Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 323

Above the sky, eleven Pill Thunder appeared, and one of them appeared in an unusual form that almost derives two colors. This scene shocked everyone, such a sight, really rarely seen in a lifetime.

Close to the stone stage in the center, Dan Chen sits cross-legged, his eyes are almost frozen in the medicinal cauldron, his handprints are constantly changing at this moment, the majestic Spiritual Strength, continuously flooding into the medicinal cauldron , A faint spiritual qi flooded out.


A shining strong light is like a round of blazing sun, and shocking energy waves burst out in the medicinal cauldron. There are ten zhang huge green beams of light one after another, instantly igniting the changeable situation.

Under this green beam of light, the dense silver lightning in the sky, at this moment, is like meeting some terrifying thing, swiftly retreating, those Lei Yun who had been shining before, also hurriedly retracted. Don’t dare to get the slightest touch with that beam of light.

Clouds and mists emerged, and in the blink of an eye, they condensed into a nearly 100-meter-large Lei Yun. The three colors of blue, silver and red intersect, forming a different unusual form.

“Three-color Pill Thunder!”

“This little girl from Dan Clan is extraordinary. Not only did she refine the Tier Eight medicine pill, but also inspired the three-color Lei Yun “

“It’s amazing, it just crossed the two colors Pill Thunder level.”

The three-color Lei Yun in the sky makes some older people. It is unavoidable to be surprised that the two colors Pill Thunder is just the threshold of Tier Eight Alchemist, and the three-color Pill Thunder is directly produced, which is no longer an entry level.

Tier Eight Alchemist, which belongs to the legendary level among the Alchemist on the Dou Qi continent. The first Alchemist Venerable Yao on the surface of the continent is nothing but Tier Eight Alchemist.

The sky is vast, the three-color Lei Yun entrenches the sky, and a vast wave of Lei Wei diffuses out of it. Eleven Pill Thunder with at least Tier Seven high level, under these three-color Lei Yun, It’s a little bit insignificant.


As Dan Chen opened the furnace, there was movement in the refining parties. Xiao Yan’s sleeve robe on the edge of the square waved, Black The cauldron lid of the Demon cauldron flew open, and the shocking energy wave swept out, hitting the medicinal cauldron inner wall with a deafening sound of gold and iron.

Part of the energy fluctuations spread out, some stone stages around were affected, peng sound exploded countless stone chips, a huge blue and green pillar of fire swept across the sky.

The pillar of fire soars into the sky, and the hot flame glow can be clearly seen within a hundred miles. Within the pillar of fire, the faint and diffuse energy fluctuations make many powerhouses feel shocked.

On the other side of the stone stage, an old man’s cauldron lid fell, and Xiao Yan’s previous energy wave surged out vigorously, and another horrible beam of light rushed straight into the sky.

The light of the two Spirit Pills has led Lei Yun to converge. Just after Dan Chen drew the three-color Pill Thunder, the two three-color Pill Thunder appeared in the other Two directions.

“The three Alchemists who made the three-color Pill Thunder, this is really lively!”

“Never mind Xiao Yan, this fellow Qing Hua, one The Old Senior actually ended up fighting with the younger generation…”

On the edge of the square, there was a cry of exclamation, and three Tier Eight Spirit Pills were born. This is definitely a scene that shocked countless people, but For these three Alchemists, more people are paying attention to Dan Chen and Xiao Yan, who are younger after all.

“Chuckle, how can such a lively scene be missing from others!”

A sweet laugh suddenly came from a distance on the stone stage next to Yan Qingshan, Cao Ying stood up slowly, her enchanting cheek with a particularly charming smile.

Refining pills is the pride in Cao Ying’s heart. The name of the demonic girl is not in vain. Before Yan Qingshan appeared, she had always been the most outstanding descendant of Pill Tower.

She glanced sideways at Yan Qingshan who was still calm, a brilliant arc appeared on her cheeks, her jade hand suddenly knotted her fingerprints, and a light shout said: “Get up!”

The huge beam of light instantly triggered changes in Celestial Phenomenon. Hundred zhang Lei Yun shocked people. The four colors of gold, silver, red and blue appeared one after another, which immediately caused the square to boil inside and outside. The four-color Pill Thunder really overwhelmed the heroes, even if they were old. The Qing Hua bosses of a generation were all overwhelmed.

“It’s a pity, it’s almost a five-color Pill Thunder.”

On the edge of the square, Xuan Yi looked at the purple halo in the sky above Lei Yun, opening a little regretful. , Cao Ying is not the usual four-color Pill Thunder, but rather close to the five-color Pill Thunder level.

Old Yao sighed nodded and said: “This little girl is still a little anxious at the end. If she takes her pills slowly, she has a chance to provoke Pill Thunder.”

Heavenly Lightning laughed and teased: “Xuan Kong really beat you once this time, but unfortunately, he is in retreat, but he can’t show off in front of you!”

“This is also that The old fellow is not fortunate enough to see the longest face in his discipline.”

Old Yao also smiled, and then looked towards Yan Qingshan’s direction, “Now, let’s see if this Yan Xiaozi can open What kind of result is there, Bodhi Pill, even the old man has just heard of it!”

“It’s done!!!”

