Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 328

“Soul Palace’s successor, this is the only way to do it!”

In the depths of the Star Region, in the Soul Palace’s four Senior Elders, trying to When the Life Source soul chain forced the Three Thousand Raging Fire to subdue the Three Thousand Raging Fire, a sudden voice came from the dragon’s head. The huge giant dragon slowly opened the pair of huge dragon eyes that had been closed tightly.


The huge dragon eye slowly opened. After the cold eyes were swept over, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering dragon roar resounded. The entire Star Region.

At the moment the dragon roar resounded, the purple black flame on the dragon body suddenly skyrocketed, and the four Senior Elders were horrified to discover that the purple to black horror flame spread rapidly along their soul chain Then, their bodies lost control at this brief moment.

“The Three Thousand Raging Fire has been subdued, and your Pill Tower has used a guise.”

The Big Four Senior Elder was terrified, while Qing Hai Venerable on the side was more calm. One point, watching this huge purple dragon Fire Spirit break free from the’seal’ with no difficulty after waking up, a frightened thought made his vest chill, and he screamed hysterically.

“You guessed it right, but unfortunately there is no reward.”

The voice of this huge Purple Dragon Fire Spirit resounded again, listening carefully, and Yan Qingshan has several points. Of similar, looking at these Soul Palace Senior Elders, the dragon flames of purple black swept past, and the four Senior Elders including the black and white Heavenly Venerate were all turned to ashes.


Qing Hai Venerable stared at this scene in a daze, and when a huge Dragon Claw stretched out, it was finally horrified to madness. It’s a pity This can’t change his ending. The moment Dragon Claw presses it, a flame rises, and Qing Hai Venerable is also a skeleton doesn’t exist.

“Qiuling Great Elder, please visit the Star Region to see if there is a fish that escaped the net.”

Zilong Fire Spirit easily solved these losses The huge Soul Palace Senior Elder, then looked down at Qiuling Great Elder, and then the dragon walked for nine days, and a huge dragon shadow flew out of the Star Region.

“You Pill Tower this time, don’t you voice!”

The old monster Qing Hua stood beside Qiuling Great Elder. This matter just made him bewildered, thinking about it. The Three Thousand Raging Fire that was about to be subdued was actually a masterpiece, and it was even subdued early. This matter was uncomfortable for everyone.

“This Three Thousand Raging Fire was planted with the Draconic Seal by the Ancient Void Dragon family before I discovered it by Pill Tower. Otherwise, how could this Fire Spirit be in this form, without the Ancient Void Dragon? With the help of the Clan, no one can subdue the Three Thousand Raging Fire.”

Qiuling Great Elder shook his head to reveal the secret, and then said: “We caught Mu Gu before the Pill Competition, from He learned that Soul Palace wanted to snatch the Three Thousand Raging Fire, and then beating somebody at their own game. As for the person who won it, he is the champion of the Pill Competition. Do you think that even if it is a normal step, do you still have a chance? “

Qing Hua boss is silent, Xiao Yan and the others are also silent, Qiuling Great Elder means obviously, the winner of this Pill Competition is the winner of the Three Thousand Raging Fire, and according to Pill Tower’s By law, champions have the first right to subdue, that is to say, they have no chance for a long time.

As for when Yan Qingshan conquered Three Thousand Raging Fire, after trying several times, this question is actually meaningless. They continue to argue and entangle, and they can’t change the result.


Outside the Star Region, eight Heavenly Venerate prisoners broke free from the puppet great spell and wanted to solve Yan Qingshan, but never thought that Yan Qingshan would be counter-killed by Yan Qingshan if they were not strong enough. The man was hung on the vines, and when he revealed Soul Palace and his backhand against the Star Region, Yan Qingshan was quite calm.

The gates of the Star Region suddenly fluctuated and a wave of heat swept out, followed by a thunderous dragon roar, a huge dragon body appeared above Sacred Pill City, the heat wave Baking the earth.

“What’s going on?”

The Three Thousand Raging Fire rushed out of the Star Region. Not only the Pill Tower people, but the Soul Palace powerhouses were also embarrassed. They were originally His plan was to leave after Star Region forcibly conquered Three Thousand Raging Fire. This situation is simply not right!

“Since you dare to plot against Pill Tower, don’t you allow us to beating somebody at their own game!”

Yan Qingshan laughed, the huge purple dragon Fire Spirit After Tengxing Nine Heavens roared a dragon roar, he quickly descended, and when he approached Yan Qingshan, it turned into a purple stream of light completely submerged in his body, and at this time, his breath soared.

7-Star Dou Zun Peak, 8-Star Dou Zun, 9-Star, 9-Star Peak, breaking through 9-Star and entering a level… Yan Qingshan’s cultivation base changes rapidly.

Although after reaching the high-level Dou Zun, ordinary Heavenly Flame can provide little improvement in the cultivation base, but this is the ninth Three Thousand Raging Fire of Heavenly Flame, making Yan Qingshan’s cultivation progress three or four Small steps are still okay.

“You have already subdued the Three Thousand Raging Fire.”

The prisoner Heavenly Venerate is right beside Yan Qingshan, sluggishly witnessing the changes in his cultivation base, in my mind It was chaotic, and these words were hard to squeeze out.

“You know, but it’s too late.”

