Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 334

“It turned out to be Old Ling, Xun’er Young Miss is good.”

Yan Qingshan laughed, and took the jade post from the old man , Black jade stickers started, a faint sense of warmth and coolness pervaded, and the old man in front of him who was not in the realm of Dou Zong was the old servant Ling Ying of Xiao Xun’er in Jia Ma Empire.

“Xun’er Young Miss is all well, and I have also paid attention to the news of Young Master Yan.”

Ling Ying smiled and talked to Yan Qingshan and said to Yan Qingshan He still has a good impression. In Jia Nan Academy, Yan Qingshan prevented Xiao Xun’er from a lot of trouble.

“Occasionally, please pay attention, such as the news on the Pill Competition. Compared with the Little Hall Master in the Star Meteor Pavilion, I think it is not as good as that.”

Yan Qingshan laughed said with a smile, Ling Ying’s face was a little awkward, and some of Gu Clan’s powerhouse Hearing this unconsciously turned his head and looked towards the direction of Star Meteor Pavilion powerhouse, beside Old Yao who was reborn, Xiao Yan officially met with many powerhouses as the Master of Star Meteor Pavilion Little Hall.

Yan Qingshan held the jade post laughed and said: “Is this the jade post for Gu Clan’s coming-of-age ceremony? I can see Xun’er Young Miss again. I still have a little look forward to it!”


Ling Ying replied: “This is indeed my Gu Clan adult worship post every 20 years. I hope Young Master Yan and Pill Tower powerhouse can come to my Gu Clan to watch the ceremony.”

” Old Ling, don’t worry, when the time comes, I will take people to Gu Clan’s party.”

Yan Qingshan Weiwei cup one fist in the other hand, and made a few polite sounds with some of Gu Clan’s powerhouses, and The powerhouses that Gu Clan came to also seemed quite polite.

Pill Tower, after all, is not the kind of “small power” in the original Star Meteor Pavilion that has only been established for more than a century. The flourishing period Pill Tower is a strong Great Influence that can rank alongside Gu Clan, even if it has It is weak, but not weaker than the lowest ranked among the ancient Imperial Clan.

The Pill Tower, which has the master of fighting, is not much worse than the ancient Imperial Clan in terms of background. Even if it is as powerful as Gu Clan, it will not underestimate such Great Influence leaders.

“Xiao Xun’er, the old man remembers well, it should be Gu Clan’s most noble Young Miss. Did you brat spend Gu Clan’s most incredible flower on……hehe……”

Gu Clan’s powerhouse just left here, Man Qianchi spoke again, winking at Yan Qingshan while speaking, quite has several points of the wretchedness of the old cock silk, the powerhouse of the thunder clan next to him can’t wait to find a gap. It was too shameful to drill down.

“Old Headmaster, this wronged me. I do have a good impression of Xun’er Young Miss, but my sweetheart is over there. The Little Hall Master Xiao Yan of Star Meteor Pavilion is also Jia Nan Academy. You can discuss with him…”

Yan Qingshan brought trouble to others, and pointed to Xiao Yan’s location, which made Man Qianchi interested in this troublesome Little Old Man dealt with it. Didn’t I see when they discussed just now, Xuan Yi behind Little Witch and Dan Chen were not happy!

Xiao Yi Xian came to Yan Qingshan and looked at the direction of the powerhouse of the Star Meteor Pavilion and said softly: “Qing Shan big brother seems to be very concerned about this Star Meteor Pavilion because of Mu Qing Luan elder sister!”


Yan Qingshan shook the head, pupil light looked towards Xiao Yan who was talking with Ling Ying.

Xiao Yi Xian followed his gaze and looked towards, “Xiao Yan? I remember he is the cousin of Xiao Yu elder sister. The Qing Shan big brother seems to have been paying special attention to him?”


“Yes, I have always paid special attention to Xiao Yan and Venerable Yao.”

Yan Qingshan turned his head and put his arms around Xiao Yi Xian’s slender waist, softly Said: “Do you know why I want to help Venerable Yao breakthrough Half Sage and help the rise of Star Meteor Pavilion!”

“Did the Qing Shan big brother say before, it was to transfer the pressure from Soul Palace?”

Xiao Yi Xian said with some doubts: “But Xian’er doesn’t understand that Venerable Yao was just Peak Dou Zun before being assassinated. Without the help of Qing Shan big brother, even if he recovers his body, Probably a breakthrough Half Sage.

Even if he has a breakthrough now, and a person with Half Sage, I am afraid that it will not be enough for the Soul Palace executives to divert their attention from the Pill Tower to the Star Meteor Pavilion!”

Yan Qingshan indifferently smiled, “A Half Sage will naturally not let Soul Palace give up revenge on Pill Tower, but both Venerable Yao and Xiao Yan have insoluble grievances with Soul Palace and even Hun Clan, and the two sides are bound to conflict. Do you still remember what I was most afraid of before!”

Xiao Yi Xian was a little surprised: “Qing Shan big brother said Hun Clan? But Hun Clan waited for Great Influence, what? Will you pay attention to the Star Meteor Pavilion?”

“Because Xiao Yan had what they wanted, the ancient eight clans competed for a piece of emperor jade left by Ancient Emperor Tuo She, and eventually the emperor jade was divided into Eight, and Xiao Clan’s share, now It’s on Xiao Yan’s body. ”

Yan Qingshan looked towards the black Storage Ring in Xiao Yan’s hand, “Hun Clan has always wanted to gather the emperor jade, but because of the imperial imperial clan’s constraints, they couldn’t If you succeed, you can’t send a person who is too powerful to snatch the emperor jade.

