Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 322

“Spirit Stage Peak’s Soul Realm can theoretically refine the Tier Eight nine-color medicine pill. Today, I want to make the theory a reality.”

Yan Qingshan’s eyes shined with a strong brilliance, and a three-colored flame swept out. Compared with Cao Ying and Xiao Yan, the power was stronger and overwhelming the audience. The real Wan Huo came to the court. .

His palm was wiped out in front of him. Plants of medicine ingredient flew out continuously from the Storage Ring, densely packed into the space above his head, roughly speaking, it might be close to a thousand species. People who saw this scene couldn’t help but slap their tongues.

Yan Qingshan tapped his finger in the void, and the medicine ingredient torrent immediately separated out many medicine ingredients, which were quickly poured into the medical cauldron, and were refined by the three-color Heavenly Flame calcination. The densely packed medicine ingredient was in his Under control, it enters and exits like an assembly line.

In just a few minutes, a kind of terrifying energy fluctuations diffused from the medicinal cauldron, causing the surrounding space to fluctuate slowly.

Old Yao’s puzzled voice came from the black robe, “Isn’t this kid just breaking through the Spirit Stage for two years? Why is there such a powerful soul power, even if it’s a few of us, Compared with him, I’m afraid it’s a bit inferior!”

“This is everyone’s chance, and we never thought he was so courageous. Xuan Kong Zi Lao Er is lucky, but unfortunately old The man never touched that barrier, or even if he had a cheeky face, he would ask for some of that treasure!”

Heavenly Lightning sighed, Yan Qingshan swept the Soul Palace sixteen side-seat side- They naturally knew about the Branch Palace. Xuan Kong got a soul light group from Yan Qingshan and then closed the breakthrough Half Sage. The probability of success is very high.

Heavenly Lightning, who is also the Big Three of Pill Tower, is naturally enthusiastic, but it is a pity that he did not touch that layer of holy barrier, otherwise he would also have this opportunity and opportunity.

Yan Qingshan still has millions of soul origins in his hands. It’s not that he is stingy or something, but the breakthrough holy realm really needs opportunity.

Xuan Kong touched that barrier and had an opportunity. Whether it was the essence of fighting spirit or the origin of soul, it just gave him better breakthrough conditions. And Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi obviously did not have this opportunity, which is why they regretted it.

The movement caused by Yan Qingshan refining pills is not small, and naturally attracts countless attentions, among which some of the’old fellows’ who participated in this Pill Competition are even more important. Yan Qingshan refines Bodhi Pill, which puts a lot of pressure on them.

They are all long-established Alchemists. Participating in the Pill Competition this time is to conquer the opportunity of Heavenly Flame, but after the end of the competition with some juniors, they will have no face. If this is Losing to the junior again, that Old Zhang face is really lost.

But these old monsters are not ordinary people. Although one or two of them pay attention to the others, they quickly adjusted their mentality, and concentrated attention completely watching their medicinal cauldron.

Medicine, refining, and condensing, the heavily steps are extremely skilled, and there is a grandmaster demeanor between the gestures.

The time required to refine medicine pill, especially high-end medicine pill, generally will not be too short. Those who can come to the Pill Competition to show off, at least are Alchemist above Tier Five It is the most normal thing to train for ten days at a time and half a month.

Most people who come to pay attention to the Pill Competition are insiders, so they didn’t show any impatience. Instead, they watched with keen interest pleasure. The outsiders watch the excitement and the insiders watch the doorway. In the Pill Competition, countless people are whispering and discussing people they like.

In the last round of the Pill Competition, seven days passed in a flash. During these seven days, there were many medicinal cauldrons in which there were energy disturbances, and finally caused energy riots, which made medicinal cauldrons. Many medicine ingredient essences inside were destroyed.

It is common to experience failure in Alchemist refining pills, but on the big stage of Pill Competition, it will undoubtedly bring more pressure to Alchemist. Many people have not adjusted their minds due to a failure. This led to successive failures, and finally had to choose to end.

Yan Qingshan’s luck is very good. Thanks to the assistance of SmartBrain Dawn, he has practiced every step in his mind countless times, deduced in various situations.

This is the case. There were still two small crises in the middle, but they were all easily resolved by him. Now the auxiliary medicine ingredient is basically refined, and the rest is to refine Bodhi Seed Into it, the process of stimulating the medicinal properties to become Divine Pill.

“It should be the time.”

Yan Qingshan stared at the green shining sun in front of him, combining countless medicine ingredients to refine such a spiritual liquid, even though it is Dou Zun will feel the temptation, but this is not the end.

“Bodhi Seed, come in!!!”

Yan Qingshan controls the fire with one hand, and gently twists Bodhi Seed with the other palm, rippling with the spiritual liquid of the lake, His right hand flicks with the finger, a blue light smoothly merged into the spiritual liquid with lightning speed, the bright blue light cast a layer of strange brilliance, revealing strange waves.

“He successfully melted the pill. This time the probability of success in refining Bodhi Pill is great.”

