Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 320

Pill World, Wanyao mountain range. The silhouettes of one man, three women and four walked like a gust of wind, quickly moved towards a mountain range deep in the mountain range and flew away.

“Here is the medicine ingredient square, which is too spectacular!”

“Soaring Dragon Flower…Chi Yan Guo…Sulphur Flame Spirit Saliva…”


“Magic Beast, the overlord of the Wanyao mountain range, won’t the entire mountain range have been emptied!”

The four silhouettes just entered the square, full of richness. The scent of medicine that was almost sticky came out. Yan Qingshan had already seen more spectacular scenes, and his expressions did not fluctuate at all, but Cao Ying, Dan Chen and Ye Xinlan were really dumbfounded.

“Brother Yan, you finally came to see my old bear.”

A heroic voice with enthusiastic laughter, this is the master of Wanyao mountain range , 8th-Rank Magic Beast Dragon Bear, Xiong Zhan in human form walked over and greeted enthusiastically.

However, when he approached Yan Qingshan’s side, his face was suddenly unnatural. A depression from the depths of the bloodline made him feel dangerous.

Yan Qingshan smiled and said to Xiong Zhan: “Big brother Xiong, long time no see, I am here this time, and I am going to let you know, this time you can leave the Dan realm with me.”

“Brother Yan, the dragon blood on your body has become really strong!”

Xiong Zhan looked at Yan Qingshan curiously. He was in the Wanyao mountain range last time. I felt the extremely powerful dragon blood in Yan Qingshan’s body, but the pressure at that time only slightly affected him, and it was not as obvious as this time.

Facing Yan Qingshan this time, just approaching him, he felt the irresistible influence from the depths of the bloodline, and he felt that he would be killed immediately if he did it.

Yan Qingshan replied: “I went to Ancient Dragon Island. You are carrying the Ancient Dragon bloodline, which is also considered to be an affiliate of dragon clan. After you go out, I will give you a map, and you will follow it. Let’s go to Ancient Dragon Island!”

“Dragon Island! Good…”

Xiong Zhan was overjoyed and chatted with Yan Qingshan for a while, understanding that they were here to collect medicine ingredients. Pointing to this large piece of precious spiritual medicine on the ground, he said generously: “You are going to go out anyway, and keeping it is not much use. You can pick it if you need it.”

Xiong Zhan’s huge palms worked hard. In fact, with his current cultivation base, the spiritual medicine that can be directly useful to him is quite small. Most of the spiritual medicine on the medicine ingredient square is basically not used, so he uses it as a smooth Favor. Reaping the friendship of Tier Eight Alchemist, this deal is definitely worth it.

“Let’s find medicine ingredient first!”

Yan Qingshan spoke to the three of them, Cao Ying and the three of them are not welcome, and stepped forward into this place. There are countless medicine ingredient squares.

This medicine ingredient square is almost a collection of the entire mountain range of Wanyao. There are so many types of medicine ingredient that anyone can be dazzled by it. Cao Ying and the others are exactly when spiritual medicine is needed. , One by one is almost dazzled.


“Xiong Zhan big brother, you can leave.”

Wanyao mountain range, medicine ingredient square, Yan Qingshan is facing quite Some dissatisfied Xiong Zhan spoke, and the latter looked at the Wanyao mountain range, with a different emotion in his eyes.

“Let’s go!”

Xiong Zhan said to Yan Qingshan, a low growl in his mouth, and the birds sang in the sky, a huge mysterious head The birds and beasts flew down.

The mysterious bird and beast bowed and had a low back. Xiong Zhan flew up first. When Yan Qingshan went up, Dou Qi led Cao Ying and the three of them. After all five of them stood firm, they heard Xiong Zhan’s voice. With a low roar, the huge mysterious bird and beast rose into the sky, and disappeared to the horizon in the presence of thousands of beast shadows.

The exit of the Pill Realm is located in the northern region, and is some distance from the mountain range of Wanyao. Fortunately, the mysterious bird and beast that Xiong Zhan looked for is extremely fast. Yan Qingshan and his party are only a day away. Arrived at the exit.

Coming this way, they who rode the mysterious birds and beasts also met many contestants who were hurriedly rushing to the exit. Some of the latter were concerned about the giant bird Yan Qingshan they rode on. They all felt extremely envious, but unfortunately none of them.

one after another silhouette rushing to the north of Danjie, one is more urgent than the other. Because according to the regulations, those who have not arrived at the exit before the closure of the Dan world will lose the qualification to continue the competition. Only after two days will the powerhouse of the Pill Tower enter the Dan world, and all those who stay in it will be disqualified. Pick it up.

So, in order to be able to rush to the exit in time, the contestants who are still in the Dan Realm now rushed to the exit eagerly.

In the early morning of the second day, Yan Qingshan and the others overlooked the earth on the sky above the birds and beasts soaring, a huge Grand Plaza built of white huge rocks, and some sesame-sized black shadows can be vaguely seen .


The mysterious bird and beast raised up to the sky and made a screaming sound, and then the giant wings shook, bringing a gust of wind to the square quickly. When it landed, I don’t know how many eyes paid attention to it.

