Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 344

The corpse buried mountain range is located at the junction of the South Region of the Central Plain. Due to the terrain, the Yin Qi here is extremely heavy, and among the Yin Qi, it is Doped with a strong Corpse Qi.

Most of all the houses within several thousands li bury people here. Therefore, this mountain range of corpses is also a strange mountain range composed of tombs. Generally speaking, it is almost It’s hard to find a silhouette, no one would like to stay in such a dense Ghost Qi place.


The silent sky of the corpse mountain range suddenly allows some roaring wind to sound, and the stream of light flashes, and on a mountain in the depths of the mountain range , A silhouette flashed out.

Yan Qingshan looked at the deepest part of the mountain range, the space hidden behind the tall gray trees, with some distortions faintly, “The corpse mountain range, one of the three halls of Tiangang, go up I was worried about Hun Clan once. But now that Gu Clan has started, I don’t have to worry about that many.”

A little light appeared in Yan Qingshan’s eyes. Gu Clan and his party are the news that he will change Ling Realm. Xun’er’s father Gu Yuan was informed that this 9-Star Peak Dousheng was still wary of Hun Clan, and accepted Yan Qingshan’s suggestion to send a clone to explore.

What did Gu Yuan find in Ling Realm? Yan Qingshan didn’t know this, but shortly after he left Gu Realm, Ling Realm broke out in great wars, and immediately Gu Clan came out, and a full-scale war broke out with Hun Clan.

The ancient soul clan is fighting, and Hun Clan is undoubtedly quite nervous and chaotic at this time. Hun Clan has to deal with Gu Clan at this moment, and he will definitely relax his attention to Soul Palace, and this is Yan Qingshan’s opportunity. Last time he didn’t move the three halls of the Tian Gang, this time he won’t let it go.

“Hun Tiandi is ready to make a comprehensive plan for a full-scale war, but how dare I give you the opportunity to continue to develop? Once the third hall of Tiangang is destroyed, Soul Palace is basically abolished, and this is about Hun Clan. The key to the plan is to force them to go to full-scale war with Gu Clan!”

Yan Qingshan looked at the huge black land in the distance. The surface of the land occasionally exposed to allow some white colors, surprisingly some. The broken bones reveal a weird coldness that allows some. This time, he was about to completely destroy Soul Palace.

In the center of the huge area, a black giant temple stands silently, like the ancient ominous beast crawling on the ground, with a terrifying smell, which diffuses slowly, rippling over this piece of blanket. In a sealed space.

In the black giant hall, there are countless extremely large black chains extending out and inserting into the depths of the ground. Above these chains, there is a cloud of black mist hovering, faintly converging into Humanoid appearance.

The whole area is unusually quiet, and a strange atmosphere envelopes it, giving the person the feeling of have one’s hair stand on end.

A dozen black mists stood up from the chains, and the black mist shrank and turned into a dozen indifferent silhouettes. This person looked at each other, and when the stature moved, they gathered together. . “Let’s go, it’s time for us to perform the task…”

When this group of people was about to leave this area, the space around them suddenly solidified, as if they were crushed by an invisible giant hand. , More than a dozen silhouettes did not even scream, but they were squeezed into nothingness by the terrifying Power of Space.

A hole split in the void, and a silhouette standing in the sky slowly flew out. Looking at the huge black hall in front of him, he slowly stretched out his palm.

pēng pēng pēng ……

one after another The wooden rattan sprang out like a giant snake, spreading quickly and engulfing the great hall of darkness, the tide-like vines moved quickly Soon, the entire great hall was completely entangled and completely submerged, the original palace disappeared, and a’Tengshan’ appeared in front of him.

“Who dares to break into the land of my Soul Palace, courting death!”

One after another was filled with gloomy shouts, suddenly breaking the silence of this space, with many silhouettes The black flew out of the giant hall and turned into black glow, bringing a gloomy wind, and quickly rushed to the passage door of the dark great hall blocked by vines.

“A bunch of cannon fodder, what are you struggling with!”

Yan Qingshan raised his hand slightly, vines whipped and waved, and the vines glowing with blue light hit a black shadow every time Just blast it all away, less than within 3 breaths, all the shadows are turned into nothingness, and some of the weaker, even the screams have never been uttered.

“damned bastard, dare to run wild in my Soul Palace, I am really tired of living! Heavenly Venerate and Senior Elder, solve it for me!”

In fire sea When the sky filled the sky, a slightly familiar anger suddenly came from the giant hall, and dozens of silhouettes flashed out of the giant hall like lightning, and finally hovered in the sky, looking gloomily downward and raging upward. Of countless vines.

Guyou Saint looked at the constantly raging vines below, with some horror in his heart, “Who in the world is this? I haven’t heard of anyone in Central Plain who takes Wood Attribute as his father. Is it Pill? That kid from Tower? But how dare he dare to do something to my Soul Palace.”


Countless vines rose from the ground, as if crazy. The ancient gigantic beasts were generally chaotic and chaotic, and the more than ten silhouettes that finally flew into the sky were not spared. The two were directly pierced into their bodies by vines, and they were immediately absorbed by a strange force to finish their life force.

