Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 325

"Who is hiding his head and showing his tail? How dare you come to my Pill Tower to make trouble!"

Outside the Star Region, Xuan Yi and Heavenly Lightning are maintaining the space passage, suddenly The two of them suddenly looked gloomy and looked up at the south-east direction angrily roared.

"Heavenly Lightning is so majestic that you have detained the Senior Elder of our Soul Palace, are you right?"

The sky in the northeast direction suddenly twisted slowly When he got up, the thick black mist permeated from it, and at the same time, a voice that was so indifferent and without the slightest emotion resounded through the entire Sacred Pill City.

A cloud of black mist constantly seeps out from the distorted space, and finally slowly condenses into a silhouette of the whole body wrapped in the black mist under the gaze of everyone.

"Soul Palace III Heavenly Venerate!!!"

Heavenly Lightning solemnly looked at the silhouette that appeared in front of him, Soul Palace III Heavenly Venerate, 9th Peak Dou Zun powerhouse, a legendary character not inferior to the Pill Tower Big Three.

"Heavenly Lightning, the Heavenly Venerate is here today by the order of the Palace Master."

Three Heavenly Venerate is surrounded by infinite baleful aura, which is comparable to Heavenly Lightning. Zi and Xuan Yi have a better imposing manner hiding the sky and covering the earth, oppressively, "My Soul Palace Senior Elder Mu Gu, come to participate in your Pill Tower's Pill Competition, why did your Pill Tower detain people?"

Heavenly Lightning's coldly snorted and said: "Three Heavenly Venerate, why my Pill Tower is depressing? You should know in your Soul Palace that Mu Gu really came to participate in the Pill Competition!"

Three Heavenly Venerate speaks again, the black baleful aura is like a cohesive cloud, "What do you mean, can I think that this is a provocation to Soul Palace!"

"You You can think of it this way. My Pill Tower has never compromised with Soul Palace."

Heavenly Lightning hasn’t spoken yet, but there is a voice from the Star Region, and a silhouette flies over Heavenly. Between Lightning and Xuan Yi, it was Yan Qingshan who came from within the Star Region. He waved his hand, and among the ripples of space, a silhouette appeared in full view.

"Mu Gu, tell me the conspiracy of Soul Palace!"

This silhouette thrown by Yan Qingshan is Old Man Mu Gu, but At this time, he looked a little sluggish, but with Yan Qingshan's order, he suddenly became clever, as if he had restored'Ching Ming', and immediately began to narrate.

Old Man Mu Gu explained everything clearly, and also'polished' a lot of events, "I am on the order of the Palace Master to sneak into Sacred Pill City in disguise and participate in the Pill Competition in order to disrupt Pill Competition and forcibly seizing the Three Thousand Raging Fire..."

"bastard, nonsense...bring me here..."

Three Heavenly Venerate listening to Old Man Mu Gu's words Furious, the three truths and one falsity of the bastard's words are justified and reasonable. Even if his Soul Palace doesn't value his reputation, it is quite uncomfortable to be accused of such accusations. In the furious, he blasted straight out with a palm. Mu Gu.

"Three Heavenly Venerates, forgive me...Ah..."

Just when the Dou Qi beam of Three Heavenly Venerates was rolled onto Old Man Mu Gu, the old man’s eyes Suddenly, the dull color flashed, and the'horrified' screamed, the Soul Palace Senior Elder burst into a blood mist in full view, and the field was completely silent.

"pa pa pa......"

Yan Qingshan clapped his palms and smiled at the three Heavenly Venerates in the distance, "Three Heavenly Venerates are really good means, so vicious and merciless , Killing people in public, is this my Pill Tower provoking your Soul Palace?"

"bastard...Old Fourth, don’t hide, let’s kill this little bastard together."

Three Heavenly Venerate stared at Yan Qingshan fiercely. This was the first time he had faced this junior character squarely. Although he had paid attention to it before, he only regarded it as a rising star. Now that he has been so overcast, he really realizes that in front of him This guy is completely different from the Pill Tower old monsters he had been in contact with before.

"Pill Tower dared to be right with my Soul Palace. I really am so bold."

A scream came from the ground, and the ground outside Sacred Pill City quickly cracked. Open, full of hundreds of cracks spreading open, at the same time, one after another permeating blood light soaring into the sky, a rich and disgusting smell of blood mixed with countless screams violently surge out.

A roaring wind sounded, and a huge blood glow full of hundreds of zhang bursts out, and immediately condensed into a blood-colored giant dragon in midair.

"Four Heavenly Venerate Blood River, Soul Palace people, always like to hide in the dark like a mouse, there are a few more, let’s call them out together!"

Yan Qingshan A faint glance at this inverted blood waterfall Yinlong, his eyes swept across several other directions, and there were faint energy fluctuations in several places over there.

"Sharp-tongued child, Pill Tower has chosen you to be the next giant, Xuan Kong is blind."

There is a thin silhouette in the blood glow. Walking out slowly in the void, the voice of gu lu lu suddenly came out of the deep stream, as if blood was flowing, countless blood rolled on this person, making him even more terrifying and fierce.

The blood-red silhouette of the whole body, slowly appearing, raised the scarlet eyes, and looked at Yan Qingshan indifferently at the sky. The hoarse voice echoed under this sky, "My Soul Palace Within three days, the Side-Branch Palace was broken at sixteen places of evil. The Palace Master ordered me to wait to find the real culprit.

Looking at the entire Central Plain, there are few forces that can do this, and you Pill Tower actually detained my Soul Palace Senior Elder and did so. Pill Tower must give an explanation today. The Sixteenth Side-Branch Palace has something to do with you too!"

