Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 341

“Yan Chairman thinks this is a fuss, but it is a major event for the middle and high level of the clan. Young Miss’s identity is too special, even if it’s one in ten thousand. Maybe, the clan also feels it is necessary to kill it.”

Gu Zhen gave a wry smile. This is not what he wants to say, but he has to say what the clan has to say about Xun’er Young Miss. The importance is far from outsiders can imagine, and she is especially concerned about her marriage.

Although Xun’er Young Miss has always said that Xiao Yan will not marry, they are also the most wary of Xiao Yan, but after all, Yan Qingshan is the only External that Xiao Xun’er has paid attention to. Race people, even if it is only one in ten thousand possible, they have to kill them.

“You Gu Clan people are really ridiculous, Young Master has never touched your Xun’er Young Miss.”

These words from Gu Zhen It makes Qing Ling beside Yan Qingshan very unhappy. In her mind, Young Master is the whole piece of Heaven and Earth, and she is not allowed to be treated like this.

“Don’t blame the saint, Gu Clan has no other meaning, just a small reminder.”

Seeing Qing Ling’s opening, Gu Zhen quickly explained, counting In the battle between Pill Tower and Soul Palace a year ago, the woman next to Yan Qingshan became famous as continent. As a powerhouse, she was willing to be a maid, and she was even a few years younger than him.

It is precisely because of the exposure of this incident that the family member Elder is worried about the relationship between Yan Qingshan and Xiao Xun’er. Although I don’t know how the former did it, it can make a fight. Saint Powerhouse is willing to be a maid, this is definitely not a simple character.

Gu Zhen, as Gu Clan’s generation of Heaven’s Chosen, naturally has his own arrogance, but in front of these two people, I really can’t be arrogant. One is the Pill Tower giant, and the other is a real deal. Dousheng, even within the Imperial Clan, is an absolute top-level powerhouse.

“Ancient Holy mountain range is here.”

During the dialogue between Gu Zhen and Yan Qingshan, the shuttle boat also came to the sky above the destination, and the dark clouds above the sky rolled, huge The warship slowly stopped over a mountain range, attracting the attention of countless line of sight.

Everyone gathered at the bow of the ship, looking at the steep mountain range below, that infiltrated the mountain range with many powerful breaths, which made many people smack secretly, worthy of Gu Clan base camp, the powerhouse here is quite scary in terms of quantity and quality.

“Hehe, Gu Clan guests, please!”

The old shouts from the warship, many people responded politely, and then they showed their stature , Swept in a flash from the warship, and flew towards the building complex in the center of the mountain range, where Gu Clan received it.

On top of a cloud peak in the distance, a beautiful shadow stands tall and looks into the distance. Suddenly this shadow finally moves. Stepping on the clouds, the skirt is fluttering, just like Fairy in the clouds, with a kind of etherealness. Under the gaze of many eyes, he walked over the clouds, and finally hovered outside the warship.

The sudden appearance of the girl in Tsing Yi caused all eyes on the warship to be projected in the past, and a touch of surprise appeared in the eyes of many people.

The girl is wearing a light green dress, three thousand green silks are randomly tied, spreading through the slender waist that is gripped, and finally vertical her buttocks, breeze blowing, green silk fluttering, dusty Refined.

Her beautiful face, even this world is bleak, a pair of moving eyes, revealing ethereal meaning, like the deepest starry sky, let Deren’s eyes look past it. No matter how difficult it is to transfer. Take care of Qingrencheng, and then take care of Qingren’s country.

So stunning, really is that devastatingly beautiful person, facing this girl who was born in Heaven and Earth spiritual qi, no matter how perfect a man, it seems that he will give birth to a kind of self-defeating filth in front of her The feeling of such a person, nowhere to be found in the world.

“Xiao Yan big brother.”

Under the gaze of many eyes, the girl in Tsing Yi smiled, her lovable body flashed, she appeared on the battleship, softly The voice echoed in the void.

“Gu Zhen, it seems that you are worrying too much, your Young Miss, you have not changed your heart!”

A corner of the battleship, Yan Qingshan’s eyes flashed After a glimpse of surprise, he regained his composure and stretched out his hand on Patted Gu Zhen’s shoulder to speak calmly.

“Yan Chairman, I was rude just now.”

Gu Zhen looked at the girl with a beautiful smile, but smiled bitterly. Normally Xun’er is as elegant as Goddess. Young Miss, it is rare to show this kind of daughter’s family style relative to her age, but it is a pity that this object is not his Gu Clan person.

“8-Star Dou Zun, Asura is in charge of Gu Yao?”

On the battleship, Yan Qingshan witnessed Xiao Yan and Gu Clan younger generation from the perspective of an outsider. In the first conflict of powerhouse, her pupil light swept over thousands of peaks and was locked on a green peak.

Above this steep and steep mountain, a silhouette stands with its hands on its hands. In front of this person’s forehead, a strand of black and white hair is fluttering gently, and under the hair, a pair of cold like Asura is exposed. Binocular.


The night is like water, permeating the earth, and the cool moonlight pouring down from the sky, covering the entire mountain range with a light silver gauze.