On the mysterious bird and beast, Yan Qingshan took Cao Ying and the three swept in a flash down, while Xiong Zhan followed behind, and the entire group landed steadily on the square.

Cao Ying, who has a black dress and a lovable body that looks graceful because of its plump body, Dan Chen, who is timid like a small beast and extremely protective, and Ye Xinlan, who coexists with beauty and temperament, all three beauties gather By his side, Yan Qingshan is undoubtedly the most eye-catching.

The appearance of this entire group has attracted a line of sight in the square. However, Yan Qingshan didn’t pay any attention to them, their eyes swept across the square, and they immediately stopped on the familiar silhouettes at the front of the square.

“Meet the adults!”

A group of young talents from Pill Tower saw Yan Qingshan bringing people over, and they hurried forward to meet, among them was Great Elder Qiuling’s dísciple Song Qing, this guy’s innate talent is average but his ambition is not small. He once wanted to win Little Witch and become the next Pill Tower giant!

“Everyone, before everyone leaves the Dan Realm, there is still something to delay everyone’s time.”

Yan Qingshan looked at some silhouettes in the crowd, and went straight. Fly into the sky and speak loudly to the many silhouettes below.

Yan Qingshan’s actions made everyone puzzled, but no one expressed dissent. Everyone knows that the silhouette in the sky is likely to become the youngest Pill Tower giant. .

“Mu Gu is planted by the crap of Soul Palace. I don’t think you dare to continue…”

Yan Qingshan showed a trace of murderous intention in his eyes, and hit the crowd with a palm. One of them, in the next dozen or so silhouettes, was suddenly troubled. With a fierce murderous aura and extremely powerful breath, he launched a surprise attack on the nearest Alchemist around him. This kind of crazy behavior is really too terrifying. Everyone is discolored.

But it’s a pity that Yan Qingshan of 7-Star Dou Zun made the shot himself, how could they escape? Qingshan solved some hidden dangers.

Yan Qingshan spoke again: “Everyone, Pill Tower has received a news report that Soul Palace has a bad intention of this Pill Competition. If you find any clues or something wrong, you can garrison my Pill Tower dísciple. Feedback.”

His words have greatly changed the complexion of many people, and there have also been waves of discussions underneath. Compared to the more peaceful Pill Tower, Soul Palace in Central Plain is notorious. , But this does not affect its Central Plain Number One Influence status.

Not to mention, Soul Palace is attacking everywhere like a mad dog because of the destruction of many Side-Branch Palaces. When I heard that the Pill Competition was being spotted by Soul Palace, many people were frightened, and some people even thought of it indiscriminately.

“There are a lot of old fellows, one by one really wants a face…”

Yan Qingshan floats in the air, gently rubbing the Storage Ring on his fingers with his palm, his eyes turn to In the audience, many will know when you see it are powerhouses of the older generation, all gathered at the forefront of the crowd.

Just after everyone waited for a long time, the square space suddenly twisted slightly. An old man dressed in Pill Tower Elder clothing and robe appeared with a cane in his hand. The old man’s face skin looked like orange peel. , There is a Pill Tower badge on its chest, and the tower emblem on it is a rather bright purple color.

This seemingly unremarkable old man is actually one of the eight Great Elders in Pill Tower. After he appeared, he was nodded in the direction of Yan Qingshan and closed his eyes as if an old monk had entered meditation. Without speaking, he just sat on the spot.

Until a certain moment, his eyelids trembled, he slowly opened his eyes, his gaze swept randomly, and then said indifferently: “The time is up, give your medicine list and task medicine ingredient to the old man, Then I left here to participate in the final Pill Competition.”

The crutches in his hand lightly stroked the distorted space, and a dark Space Crack appeared slowly.

“Elder, there may also be Soul Palace rats in this pill world, so I bother you.”

Yan Qingshan took Cao Ying and several people flew over and said, Then he handed over the dozen or so Soul Palace dangerous elements he had just taken, and pointed at Xiong Zhan for a while, and asked the Pill Tower Elder to take the initiative to open a space for Xiong Zhan.

When Yan Qingshan took the three of them through the void and returned to Sacred Pill City again, the different environment made them subconsciously frowned, and what was even more terrifying was the loud noise, even shattered. The clouds above the sky.

On this shockingly large square, the densely packed crowds spread to the end of the line of sight, and the loud and loud noises rang out endlessly. When the door of the space was opened, It was once again ushered in an entire climax.

In midair of the square, there are many stone stages suspended. These stone stages will be the focus of the audience’s most attention, because the final confrontation of the Pill Competition will be on this. .

One after another silhouette flew up and settled on the stone stage. Those Alchemists who passed the screening of two levels will not be weak, and they are about to start the final competition.

“These guys at Soul Palace really don’t stop. Fortunately, the Yan Xiaozi found out early in the Dan Realm. If they wanted to make them suddenly attack on the third pass, I’m afraid that many people will fail the fryer. , Be cautious of death on the spot, in this case, our Pill Tower’s loss would be too great.”

Heavenly Lightning looked embarrassed and fearful after receiving Elder’s report. There were a dozen dead men. The same guy wants to suddenly attack when everyone is focusing on Alchemy in the third game, and let them destroy the Pill Competition, then Pill Tower is really bad.

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