Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 340

“Lord Yang Hao, you are defeated.”

Xiao Yan glanced at Yang Hao lightly, and put his slightly trembling left hand into his sleeve, just now. Yang Hao used the Emperor Seal Technique to reveal a weak spot, and he defeated it in one fell swoop, but the opponent’s cultivation base beat him a lot after all, and this match was still a bit of a loss.

Although Xiao Yan has lost a lot of opportunities and Dou Techniques because of Yan Qingshan, he is more attentive to the multiple Dou Techniques he has mastered and has a higher level of mastery compared to the original work.

But among so many Dou Techniques, the one he has done the most is the Emperor Seal Technique five styles given by Xiao Xun’er. The one used to kill Soul Palace Heavenly Venerate is the complete mastery. Emperor Seal Technique, the Heavenly Venerate who died in his hands is not an ordinary Heavenly Venerate, it has a 6-Star Dou Zun cultivation base.

Although Yang Hao is quite extraordinary, but his cultivation base is mostly enhanced by Bloodline Strength, the cultivation talent is actually far inferior to Xiao Yan, not to mention Dou Technique, and Emperor Seal Technique is inferior to Xiao Yan is proficient, and displaying one’s slight skill before an expert in front of him is not.

Yang Hao listened to Xiao Yan’s words, as if he was extremely humiliated, his palms on the pillars unconsciously exerted force, his nails penetrated into them, and a pair of blood-red and hideous eyes stared at the stage. Xiao Yan of Xiao Yan, panting like a madman.

In this competition, he almost failed. He couldn’t figure it out. With his 5-Star Dou Zun Peak strength, coupled with many high-level Dou Techniques, Xiao Yan would seize the opportunity. Playing the weak spot of the Emperor Seal Technique, the defeat was so miserable.

“Third Brother, are you okay!”

On the restaurant, the other person who was drinking with Ling Quan and Yang Hao just now flew down to Yang Hao’s side. Grasping Yang Hao’s wrist.

“cough cough……Xiao Yan, Emperor Seal Technique is my Gu Clan unspread secret, this elder assembly will not give up, you can do it yourself.”

Yang Hao originally still He was ready to do it, but it was a bit more rational to be disturbed by this. The matter is not too big yet, and the Emperor Seal Technique must have something to do with Xun’er Young Miss. He doesn’t like Xiao Yan, but he is unwilling to give it. Xun’er Young Miss is asking for trouble.

Yang Hao chose to keep things quiet, Xiao Yan didn’t want to fight with Gu Clan too stiffly. The storm stopped for a while, Yan Qingshan felt a little dull, his eyes turned around looking towards the restaurant. Several other places showed good breath.

In a remote place, there are four silhouettes sitting at the table, three men and one woman. All four of them have a burning flame mark on their foreheads, which looks like a real flame. Feeling hot.

This is the entire group where Yan Clan came to participate in the Gu Clan Adult Ceremony. Among them, the only woman was wearing a light red-clothed skirt, her cheeks were covered by a veil, but even so, that through The contours revealed by the veil are also extremely moving.

When Yan Qingshan’s gaze focused on them, the scarlet clothed woman with a veil also looked at him at the same time, watching him calmly with her eyes, the latter between the eyebrows, a flower is vivid The flame imprint is quietly blooming.

The two of them looked at each other, and there was a heat wave in the abrupt gap. Yan Qingshan pupil light moved slightly, and a Power of Space suppressed the waves of the Heavenly Flame collision.

“Ranked 8th Red Lotus Karma Fire, Interesting owned by Yan Clan.”

Yan Qingshan picked up the corner of his mouth slightly, and he was slightly interested in this woman, Red Lotus Karma Fire this thing seems to be more than Dou Qi continent!

“The people of Hun Clan!”

Yan Qingshan retracted his gaze. At this time, he was on the forest path outside the restaurant, and three silhouettes in black robe walked slowly, Yan Qingshan frowned slightly and looked over.

Yan Qingshan gaze as if a torch, easily see the true colors of these people, under the black cloak of the leader, is a pale and thin young face, at this moment he is watching from a distance In the direction of Xiao Yan, there was a sorrowful smile at the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Yan entire group left, there was no excitement here. Yan Qingshan and Qing Ling ate some food and drink and then went back to the wing. The turmoil on this day did not cause much impact. Gu Clan powerhouse should have suppressed the turmoil.

On this day, the morning brilliance fell on the earth, and the entire Saint ancient city was extremely lively, because today is when the gate of Gu Realm opens. For this mysterious place, which is almost a space, here is an overwhelming majority. All are full of curiosity.

Yan Qingshan and Qing Ling came to the center of the ancient city early, where there is a huge lake, the lake is very clear.

Above the lake, one after another a silhouette in armor stands upright with a gun, and the strong breath spreads out, so that no one dares to set foot on the lake.

An Elder of Gu Clan warned repeatedly to the people who came: “Everyone, Gu Realm will be opened soon. In Gu Realm, the area is vast. If you run wild, you will inevitably get lost. Direction… Within Gu Realm, there are Gu Clan descendants…”

“Gu Realm descendants, Interesting.”

Yan Qingshan brought Qing Ling through with the flow of people The door of the Black Space leading to the unknown depths, when the light reappears in sight, they came to an unfamiliar place.

This is a magical mysterious world similar to the Dan realm. The energy of Heaven and Earth is several times that of the outside world. Compared with the broken Dan realm, this mysterious realm is full of strange vitality.