Pill Thunder appears, Ye Xinlan, Dan Chen and Cao Ying and the others resisted with their own means in turn. Just as the batch of Tier Seven Pill Thunder gradually dissipated, a bright light appeared in Yan Qingshan’s eyes, and the ten thousand beasts roared in the cauldron, and a terrifying might spread open.

Amidst the clanging sound of gold and iron, a shadow of a fox appeared in the sight of everyone, white as blood, and nine long tails moving with the wind.

“Pill Condensation!!!”

Yan Qingshan’s handprints kept changing, and the fox shadow on the sky let out a cry, an astonishing energy fluctuation spread.

“This is the fluctuation of…medicine pill?”

Feeling this fluctuation, many Alchemist faces have a look of shock. Hidden in the object, refined in the tripod, this profound method of condensing the pill, even the Pill Tower Big Three has only seen it in some ancient books.

The method of condensing substance and pill requires the control of Fire Energy and Spiritual Strength to reach a very demanding level. Even Tier Eight Alchemist, but it can reach the threshold of using this method.


The Nine-tailed Fox’s shadow became more concentrated, and the energy fluctuations became more obvious. There was a loud and loud noise in the sky, and immediately everyone felt it. In this world, it seemed that Darkness had come down all of a sudden. In the sky, Lei Yun quickly gathered from all directions.

Although the clouds condensed at this time are still black, it contains a deadly whispering sound. After this Lei Yun appeared, including Cao Ying’s four-color Pill Thunder, it was inevitable. Affected generally stay far away.

“hong long! !!!”

Lei Yun surged, seven colors appeared, and the weather changed in a flash, and the surrounding area was strongly affected within a hundred miles, and Cao Ying And the others’ Pill Thunder is even more instantaneous, swallowed and absorbed by this Lei Yun, changing into even more terrifying waves.

Old Yao, Lei Yun pondered, looking at the sky, said: “Seven colors are not the final result. Bodhi Pill is at least Tier Eight eight colors. I just don’t know if this swallow kid can make the legendary nine colors. Divine Pill.”

Heavenly Lightning spoke to the side: “I remember well, when you were pinnacle, you just barely refined the nine-color Divine Pill!”

Old Yao rolled the eyes said: “I have succeeded at least a few times with a certain degree of certainty. Let the three of you do the exercises, it really depends on luck!” Xuan Yi on the side said faintly, ” Yao Chen, you have been dead for so long, you really have no attachment to this world!”

“Uh, this, this…hehe…”

Old Yao The black robe, who was shrouded in Spirit Physique, trembled. If it wasn’t for the wrong occasion, he would have the urge to run right away.

But this old fellow is worthy of being a slippery figure like a thousand-year fox, and soon thought of how to change the subject, pointing to Heavenly Lightning and saying: “Old Lei, get ready to take action!

The nine-color Pill Thunder is not ordinary. Although the Yan Xiaozi is 7-Star Dou Zun, Dou Qi has suffered severe loss of refining pills for a long time. If this is good or bad, your Pill Tower will lose a lot.”

“Hey! You old fellow…”

Heavenly Lightning glanced at Xuan Yi and let out a speechless cry, but he also started Dou Qi secretly, ready to help Yan at any time Qingshan blocks Pill Thunder.

Although Old Yao found a topic casually, it is also a real problem. Even if the nine-color Divine Pill is of great benefit to the real fighting gods, the power of Pill Thunder is naturally extremely powerful. The general high-end Dou Zun, really may not be able to block it.

Lei Yun surging violently in the sky, faintly revealing nine-color gorgeous thunder whoosh sound cuts through the sky, illuminating this world as bright as daylight Lei Yun, this Lei Yun is indeed extremely terrifying, but Yan Qingshan was not worried at all.

His palm was lightly raised, and the Storage Ring light on his fingers flashed slightly, and a bright purple silhouette appeared around him.

This Heaven Monster Puppet from Ancient Ruins was cultivated by the Power of Thunder in the void thunder pool, and turned into a purple color comparable to the high-end Dou Zun. The Heaven Monster Puppet was originally It is to be able to swallow thunder, and then take these nine-color Pill Thunder, which is naturally nothing difficult.

“chi! !!!”

Lei Yun tumbling, a nine-color thunder is born like a thunder dragon glowing with nine-color divine light, striking from the tyrannical Tearing Space in the clouds Next, with a terrifying chick, the strikes moved to the stone stage in the center of the square.

purple demon puppet’s eyes floating spirit light, the soles of their feet slam the ground, and they greet them with a fierce counter-shock force. Amidst the horror of everyone’s eyes, they slammed their head into the powerful thunder. on.

One after another nine-color thunder pouring down like a waterfall, but the purple silhouette has always stood up, and even the status of the body has become more dazzling. This scene moved countless people.

The sound of hong long long is endless. I don’t know how long it took. Pill Thunder finally had to give up this difficult bone. The energy fluctuations in the clouds gradually faded and became thicker. Lei Yun, also under the gaze of the countless line of sight, slowly spread out.

Everything is over. The final dissipation of the nine-color Pill Thunder also marks the end of this time Pill Competition. With the final gathering of spiritual qi, a vivid Nine Tailed White Fox appears. Between Yan Qingshan’s hands.

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