Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 329

“Fifth, Sixth, Seventh…”

Three Heavenly Venerate Looking at the three Heavenly Venerates that were drained of blood, they were extremely shocked and angry. It is not only surprised and angry at the blood river Heavenly Venerate’s merciless hand, but also infinite resentment towards Yan Qingshan, the instigator.

Blood River Heavenly Venerate has already fully motivated the Blood River Dafa just now. It’s not a joke to stop the magic backlash midway, but this way I can suck up the blood without hesitation for my brother, and let him It was a little uncomfortable, but he also hated Yan Qingshan who threw people into a sea of ​​blood even more.

“Boy, I want you to bury them…”

Four Heavenly Venerate’s icy voice came, and his eyes became more and more scarlet with the surge of breath. The look became more and more mad.

This Blood Great Transformation Technique is a real magical skill. Although it can absorb the energy in human blood to improve its strength in a short time, the aftereffect is quite strong. Within one month after it is cast , His body will fall into a state of dying frequently.

When in that state, even someone of Dou Wang class can easily behead him, and the stronger the improvement, the more terrifying the backlash he will receive, if not as In the case of a last resort, the Four Heavenly Venerate generally dare not use this secret technique.


The scarlet eyes stared at Yan Qingshan, but there was a stern smile on the four Heavenly Venerate face, a cold low roar, From his throat, he seemed like a crazy Wild Beast at this moment.

“chi chi… ”

one after another The terrifying bloody mist from the body of the Heavenly Venerate of the blood river, hiding the sky and covering the earth gushing out, and finally in the sky Above it gathered into a thick cloud of blood, with a stench, permeating Heaven and Earth.

“Don’t you know that this kind of stigmatizing energy is restrained by Heavenly Flame!”

Yan Qingshan sneered, palms in front of you, five groups The flame is emerging, and with the appearance of these five flames, the terrifying high temperature suddenly spreads, directly burning all the surrounding fishy odors.

Green Lotus Core Flame, Fallen Heart Flame, Three Thousand Raging Fire, three kinds of Heavenly Flames, plus Ye City Yang Fire, which is condensed by the power of countless earth fires, and Dragon, which is condensed by the power of Dragon Phoenix. Phoenix flame, five kinds of flame change shape at the same time.

“5 Rotation Beast Fire Law!”

Yan Qingshan cried out, and the five groups of flame suddenly soared, and immediately turned into one after another loud roar of the beast. It is a huge Fire Spirit with five heads surpassing hundred zhang.

These five huge Fire Spirits form a bizarre formation, and immediately rise up with high-speed rotation, and finally form a huge five-color fire disk in the roaring wind of wu wu.

The terrifying hot hurricane spread, and even the blood cloud in the distance fluctuated violently. 5 Rotation Beast Fire Law, after condensing Heavenly Flame, the five fires are combined into one, which is comparable to Heaven Class Dou Technique.

“Blood evil heavenly demon palm!”

Four Heavenly Venerates were coldly snorted, and a column of blood spurted out of the mouth into the blood cloud. The blood cloud in the sky was intense Rolling, suddenly cracked a huge blood-colored palm print nearly thousand zhang.

This blood palm formidable power is extremely terrifying, and it is still above the sky of thousands zhang, and there is a huge palm print outline on the distant ground.

“You don’t have a chance.”

Yan Qingshan sneered, the huge five-color disc of fire in the sky suddenly burst out, and a few flashes, Tearing the Void, and that huge The blood palms slammed together fiercely.


In the terror collision, the cold blood and the hot flame burst in the sky for a while, and the terrifying energy swept away. At this moment, the sky had only two colors, and everything else was shattered into nothingness.

“I said, you didn’t have a chance.”

Suddenly the space ripples and twists on the side of the blood river Heavenly Venerate, a silhouette quietly emerges, and the palm of the hand glowing with fire takes him directly The key to the vest.

“Blood Devil Robe!”

Four Heavenly Venerate’s heart shuddered, but fortunately, he is not an ordinary person. At the moment, the blood suddenly flows out of the pores, rapidly A thick layer of blood formed on the body.


Yan Qingshan’s palm slammed on the four Heavenly Venerate’s body, and the terrifying wind directly touched the latter’s body. The bloody shackle burst every inch.

“pu… ”

Although it was blocked by Blood Devil Robe, the remaining strong wind still gave way to Heavenly Venerate a mouthful of blood spurted, but its stability It was also by this thrust that it quickly flew backwards.

It’s a pity that he chose a wrong direction. At this time, above the sky, the collision between the palms of 5 Rotation Beast Fire Law and the blood evil heavenly demon has separated the outcome, and the cold and dirty blood cloud palm prints have been Burned out, there was a burst of fire sea ahead of him flying backwards.


Four Heavenly Venerates plunged into the fire sea. Yan Qingshan took advantage of the opportunity to control this fire sea again and continued to condense and refine, and suddenly it came from it. Four screams of Heavenly Venerate.

The terrifying flame storm swept across the sky, and the terrifying temperature instantly evaporated all the moisture in this world. There was a kind of dryness in the air. Some people with weaker powers, I even felt that even the blood in the body was getting hot at this moment.


