Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 349

“Pass the order, search for the survivors of Ling Clan, and send me letters of the four races of Yan, Thunder, Medicine, and Stone. This time Hun Clan attacked Ling Clan, not just me. Gu Clan’s affairs.”

Gu Yuan methodically arranged the same matters. While chasing Hun Clan and searching for the descendants of Ling Clan, he also contacted the other four clans. This time Hun Clan shot Ling Clan and finally gave Gu Yuan a handle. He wanted to weaken Hun Clan a long time ago. Taking advantage of the fact that Hun Clan Four Sages and Void Swallowing Flame are seriously injured by him, it is a great opportunity.

For many Gu Clan Elders, after seeing Gu Yuan’s decision, his complexion became a bit complicated for a while. Gu Clan is determined to invite the other four clans. Starting today, Gu Clan’s peace will be reduced. Gone forever.

The two most powerful Super Influences on Dou Qi continent finally met again after a lapse of thousands of years, and this time, I am afraid it will be a full-scale war.

Gu Yuan’s decision quickly spread to the entire Gu Clan senior level. For a while, the atmosphere of the entire Gu Realm became a little urgent, and many powerhouses began to be sent to Central Plain. Watching Hun Clan’s every move.

At this time, the Great Influence of Central Plain also felt the hidden undercurrents. Ling Realm was blocked, Ling Clan was destroyed, Gu Clan and Hun Clan fought in Ling Realm, Central Plain Soul Palace almost Being pulled up by the roots, within a short period of time, so many things happened almost simultaneously, all of which made people feel that the things behind them were definitely not simple.

With the Gu Clan army stationed in Ling Realm to open up the passage of the second realm of the ancient spirit, more secret news has spread, and the entire Central Plain is undoubtedly shaken by it, ancient, spirit, medicine, Stone, thunder, and inflammation, the six ancient seed clans want to ally in Ling Realm, and altogether challenge the Hun Clan middlemen who sneak attack Ling Clan for no reason.

Of course, Ling Clan is an empty shell among them. The Ling Clan rescued by Gu Clan’s breach of Ling Realm is very pitiful, but one-tenth of the original one. There is not even Dou Zong among them. There are a few, but fortunately, Ling Clan still has some powerhouses in the outside world, and it can barely be considered as Half Sage.

Hun Clan this time sneak attack destroys Ling Clan, things are definitely too far, which is different from Hun Clan destroying Xiao Clan thousands of years ago.

In the face of the exhaustion of bloodline, Xiao Clan survived and created Xiao Xuan. The existence of the Dou Qi continent Number One Person at that time aroused the vigilance of all races, so when Hun Clan shot , The various races didn’t say much, and Gu Clan just kept the pulse of Xiao Clan.

But Ling Clan at this time, although the bloodline is also exhausted, but Ling Clan took the initiative to make friends with all races many years ago, and did not have the threats and hatreds of the other ancient Imperial Clan, and Hun Clan against them The start is undoubtedly for Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade.

Hun Clan snatches Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade. Everyone knows his mind about this matter. If there is a chance, everyone wants to snatch it, but it can’t be like this, blocking Ling Realm and slaughtering Ling Clan. Even the descendants have killed millions, and no one can tolerate such a thing.

Imagine that today Ling Clan was weakened and attacked by Hun Clan, and tomorrow it may be Shi Clan Yao Clan. Except for Gu Clan, none of the other four clans dare to say that they can carry Hun Clan alone. It became a consensus to weaken the ambition to dispel Hun Clan.

The movement on Ling Clan is really not small. The news soon spread to every corner of the Central Plain. Hun Clan, the originally low-key ancient Imperial Clan, has now become the center of vortex. Whether Ling Clan was destroyed or Soul Palace was destroyed, this ancient Imperial Clan was involved.

More importantly, these two things are a coincidence. Hun Clan killed Ling Clan, and Ling Realm fought against Gu Clan. Soul Palace was killed there. If you think about it, it’s hard to separate them into two things.

The Six Nations Alliance is preparing to find trouble with Hun Clan. This incident has caused an uproar in the Central Plain. The ancient influences have tightened the crowds. The keen sense of smell can feel it, the most in a thousand years. A terrifying storm, I am afraid, will soon sweep away on the Central Plain. The intensity of this storm is several times more violent than any previous war.

Under this kind of big storm, many forces are also a little uneasy, and the fight against terrifying existence, even for Central Plain, will be an extremely terrifying destruction. , And this is obviously not a small crisis for these forces living on the Central Plain.

For this level of war, even if they are spread to a corner, they will probably be destroyed. Some forces close to Ling Realm quickly evacuated, for fear that when the time comes, in case of a war, they were mistakenly attacked, leading to a miserable end.


At this time, in Ling Realm, six ancient Imperial Clan gathered together, not to mention the elite, but also came to quite a lot of high-level figures.

Because Gu Clan and Hun Clan are fighting in Ling Realm, the most prosperous mountain range building complex in Ling Realm has already been burnt down. Now the discussion of all ethnic groups is in a relatively biased place, but it is preserved. In the intact great hall, Gu Yuan and Gu Clan powerhouse are at the top, Ling Clan survivors are on the side, and the other four powerhouses are represented.

The ancient eight tribes, excluding Xiao Clan who was the first to lose, Gu Clan Hun Clan should be the strongest race, and after the two sides, it belongs to Yan Clan and Thunder Clan. Bloodline Strength has not been exhausted for many years, and the family is also full of talents.

Although the Leiyan Clan is not comparable to Gu Clan Hun Clan, it is far from the Yao Clan, Shi Clan, and Ling Clan Clan. There are more than one high-level fighting saints, outside of these four clans. , The remaining Yao Clan, Shi Clan and Ling Clan are stronger than some Peak Sects in Central Plain.

