Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 331

“Nine Underworld Python family, it looks like a big change has taken place!”

Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate said faintly, Yan Qingshan dared to say this. , This incident is mostly true, and it must be not simple to allow the current Clan Leader of Nine Underworld Python to make such a move.

But it is a pity that this matter has nothing to do with him for the time being, and the trouble for their Soul Palace this time is probably not small.

“Soul Palace saints came to attack my Pill Tower, are you ready for a full-scale war!”

In the sky, there are many Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate and Two Heavenly Venerate and Pill Tower The powerhouse confronted, suddenly the space twisted slightly, and immediately seven old silhouettes appeared above the Pill Tower.

“Great Elder!”

Xuan Kong, Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi flew up to greet him, respecting the one in the middle.

Among the seven, the breath of four of them is particularly tyrannical, and has broken through the holy realm, especially the old man in the middle who is dressed in linen clothes and calm and composed. The Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate gritted his teeth but did not dare to act rashly.

This old man in sackcloth is the little Pill Tower Great Elder who paid respect for the three of Xuan Kong’s sons, and the two-star powerhouse. He is in addition to the missing Pill Tower Old Ancestor, now little Pill The person with the oldest qualifications and the strongest cultivation base in Tower.

This little Pill Tower Great Elder floats in mid-air, and a pair of eyes as deep as the starry sky locks the Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate and the Second Heavenly Venerate, “You should know the rules between the Holy Lands.”

Soul Palace Heavenly Venerate is coming. Our Pill Tower has never set out to face each other in the holy realm. A few of our old fellows just watched. Now, you are going to break the rules.”

Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate did not speak, Saint Guyou said in a dark voice: “The third child is dead, and the Palace Master will not let it go.”

Yan Qingshan sneered said: “Hun Miesheng! He won’t let it go.” If you let him come, I’ll wait!”

“Junior, it’s your turn…”

Guyou was choked by Yan Qingshan’s words, so he spoke. Wanting to scold, Qing Ling swept across the pupil light coldly, his body was shivered, and he didn’t dare to talk nonsense.

Yan Qingshan spoke again: “Go back and tell Hun Miesheng, this matter is not over yet! Now, let’s go!”

“hmph! !!!”

Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate said nothing to Yan Qingshan. Now the situation is better than people. It is meaningless to put cruel words on the site of Pill Tower. After he was coldly snorted, he disappeared with the Guyou Saint In the void.

“Xuan Kong, take care of things clean!”

Soul Palace Big Heavenly Venerate and Second Heavenly Venerate are in two sets, Great Elder’s chin also moved imperceptibly Moving, and then looking away, the old and flat voice rang in the ears of several people in the air, and then the Seven Great Elder of the small Pill Tower disappeared from everyone’s sight again.


“Today’s incident is really lively!”

On the streets of Sacred Pill City, Venerable Feng led the return. Xiao Yan from Venerable Yao talked about what happened just now.

Old Yao’s voice came from under the black robe, “Little Pill Tower Great Elder, the last time I saw him, it was a long time ago! But didn’t expect, this Yan The kid is so bold this time, and the gang of people in the pit Soul Palace suffered a big loss.”

Venerable Feng was also laughed and said: “Soul Palace’s nine Heavenly Venerates died six of them all at once. There is that many Dou Zun Dou Zun, one of the three Heavenly Stars Palace’s palaces is probably abolished. But that surnamed Yan kid actually has a maid of the Dou Saint cultivation base, this is really…”

“Battle saint, old man has never seen a few continents in a hundred years.”

Old Yao also looks very sad when talking about this, even if he is the number one continent on the surface Alchemist, the Dousheng who has been in contact can be counted on one’s fingers.

The dialogue between the two made Xiao Yan on the side quite uncomfortable. He went to Star Region excitedly, but it was part of the plan of others. Three Thousand Raging Fire never had a chance.

When he thinks of the guy who will succeed the Pill Tower giant, he feels aggrieved. Not only does that guy have a cultivation base on top of him, but he also wants more Heavenly Flame. There are soulmates one by one.

Wind and Thunder Pavilion’s Feng Qing Er, Venerable Feng’s dísciple Mu Qing Luan, Cao Ying and Dan Chen have dealt with him, and they are all Tier Eight Alchemist.

There is also Xiao Yi Xian, the Heaven Poison Lady, Woeful Poison Body also subdued the Nether Poison Fire, reached the Dou Zun realm early, and now has a little maid who is younger than him, The fighting saint who is actually a real deal.

Although he pretends to be’infatuated’ with Xun’er, when he thinks of that person surrounded by beauty, the sour one in his heart is also a person. Why is the gap so big?

“Venerable Feng! Venerable Yao!”

A silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the three of Old Yao. They realized that the voice was quite familiar, and they looked up in surprise and looked towards. This is the person who should handle follow-up matters at Pill Tower.

“Swallow, what are you doing?”

Old Yao’s old voice was a little bit curious. According to reason, Yan Qingshan should be in Little Pill. Tower is right.

“Xuan Chairman their three people went to the Pill Tower. Before leaving, Xuan Yi senior asked me to bring you a few things.”

Yan Qingshan laughed and took out one. Storage Ring, “this time Pill Competition was originally intended to take out the Three Thousand Raging Fire for everyone to try to capture, but because of Soul Palace, I can only capture the Heavenly Flame in advance.