During the flame storm, a muffled sound suddenly came out, a silhouette wrapped in flame was barely knocked out, and the mournful scream resounded. In everyone’s ears.

The flame silhouette is impressively the former awe-inspiring Soul Palace Four Heavenly Venerate, but at this moment, the Lord Heavenly Venerate has a tendency to become a roast pig. At this time, he was seriously injured, and Yan Qingshan has raised his hand again, preparing to cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

“Third Brother, give us revenge…”

The whole body and even the skin disappeared completely, and the body was covered with four bloody Heavenly Venerates, extremely weak and slightly opened his eyes, With the last scream, the whole person turned into a river of blood and rushed into the sky, smashing away Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi, and submerged into the body of the three Heavenly Venerates.

“Old Fourth!!!”

Three Heavenly Venerate let out a long and sorrowful cry. With the immersion of this river of blood, his breath also faintly changed in a different way. The expression on his face seemed to cry and laugh.

Although he was very dissatisfied with the vicious and merciless of Heavenly Venerate to the other three brothers, when he died, he couldn’t help being very sad. At this moment, he got this help, and his heart is too Made up my mind.

“You all die for me, souls and blood…”

Three Heavenly Venerate’s red eyes stared at Yan Qingshan, Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi. , An unprecedented horrible black mist erupted from his body, and the black mist filled with blood light filled down. The only Soul Palace powerhouse inside and outside Sacred Pill City showed horror, swirling…

“Pēng pēng pēng ……”

One after another silhouette burst open suddenly, the body turned into blood light, and the soul turned into black mist. Whether it was Dou Zong or Dou Zun, they were all swept away at this moment After all the energy became a sacrifice, countless energies gathered on the three Heavenly Venerates above the sky.

“No good, he is forcibly breaking through Half Sage!”

Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi are the closest, and the easiest to distinguish between the situation. At the same time, two strong flame light waves almost rendered the sky into a fire sea. Unfortunately, the black fog in front of him seemed to be useless.

Above the blue sky, a piece of black fog almost covered the sunlight in the ten thousand li place, and there were constant condense blood light and weird lightning in it, and the darkness and breath of it also continued to skyrocket.

“You are all going to die…”

This black mist keeps shrinking, and at the same time an icy voice comes from the inside, the Central Zone seems to give birth to a Black Hole Vortex that keeps gathering Shrinking, a breath silhouette soon appeared in the sight of everyone.

At the moment when this silhouette appeared, Xuan Yi and Heavenly Lightning came together, vigilantly watching the three Heavenly Venerates that barely crossed that boundary.

“Today the people in Pill Tower are going to die…”

Three Heavenly Venerate yelled at the two, a black mist swept out, and the mournful scream sounded black. The fog spread out, and immediately a black chain broke through the fog, shattering the surrounding space into one after another pitch-black crack.


Two great big shots teamed up to blast a torrent of flames. The space suddenly solidified, the black chains were shaken away, and Xuan Yi And Heavenly Lightning were also shaken out.

“Soul Palace is so courageous to attack the important site of Pill Tower. I really think Central Plain is yours!”

Three Heavenly Venerate beats back two great big After the shots, I still want to chase, an extremely majestic force draws a shatter void, and the black chains that will be chased again shatter the black mist.


The sudden heavy blow directly made the complexion of Three Heavenly Venerate pale instantly, a mouthful of blood spurted, and a touch of astonishment appeared in his eyes immediately. Shrieked: “Xuan Kong son!”

“The choppy of Soul Palace, really act recklessly.”

A cold old voice, slowly through the void, here The film was resounded in the void, and when the old voice sounded, in the void space, slightly fluctuating, a silhouette slowly emerged, it was the Xuan Kong son in the breakthrough Half Sage zone that has been closed for a long time.

“You have already broken through Half Sage.”

Three Heavenly Venerate’s look pale, he suffered a sullen loss in the short match, although both of them are primary level Half Sage, but he barely breaks through the foundation is unstable, while the opposite Xuan Kong son is cultivation base condensed, obviously not in a state of exiting just after breakthrough.

“You know it’s too late…”

Xuan Kong’s face flashed a sneer, fists clenched, and three Heavenly Venerate punches in the air Booming away, punched hit the void. In the space cracking, an unusually terrifying invisible fist mark penetrated the void and landed on the chest of Three Heavenly Venerates in a very strange trajectory.

There was a sound of skeleton breaking, and a mouthful of red blood spurted from the mouth of Three Heavenly Venerate, which was also the primary level Half Sage. The gap was also obvious, especially Xuan Kong or Alchemist, this time With the help of the soul Source Power, he broke through the soul of the sky.

Three Heavenly Venerate’s silhouette retreats suddenly, behind a spider-web-like Space Crack, he barely stabilizes the silhouette, staring at the three of Xuan Kong and Yan Qingshan, icily said: “this time It’s my Soul Palace who planted it, but don’t think it’s just over.

The anger of Soul Palace, you Pill Tower can’t bear it, just wait for me…”

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