“You will all die.”

A silhouette suddenly appeared in the air, a dark green Dou Qi across the sky, and more than ten silhouettes above the sky suddenly fell to the ground. Was completely wrapped in vines in the air and absorbed everything.

“damned bastard!”

Guyou Saint didn’t expect himself just to relax for a moment, and all these people under his hand were wiped out, looted and chased out with one foot. There are huge black chains of hundreds zhang, like black poisonous dragon-like piercing through the void, wanting to completely solve the mid-air Yan Qingshan.

“A Half Sage dare to show ugliness, Guyou old ghost, you are too high to look at yourself.”

Yan Qingshan in the void lingers around emerald green Dou Qi, The whole person turned into a thin Azure Dragon shadow and swept out, a low sonic boom resounded in the air, but the huge chains flew out like a heavy blow, retreated suddenly.

“Surnamed Yan child, do you know what you are doing, dare to offend our Soul Palace, you are courting death. Today, this is where you fell and died.”

in midair flashed out, and he finally recognized Yan Qingshan, and while shouted eeriely, he shot with all his strength, and the Dark Skeleton King composed of countless skeletons quickly appeared.

“Don’t worry! I am here today to destroy Soul Palace. Hun Clan is now overwhelmed and cannot receive any information.”

Light Azure Dragon Shadow Yan Qingshan among them smiled slightly at the Guyou saint. Before he started, he had let the three-headed dragon disrupt the space fluctuation in this area. Even if these guys have the Space Jade Bamboo Slip of summon Hun Clan powerhouse in their hands, it will not work. .

“Destroy my Soul Palace, just rely on you as a junior!”

Guyou Saint Hearing this extremely angry counter-laughing, after so many years, Yan Qingshan is still the first to dare to say destruction He is a man of Soul Palace.

“You don’t have to count on that great Heavenly Venerate anymore. Qing Ling has broken through the two-star battle, and has gone to find him. He is now powerless to defend himself.”

Yan Qingshan Indifferently smiled, at this moment, within the palace vine net below, a strong energy fluctuation suddenly erupted. This is the real Saint Fighter fighting, and the Soul Palace Great Heavenly Venerate who has been hiding is obviously at a disadvantage.

“hmph, even if your maid entangles the great Heavenly Venerate, you are just trifling Dou Zun Peak, far from the realm of Half Sage!”

Guyou is coldly snorted, but there is not much fear. This is their home field. His battle strength can be increased by a lot. He has already probed and only the two invasions, Yan Qingshan and Qing Ling By.

He may be difficult to interfere in the match between Heavenly Venerate and Qing Ling, but Yan Qingshan is just a Peak Dou Zun, how is his opponent.

At the moment he pressed his palms, the monstrous black energy surged out violently from his body. The huge chains around the giant hall also trembled violently at this moment, one after another black energy violently surge out, and finally sink into its body.

“Yan Family boy, today the old man captured you and let you know Soul Palace is not to be offended.”

Black qi surges, Guyou is like the Demon God who came to the world , Looked up to the sky with a roar, only heard the clanging sound, in the black fog, countless dark chains, with a shrill scream, rushed away at Yan Qingshan, the momentum seemed extremely shocking.

“I think there are many ways to solve you, but I actually want to know, now I can kill the saints!”

Yan Qingshan’s whole body haunts Silky green dazzling light, three flames floating around, “Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, Green Lotus Core Flame, Fallen Heart Flame, Three Thousand Raging Fire, three changes in one.”

Yan Qingshan displayed After Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, the breath skyrocketed rapidly, faintly breaking through the sacred barrier, and then an ancient wild breath emerged from his body, “Dragon Phoenix power, Azure Dragon Dharma body, all kinds of power, Add my body as much as possible…” Yan Qingshan rarely used all of his own background. This time he attacked the Palace of Humans. He personally fought against the Saint Guyou, and wanted to test his own battle strength. limit.

“At a young age, you are so arrogant, even a mortal body dare to fight in the holy realm.”

Guyou Saint’s angry roar comes from the Dark Skeleton of pitch-black as ink. It was heard from the King that the next moment the Azure Dragon Dharma body collided with it head-on, causing this one Dharma Skeleton to almost fall over, cracks spread all over the body.

The huge dragon shadow coiled and overwhelmed it, the dragon head aimed at the skull, and the gushing dragon breath almost wiped out the Skeleton King.

“Single Netherworld Finger, Judge Life or Death!”

Yan Qingshan stands on the dragon shadow. When a finger is pointed, a huge finger-shaped energy phantom matches the Azure Dragon Dharma body The power blasted the Skeleton King’s body.

Guyou Saint flew up, the energy of countless pitch-black as ink lingers up, Dou Technique was broken and he did not cause much damage, he still retains a strong battle strength, but it’s a pity Yan Qingshan, who has the upper hand, will not give him a chance.

“Netherworld Palm, cover the sky and cover the earth!”

Yan Qingshan turns into a palm and presses it down, like a curtain covering the sky, fighting against the Azure Dragon body , Blasted the Guyou Saint in the center fiercely.

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