Soul Palace was first destroyed by the 16th Side-Branch Palace, and then smashed into the sand at Pill Tower. Hun Miesheng is now devastated!

Venerable Yao is resurrected and the Star Meteor Pavilion is reopened. When they clash with Soul Palace, Soul Palace must do something. Pill Tower is not easy to touch. If Star Meteor Pavilion is untouchable, would they hesitate? And when they chose to attack the Star Meteor Pavilion aggressively, the situation was no longer theirs. “

Yan Qingshan’s mouth is slightly smiling. Once Star Meteor Pavilion and Soul Palace go to war, Soul Palace will not be so easy to get out of this quagmire. He will make arrangements for Hun Miesheng. Even Hun Clan behind him, step by step, is in endless trouble.

Hun Clan is too strong, so powerful makes him jealous, making him a lot of scruples, and after taking over as the giant of Pill Tower, He will have a lot of big moves. It is really bad to let these continent Peak forces idle.

In the original book, Imperial Clan came too late in the melee, Ling Clan, Shi Clan and Yao Clan They were all destroyed before they started the war, giving Hun Clan too much time, which is not good. The ancient eight races, let’s start the war early!

Yan Qingshan’s mouth has a slight sneer, no one. I don’t know, even Xiao Yi Xian next to him doesn’t know. Maybe soon, the man next to her will initiate a war of chaos that will spread to the entire Dou Qi continent.

… …

In the main hall of Pill Tower, Yan Qingshan sits on the seat originally belonged to Xuan Kong’s son. In front of him is filled with countless books and ancient scrolls. In his entire great hall, it’s not like Xuan Kong is full of bookshelves, but is filled with pieces of positioning flower pots and green plants, all kinds of exotic flowers, like a beautiful garden.

“Soul Palace and Star Meteor Pavilion are at war. . “

A silhouette walked into the great hall, the graceful loving body turned over and sat in front of a certain young giant, holding his face in both hands, and snorting provocatively, but speaking in the most serious manner. But the business.

“The unexpected thing, come down. “

Yan Qingshan patted his own thigh, and motioned Cao Ying Little Witch to get off the table. As Pill Tower Elder, he should be reported on the lap of the giant man.

Cao Ying sits on Yan Qingshan’s lap with her arms around his neck, “I underestimated that Xiao Yan, he actually has already broken through Dou Zun, and also killed Soul Palace one after another. Many powerhouses, many of them Venerable and his like, are said to have a Heavenly Venerate dead in its hands. “

Yan Qingshan shook his head and smiled slightly, “No surprise, with Gu Clan’s secret support, if he can’t rise up yet, I would be surprised!”

Since the Star Meteor Pavilion is at war with Soul Palace, then we will help them maintain the situation. If Soul Palace has the advantage, we don’t need to worry about it. If they take advantage of it, they will help Star secretly. Meteor Pavilion. “

“Good! “

Cao Ying nodded, she is quite in favor of Yan Qingshan’s brought trouble to others from the Pill Tower to the Star Meteor Pavilion. “But I’m a little strange, in the Soul Palace Those powerhouses, why not directly break into the Star Meteor Pavilion and take things away?

If Soul Palace is jealous of Old Ancestor and dare not start Pill Tower, then Venerable Yao is just a Half Sage, and you don’t even need Soul Palace Palace Master to do it yourself, even if it’s a half-disabled palace. , There are also Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate and Second Heavenly Venerate too! “

Yan Qingshan’s mouth curled slightly, “The existence above the holy realm has always been subject to some restrictions. The powerhouse above the 4-Star Fighting Saint has not been born for many years.

Soul Palace powerhouse is also worried about Gu Clan’s next intervention. After all, it is Dou Di token. No ancient Imperial Clan is willing to see Hun Clan snatch the past. This is their consensus, and this is why, The reason why Gu Clan did not take away the emperor jade back then. “

Cao Ying’s soft lovable body leaned against Yan Qingshan’s arms and muttered: “You said that there will be a battle between those ancient Imperial Clan, has several points of sure?” After all, for so many years, the decline of Xiao Clan a thousand years ago was destroyed by Hun Clan. “

” These ancient Imperial Clans themselves are full of contradictions, and Hun Clan has long coveted Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade. They only need an opportunity, and they will definitely start a full-scale battle. , And how to start that prologue, it takes a good opportunity. “

Yan Qingshan replied faintly, and he has been waiting. Although there are many arrangements, until now, they have only been laid out in secret, and have not found a chance to start a battle between the remaining seven ancient clans. , But it’s coming soon, and it takes some time that’s all.

“What have you been deducing these days? “

Cao Ying and Yan Qingshan stayed warm for a while, glanced at some ancient scrolls on his desk, and curiously said, this is not the first time she has seen Yan Qingshan fiddle with these things, these He was doing it all day, as if he was deducing something.

Yan Qingshan unfolded a scroll full of handwriting, “Do you still remember the Demon Fire refinement method of all souls back then? ! “

“I remember! How could people forget this matter! “

Cao Ying nodded, the little head leaned over and took a look again, still looking confused, “But this is Wood Attribute’s tactic, what’s the connection?” “

Yan Qingshan’s slender finger clicked on a note, and said: “All Souls Demon Fire refinement method, and even gathered thousands of Fire Attribute Magic Beast blood and Beast Flame, refined fire In demon spirit. I was wondering whether this method can be used for other attributes. “

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