Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 348


Above the sky of Ling Realm, two giant palms collided fiercely, and the storm of destruction swept away immediately, and there were constant fluctuations. There was a big gap in the sky of Ling Realm, the unusual form affected the Central Plain, and countless forces noticed what happened in Ling Realm.

“Hun Tiandi, you indulge your subordinates to destroy Ling Clan, do you want to start a war!”

Between the collision of these two giant hands, the spiritual radiance on Gu Yuan’s body dimmed Quite a few, faintly screaming with a hint of anger, also resounded in the sky.

“hehe, Gu Yuan, you are still so indecisive. If I had been to war, you would have said this as early as when Xiao Clan was destroyed by my Hun Clan, and now you are so indecisive. devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, too fake, and too late.”

Hun Tiandi’s faint smile also sounded along with it, and just as his voice fell, the sky cracked with a huge Space Crack, The black mist hiding the sky and covering the earth whizzed in it, one after another extremely strong and cold breath, spreading out from the crack.

“Hun Clan army, you really want to go to war!”

Gu Yuan was really shocked, feeling the huge amount of breath in the crack, and his spiritual body Can not help but change his face.

A crack appeared in the sky above Ling Realm, and the black mist surged out violently from it like a flood, and finally quickly turned into a huge Hei Yin with several thousand zhangs. Hei Yin was suspended in the sky.

“You think I’m really afraid that you won’t succeed.”

Gu Yuan’s behind, another Space Crack appeared, on the shuttle boats, countless Gu Clan powerhouse strikes.

The Hun Clan army invaded, led by the Hun Clan Four Saints with Void Swallowing Flame, and Gu Clan Three Immortal and the Black King also led many powerhouses.

Gu Yuan’s real body and Hun Tiandi’s real body are sitting in the ancient soul clan separately, two huge palms are across the sky, two supreme powerhouses are facing each other, and their countless powerhouses are unfolding Fight.

“Start the formation!”

Gu Clan’s many powerhouses looked at the huge Hei Yin floating in the sky, their complexion became dignified, but when the spirit body sent a message to prepare After the war, Gu Yuan had ordered clansman to make all preparations. At this time, the voice of one after another shouted was resounded.

“dong dong!”

The shout fell, and the light on the shuttle boat was full of light, one after another so powerful that people felt the trembling vast energy turned into a beam of light. It started, and finally quickly condensed in the sky into a colorful ancient mirror with an area no smaller than that of Hei Yin. The mirror surface was shimmering and overflowing with amazing energy fluctuations.

“Seal of Destruction!”

Hei Yin trembled in the sky, and in the Hun Realm on the other side of the crack, there was a low voice like thousands of people screaming at the same time, Hei Yin It is directly dropping from the sky, just like a natural disaster. The space within dozens of ten thousand zhangs is like a mirror that has been blown up, and countless space fragments are scattered everywhere.

“The mirror of the ancient emperor!”

Countless Gu Clan powerhouse’s complexion is flushed, the sound of anger resounds through Heaven and Earth, and the huge and colorful ancient mirror is also roaring. Out.

Finally, under that one after another tense gaze, he collided with that Hei Yin.

“hong long long!”

Heaven and Earth, as if they all collapsed in this brief moment, unspeakable destruction and waves raged wildly, originally tossed for a long time In the Ling Realm, numerous pitch-black cracks burst at this moment.

Two huge monsters collided fiercely on Nine Heavens, and then each collapsed in the raging storm.

“pu pu… ”

The ancient mirror crashed, Hei Yin burst, and the many Gu Clan powerhouses below were all a mouthful of blood spurted, filled with black mist Space Crack Among them, there were also many miserable howls. This time the two clans were fighting hard, causing considerable losses.

The storm of destruction is raging in the sky, and the warring circles are restrained by their lives. Gu Clan Three Immortal and Hun Clan Four Demon Sages all withdrew with fear, and were destroyed by that kind of destruction. The storm is involved, even with their strength, it is bode ill rather than well.

Under such a storm of destruction, it is still safe, perhaps only a few people such as Hun Tiandi, Gu Yuan and Void Swallowing Flame.

“The things at this time are endless.”

Gu Yuan’s real body emerged, his complexion slightly heavy, and he slapped the seriously injured Void Swallowing Flame and Hun Clan IV with one palm. Saint, I finally caught the opportunity. Even if Hun Tiandi or Void Swallowing Flame can’t be destroyed, at least Hun Clan must pay a sufficient price.

“I have already said, Gu Yuan, you have missed the opportunity a long time ago.”

A silhouette in a gray clothed shirt stopped in front of him, blocking Gu with a palm. Yuan’s blow to the world, the aftermath made Hun Clan Four Sages and Void Swallowing Flame worse, but failed to kill any of them.

Hun Tiandi’s real body appeared in front of Gu Yuan, took Gu Yuan’s offensive in the backhand, and then floated away. In the sky behind it, the Space Crack filled with black mist and black air surge After moving, the huge Hei Yin is actually taking shape again.

The formed Hei Yin gave Gu Yuan’s body a meal, and the Gu Clan powerhouse below saw it and hurriedly regrouped the ancient mirror to prevent Hun Clan from destroying the attack.

“Gu Yuan, you are always so indecisive. I said earlier that when Xiao Clan fell, Gu Clan lost the best chance to compete against Hun Clan.”