Yan Qingshan did this step, which made Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi and the others can’t help but marvel, as the existence of medicine pill that has refined this level, they know the difficulty of this move better than anyone else.

“The top pick this time, it looks like it has been decided!”

Old Yao next to Xuan Yi looked at Yan Qingshan, shook his head and sighed.


As time passed gradually, the failures of many Alchemists on the square also decreased, and there were waves of energy fluctuations in the medicinal cauldron, accompanied by Heaven and Earth fluctuated, and the first medicine pill in the square was born.

Although it is only a Tier Six medicine pill, it also kicked off a prelude. Medicine pill flew out from among the medical cauldrons, and the atmosphere above the square was getting tighter and tighter. Everyone could have a foreboding that the most exciting time might not be far away.

“hong long! ”

Above the sky, dark clouds suddenly appeared, the unusual form of the lightning flash aroused crowds of exclamations, and Tier Seven medicine began to appear on the Pill Competition. pill, this is undoubtedly the prelude to the final decisive battle.

Just half a day after the first appearance of Pill Thunder, Lei Yun condensed in the sky again, and looking at the strength of this Lei Yun, it is even better than the previous one. Obviously it should be There are contestants who have refined Tier Seven medicine pill with better quality than the previous one.

The birth of Tier Seven medicine pill undoubtedly pushed the Pill Competition to another Peak. In the next few days, there will be two or three Pill Thunder appearing on the square almost every day.

The richness of these Pill Thunder varies, but most of them also cause a few Power of Thunder. It is estimated that the highest product is barely Tier Seven middle level. Obviously, it is not a Peak player of Pill Competition Alchemist. .

Pill Thunder frequently appears in the square, and it is also because of the appearance of Pill Thunder from time to time that the eyes of the surrounding people become extremely fiery. The leaders of large and small forces can refine Tier Seven for these. The Alchemist of Medicine Pill is extremely eager.

Every time Tier Seven medicine pill is born, it will attract a lot of coveted eyes. This kind of medicine pill can attract Douzong hands and can refine this level of medicine. Medicine pill, how can these Alchemist not make people’s heart?

boom~ boom~ ……

With the passage of time, there is less and less flame still rising above the square, and Pill Thunder is also becoming more frequent. Pill Thunder, which was extremely difficult to see in the past, has now become commonplace, which makes many people feel an eye-opener.

At this moment, the number of stone stages of the pill fire still rising on the square is less than fifty, but everyone knows that the remaining people are true experts. No surprises. If so, the champion of the Pill Competition will also be born among the remaining people.

Above the endless blue sky, the deep and deep thundering sounds constantly, and the thick and oppressive clouds give people an extremely depressed feeling.

This is another five days, and eleven people have successfully refined medicine pill, among them there is a Tier Seven high level medicine pill, this medicine pill was born, immediately It is to provoke Pill Thunder, the continuous thunderous sound that makes many people see scared witless.

The Alchemist who made this medicine pill is an old man with a little face. This person is definitely an old monster who has been famous for a long time. After successfully refining this medicine pill, there is no who feels strange.

Of course, some people succeeded, and others naturally failed. Within five days, eleven people succeeded, and five people failed. In the end, in the eyes of many regrets, they chose to quit.

With the withdrawal of these sixteen people, there are only fifteen people who are still refining pills on the stone platform. On this day, a deep voice sounded, a majestic energy Volatility, suddenly violently surge out from a stone platform like lightning.

The dark clouds in the sky condensed in an instant, and countless silver snakes moved around. It was Song Qing’s position. He succeeded in refining pills. In addition to the Tier Seven peak medicine pill close to the Tier Eight Spirit Pill, an unusually round medicine pill, like a bright night pearl, was born.

“bang! bang! bang!”

Song Qing triggered Pill Thunder but it was only the beginning. Suddenly, several energy fluctuations suddenly surge out, and his pill caused an Alchemist. The elixir changes.

Silver snakes danced in the sky. Cao Xiu, Dan Xuan and the others were refining pills at the same time. In just ten minutes, ten medicine pills of Tier Seven high level were born at the same time.

But all this is not over yet. Just when Song Qing was barely resisting Pill Thunder, Ye Xinlan’s direction overflowed with waves, and the pure white flame suddenly dimmed, lingering in it The magical fluctuation of Sisi.

“hong long! !!!”

A pillar of sky rushes straight into the sky, the blood-red light almost makes people feel the boiling of blood, and the lightning flash in the sky is very eye-catching, silvery and bright. It seems to have a little bit of cyan in it.

“It’s a pity that Ye Family, a little girl, has touched the threshold of Tier Eight medicine pill, but it’s a pity that I didn’t succeed in refining the medicine pill of Tier Eight two colors.”

On the square, Xuan Yi saw this scene with a trace of regret on his face. Although the medicine pill refined by Ye Xinlan is also a Tier Seven peak, there is a blue color in the Pill Thunder, which shows that it is quite Close to Tier Eight medicine pill!

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