Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 347

“Hun Miesheng Palace Master, it looks like you are now alone!”

Yan Qingshan gave a chuckle and put away his soul with a Storage Ring The body and soul of the pure saint, the material of this level of the fighting saint, are quite rare things!

“Hun Miesheng has been in the Central Plain all my life, but I didn’t expect to be plotted against by your junior to such a point.”

Hun Miesheng has a stern and stern look, and hurries from Storage Ring. Take out a few jade bottles, and pour the medicinal liquid inside on the wound, let the white mist of zhi zhi rise, both of his hands suddenly formed a knot, and a black light barrier suddenly emerged to pull it. Surrounded.

Yan Qingshan walked slowly, step by step before the Soul Palace throne, turned around and sat down safely, looking down at Hun Miesheng, who was constantly trying to contact the outside world, indifferently said: “Kill him!”

The three-headed dragon that blocked this space was punched out, and it penetrated directly from the front. Hun Miesheng’s last means could not stop the blow. He was penetrated by this fist. The body was picked up and hung in the air.

“My Soul Palace does nothing, but I never think that I have this day too. In less than half a day, I wiped out my three halls of Tiangang. The clan hasn’t reacted to it until now. I can’t think of me. Soul Palace also has this day…”

Hun Miesheng’s mouth is full of blood, and slowly closed his eyes. He never thought that he would end in such a way, but there is nothing unwilling. No reaction at all, enough to explain a lot of problems.

Leave aside their hostile identities, he also has some admiration for Yan Qingshan, admiration of his no room, admiration of his vicious and merciless and plot against, very decisive!

“Let’s go!”

Yan Qingshan quietly watched the three-headed dragon throw Hun Miesheng’s body into the coffin, and then pressed the throne with both hands, countless The vines lifted up the entire Heaven Palace, and in the endless depths of the ground, a huge group of soul light slowly rose to the ground.


Central Plain, where the Ling Clan Ling Realm is located, within the huge and ancient Ling Realm, countless people look to the sky in fear, that one looks like a Demon God, black flames The shrouded silhouette is terrifying.

The black glow flickered in the sky. Millions of Ling Clan descendants were horrified to discover that endless black flames penetrated from the emptiness of the Ling Realm on which they depend, finally hiding the The spread of sky and covering the earth will cover this world as much as possible, murky heavens dark earth for a while.

The black inflammation covers the sky and the sun, this world is all shrouded in it, and under the cover of that black inflammation, everyone in Ling Realm feels Dou Qi in the body gradually Lost, there is an invisible force that is constantly devouring Dou Qi in their bodies.

Countless people are panicked but powerless, because the enemy at this time is too powerful and terrifying, they simply can’t resist.

This piece of between Heaven and Earth is filled with black light spots that are so subtle that naked eye can hardly see them. These light spots fall on the human body like tarsal maggots, and then continue to Dou Qi is devouring the human body.

This kind of weird power is extremely terrifying and difficult to deal with. Even if the powerhouse uses Dou Qi to cover the body, it still has no effect. The black light spot touches Dou Qi’s defense. At that time, it will melt and enter silently.

The monstrous black flame diffused from the sky, and the entire mysterious realm was wrapped in a strange black flame. Among the entire Ling Realm, there was only one sea radiating a little light.

A piece of black inflammation squirmed slowly, slowly condensed into one silhouette, this silhouette, shrouded with black inflammation, one after another strange black rune covered his body, a pair of eye pupils, like Like a black hole, it is filled with a terrifying Devouring Power.

He is standing on the sky with the black flames. Because of the black flames, his face is slightly unclear, but when he appears, an extremely ancient and strange breath permeates between Heaven. and Earth.

“wu wu!”

With the appearance of this black flame silhouette, the strange black flames all over the sky suddenly made the strange sound of wu wu, as if to welcome them respectfully The owner is average.

This tall and sturdy silhouette like Demon God slowly lowered his head, looking at the mountain range rippling with a little aura below, between the waves of his sleeves, the monstrous black flames violently tossed up and finally turned The densely packed black fire rain, hiding the sky and covering the earth, landed against the aura.

“Ling Clan has already weakened so far, the remnant soul of the trifling Spirit Emperor, how much power is there!”

This Demon God-like silhouette slowly opened, accompanied by As the fire rain fell, in the great spell filled with aura, the illusory afterimage ripples, but it was even more unstable.

“Heh, Spirit Emperor…”

The black flame silhouette above the void, eyes staring at the phantom like a black hole, a moment later, there was a sound It means an inexplicable sigh, “It’s a pity that the supreme powerhouse back then is now a remnant soul, and even the soul body can’t be condensed…”

“Ling Clan, is this decay… “

The phantom below looked at the countless descendants who had been swallowed, and there was a little spirituality in the extremely ancient eyes, revealing a trace of anger.

“Void Swallowing Flame…”

This phantom barely still has a little spirituality, and finally noticed the black flame silhouette above the sky, the sleeves were waving, suddenly Aura emerges, and the black inflammation that adheres to it and constantly devours energy is directly shaken away forcibly.

The Void Swallowing Flame above the sky coldly said: “You no longer have a complete memory, and the remnant soul is in a muddle. Even a puppet is not as good as a puppet. The Spirit Emperor of the first generation is still struggling when it reaches this point. What is it!”

