Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 326

“Xuan Kong came to fight with me, but he was barely able to do so. Just you, Heavenly Lightning, is not enough to see!”

Three Heavenly Venerate for Heavenly Lightning seems to be somewhat underestimate. In fact, he also has this capital. He has reached the threshold of the Holy Realm, and the breakthrough has been within these few years. Among the three giants of Pill Tower, the only one he was afraid of was Xuan Kong, who retired from breakthrough Half Sage, but the master was not here at this time.

Four silhouettes staggered in the air, two of them fell off and fell into the wind, Heavenly Lightning was slightly inferior to the third Heavenly Venerate, and although they were embarrassed, they did not suffer.

However, four Heavenly Venerates provoked Xuan Yi, but they ate a lot. When he was blown away by a palm, the flames almost drowned the blood of his incarnation. If it weren’t for the three Heavenly Venerates, they rushed to one in time. Xuan Yi was forced to retreat from the palm, and he was going to cool down.

“Fifth and sixth, you help Old Fourth to deal with Xuan Yi together, the fifth and seventh, you lead people to attack the Star Region, I will solve Heavenly Lightning.”

Three Heavenly Venerates soon made arrangements. Five Heavenly Venerates and six Heavenly Venerates are both 9-Star Dou Zun. Together with four Heavenly Venerates, the blood river should barely be able to withstand Xuan Yi, but he can manage it himself. Heavenly Lightning, let the remaining two Heavenly Venerates lead people to break through the Star Region and take the Three Thousand Raging Fire, this time Soul Palace’s goal of Li Wei has been achieved.

Three Heavenly Venerates gave an order, the sky suddenly rippled, one after another silhouette broke through the sky, the lowest was Douzong Level 1 powerhouse, this time Soul Palace was ready to lighten up the muscles To deter Central Plain, there are really many powerhouses sent.

“All elders, lead people to guard the Star Region, block Sacred Pill City, and let the people of Soul Palace pay the price.”

Yan Qingshan gave a long drink, and Sacred Pill City flew everywhere. In the silhouette of his debut, Dou Qi is intertwined with each other, and the entire Sacred Pill City has risen into a powerful array.

“You have been prepared for a long time and it will not help. Soul Palace is not something that Trifling Pill Tower can fight against.”

Eight Heavenly Venerate took a group of people said with a sneer in prison, he and Qi Heavenly Venerate each command a group of Soul Palace powerhouses, preparing to attack the Star Region from two positions.

“Soul Palace, I am not in my eyes yet.”

Yan Qingshan waved his hand with a sneer, twelve purple light silhouettes immediately surrounded the remaining four Heavenly Venerate is also ready to go to support the Five Heavenly Venerate and Six Heavenly Venerate of the Four Heavenly Venerate Blood River, and suddenly they dare not act rashly.

After the twelve Heaven Monster Puppets have experienced the void thunder pool, each of them has reached the limit of the body’s tolerance, comparable to the high-level Dou Zun powerhouse, and they are good at teaming up and fighting together. Twelve Together, even 9-Star Dou Zun can’t resist.

“Blood River, since you are here, my Pill Tower must also be a hospitality!”

Xuan Yi sneered at the three Heavenly Venerate and four Heavenly on the opposite side. Venerate teamed up with Heavenly Lightning after facing each other. Two nine-turn Dou Zun shots. Even three Heavenly Venerates couldn’t resist. Four Heavenly Venerate helped by the side, but it became a breakthrough for the fire.

“Lao Ba, the three of us entangled these puppets and opened an exit for you. You go and solve that kid. The puppet formation may be broken.”

Soul Palace’s four Heavenly Venerates were besieged by twelve puppets, and the men they brought were not Yan Qingshan’s opponents. Yan Qingshan easily killed many powerhouses, and he specifically picked Dou Zun to kill. Let Soul Palace suffer a heavy loss of manpower, how can they bear it.

The three Heavenly Venerates joined forces, and the black mist swept out to prop up the puppet great spell. After the eight Heavenly Venerate rushed out of the prison, they took the direction of Yan Qingshan.

“a thought bloomed flower, Monarch Overlooking The Whole World!!!”

Yan Qingshan looked at the flying prisoner Heavenly Venerate, a trace of disdain and cold flashed in his eyes Of course, the silhouette has changed a lot, and countless Yan Qingshan appeared and flew everywhere at the same time, one after another Dou Qi, one after another, the Soul Palace powerhouse died suddenly.

“Bastard kid…”

Heavenly Venerate in Prisoner, seeing this scene is almost bursting, he can be sure that this little bastard was deliberate, and roared with a palm. Blasted out, the pitch-black mist swept out with the Dingding Soul Chain.

“pēng pēng pēng ……”

Eight Heavenly Venerate brazenly shot, the soul chain swept all over, one after another Yan Qingshan’s body was blown up and turned into a flower The petals, but continue to gather energy and once again gather into Yan Qingshan, endless as if there is no end at all.

“What a weird Dou Technique.”

Eight Heavenly Venerate calmed down, took a deep breath, raised the palm, and the white Extreme-Cold Qi suddenly came out of the palm Gushing out.

“Ka, ka!”

Senwhite’s Extreme-Cold Qi freezes the air to form a flying frost storm, like a snowflake-like icy edge that rolls out and sweeps the entire Sacred Pill In City, more virtual bodies were exploded, but the petals that burst out this time were crushed by ice ridges, and the number of virtual bodies reunited was much less.