These four Heavenly Venerate Blood River set of blood-colored robe, a long hair is scarlet, red eyes and red eyebrows, at first glance, a chilling bloody smell is permeating.

"Blood River, you Soul Palace, this group of trash can't find the righteous, you want to find a back knife, thinking this is a huge Central Plain, trifling Soul Palace can make the final decision! You are going to fight How can I be afraid of Pill Tower!” Yan Qingshan stared at the Venerable Xue He in front of him. The reason why Soul Palace dispatched so many Heavenly Venerate powerhouses this time, he had already learned from Old Man Mu Gu’s It came out in the mouth.

Yan Qingshan picked the Soul Palace sixteen side-Branch Palace in succession, and also seized that many soul origin, which directly affected Hun Clan's soul origin collection.

Hun Miesheng is under a lot of pressure. Don’t watch him call the wind and summon the rain in Central Plain, but for Hun Clan, there are more than one or two 5-Star fights, so he must have Done.

However, Yan Qingshan has clean hands and feet, leaving no clues for them. It is impossible to find out the real culprit in a short time, but it is even more unrealistic for Soul Palace to let it die. Liwei Central Plain re-established the evil name of Soul Palace.

Originally, Soul Palace didn’t pay much attention to the Three Thousand Raging Fire. It’s not impossible for Soul Palace to attack the Pill Tower to capture the Three Thousand Raging Fire, but Soul Palace and even the Hun behind him Clan is not a force that is willing to show the limelight.

And speaking of true strength, the hidden potential of Pill Tower is even stronger than the two low-ranking clans among the ancient seven clans. Hun Miesheng is also in a full-scale war with these forces.

So, at first, when the Side-Branch Palace was destroyed, the Three Thousand Raging Fire was captured, but it was a small project of Soul Palace. It sent Old Man Mu Gu and other Venerables. The raid on the Star Region was gratifying, but it was not a pity to fail.

But when Soul Palace needs to stand up, the famous continent’s Pill Tower is definitely a good goal. That’s why Heavenly Venerate comes out together. This time is different from the original scene. .

Along with the dialogue between Yan Qingshan and Venerable Xue He, one after another tyrannical silhouette of breath appeared, and the Six Paths silhouette lay across the sky, as if to bring a huge haze to Sacred Pill City.

Soul Palace this time, in order to establish power, all nine Heavenly Venerates are dispatched, but Hun Miesheng is still a bit sensible. He did not let the two Heavenly Venerate and the two Heavenly Venerate come out together, just let the three Heavenly Venerates preside over the matter.

The three Heavenly Venerates of Soul Palace have not yet broken through the Holy Land. If he comes forward, he will at most face the Big Three of Pill Tower, and will not disturb the small Pill Tower true powerhouses, but if it is the second of the Holy Land Heavenly Venerate and the big Heavenly Venerate come forward, and many powerhouses in the small Pill Tower must be born.

Soul Palace has a Bible for me, and Pill Tower is not without it. If the powerhouse of the Holy Land confronts, then it is not a powerhouse, but a full-scale war.

Although Hun Miesheng is full of confidence, he is still quite jealous of the Old Ancestor, the 6-Star Fighting Saint of Pill Tower, because he dares to start a full-scale battle with his Soul Palace.

Over Sacred Pill City, outside the entrance of Star Region, one after another silhouette stands in the void, each exuding tyrannical breath, Soul Palace this time is really the powerhouse coming out, except for the dead nine Heavenly Venerate In addition to the Great Heavenly Venerate and the second Heavenly Venerate of the breakthrough Holy Land, all the remaining six Heavenly Venerates have come out.

Among the six Heavenly Venerates, the third Heavenly Venerate is very close to Half Sage’s nine-tier Peak Dou Zun, and the fourth Heavenly Venerate is the one-tier 9-Star Peak Dou Zun. Under the two of them, the remaining four Heavenly Venerate's cultivation bases range from 8-Star Dou Zun to 9-Star Dou Zun, and they are all real high-end Dou Zun powerhouses.

On the Pill Tower side, Xuan Yi and Heavenly Lightning are slightly inferior to Heavenly Venerate, but both are stronger than Heavenly Venerate, and Yan Qingshan, the 7-Star Dou Zun’s cultivation base, is compared to 8. -The eight Heavenly Venerates of the Star Dou Zun cultivation base are still a bit short. Although the cultivation base is bad, but the actual fight is absolutely the opposite.

The mist of pitch-black as ink fills all directions, Soul Palace III Heavenly Venerate speaks again: "Heavenly Lightning, you Pill Tower really don’t give an explanation, you want to have a fight with my Soul Palace "

"The answer you want, isn't there already? Why ask again."

Heavenly Lightning sub coldly said: "You Soul Palace just can't find the right The Lord just wants to stand up, but you can pick our Pill Tower, and you are not afraid of breaking your teeth."

"Third Brother, it's boring to say this kind of scene now, let's do it!"

Three Heavenly Venerate hadn't spoken yet, four Heavenly Venerate couldn't wait any longer. As his voice fell, the abyssal sea of ​​blood outside Sacred Pill City suddenly burst into one after another huge pillar of blood.

The blood mist is permeated, a gloomy breath that makes the bones chills, slowly swept out of the four Heavenly Venerate body hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Four Heavenly Venerate, the Blood River took the lead, but Pill Tower was prepared for a long time. Xuan Yi flew out, driving a hot flame like a blazing sun to burn the sea of ​​blood, and it would be easy for the menacing blood to come. The River Heavenly Venerate was held down.

"The old man hasn't moved his muscles for a long time!"

Heavenly Lightning laughed and said, driving the sound of wind and thunder to attack quickly, and Huo Yun flew around in a circle. Out, swept to the position of Three Heavenly Venerate.

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