.

After Heavenly Lightning finished some rules, his sleeves lightly flicked, and an invisible wave spread out, and immediately hit above the void, but once again, a long ringing sound erupted. “The time has come, all contestants, please enter the first test, soul Illusory Territory.”

Heavenly Lightning’s fingers turned to the huge square, where the dark gray space quickly distorted and became a piece of its own The foreign world of Pianqi shows many profound mystery, which is exactly the test Yan Qingshan has experienced when he first entered the Pill Tower.

In the sea of ​​people who can’t see the end, one after another silhouette swept in a flash comes out, like a torrential rain, and continuously swept into space distortion.

“Two seniors, I will also go first.”

Yan Qingshan slightly arched his hands to Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi, and to Tang who has been following him in the crowd. Huo Er, Xiao Yi Xian and Xuelan and the others greeted a little, and then flew into the Illusory Territory level.

Heavenly Lightning looked at Yan Qingshan’s silhouette and laughed and said: “This kid is good at strength, this time Pill Competition, I am afraid that those old fellows will be ashamed.”

Xuan Yi turned around and smiled indifferently, “Let those old fellows lose their talents. One or two. They are shameless for Heavenly Flame. How old are people, and they actually came to participate in the Pill Competition.”

Heavenly Lightning laughed and shook his head, and then looked towards the direction of Star Meteor Pavilion, “Yao Chen is right below, you don’t want to go down and take a look.”

“I care about the old What fellow is doing, I’m undying to death, and I’m going to let others refine his body…”

Xuan Yi said that he didn’t care, but in fact, he kept his eyes on Venerable Feng’s side with scorching eyes. A silhouette that has several points of illusion shrouded in black robe.


In the dilapidated Dan Realm, Yan Qingshan stood quietly in place, waiting for the arrival of Cao Ying, Dan Chen and Ye Xinlan.

Dan within the realm is full of violent energy. Compared with the last time Yan Qingshan entered, the situation in the Dan realm this time seems to be more serious. He can even clearly feel that some Magic Beasts are getting more and more violent. The surrounding medicine ingredient and plants seem to have also changed.

Yan Qingshan looked at this increasingly dilapidated alchemy world, his eyes flashed with different colors, “This alchemy world is more and more dilapidated, the plan must be advanced, or wait for it to completely collapse, Pill Tower The background of Yan Qingshan has been damaged a lot!”

“Yan big brother!”

A soft voice came, and Yan Qingshan looked intently and came first. It would be Dan Chen who was looking for him. Although he had known each other for many years, this Little Lass was still a little bit introverted as before. Talking with others also revealed a timidity, which made people quite a desire to bully.

“Xiao Chen’er, do you miss your big brother!”

Yan Qingshan’s silhouette suddenly appeared in Dan Chen’s behind, embracing little beauty, head pillowed Breathing warm air on the jade neck.

“Yan big brother, don’t do this, Ying Er elder sister and they will be here in a while.”

Dan Chen seems to dodge a little, but he doesn’t resist, even never To make any struggles with his excessive actions, this Little Lass is timid and tight, and he is single-minded and wholeheartedly tied to him, every time he doesn’t know how to refuse.

“Little Chen’er is so cute…”

Yan Qingshan actually didn’t really want to do anything. If it really happened, Xiao Chen’er wouldn’t be ashamed to die, so after taking advantage of it, he slightly let go of his shy little beauty.

In a short time, two shadows came one after another. Cao Ying and Ye Xinlan arrived almost at the same time, or they met first on the road.

“Big pervert, anxious pervert, you know to bully me Dan Clan younger sister……”

After seeing Yan Qingshan, Cao Ying rushed into her arms with enthusiasm. Qiong nose moved slightly after offering kisses, and after sniffing him a few times, his small fist hammered him several times.

“I will leave you a seam in the tent at night to help you deal with Dan Clan younger sister…”

Little Witch puts his arms around Yan Qingshan’s neck, low The voice was whispering in his ears, even if Yan Qingshan is an’upright gentleman’, his heart was rippling at this moment, and he was immediately felt by Little Witch, “You bastard, it’s really not bad and kind.”

As she said, she suddenly let go of Yan Qingshan, and quickly pulled Dan Chen and Ye Xinlan away, talking as she walked, and she didn’t know what to discuss. They turned their heads from time to time, and they saw bursts of happy laughter and cheerful voices.

“This little fairy, you will suffer at night.”

Yan Qingshan’s pupil light has been turned from three little beauties, all of which have been eaten by him , In the evening, taste it well, and there are no other tastes!

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