There is a muffled thunder in the distant sky, and a large thick cloud of dark clouds, which is hiding the sky and covering the earth, is rushing here. This is the shuttle where Gu Clan came to pick up people. A boat can travel in the sky.

Dark clouds filled the ten battleships. It should have used a strange formation. From a distance, it looked like a battleship came with Lei Yun, and the momentum was extremely shocking.

The dark clouds came with the Heavenly Lightning, and finally stopped slowly above this sky. An old voice was uploaded from the warship, “hehe, guests, please get on board. “

Along with the fall of this old voice, a crack was split between the shrouded dark clouds, and the end of the crack went straight to the battleship, and Yan Qingshan followed the crowd on a battleship. , Standing on the deck overlooking the vast Gu Realm below.

Yan Qingshan took Qing Ling around on the deck. The magnificent mountains and rivers of Gu Clan Profound Realm are indeed hard to find outside.

They paced from the stern to the bow, and on the bow deck at this time, a long haired man in strong clothes was sitting cross-legged, and a small wooden table was placed in front of him. There were teapots and cups, and when Yan Qingshan arrived, Xiao Yan had just got up and left.

“Yan Chairman, hello!”

This man raised his teacup and gestured to Yan Qingshan slightly, and then stood up and bowed in salute, “Yan Chairman came to my Profound Realm in person, it’s Gu Clan’s honor, I’m here to apologize for Ling Quan’s previous rudeness.”

“Black Submerged Army Great Commander, Gu Zhen.”

Yan Qingshan watched In front of this youth, this long haired man is not handsome, or even ordinary, but it gives people a strange and convincing taste. The eyes of the Black Submerged Army next to him have a touch of respect from the heart.

Gu Zhen laughed loudly and put his posture very low. “It’s really an honor for me to hear the name of Gu Zhen, Chairman Yan.”

“Black Submerged Army Great Commander Gu Zhen, although not among the Four Great Colonel, is very prestigious among the younger generation of Gu Clan. You are a hero.”

Yan Qingshan looked at Gu Zhen in front of him, and was also secretly sighed in his heart. Good luck for Gu Clan. Among Gu Clan, there is no lack of Ling Quan Yang Hao, a supercilious imperial Clan child who values ​​bloodline, but there are also real talents such as Gu Zhen.

This Gu Zhen’s bloodline is not in the top five among the Gu Clan younger generation, but Yan Qingshan is optimistic about his future. A person who can make Gu Clan elder assembly grant the Purple Clan Mark exceptionally, but he won’t It is the generation waiting for leisure.

Gu Zhen shook his head and laughed, “Yan Chairman is overpraised, Gu Zhen dare to be a hero in front of others, but in front of Yan Chairman, not worth mentioning! If you don’t have Gu Clan bloodline, Gu Zhen is afraid at this time. It has not been able to break through Dou Zun, how can it be compared to the Yan Chairman who is famous for Central Plain today.”

Yan Qingshan indifferently smiled and said: “The bloodline life power is also a kind of strength. There is never absolute fairness. Dou Di bloodline is very strong, but no matter how strong the bloodline is, there will be a day of weakness, Xiao Clan once, now Ling Clan. In the future, there may also be Gu Clan.”

Gu Zhen go To Yan Qingshan’s side, “But that will be a long time from now. For now, Gu Clan’s bloodline is still prosperous, and Young Miss is the Divine Rank bloodline that is hard to find in past generations. For the inheritance of bloodline, the senior members of the clan are not Will let the core bloodline characters marry outside.”

Yan Qingshan looked at Gu Zhen with some doubts, “What are you doing to tell me these things? You shouldn’t be talking to Xiao Yan. Is it?”

Gu Zhen sighed: “Yan Chairman may not know. Since Young Miss returned to the clan, he has been paying attention to two names, Xiao Yan, and Yan Chairman.

Young Miss is very resistant to the bloodline combination of the older generation in the clan. Until now, they all show their willingness to combine with Xiao Yan, but the clan has always opposed this kind of thing. Yes.

Xiao Yan’s strength is indeed good. Even when Xiao Clan bloodline is exhausted, he can still reach the level of 3-Star Dou Zun, but among Gu Clan, there are many people who are stronger than him. “

When Gu Zhen talked about this, the corner of his mouth unconsciously showed a bit of bitterness. “But the Chairman is different. Among the younger generation in the clan, even the current Young Miss, I am afraid it is not the Chairman. Opponent.

Imperial Clan powerhouse is strong from bloodline, but also trapped in bloodline. Few people can surpass the upper limit of bloodline and reach a higher level. Nowadays, the Tier Nine bloodline, which symbolizes fighting sage, is quite rare.

Dou Zun Peak’s powerhouse, Gu Clan has never lacked, but even if they spend all of their life power, they can’t get to that level.

At this age, you have already entered the path of Dou Zun of Rank Nine. The sage of the clan speculates that Half Sage and even the fighting sage will not be your hindrance. And Young Miss, I also show a certain degree of affection for you…”

“I think you are worrying too much! I also know a little about Xun’er Young Miss, Xiao Yan really has a different meaning to her. I admit that I have some thoughts about Xun’er Young Miss, but when I was in Jia Nan Academy, I made it clear. “

Yan Qingshan shook his head and lost said with a smile, thinking that Gu Clan had made a big fuss. Just for something that was almost impossible, someone specially came to say this to him.

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