In the center of the Ancient Holy mountain range, clusters of temples stand one after another, under the moonlight like an ancient beast, permeating a trace of ancient breath.

At this time, most of these temples are brightly lit. These few days can be regarded as Gu Clan’s festive day. Therefore, many places are full of lights and festivities.

On the mountain peaks far away from these magnificent ancient temples, it is exceptionally quiet, without the noise, making this place like the place where a hermit lives, peaceful and peaceful.

On a mountain peak, a snow-white shadow stands elegantly, beautiful eyes staring at the brightly lit temples in the distance, silently, and don’t know what they are thinking.

“Xun’er Young Miss, this long night is long, don’t you rest!”

A voice came from the girl behind, and there was a trace of surprise in her eyes, and she turned her head to see A silhouette familiar from memory walked out of the forest slowly, and moonlight poured on this person, as if covering him with a layer of silver glow.

Xiao Xun’er looked at Yan Qingshan who came by, calmly said: “Yan Senior, long time no see, now I should call you, Yan Chairman!”

Yan Qingshan walked to the top of the mountain to be side by side with her, overlooking everything below, indifferently said: “The title is just appearance, only my identity has changed. I, this person, has never changed. But look. The current Xun’er Young Miss has changed a lot.”


Xiao Xun’er smiled bitterly, beautiful eyes staring at it in a blurred manner. The brightly lit palace, in the low voice, has deep bones of weakness, “Qing Shan Senior may not understand that in this Gu Realm, the pressure it needs to bear is far stronger than the outside world.

Gu Clan value bloodline, relying on bloodline to be strong, but also sad because of bloodline, this Ancient Holy mountain range is the Holy Land in the hearts of all Gu Clan descendants.

Every time In a few years, countless people will come here with their children and grandchildren, hoping that bloodline tyrannical people will appear among them, each time there will be some surprises, but more, but endless disappointments. .

In the past few years, I have seen many people who snatch themselves on the spot after discovering that their descendants’ bloodline is declining and obsolete, and cannot stand such a blow.

Among Gu Clan, the bloodline strength is getting stronger. People who speak, the heavier they speak. I have been secluded bitter cultivation almost all these years. What I do is just to have more power to speak, so that I don’t have any regrets. On this point, Yan Senior It’s enviable!”

“Envy? Are you kidding! One drink and one peck, this is the number of days, Xun’er Young Miss, if there is no Bloodline Strength at this time, it is impossible to have now The strength of Imperial Clan. The descendants of Imperial Clan are blessed by heaven, and they have to bear the rest of the problems caused by this bloodline.”

Yan Qingshan faintly smiled, “There has never been power in vain in this world, you Think I’m such an ordin ary person, how much do you need to pay if you want to achieve today’s achievement! Compared to Xun’er Young Miss’s smooth sailing, I came along this way, and if I was a little careless, I was crushed. “

“Xun…Yan…Chairman. “

Between Yan Qingshan and Xiao Xun’er, the bamboo house creaks behind the cliff, and Xiao Yan, who put on a set of neat clothes, walks out quickly, his eyes sweeping on the open space in front of the house. , Seeing Xun’er and Yan Qingshan standing together, the look of vigilance can’t help passing by.

“Xiao Yan big brother, are you resting? “

Xiao Xun’er turned around and greeted him with a smile. The jade hand gently smoothed the wrinkles on Xiao Yan’s clothes, so gentle, like a well-behaved little wife.


If this scene is seen by other Gu Clan clansman, I am afraid that the eyes will turn red again, and everyone will find Xiao Yan to fight his life.

These In the years, Xiao Xun’er has always presented an image of Goddess as elegant and dusty in front of them. How could they have thought of what a heartbreaking scene when Goddess in their hearts arranged clothes for a man.

Yan Qingshan glanced at me indifferently at the man and woman in front of me, but there were not many ripples in the lake of mind. He did have ideas about Xiao Xun’er, but he was even more calm and thoughtful. People are rarely affected by some emotions.

“Yan Chairman is actually there, it’s rude. “

Xiao Yan took Xiao Xun’er’s jade hand and came to Yan Qingshan with a smile, seeming to put the hands held by the two of them intentionally or unintentionally.

“I turn up without being invited, as long as the master doesn’t blame it. “

Yan Qingshan responded indifferently, turned his head to Xiao Xun’er laughed and then said again: “I came to find Xun’er Young Miss this time, but there was a request.” “

Xiao Xun’er does not hesitate, Weiwei said resolutely: “Qing Shan Senior, please say. “

“I want to ask Xun’er Young Miss to help me introduce Gu Yuan Clan Leader. “

Yan Qingshan looked at Xiao Xun’er, and solemnly said: “This matter is very important. I must meet the Gu Yuan Clan Leader in person. It involves the major event of Hun Clan. Please be sure to tell Gu Yuan Clan Leader, this matter is related to Hun Tiandi. “

“Hun Tiandi! “

When Xiao Xun’er and Xiao Yan heard Yan Qingshan say the name, they uttered it unconsciously. Xiao Yan was full of confusion, and Xiao Xun’er’s eyes revealed Be cautious, “I will tell father. “

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