Brother Xiao Yan is after all If I am qualified, Pill Tower is willing to compensate. The soul cultivation method and the supporting soul skills are a compensation.

I know that Old Yao senior is preparing to refine the body, the Soul Palace that died in my hands before Three Heavenly Venerate’s corpses are also in it, Magic Beast blood essence and a Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill refined by Xuan Yi senior are also in it.”

Xiao Yan listening to Yan Qingshan’s words, Unconsciously squeezed his palm, in the jade bottle between his fingers, lying quietly a Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill in the three colors of Tier Eight.

“This big gift is not light!”

Old Yao hesitated, what Yan Qingshan took out was what he needed, but it was too precious. Magic Beast blood essence and Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill are also that’s all, but the corpse of the three Heavenly Venerates is a real sage, even if these three Heavenly Venerates have only been breakthroughs for a short time.

Old Yao suffered through life and death. Now, Soul Realm actually has a breakthrough. If this holy body is refined and reborn, there is a high probability that it will be able to break through the Half Sage realm, making Star Meteor Pavilion became a Central Plain Peak force.

“Pill Tower destroyed the many powerhouses of Soul Palace this time, and almost offended Soul Palace to death.”

Yan Qingshan continued: “Soul Palace was destroyed for ten a few days ago. There are six Side-Branch Palaces, this time they are preparing to stand up, but Hun Miesheng will not let it go. Pill Tower and Soul Palace are still in need of foreign aid, and the relationship between Star Meteor Pavilion and Soul Palace ……”

“The deity knows, I can take charge of this matter. Star Meteor Pavilion and Pill Tower are natural alliances, and they are incompatible with Soul Palace.”

Old Yao’s voice With the slightest resoluteness, he and Soul Palace already have a murderous vengeance, and Xiao Yan, who was born in Xiao Clan, is a natural opposition to Soul Palace. Reasonable in every circumstance, they will all make such a decision.

“Small Pill Tower and many Elders have agreed that after a month, Xuan Kong’s child chairman will enter the small Pill Tower, and I will succeed the Pill Tower giant. I hope that when the time comes, I will see a difference Old Yao senior.”

Yan Qingshan bowed slightly to Old Yao and Venerable Feng, then said goodbye, and the silhouette slowly disappeared in place.

Old Yao was silent for a long time and said solemnly: “Little Yan succeeded the Pill Tower giant, wind and rain are coming, I am afraid this matter is not over yet!”

Venerable Feng He also shook his head and sighed: “Continent hasn’t seen Bodhi Seed for many years. Now he has refined a nine-color Bodhi Pill in public. I am afraid that even those ancient clans will shake.”

Old Yao sighed. “This matter, Pill Tower is afraid that it has already responded to it. The succession ceremony of the giants this time, I am afraid it will be quite lively!”


Central Plain Continent, as the Pill Competition completely came to an end, a bigger storm swept the entire Central Plain and even Dou Qi continent.

No one didn’t expect that the Pill Competition at this time was so exciting. Xiao Yan, Dan Chen and Cao Ying made the Tier Eight Spirit Pill, and the final Yan Qingshan was even more impressive. Refined the Bodhi Pill of Tier Eight nine colors.

And less than two days after the end of the Pill Competition, Soul Palace raided the Star Region to forcibly seize the Three Thousand Raging Fire, and a battle that shook the Central Plain broke out.

Soul Palace dispatched thousands of powerhouses of at least Douzong level this time, the nine Heavenly Venerates, except for the nine Heavenly Venerates that have died, the rest have all appeared one after another.

However, with such a strong lineup, in the end it just escaped back to the two heavenly Venerate powerhouses. Eight Heavenly Venerates lost six people, and the remaining powerhouses all died. Among them were three Heavenly Venerates, a powerhouse that broke through the Half Sage realm. This incident shocked Central Plain.

The strength of the Pill Tower is shocking, not to mention the twelve Dou Zun puppets of Yan Qingshan, the subsequent Half Sage Xuan Kong sons, the seven Elders of the small Pill Tower, and the most The fascinating Qing Ling and the two fighting puppets of the Nine Underworld Python clan.

These people are immediately in the sight of the continent Peak forces, especially when they suddenly appear, it is said that they are Qing Ling of Yan Qingshan’s maid.

The Holy Land and the Holy Land are two concepts. One who owns the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils and also controls the two strong Da Dou Shi saints fighting against the saint puppets. This matter It is really surprising.

And after the dialogue between Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate and Yan Qingshan spread out, the Nine Underworld Python clan even spoke out in the Beastland. Yan Qingshan and Qing Ling are friends of the current Clan Leader Yaoyao. It supports Yan Qingshan’s previous statement.

If these things are only related to upper-level secrets, then the news of Xuan Kong’s announcement of the pass really shocked many people. For many years, Pill Tower has a new giant on the top, or Such a young person.

But for those peak great influences, one thing they are more concerned about is the Bodhi Seed that Yan Qingshan took out from the Pill Competition.

Bodhi Seed is the main material for refining Bodhi Pill, and Bodhi Pill, the Precious Pill that can help others through the holy realm, even the ancient clans are eager for them, in order to explore the secrets involved in many peak great The influence is dispatched one after another.

One month later, the Pill Tower giant’s succession ceremony once again stirred up the continent. Dou Qi continent has some strong Great Influence, and will not let go of this time and may get the opportunity to get news about Bodhi Seed.

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