Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 333

“Yan Qingshan’s ability to learn and lack of knowledge, was valued by Xuan Kong’s chairman, and was able to succeed the Pill Tower giant…”

On the Pill Tower square, Yan Qingshan first said A bunch of polite words, and then took out a jade box from the Storage Ring, which immediately attracted the attention of the audience, “I know, everyone wants to know where I got the Bodhi Seed that day “

He opened his mouth while holding the jade box in one hand, and his eager eyes shifted to the jade box in his palm.

Yan Qingshan slowly opened the jade box, under the sun, a dazzling dreamy light, a mysterious faint dazzling light, in the middle, a bunch of fist sized, a strange sticky substance slightly biased towards emerald green , In which slowly squirming and wafting, layers of liquid surging, it looks like a living thing.

“This is…Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva!”

“It is said that Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva can sense Bodhi Heart. Is this true?”

“The legend of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva is just a legend that’s all, although it does have shedding body and exchanging bones, so let’s improve the effect of some ordinary people’s physique”

Every powerhouse talked about it in secret, Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva such heavenly materials and earthly treasures are indeed quite rare and rare, but as far as Great Influence is concerned, they have been in contact for countless years, and they are not as magical as the legend, and they can be used to sense Bodhi Heart.

“Legend in the world, in some deserted deep mountains, there is a kind of magical ancient tree called Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. The roots of this tree will gradually condense over the years. The formation of a group, the Bodhi Heart of Sanctification.”

Yan Qingshan’s words touched many heartstrings, and everyone stared at him intently.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, also known as the tree of reincarnation of wisdom. This tree grows for a thousand years and only matures when it has a hundred rounds. Such a long period of time is enough to allow time to corrode anything, but The Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is outside of time and can be counted as one of the oldest species on the continent.

According to some ancient book records, in this world, it seems that only an Ancient Tree of Enlightenment grows, and it has its own wisdom.

Every time it appears, it will be hidden deep in the center of the earth. No one can find it. It will only appear on the world again when the next time is reached. .

It is said that the ancient Tree of Enlightenment once appeared once every thousand years, and every time it appeared, it would bring a huge sensation on the continent. In the long river of history, there is even no shortage The powerhouse of the Dousheng rank fell due to the fight for the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Site Sanctification. This is not a false statement. Within the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, there is Bodhi Heart, the one who gets it, the mind-enhancing Bodhi, and Sanctification, which is just a matter of raising your hand.

I used to have a powerhouse with great opportunity, and swallowed Bodhi Heart. Originally, the innate talent was not outstanding. The strength was only in the powerhouse of Dou Zun, the second-star powerhouse, in less than five years. Breakthrough obstacles, reached the stage of fighting sage, shocked the entire continent.

This kind of almost godlike effect is enough to make everyone crazy. If anyone can get this Bodhi Heart, it will directly show that he has promote to enter and ranks among Peaks in this world. Level pass.

In addition to Bodhi Heart, Bodhi Seed, the main material of Bodhi Pill, also comes from this Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and the role of Bodhi Seed, look at the Bodhi Pill in Yan Qingshan’s hand Know the sensation it caused.

“Everyone has heard of the legend of Bodhi Heart, but most of them are illusory. There is only one Ancient Tree of Enlightenment in the world. This Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva does not come from the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is derived from the Bodhi tree.

And the treasure of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva, to be precise, is the condensed Bodhi Heart of the Bodhi tree. What I mean, everyone should understand!”

Yan Qingshan’s commentary did not arouse everyone’s surprise. The origin of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva has been heard clearly by Great Influence for so many years.

There is only one word difference between Bodhi tree and Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and there is indeed a connection between the two. To be precise, Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is the oldest and magical Bodhi tree. Unique and unmatched, only it can condense the Three Jewels of Bodhi.

Bodhi tree has experienced countless years and opportunities, and perhaps there is a chance to evolve into the legendary unique and unmatched Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Only the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment can condense the Bodhi Heart of Sanctification in that site. Before becoming the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, the Bodhi tree condensed is Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva.

“Everyone should know the relationship between Bodhi Heart and Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva, and Bodhi Seed and Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva are actually related.”

Yan Qingshan , A suction force directly sucked the group of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva in the jade box on the side, and a flame suddenly rose, wrapping the Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva in.

Under the eyes of everyone, Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva was calcined in the Heavenly Flame, and a lot of emerald green dust deposits gradually fell from it. This dust slowly fell, but it did not completely leave the group. Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva, but constantly condenses at its bottom position.

When an emerald green bead less than the size of a thumb appeared in it, Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva shook slightly, and the bead fell off from it, exposing it to countless pairs of fiery eyes under.

“Bodhi Seed! This is Bodhi Seed!”

“There is Bodhi Seed in Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva.”