Gu Yuan is in the lead, and next to him is Ling Clan’s only half sage. Hun Clan started very ruthless, although Gu Yuan came in time and was saved. Some Ling Clan descendants, but the Ling Clan powerhouse in Ling Realm was the first to be killed, leaving basically the largest number of descendants.

The current Half Sage and Dou Zun are still out traveling before, and some powerhouses that are based in the continent to maintain the interests of Ling Clan. These people are good luck. Hun Clan at first is still preparing Sending a summon message brought them all in one go, but Gu Clan pushed in and let them escape.

These Ling Clan only has a few powerhouses, plus the remaining hundreds of thousands of people of descent, barely have the shelf of Central Plain Peak forces, and maintain Ling Clan’s decency.

To the right of Gu Yuan and Ling Clan Half Sage, a middle-aged man in a red robe suit is sitting upright in a high position. The man looks like he is only about 40 years old. Somewhat rough, the two eyebrows are red, looking like two strands of flame burning.

His eyes are also completely red, and they look like two flame gems inlaid with them, and even the air feels warmed up between glances.

On the other side, a man who looks like an Iron Pagoda sits proudly. His skin is slightly dark. This person has a strong visual impact. The naked eye is visible, as if there is under the skin. The giant dragon swims in general, a sense of terrifying power, faintly spreading away, making the heels of those close to him tremble.

These two are Yan Clan Clan Leader Yan Jin and Lei Ying Clan Leader Lei Ying. Although they are not among the 9-Star Fighting Saints, they each have good hole cards. Together, it is enough to fight against the Void Swallowing Flame at the 9-Star Fighting Saint level.

In addition to these two people, there are Yao Clan and Shi Clan’s powerhouses. The strengths of the medicine, stone, and spirit tribes are actually the same. They all have only one 6-Star Fighting Saint, 6 The remaining strengths under Star Fighting Saint are not much different.

Yao Clan is stronger, because Yao Clan’s Clan Leader Yao Dan has made a breakthrough in high-level fighting sages. It is a 7-Star fighting sage and Tier Nine Black Pill Alchemist, compared to Gu Clan Three. The Four Saints of Immortal and Hun Clan are slightly stronger.

Gu Yuan looked around and said lightly: “Hun Clan shot Ling Clan, their ambitions are obvious. Everyone, can’t let them continue.”

Ling Clan Half Sage said in a sad voice: “Clan Leaders, I, Ling Clan, have encountered a catastrophe this time. If it were not for the help of Gu Yuan Clan Leader, it would really be the destruction of the clan. The destruction of Ling Clan today may continue in the future. If it happens, I hope you can uphold justice.”

Lei Ying and Yan Jin looked at each other and said: “Ling Clan’s thing, Hun Clan did too much. We will naturally take care of this matter. “

Yao Dan also looked towards Gu Yuan at this time, staring at him said solemnly: “Gu Yuan Clan Leader, do you know what is going on with Soul Palace? We just got news, Just when you were fighting with Hun Clan, Soul Palace was destroyed. Is this incident related to Gu Clan.”

Yao Dan’s words made the other three powerhouses sink in their hearts, and Ling Realm had an accident. It happened almost simultaneously with the destruction of Soul Palace, which makes people wonder.

Soul Palace is of great significance to Hun Clan. If this is really what Gu Clan deliberately did, then it is hard to guarantee that what happened today is not Gu Clan’s plot against.

Although they hate Hun Clan for destroying Ling Clan, they don’t want to be plot against by Gu Clan and become Gu Clan’s knife against Hun Clan.

“The Soul Palace matter is related to my Gu Clan, but in the news I received from Gu Clan, there is indeed a part about Soul Palace. Maybe someone knows it, but he is not a member of my ancient eight tribes. “

Gu Yuan’s mind flashed through the silhouette of Yan Qingshan. He knew that Yan Qingshan had told him about Ling Clan that there was a plot against it, and he probably guessed that the destruction of Soul Palace was related to Yan Qingshan. But he didn’t plan to tell this matter, it was too troublesome to explain.

Gu Yuan’s words fell in the ears of powerhouses of all races, but it was another interpretation. Of course, after dispelling doubts in his mind, no one will hold them for the time being. The top priority is to deal with Hun Clan first. .


“Soul Palace was destroyed, did Gu Clan do it!”

In Hun Realm, Hun Tiandi’s face is not so good , Ling Realm’s incident was exposed, leading him to start a war with Gu Yuan in advance. Gu Clan is not afraid of the simple Gu Clan, but if the other four clans are also added, even the current Hun Clan is still under pressure, and it is more critical. Yes, Soul Palace was destroyed.

Soul Palace is the key for Hun Clan to arrange the sacrifice blood formation. According to their intelligence network, not only Soul Palace was destroyed this time, but even the blood formation nodes inscribed before have been destroyed a lot. This thing is definitely not normal.

Void Swallowing Flame shook his head, “I am arranging for someone to investigate, but Soul Palace was destroyed suddenly, and there happened to be a conflict with Gu Clan. When I noticed it, everything was over.”

Hun Tiandi said solemnly: “Check it out early. I need the exact information. Soul Palace was quietly destroyed. Without the strength of the 6-Star Fighting Saint, it would be impossible to do so, and there are 6 above the continent. -There are only a few Star Fighters in charge. I feel that this is not that simple.”


Many Hun Clan powerhouses are all promises, Hun Clan Numerous hidden sons are constantly dispatched, Dou Qi continent has another wind and rain. As the conflict between Gu Clan and the rest of the races surfaced, the involvement of this storm became more and more extensive, which eventually led to a storm that swept the entire world. .

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