Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 352

“Ancient bloodline is powerful, but like those Imperial Clan bloodline, there is generally an upper limit. Compared with humans, Magic Beast is more difficult to reach the upper limit of Broken Bloodline.”

Qing Ling beckons with the hand, this Ancient Demonic Python quickly bent down. Magic Beast relies on the power of the bloodline. In the early stage, as long as the energy is enough, it can grow rapidly. It is naturally 7th-Rank to grow up like Heavenly Demon Phoenix. The higher level Tian She, Sky Phoenix and Ancient Dragon clan, breakthrough 8th -Rank is not difficult.

The well-known figures in these ancient bloodlines, the Royal Family and others of various veins, will not be too difficult to be promoted to the ninth sacred realm after adulthood, but the bloodline is also the bloodline, and the bloodline is also defeated. Most of the ancient It takes a lot of resources and not a short time for bloodline to grow up. Compared with the human Imperial Clan bloodline, it is more difficult to break the shackles.

A descendant of Human Race Dou Di, even if the bloodline is bad, you will treat yourself as the person who abandoned the bloodline. It is still possible to enter the Holy Land, but you can’t enjoy the convenience of using the bloodline to enhance your strength. Old Yao is a good example. Under Yao Clan’s bloodline in his body, he still breaks through the holy realm.

But Magic Beast is different. There are not too many examples limited by bloodline, even among the Ancient Void Dragon clan. The Three Great Elders of East Dragon Island are older than the three dragon kings. , But the latter has a stronger cultivation base than Three Great Elders by relying on a dragon king bloodline in his body.

There is also the Ancient Dragon Hei Qing, who used to cross the continent thousands of years ago, and still met Xiao Xuan, a figure of the era, but until now, it is only through the hardship of time and barely breakthrough Half Sage, It is because the upper limit of bloodline in the body is difficult to break.

There are many Magic Beast clan in the animal domain, including Ancient Void Dragon. Compared with the oldest Barbarian Desolate Era, the bloodline has actually changed slightly. This is a natural evolution of the growth of wisdom.

The environment in this Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region is ancient, and many ominous beasts tend to be more ancient, and even the ancient bloodline is more condensed. This is the case with this ancient Demonic Python, which has the potential of a breakthrough holy realm. This is what makes Qing Ling so important.

Qing Ling directed Ancient Demonic Python to the Cave entrance, “Young Master, let’s take this big guy as a mount to drive! The strength of Ancient Demonic Python is also ranked in this Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region. Those who are on the number, meet other ominous beasts on the way, and can use their fierce power to quickly get through, saving trouble.”

Yan Qingshan nodded, the first move of the stature is to snatch the huge body of Heaven Demonic Python. On top, Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Ling followed on.

Heaven Demonic Python, which was originally extremely tyrannical, is extremely docile at the moment. After all three of them got up, the thick black mist quickly surged out from the body of Heaven Demonic Python to form a black cloud. , Heaven Demonic Python is riding this black cloud and rushing away like lightning fast as lightning in the depths of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region.

The ominous beast offensive is extremely strong. Yan Qingshan and the three were in trouble before, but with Heaven Demonic Python, it is obviously much faster.

Ancient Demonic Python in this Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region is also a fierce and mighty side. Even if the ordinary ominous beast is sensed, it dare not show up to stop it. In this way, Yan Qingshan hurried along the road. Obviously speeded up a lot.

This way, at first, I also saw a little silhouette. After I got really deep into the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, I basically couldn’t even notice any personal traces. The Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region was extremely dangerous, and so There are not many people involved in the deep region.

The Far Ancient Territory platform was soon in front of you. This piece of Ancient Territory was said to have been an Ancient Battlefield in ancient times. Many powerful powerhouses have fallen here, causing this place to be faint There is a strange coercion.

It is this kind of pressure that makes the ominous beast in the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region quite uncomfortable, and only then has it become the central part of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, the only place not even the ominous beast dare Where to set foot.

This Ancient Territory station is located in the middle and deep junction of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region. From here, you can directly enter the depths of the Ancient Territory. The precious resources in the depths of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region are also very attractive. Yes, because of the security of the Ancient Territory station, there are still some people here.

In the ominous beast vertical and horizontal Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, three silhouettes slowly appeared on the edge of a huge square. When they appeared, the rest of the eyes around the square looked over.

“Young Master, there are not too many people, so they should all come to this Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region to venture out and seek resources.”

Qing Ling glanced at this huge Grand Plaza. The sparse silhouette, suddenly his eyes fell while speaking, locked on a silhouette, his expression was extremely solemn, “Young Master, that person is not simple, be careful.”

Yan Qingshan followed Qing Ling’s Looking at it, people first noticed a strong to extreme medicinal aroma, and then a light green medicinal cauldron came into view.

