Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 321

“All contestants, let’s go to the field. There are no rules and restrictions in the final competition. Do your best to refine your best medicine pill!”

On the Pill Competition square, with the sound of Heavenly Lightning, one after another silhouette suddenly rushed up, and many contestants climbed onto the stone stage.

There are so many stone stages in the sky to accommodate the remaining contestants. After the first two rounds of screening, nearly 90% of the contestants have been eliminated, but there is still a large number, thousands of people at the same time Shengding, this scene is extraordinary.

The vast silhouette falls on top of many stone stages, and the spotlight position in the middle is naturally the focus of competition, and some people even fight for it. This kind of place can’t be considered how good it is. I was disturbed when I was refining pills, and it was too late to cry when the time comes.

For example, Xiao Yan and some old monsters chose the more marginal stone stage quite carefully, but Yan Qingshan flew directly to the most central spot, and the powerful imposing manner oppressed the square to clear the stage. , Cao Ying, Dan Chen and Ye Xinlan also occupy a good position.

It’s not that he is in the limelight or something else. It’s that his current status is different. As the most likely candidate to become the next Pill Tower giant, he is the focus of everyone’s attention and is bound to come out. The limelight is good.

The stone stage in the center is extraordinarily magnificent, but surrounded by noisy silhouettes. In this case, the refining pills are easily affected, but this is nothing to Yan Qingshan. Today’s cultivation base is almost impossible for ordinary people to affect him.

“The hour has come, you guys, let’s rise the refining pills!”

Many Alchemists chose their respective positions after the riot, and the old voice of Heavenly Lightning fell, hiding the sky The medicinal cauldron and covering the earth flashed out, and the deep sound of gold and iron continued to resound in the sky.

“Black Demon Cauldron! Mountain Melting Cauldron! Ten Thousand Beast Cauldrons! There are three Treasure Cauldrons on the Heavenly Cauldron Ranking, which is truly spectacular!”

Heavenly Lightning Ziyao looks at the dense stone stage. The medicinal cauldron of Xiao Yan, Cao Ying and Yan Qingshan is naturally the most eye-catching existence. Although the Heavenly Cauldron Ranking is not comparable to the Heavenly Flame list, it is for Alchemist. Of course, a good medicinal cauldron is extremely eye-catching.

“You passed the Black Demon Dingdu, and you value your dísciple very much!”

Venerable Feng is enveloped in the black robe and only the soul is left. Old Yao also came to the powerhouses of Pill Tower to relive the past. Xuan Yi stood beside Old Yao, looking at Xiao Yan in a low voice.

“Xuan Kong, an old fellow, also has a lot of money, and his discipline also has a Tianding. The Cao Family has developed very well over the years!”

Old Yao pays attention to Cao Ying’s direction, he can still remember the joking agreement with Xuan Kong back then, “I remember that he bet with me back then that his discipline will definitely beat me, this old boy wants to beat me once!”

“Cao Ying, this little girl is not simple. Your discipline is not necessarily comparable. Moreover, the goddess of heaven is not the credit of Xuan Kong’s son, but she got it by her own ability.”


Xuan Yi smiled and shook his head, “But Xuan Kong really cares about his discipline. A few years ago, for that Secret Skill, he almost emptied the family property. Last time I got rid of Heavenly Lightning. Zi personally took her to the Wilderness, and got an extraordinary harvest.

Her chance and hard work, we old people are all in the eyes, if it weren’t for surnamed Yan’s Little Brat, it’s better. , The next generation should be the first to inherit the position of the giant. It should be Cao Ying.”

Old Yao’s voice came from within the black robe again, “Oh! Your evaluation of her is so high, I am now I’m more interested.”

Many medicinal cauldrons landed, there was a series of puff puff puffs in the sky, multi-colored flames rose up, and the sky changed. It’s unusually gorgeous.

“Pill Tower has produced some good seedlings over the years, and the five major clans all have the younger generation on stage this time, and Qiuling’s discipline is also good.”

On the stand, Old Yao looks forward to it. There are many contestants in the comments below. As a champion of the popular Pill Competition, he does have this qualification.

There are indeed many young Alchemists dispatched at Pill Tower this time, Ye Xinlan from Ye Family, Bai Ying from Bai Family, Qiu Ji from Qiu Clan, Dan Xuan and Dan Chen from Dan Clan, Cao Family except Cao In addition to Ying, Cao Shan and Cao Xiu also played.

There are also Qiuling Great Elder’s discipline Song Qing, the first of the eight Great Elders, and some rising stars. There are so many outstanding young Alchemists, which are quite eye-catching.

Dan Chen and Ye Xinlan successively summoned medicinal cauldron, and then the two showed their respective flames. As soon as the pure white Yang Fire and the silvery reddish alien flame appeared, they attracted some surroundings. Alchemist’s Beast Flame was unconsciously affected.

“Heavenly Flame? No, it seems to be a little worse. Ye Family’s Yang Fire. I’ve heard of it. They should have thought of a way to refine fire, but Dan Clan little girl’s, this flame It doesn’t seem to be a special kind of Beast Flame, is it also refined?”

Old Yao observed the flames of the two, and his voice revealed incomparable surprise. Flame is not as good as Heavenly Flame, but it is quite close to that kind of power. It should be useful for Flame Mantra of Xiao Yan cultivation. He is naturally concerned.