“Is this all about The true meaning of the legend of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva.”

Countless pairs of fiery eyes fixed on the emerald green bead in Yan Qingshan’s hands, the legendary main material for refining Bodhi Pill-Bodhi Seed .

“Everyone knows that every time the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is born, many Bodhi Seed will be born with Bodhi Heart, and Bodhi Heart also contains the effects of Bodhi Seed.”

Yan Qingshan put the group of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva into the jade box again, holding this Bodhi Seed to the eyes of everyone, “The Bodhi tree that has not been successful in transformation cannot condense Bodhi Heart, but condensed it. The Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva contains Bodhi Seed.

If you want to refine Bodhi Seed from it, you must use the power of a powerful Heavenly Flame. I, Pill Tower, will disclose this secret today and will acquire it for a long time in the future. This Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva……”

In fact, not many people pay attention to the words behind Yan Qingshan. Now everyone’s mind is mostly concerned with the Bodhi Seed in his hand. And Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva this heavenly materials earthly treasures.

It is foreseeable that every time this Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva is born, it will cause an incomparable sensation on the Dou Qi continent.


The succession ceremony of Pill Tower was unexpectedly smooth. Even Soul Palace, which had just suffered a big loss, did not come to make trouble, let alone the rest of the forces. Up.

With the end of the ceremony, after Xuan Kong handed over everything to Yan Qingshan, he will enter the small Pill Tower and become a member of the Elder group, and Yan Qingshan is the youngest generation of giants in the history of Pill Tower.

On the square in the inner region of Sacred Pill City, Yan Qingshan led the Pill Tower powerhouse to bid farewell to the powerhouses of the various forces that had left. According to the previous rules, these powerhouses would also go through the scene here. The new Pill Tower giant gave a polite look.

But the news of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva and Bodhi Seed came out, and all the forces could not sit still. It is foreseeable that in the next period of time, the whole continent will set off a wave of searching for the Bodhi tree. And the wave of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva.

“Boy, do you still know me!”

An energetic old man came to Yan Qingshan to greet him. It was when he met in the void thunder pool that day, Suspected the old man of Jia Nan Academy founder Mang Qianchi, this old man is also among the team of Lei Clan, it seems that he is still the leader of the team this time.

“Yan Qingshan, a student from Canaan, has seen the old Headmaster.”

Yan Qingshan bowed his hand respectfully to this old man. He was not a low-born, but created Jia Nan. Academy, the old Headmaster who has given countless talents the opportunity to rise, he still respects it very much. Without Jia Nan Academy, there would be no such rise as he is now.

The old man’s beard curled up, and he immediately looked at Yan Qingshan with a smile, extend the hand, and was forced back by Xuan Yi’s eyes on the side. After he stopped his hand, he said with a smile: “Yes, yes, Su That guy Qian didn’t slam me this time, he finally taught a student who could see it out.”

Yan Qingshan said with a slight smile to Man Qianchi: “Last time in the void thunder pool line, I have never recognized the old Headmaster. It’s rude.”

“It’s not rude, it’s not rude, I didn’t recognize you!”

Mang Qianchi waved his hand, not at all. Mindful of this little thing, he patted his shoulders and looked like a dry cloud of loyalty, “You brat, don’t worry, since you are a student of Jia Nan Academy, and you are still a student of the old man’s law, if something happens in the future, the old man will cover you. .

What you did this time is very clever. You announced the secret of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva, which gained a lot of favor from the forces. However, did you brat collect more Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva in advance? The price of this thing has skyrocketed in the future…”

Mang Qianchi chuckled and rubbed his hands, not like the mysterious Headmaster in the legend, but more like an old man who broke out of the bandit’s den. bandit.

“Don’t worry, the old Headmaster. Before the announcement, Pill Tower has sent someone to purchase all Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva with accurate information on the market.”

Yan Qingshan is also laughed, he Now that the secrets of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva are to be announced, how can they not plan ahead? There is a quasi-trusted Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva on the market, of course, it has long been obtained by Pill Tower.

Although the price was paid a lot at the time, after today, some Great Influence who made this thing will regret it greatly.

Mang Qianchi couldn’t help laughing when he heard this, “hehe, you brat deserves to be Inner Academy coming out, and can do business…”

Xuan Kong Zisan on the side The black lines are full of people, the Lei Clan’s Man Qianchi and the others have also dealt with, knowing that this is an old hooligan, and they also understand some of Yan Qingshan’s styles, but this appearance is exposed to the public, Pill Tower’s face is dull. !

“Young Master Yan!”

At this time, Gu Clan’s powerhouse also came to say goodbye. An old man in the team came to Yan Qingshan and bowed slightly and handed it over A jade post.

This is a black jade sticker with many mysterious lines on it, which looks quite strange.

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