Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 346

Central Plain is an ancient and dark land of the Demon Abyss, the endless underground, under the heavily Yin Qi abyss, a huge dark Earth Palace is suspended in the ground. The dark chains spread everywhere.

In the Earth Palace, in the great hall, on a huge throne, Hun Miesheng, the lord of Soul Palace, sits on it to close eyes to rejuvenate. Suddenly, he frowned looked towards the front, and a somewhat unfamiliar silhouette appeared slowly at the gate of the great hall.

“Soul Qing, you come to my Soul Palace to do something, is there something in the family?”

Hun Miesheng looked at the silhouette below, that was a gloomy complexion The old man, after an indifferent look at him, said impatiently.

“Hun Miesheng, pay attention to your attitude. My trip represents the middle and high-level members of the clan.”

This gloomy old man is also quite dissatisfied with Hun Miesheng’s attitude, but The latter is above him whether it is the cultivation base or the status of the clan. Although he is dissatisfied with Hun Miesheng’s attitude, it is hard to really do anything.

“Hunqing, what are you installing here and in this hall! You think it is the Palace Master. I don’t know, you are the old ghost of Hun Mo.”

Hun Miesheng gave a look in his eyes The son became fierce, “The Soul Palace was first established back then, and it was difficult to build on the Central Plain. How much thought was taken by this Palace Master to develop the Soul Palace to where it is today.

You guys back then Old fellows are unwilling to contribute. Now that my Soul Palace has a lot of benefits, you old fellows just want to share a piece of the pie. It’s a wonderful dream!”

To Hun Miesheng’s words, I naturally couldn’t bear it. I stood shouted: “Hun Miesheng, you can’t talk nonsense. The Demon Fire of the lotus flower is a matter of great importance. At the time of Hun Mo, in order to ensure that in case, Clan Leader It is also agreed. Do you still violate Clan Leader?”


Hun Miesheng sneered, “Clan Leader’s order, I naturally follow, Hun Mo that Old fellow, come if you want to come! Anyway, the Jinglian Demon Fire was born, and there will be a while. But you tell him that before that, including entering the domain of Demon Fire, he won’t be as a last resort. You can’t reveal your identity.

The battle between Soul Palace and the Star Meteor Pavilion has caused Pill Tower, Gu Clan, and the Thunder Clan to intervene in secret. My Soul Palace caused trouble and annoyed me. At worst, I took two shots. 5-Star Fighting Saint, is it amazing!”

Hun Miesheng coldly shouted, a mighty power hiding the sky and covering the The earth is sweeping the soul, which is the 1-star battle saint of real deal at best, but under this power, there is no resistance at all.

“You, have already broken through 5-Star…”

The Soul Cleaner looked at the mighty Hun Miesheng above the throne, with a face full of disbelief. Younger than him, but this strength has progressed so fast, no wonder he is not afraid of Hun Mo.

“It’s good if you know, although the old man Hun Mo is stronger than this one, but this Palace Master…who…”

Hun Miesheng coldly smiled, deterred After the soul was cleared, he was about to converge on his power, suddenly raised his head and looked towards the gate of the palace, and a muffled sound came quickly along with concussive fluctuations.


The door of the main hall burst open, and two huge black shadows flew in with the strong wind, and went straight to the throne of Hun Miesheng.

Hun Miesheng blasted out with a palm, and the thick black mist quickly filled, two black shadows flew to the two sides by the palm, and fell heavily with a bang.

“This is…Big Heavenly Venerate and Vice Palace Master, who is so bold.”

The black mist converges, and there are two coffins on the ground. At this time, the coffin has never been covered. When you close it, you can see that there are two figures lying inside. After the Soul Purity Sage takes a closer look, they to be startled. The two people lying inside are the master messengers of Soul Palace.

The front part of the two coffins is engraved with the words’地’ and’人’, which are obviously intentional. Both Hun Qing and Hun Miesheng thought of this, right here, the sound of the wind came again, and a coffin flew over again, and Hun Qinggong gathered his eyes, and you could see that the front part of the coffin was carved with a’day’. word.

“The guy who hides the head and reveals the tail, who are you!”

Hun Miesheng pressed an angry palm, and the empty coffin crashed into the middle of the great hall, with a dull sound. There have been waves of fluctuations in the lead for a long time.

“Hun Miesheng Palace Master, I advise you to do it lightly. This is too heavy to ruin your life, it’s not a good thing!”

With a chuckle , The three silhouettes appeared in front of Hun Miesheng and Hun Qing, followed by countless vines and branches, and the person who opened the mouth was Yan Qingshan standing in the forefront.

“Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, I underestimated the strength and courage of Pill Tower.”

Hun Miesheng looked at Qing Ling on the left side of Yan Qingshan, that pair The blue pupils are really eye-catching and easy to recognize. He coldly smiled, “Pill Tower actually dared to attack my Soul Palace. Are you not afraid that I, Hun Clan, will be held accountable!”

” I might have been worried before, but now Gu Clan and Hun Clan are fighting, Hun Tiandi is overwhelmed by himself. As long as I do something smart, who would have thought that it would be me who destroyed Soul Palace!”