“Ice-sealed ten thousand li, the world is absolutely frosty!!!”

Many virtual bodies burst into pieces, and Yan Qingshan’s real body was locked by Heavenly Venerate. He As the flying body attacked, the cold air was continuously released, and a terrifying cold cloud suddenly condensed on the sky.

“This prison ground uses true ability, this is an impatient!”

In Sacred Pill City, Venerable Feng and Old Yao also helped Pill Tower’s powerhouse cope with the split Along the battlefield, after hearing the roar of Eight Heavenly Venerate, he looked up and looked at the rolling cold clouds in the sky that covered the sky and concealed the white and blue light, which made my heart sink.

The powerhouses that are fighting everywhere have also changed their colors. This cold cloud made their souls feel extremely depressed. If the terrifying energy in the cold cloud explodes, the entire Sacred Pill City may raze to the ground.

Eight Heavenly Venerate followed Yan Qingshan’s silhouette, his hands quickly became imprinted, and the large cold cloud behind turned into a giant dragon filled with white halo of frost.

The frost giant dragon hurried to Yan Qingshan, and terrifying energy fluctuations diffused out of it. The surrounding space was cracked every inch, and a huge black Space Crack with a huge zhang, like a black belt Generally, emerge from the empty space.

This horrible scene made many people horrified the soul flew away and scattered, desperately speeding up to stay away from the place where the two were fighting, and even choosing to flee from Sacred Pill City.

“You this can be considered Dragon, dragon roar, eight-tone, Taixu Shenquan!!!”

Yan Qingshan sees eight Heavenly Venerate’s blows affecting Sacred Pill City The possibility of having to fly back, a dragon roar, the whole body was filled with purple light.

He punched out purple glow suddenly, a purple Divine Dragon with a length of thousands zhang, with a fierce fist and a strong draconic power, detached from the palm, roar towards the sky, It collided with that frost giant dragon fiercely.


The moment the two dragon shadows collided in the sky, a shocking noise broke out, and a terrifying wave of air swept away like a storm. , But what is surprising is that the purple divine light swept past, no trace of energy spread to the ground, but the void ripples in the sky continued to fluctuate.

“Ancient Void Dragon? I underestimated you.”

Heavenly Venerate is also knowledgeable, and he immediately noticed something hidden in this move, between Heaven and Earth. The cold air condensed again, and pieces of snowflakes fell from the sky.

For a short moment, the entire Sacred Pill City is in the snowy sea. From a distance, it is wrapped in silver and white, very enchanting and cold.

The forward stature of the three of Xiao Yan also solidified at this time, and immediately a sense of danger emerged from their hearts. When the stature moved, it was a lightning-fast retreat…

In the violent retreat of the three stature, in the distorted space, a crack crack suddenly sounded, and then a thin black ice ladder slowly spread out from it. And the silhouette of the white robe walked slowly along the black ice ladder.

When this white robe silhouette appeared, countless line of sight Lima projected past.

This person who appeared suddenly, a white robe, a long body, looks quite young, and allows some indifference between his eyebrows, but even so, it is difficult to conceal the part of his appearance. Handsome, but in this handsome, it seems to be showing some feminine temperament.

Prisoner Heavenly Venerate broke out unprecedented power in this ice and snow, and the whole person carried extremely fierce oppression. Human eyes looked up, and it seemed that even the soul of the person would be frozen down. It looks very weird.

Snowflakes falling from the sky, whizzing and spinning around them, seemingly fragile snowflakes, at this moment, have extremely terrifying destructive power.

“Frost and Snow Lingshan!!!”

Eight Heavenly Venerate shot again, countless snowflakes fluttered and flickered, and between the howls, the snowflakes took on the tints of ice blue. The whirlwind danced to form an extremely magnificent snow tornado, which looked like a mountain of ice and snow from a distance.


Eight Heavenly Venerate roared with both hands, Iceberg, formed by the snow tornado, slammed into Yan Qingshan’s direction, just a hurricane roaring from here. It just took off all the road ahead and brought out a crack spreading hundreds of miles, Heavenly Venerate shot terrifyingly.

“Enough of you!”

Yan Qingshan looked at the ice and snow tornado that caused huge damage, and his eyes flashed with murderous intention. With a wave of his hand, the verdant Dou Qi beam of light straightened. When rushing to the ground, countless giant vine trees burst out of the ground, one after another vines that looked like a python swept all over the place, and the huge snow tornado was squeezed by a giant hand entwining the vines.

Yan Qingshan’s counterattack was sharp, but Eight Heavenly Venerate was not shocked either. More snowflakes gathered and became a ferocious snow dragon, chasing and killing it with a roar.

Yan Qingshan no longer dodges to meet up, one after another vines are like giant hands, hiding the sky and covering the earth moving towards the eight Heavenly Venerate.

The moment the two people collided in the sky, the vast Dou Qi beam surged out violently from the palm of the palm at the same time, and the Space Crack spread like a spider web.

But it’s not over yet, countless giant trees and vines intertwined hiding the sky and covering the earth instantly flooded the place where the two were fighting, and the vines that looked like palms moved completely from all directions strikes. 8. Location of Heavenly Venerate.

Countless vines instantly formed a sea of ​​trees, swept across all directions of Sacred Pill City, and constantly released countless flying vines to attack and kill many Soul Palace powerhouses. The center of all this is Yan Qingshan and Eight Heavenly The place where Venerate meets, countless vines cover the sky, forming a sea of ​​trees that repels all other creatures.

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