On Yan Qingshan’s forehead, purple and black flames are intertwined to form a Draconic Seal, no weaker than four Heavenly Venerate blood. The breath of the river made the entire sky feel depressed. He pressed a palm on the forehead of Heavenly Venerate in prison, and a purple fire turned him into a human-shaped torch.


The terrifying roar of the prison Heavenly Venerate resounded across the sky, but it stopped abruptly in less than two seconds, a huge purple-black torch from the sky Falling, heavily hit the ground, and finally turned into a pile of burnt ashes.

“Old Eight!!!”

The death roar of Heavenly Venerate in prison made the five major Heavenly Venerates in the sky turn their attention and witnessed the eight Heavenly Venerate with their own eyes. Apart from their surprised and angry death, they couldn’t help but feel fear in their hearts.

“Eight Heavenly Venerate is gone, since your brother is deeply affectionate, shouldn’t you go and accompany him!”

Yan Qingshan shook a little fly ash on his hand, and then looked towards The direction of the puppet’s great spell, and the three Heavenly Venerates in it were in a rather bad situation at this time. Seeing him look over, I couldn’t help but panic.

“little bastard, do you dare…”

The three Heavenly Venerates targeted by two great big shots above the sky barely bowed their heads and watched Yan Qingshan head towards the other three Heavenly Venerates Yes, surprised and angry roared.

“You should take care of yourself first!”

He was distracted, and Heavenly Lightning slapped him in the face. If it weren’t blocked in time, half The face might be completely black.

“Oh! You say I dare not, you think you are who, but I can still let them struggle a bit, you two die first!”

Yan Qingshan sneered Flying up and taking the blood river Heavenly Venerate that Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi focused on in mid-air, this guy has been seriously injured at this time, and his battle strength is less than 80% of Peak.

“You junior dare to come and fall into the stone…”

Heavenly Venerate looked at the flying Yan Qingshan, suddenly angry, a weird bloody wave rolled. Facing Yan Qingshan, he immediately felt the blood in his body churn up uncontrollably, and there was a faint feeling of breaking blood vessels bursting out of his body.

“Blood River Dafa, Interesting, but unfortunately I don’t have time to play with you today.”

In Yan Qingshan’s body, that line of Dragon Emperor bloodline matches the essence of Ancient Dragon blood within the dragon’s bones. , Easily suppressed the so-called blood river alien force, silhouette like the wind quickly approached the past, a lavender tyrannical fire dragon swept across the sky, burning the sea of ​​blood.

“You think the old man is comparable to the waste of the old eight.”

Four Heavenly Venerate is sneaked, and the soles of the feet quickly step back three steps, one after another blood-red Dou Qi Flowing out from his body, and then on his palm, it gathered into a thick layer of blood and blasted out with one palm.

When the smelly fist wind arrived, the space was suddenly distorted, and a blood python turned out to collide with the fire dragon in mid-air.

At the moment when the fire dragon touched the blood python, Yan Qingshan and the blood river Heavenly Venerate also collided at the same time. He did not dodge and let the blood river Heavenly Venerate attack.

The hot fist wind also screamed, and at the same time blasted on the chest of the blood river Heavenly Venerate. This style of play was unskilled, and it was just changing the injury for the injury.


The fists of both fell on each other’s body fiercely, but Yan Qingshan, who received four Heavenly Venerate punches, just shook his shoulders With a shake, even his complexion has not changed.

On the other hand, the Heavenly Venerate of the blood river was blasted out by a punch, a muffled sound came from his throat, and a blood stain leaked from the corner of his mouth.

Yan Qingshan has the body of Dragon Phoenix and Three Thousand Raging Fire. Not only is his body strength invincible at the same level, but also his recovery ability is abnormal. For him, the blow of the blood river is very difficult for him. There is no difference in itching.

Four Heavenly Venerate stared at Yan Qingshan with a heavy complexion. The latter was immune to his attack, but he couldn’t ignore the opponent’s attack. This kind of battle really made people extremely embarrassed.

“Blood Great Transformation Technique!”

Four Heavenly Venerate knew that this could not continue, and his face made a fierce angry shout, accompanied by The shout fell, and all powerhouses whose strength was lower than Dou Zun’s level in the surrounding thousand zhang felt something strange in their bodies.

Countless Soul Palace powerhouses exploded and opened in this instant, and the people of Pill Tower and Sacred Pill City were protected by the blue light radiating from the vines, and the dead turned into one after Another plasma, continuously perfused into the body of the blood river.

The sea of ​​blood permeating the deep stream outside Sacred Pill City also roared and turned into a bloody wave, rushing into the former’s body madly. With such a terrifying blood being swallowed by the Four Heavenly Venerates, his breath slowly climbed up.

“Boy, you Pill Tower today, you must pay the price.”

The sea of ​​blood is filled, the sky changes color, the gloomy and cold voice, with a terrifying pressure, In this sky, diffuse and open.

“Four Heavenly Venerate is really inhumane, ruthless to my own people, but I think you are not my opponent yet, let me help you!”

Yan Qingshan chuckled, the silhouette moved thousands of clones and landed together. The three Heavenly Venerates within the great spell of the puppet suddenly felt bad, and then their limbs were tightly held by the twelve puppets, almost It is the end of suffering at the same time.

“Fourth brother, don’t…”

The three Heavenly Venerates covered in blood were thrown into the sea of ​​blood, and the blood river with red eyes, Heavenly Venerate, absorbed directly With their blood, the voices of the three Heavenly Venerates finally slowly dissipated above the sky.

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