Yan Qingshan slightly smiled , Pointed to the three coffins in the great hall, “I won’t gossip, Great Heavenly Venerate and Vice Palace Master have already taken a step forward, Soul Palace Master, and this saint, please go on the road together!”

Hun Miesheng slowly closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his eyes became dark and hazy, like two bottomless black holes, “You know that Dou Zun dares to do this. If you want to come, you are still in your hands. Pill Tower The old fellow, please come out!”

“Hehe…Qing Ling, send this saint on the road. As for the Palace Master, you can’t leave.”

Yan Qingshan let out a chuckle, and the two figures around him flew out at the same time. Qing Ling quickly locked the spirit of the Soul Purity, and the two-star fight against the 1-star fight was a battle without any suspense.

The Hun Miesheng on the other side turned into a black mist when Yan Qingshan spoke. The next moment he appeared beside Yan Qingshan, and a palm patted Yan Qingshan. As the palm flicked out, it quickly became faintly and somewhat nihilistic, a kind of terrifying space fluctuation, rippling out like a substance.

His movements can’t be considered slow, but the silhouette on the right of Yan Qingshan is faster than him. A flash locked all his way forward and blocked it from Yan Qingshan. Ten feet away, he waved his palms and slapped the black mist of Hun Miesheng’s incarnation severely.

“clang! ”

Hun Miesheng touched this silhouette with both palms, a ring of invisible terrifying winds suddenly swelled, and the hard palace floor was immediately covered with it The densely packed cracks immediately trembled with a strong wind, and the two figures actually took two steps back.


Hun Miesheng emerged from this black mist, looking at the indifferent, strangely robust man in front of him. This Not an individual, but a killing machine.

He looked at the three-headed dragon puppet in front of him, and he unconsciously felt a sense of fear that he would die. He felt that he might die.

The three-headed dragon puppet didn’t mean to answer Hun Miesheng’s doubts. He was a killing machine refined by Yan Qingshan. Since he was shot at this moment, he would definitely not show mercy, and he hit Hun with a punch. Where Miesheng is located.


This fist of the three-headed magic dragon instantly Tearing Space, with bursts of sonic booms, angering Hun Miesheng as fast as lightning. Boom down.

“pu… ”

Soul Palace Palace Master’s complexion changed slightly, with a wave of his sleeves, his hands barely blocked this fist, but he could not shed all his strength and was Shengsheng blasted the black mist and flew out, halfway through the blood spout from mouth.

The three-headed dragon chased immediately, Hun Miesheng’s mouth slammed as he flew back, and a black ball of light about half a foot in size was quickly ejected from his mouth.

In this ball of light, there are bursts of mournful scream, as if there are countless souls swallowing each other, but this strange black ball does not have much effect, the dragon puppet His fist came one after another and smashed it to pieces.

“Pu chi!”

The black ball of light opened without even exploding, but was directly destroyed by a punch. Hun Miesheng is now another mouthful of blood spurted , His expression is a little wilted, and the complexion pale hastily retreated.

The offensive of the three-headed dragon was so fierce that he couldn’t believe it. It was just a simple fist blast, but the overbearing imposing manner made people tremble.

Hun Miesheng was wounded and flew back, and the three-headed dragon followed closely, pushing him into an embarrassing situation with one punch after another, let alone a counterattack, it was extremely difficult to catch a breath .

“Spirit Burying Technique!”

Hun Miesheng can only use his hole cards under this crisis. His body shook, and soul unexpectedly floated from its place between the eyebrows. Out, right after Soul’s arms, it unexpectedly exploded strangely.

“wu wu!”

The soul exploded, and the black mist hiding the sky and covering the earth suddenly emerged to obscure the sky, this piece of ten thousand zhang The sky, almost in the blink of an eye, was filled with black fog.

Countless stern soul sound waves, coming out of the black fog, like magic sounds, rushing into the depths of people’s minds madly.

The black mist was permeated, and the heavily black cloud burst open suddenly, and a black shadow swept out like lightning, and finally shot into the black cloud somewhere at an astonishing speed.

“pu… ”

The sound of mouth spurt blood came out again, and then the black clouds stiffened in the sky, and they retreated at a speed visible to naked eye.

Hun Miesheng reappears, standing trembling with blood, a huge fist mark almost penetrates him, the huge wounds can even see the squirming internal organs in the fascinating Central Plain Soul Palace The Palace Master was obviously seriously injured.

“Palace Master, save me, ah…”

Just when Hun Miesheng was breathing hard, there was a scream next to him, and he looked away from the line of sight , I saw that the Soul Purifier who fought with Qing Ling was ultimately lost to the Two Star Fighting Saints, and was firmly locked by the nine snake heads of King Nine-Headed Heavenly Snake, and his head was forced to scream with Qing Ling.

With the last scream, the scream of Soul Qing stopped abruptly, his head fell feebly, and his body was thrown to the ground at will. I don’t know if it is dead or not, but even if it’s not dead. , The end will certainly not be good.

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