Hun Tiandi smiled at Gu Yuan, who looked a little heavy, and said slowly: “The Cave Mansion of Ancient Emperor Tuo She will always fall into the hands of my Hun Clan. Gu Yuan, I will enter that level, believe me ……”

“You really did it for Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade, didn’t expect you to be so frantic, Ling Clan’s family is up and down, and there are more than a million lives.”

Gu Yuan stared at Hun Tiandi in front of him, icily said: “You Hun Clan did such a bad deed, you are extinct from the ranks of the ancient Imperial Clan. All Imperial Clan will attack you.”

Hun Tiandi With a chuckle, “Whatever! Although it happened suddenly, I didn’t want to hide it forever, as long as you have the ability to fight with me.”

“I won’t let you leave that easily today. Go, Gu Clan belongs, kill!!!”

Gu Yuan’s eyes flashed with a cold color, this time his spiritual body assaulted Ling Realm, although he never left any high-ranking master of Hun Clan, but Hun Clan Four Demon Saints and Void Swallowing Flame were both injured by him. Now is a good opportunity to weaken Hun Clan, and he is impossible to let it go.

“You want to go to war, you will have a chance in the future, but not today, let alone now. I have no interest in continuing to play.”

Both Four Demon Sages and Void Swallowing Flame are affected. After Gu Yuan hit hard, Hun Tiandi has no interest in being anxious with Gu Clan now. Even if Hun Clan still has hidden strength, but the plan to destroy Ling Clan is exposed, Hun Clan will inevitably lead to the encirclement and suppression of all clans. At this time, it is definitely not a full-scale war. Good time.

“Don’t you want to leave…”

Gu Yuan’s spiritual body flew out and smashed into the Space Crack behind Hun Tiandi with a palm. If his spiritual body breaks in Among them, Hun Clan’s loss will never be small.

“Don’t think about it!”

Hun Tiandi’s eyes were cold, and he shouted in a long voice: “Today retreat first, nothingness, hands…”

His face is pale The Void Swallowing Flame reappeared, the turbulent black flame, hiding the sky and covering the earth violently surge out from its body, and swept the entire Heaven and Earth in the blink of an eye, just in a flash, Ling Realm countless landforms have been exhausted Turned into nothingness, even mountains and rocks are turned into powder.

The action of Void Swallowing Flame naturally made Gu Clan powerhouse vigilant. Gu Clan Three Immortal and the Black King, the four high-level Half Sages other than Gu Yuan, all maintained absolute vigilance. .

“roar! ”

Void Swallowing Flame looked at everyone coldly, and from his throat, there was a low voice like Wild Beast, his swelling to several hundred zhang The huge body suddenly exploded in the next instant.


This sudden explosion caused a violent tremor in this world. Black inflammation enveloped Heaven and Earth, and the body exploded in Void Swallowing Flame Where it opened, the black flames began to converge at an extremely terrifying speed, and during several breaths, a rapidly rotating black flame black hole appeared in the sky.

This black hole distorted the space, the Hun Clan crack behind Hun Tiandi seemed to become illusory, and the space coordinates and traces were erased by this attack.

“They are going to run!”

Gu Clan powerhouse was shocked to see this scene. Soon many powerhouses quickly lifted into the sky, without human order, one after another majestic Dou Qi, It is shot out, and finally hiding the sky and covering the earth strikes the black hole.


The sound of Void Swallowing Flame coldly snorted suddenly came out of the black hole. Soon the black inflammation surged out like a volcanic eruption, and it was in contact with all the many attacks. Together, then Devouring Power burst out, devouring the numerous attacks frantically.

“You want to go, it’s not that easy.”

Gu Yuan flew up and blasted out with a palm. Under the horrific offensive of the half emperor powerhouse, only a palm was the order. The space trembled more than ever, and even the black hole was greatly affected.


Faced with such a terrifying battle, Hun Tiandi couldn’t let Gu Yuan break things in his heart, and quickly flew out to meet him. The palm is to completely muddy the spilled Power of Space, which is convenient for the Void Swallowing Flame to do.

There was also a rapid buzzing sound from the black hole. Countless black lights burst out from it. A black beam traversing Heaven and Earth hit Gu Clan’s chasing offense. together.

An indescribable ripple of terrifying energy spreads crazily across the sky. The entire mountain range is split into two by the aftermath of the aftermath. thousand zhang The huge abyss has been spreading from the mountain range to the end of the line of sight.

“Gu Yuan, the things at this time are not over…”

Hun Tiandi suddenly appeared behind the black light, his palms were torn in front of him, and counted ten thousand. Zhang’s huge Space Crack burst and opened, and swallowed all the powerful combos of Gu Clan powerhouse in one bite. Another palm upset the void. His clone, also slowly dissipated and spread between Heaven and Earth. .

“Didn’t expect, let him run away with someone, but this time is not so easy to let him go.”

Gu Yuan looked at the slowly dissipated Space Crack His eyes are full of heavy colors, and his gaze overlooks the earth. The originally prosperous Ling Realm is almost enveloped in death. Millions of descendants have suffered disaster at this time, and only a small part of them survived. “this time Hun Clan must not be let go.”

Gu Yuan made a decision in his heart. With his order to spread the order, a grand rally aimed at Hun Clan also attracted The attention of countless people.

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