He was faintly smiled, in his tone of voice, there was no awe at all, he could only see his palm stretched out, covered with black rune fingers, facing a finger pointed below.

“bang! ”

Void Swallowing Flame pointed out, this world, suddenly mountains bursting and ground splitting, in the dark flames, one almost covered half of it A mountain range of black inflammation gigantic finger dropping from the sky, this piece of World Space, all burst under that finger.

The black finger dropping from the sky, the Spirit Emperor’s phantom burst out with a bright aura, the black flames collided with the aura, the Void Swallowing Flame was unscathed, but the Spirit Emperor’s silhouette was a little bit down, and it was obviously consumed. A lot of energy.

“An incomplete remnant soul, how many times can you block this seat?”

Void Swallowing Flame failed in one blow, but didn’t panic at all, but laughed lightly , Double-click the void with your finger, and suddenly The earth shook and the mountain quivered, several gigantic finger dropping from the sky, struck down fiercely one after another.

“weng weng weng!”

Along with the sound of shaking the sky, the black inflammation is hiding the sky and covering the earth from its body, and the countless black inflammation is like a tide The aura is generally submerged, and the aura is like Zhu Huo in the wind, trying to resist it.

But in the end a subtle voice came out, as if the soul was broken, the aura burst out, and the phantom of the Spirit Emperor finally dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

The Void Swallowing Flame in the sky looked down and sneered, “trifling Ling Clan, even the bloodline is about to be completely exhausted, and the remnants of summon’s souls are not bright. What are you going to resist!”

Just when Void Swallowing Flame felt everything was settled, and prepared to use the power of the swallowing spirit that he swallowed to act on the countless Ling Clan descendants below, suddenly his eyebrows wrinkled slightly, “How familiar The feeling of this kind of breath seems to be…”


Ling Clan’s Darkness suddenly opened a hole in the sky, and the four silhouettes thundered. After falling, a silhouette with a little spiritual radiance looked down and stared in the direction of the Void Swallowing Flame said solemnly: “Unexpectedly, I didn’t think that I had done everything in the past, but Ling Clan had the difficulties it is today.”

“Gu Yuan! How could you…”

Void Swallowing Flame looked at that silhouette in the distance, the faint pupil light revealed unusual emotions, which he encountered when he was in Heaven and Earth. After Gu Clan Clan Leader Gu Yuan’s sniper, although he has never been dispelled by intelligence, he was also severely injured, so that it took a lot of time to be promoted to 9-Star Fighting Saint.

Gu Yuan stared at the bottom, Ling Clan’s top management was almost wiped out, and some of the bloodline of the descendants survived. “The difference between my thoughts that year, I didn’t kill Hun Clan to the last one, but didn’t kill Hun Clan to the last one. ‘t expect that you are so vicious, Xiao Clan and Hun Clan have a grudge, that’s all, Ling Clan did not offend you Hun Clan!”

Void Swallowing Flame said with a sneer: “Gu Yuan, why do you devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, Ling Clan is not your Gu Clan ally! To your ally Xiao Clan back then, if you didn’t deliberately rescued Xiao Xuan, Xiao Xuan would not die, nor would Xiao Clan Destroy.

Hun Tiandi said that when Xiao Clan was destroyed, you would be the greatest stupidity if you didn’t take action. You had already missed the opportunity to destroy Hun Clan.

Xiao Clan After the extinction, the Xiao Realm merged into Gu Realm. Now you want to come to play the autumn wind again, prepare to repeat the same tricks, and swallow Ling Realm.”

“Void Swallowing Flame, you and Hun Clan are teaming up. Ling Realm shot, the rest of Imperial Clan must not tolerate these things, so what if I destroy you Hun Clan.”

Gu Yuan took a cold drink, and now he has definite evidence that Hun Clan blocked Ling Realm for no reason. Naturally, Hun Clan will tear his face directly.

Now the Ancient Soul Clan is the most powerful powerhouse among the ancient seven clans, but Hun Clan is actually stronger. Gu Yuan has always wanted to unite with other Imperial Clan to weaken Hun Clan, but There was no chance before, but now he has a big handle in his hand, how could he give up!

“You are not the main body, this is your clone!”

Void Swallowing Flame suddenly said. After observing for so long, he finally realized something was wrong, and his eyes revealed She gave a strange look.

“Four Soul Emperor Formation!!!”

Just between the words of Void Swallowing Flame, the four silhouettes below which were knocked down by Gu Yuan completed the position, and the four light beams were torn apart The sky splits into a formation, and the Void Swallowing Flame breath in the center of the formation eye changes suddenly.

Gu Yuan gave a cold glance, beckoning a giant palm of aura across the sky, “Void Swallowing Flame, although you have broken through the 9-Star Fighting Saint, you are just entering this realm for the first time, even if Yes, coupled with the Four Demon Saints of Hun Clan, you will not be my opponent.”


Gu Yuan’s palm fell, and The Void Swallowing Flame presiding over the formation collided head-on, and the five silhouettes were wounded and flew out. The losing party was Hun Clan powerhouse. Gu Yuan wanted to chase after it. The sky above his head suddenly dimmed, and then, a pure white as jade. The big hand came out from the space.

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