Xuan Yi smiled and shook his head, “This is a secret skill that Pill Tower has acquired in recent years. Dan Clan little girl has not yet completed the cultivation success, but Cao Ying this girl is a complete mastery. I heard that your discipline is also carrying Heavenly Flame, but this time I’m afraid it won’t overwhelm the audience.”

Song Qing, Dan Xuan, Cao Xiu, Bai Ying and the others in the distance. , They also called out the flames. Their flames are similar to Danchen’s, but the degree of refining is obviously better than the flames in the hands of Danchen, but it can also be regarded as a sharp weapon for refining pills.

The Secret Skill that Yan Qingshan deduced at the beginning can be step by step cultivation, and a good flame has a great bonus to Alchemist, even if the complete mastery has not been refined, this kind of artificial beast spirit fire can also Much more powerful than ordinary Beast Flame, it is naturally favored by Pill Tower Alchemist.

“Heavenly Flame!!!”

Suddenly cry out in surprise came from the square, and countless line of sights immediately shot towards the stone stage periphery zone, between Xiao Yan’s palms , A group of blue green strange Heavenly Flame flames exudes ripples, this is a Heavenly Flame mixed with Sea Heart Flame and black yellow flame, which is comparable to the top ten Heavenly Flame list.

This group of flame haunts Xiao Yan’s body, like a king-like emperor in fire, receiving many flame worships, except for the flames of Ye Xinlan and Dan Chen and the others, which are barely affected. Most Beast Flames are suppressed by Heavenly Flame.

“This Xiao Yan, it’s Interesting.”

In the other direction beside Yan Qingshan, Cao Ying chuckled lightly, flicks with the finger, and it was so red that it pierced the eyes. The flame rises in its palm.

This flame is an extremely conspicuous red color, and even looks a bit richer than blood. In the rising flame, thousands of beasts roar roar, terrifying temperature and strong power Swept out.

As soon as this group of unusually bright red flames appeared, Xiao Yan’s eyebrows wrinkled. He couldn’t think that besides Yan Qingshan, there was actually someone who could summon himself Heavenly. Flame The flame of the anti-ceremony.

“This is the highest level of my Pill Tower Heaven Class Secret Skill, the Demon Fire of the Ten Thousand Beasts, and the perfect combination of the Demon Fire refined by the day after tomorrow and the Innate Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Fire to form a new Heavenly Flame. It is enough to be comparable to the top ten of Heavenly Flame.”

Heavenly Lightning next to him touched his beard with satisfaction and said with a smile: “This is the old man who ran with the Cao Family girl for half of the wild , I got this Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Fire from a Magic Beast.

Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Fire is often parasitic in Magic Beast. Although it ranks low on the Heavenly Flame list, it’s only because of lack of background. , That Innate spirit is the most precious. It integrates the Demon Fire, which is obtained by refining the beasts. Innate is smelted and blended perfectly…”

Old Yao sighed: “This The old man was stunned. If I got such a haircut back then, I wouldn’t have gone to the World of Ice and Snow to look for the cold spirit fire!”

“This swallow What’s going on with the kid today, if he doesn’t start working, what is he going to refine?”

Heavenly Lightning listened to Old Yao’s words and laughed proudly, and suddenly noticed that Yan Qingshan didn’t seem to be moving yet. , Opened the mouth somewhat strangely.

When he opened his mouth, everyone else looked towards Yan Qingshan’s direction. As the most special existence on the square, Yan Qingshan has always been followed by many people. He hasn’t done anything yet. The practice also caused some people to be suspicious.

On the stone stage in the center of the Pill Competition square, Yan Qingshan, who has been dormant for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes to close eyes. After so long adjustments, he wants to create an unprecedented history of Pill Tower in the fullest state. .

In the midst of the attention, he moved. At this moment, he is only in his own world, and everything outside has no influence on him. The Storage Ring flashes slightly, an emerald green bead The body appeared between Yan Qingshan’s two fingers.

“This is…Bodhi Seed, is he going to refine that thing?”

“Impossible! How long does he break through Tier Eight Alchemist, how can he wait? Skill!”

“Bodhi Pill is at least Tier Eight’s Divine Pill, even if it is an Alchemist who breaks through the world, I dare not say that it will be successful.”

Above the stands, experienced and knowledgeable people such as Heavenly Lightning, Xuan Yi and Old Yao quickly recognized the emerald green bead, and it was because of this that they felt even more incredible.

Bodhi Seed is a strategic resource that makes any forces in the continent look greedy, and countless Dou Zuns are crazy about it.

Although it can’t make people Sanctification like Bodhi Heart, but Bodhi Pill made with Bodhi Seed as the main material can increase the chance of crossing the holy realm by 20%.

The powerhouse of the Holy Land, the true Peak of the continent, even among the Great Influence of the Ancient Eight Clan, is also an absolute high-level Divine Pill who can assist the breakthrough in the Holy Land. How can it not make people crazy?

This is even more critical. For countless years, only when the legendary Bodhi tree appears, will the Bodhi Seed spread in the world, the last time the Bodhi tree tree From now on, the Bodhi Seed that has been handed down to the world has basically been consumed by the Great Influence.

Now Yan Qingshan actually has a Bodhi Seed in his hand. Did he find the legendary Bodhi tree?

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