Beside this one medicinal cauldron, there is an old man in ordinary linen sitting cross-legged. This old man in linen is shaking his head and refining medicine pill. Although the grade of medicine pill is not high, it is only slightly It caused Heaven and Earth to fluctuate, but the old man still refined it with great care, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

Yan Qingshan stepped forward and came to the old man of Alchemy. This old man made a Tier Six Breaking Zong Pill at this time, which is not counted by Yan Qingshan today. What? Looking at the old man refining pills, he looked very attentively and attentively.

“Senior, please!”

The old man’s refining of this medicine pill is also coming to an end. When he successfully refining, he put this medicine pill into the jade bottle When he was inside, Yan Qingshan slightly arched his hands and greeted him.

“You can understand it!”

The old man stared at Yan Qingshan, as if staring at a piece of unpolished jade, his eyes burning, as if with a slight look of expectation.

Yan Qingshan slightly nod, “I understand but I don’t understand, it’s really beyond my expectation to be able to meet senior here.”

The old man in sackcloth smiled and said:” To be honest, I think you are a junior, do you know that the old man came here specifically to find that thing? I heard that you Pill Tower, you found a Heavenly Flame from the wilderness before.”

“Senior jesting, today, it’s just present at the right time that’s all.”

Yan Qingshan shook his head. Through the communication just now, he probably confirmed his guess, he Today I met an old undying from the Alchemy world, and the other party seemed to be looking for some chance.

The old man in sackcloth smiled and got up and pointed to the northeast of the Ancient Territory station, “Meeting is fate, Little Brat, the three of you, are you interested in taking a trip with me!”

“Is it…really that thing?”

Yan Qingshan’s heart moved, a jade-green glow flew out of his palm, like a small sun, full of The breath of life and vitality, once it was born, attracted the few sights in the Ancient Territory platform, one after another full of fiery gaze hit.

“hmph! !!!”

Qing Ling stood beside Yan Qingshan, coldly snorted let go of the imposing manner, and the terrifying power came upon one after another silhouette, and was instantly dispelled Their bad thoughts.

The old man in Mai exclaimed and said with a smile: “The source of thousands of trees made by man-made, Pill Tower is really enough for the blood. You brat also said that it was not for it.”

“I didn’t expect, senior actually found a clue to Life Spirit Flame in the wild, but it’s a pity that Junior has another purpose in this trip and can’t go with senior.”

Yan A trace of entanglement and struggle flashed in Qingshan’s eyes. The source of ten thousand trees with a pulsating palm told it that there was a treasure in a direction within the wildness that was very close to Sakura Kinomoto. Contacting the appearance of this old man, he thought of Life Spirit Flame.

He had recognized the identity of the old man in sackcloth before, and he had been missing for a long time in the Alchemist world Old Senior, Tier Nine Alchemist Old Man Shen Nong.

This is an extremely old senior expert. There is no special bloodline, but the strength is still above the Soul Palace Palace Master. It is a 6-Star Fighting Saint who is alongside Pill Tower Old Ancestor.

Dou Sheng powerhouse is extremely rare in Central Plain, most of them are Imperial Clan bloodline and ilk, 6-Star Dou Sheng, in addition to Imperial Clan, the entire Dou Qi continent is also a Black Pill is the Pill Tower Old Ancestor, and the Old Man Shen Nong in front of Yan Qingshan.

This sudden encounter with Old Man Shen Nong of 6-Star Fighting Saint naturally made Yan Qingshan feel quite weird, but after testing the dialogue, he tentatively found a message from the old man’s mouth. The other party hadn’t refining Life Spirit Flame and then operated the Source of Ten Thousand Trees, it was a little sense that magically happened.

Life Spirit Flame is most sensitive to life breath, especially the extremely large number of plants and trees living Qi of Life, and the source of thousands of trees in Yan Qingshan’s hand is naturally, the induction between them is somewhat similar Wan Ling Demon Fire and Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Fire, although they belong to Innate, they are easy to sense because of their similar origins.

The attraction of Life Spirit Flame to Yan Qingshan is naturally great. The Heavenly Flame that Alchemist most hopes to get, not to mention the Yan Qingshan and Life Spirit Flame of Wood Attribute are extremely compatible.

If this is another time, Yan Qingshan might really cheeky and go with Old Man Shen Nong. Heavenly Flame’s takeover is very dependent on chance. When the time comes, maybe he got the chance. Too!

But this time came to the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region. He did it for another thing, involving his other plot against. Compared with that thing, Life Spirit Flame is still slightly worse. If there are priorities, it is better to get things done first.

“Boy, you really don’t want to go?”

Old Man Shen Nong gave Yan Qingshan a weird look. As the Old Senior in the Alchemy world, he would recognize Yan Qingshan as a late entry The end of schooling was also because of the reform policies implemented by the other party in Pill Tower, which had a great impact on many Alchemists.

“Congratulations to the senior.”

Yan Qingshan stood up and bowed slightly to Old Man Shen Nong. Between the palms of his sleeves, there was a round jade glowing with blue light. The bead slightly senses another reversal, and that is Yan Qingshan’s purpose.

“It’s a pity…”

Old Man Shen Nong shook his head regretfully, and then the silhouette disappeared like the wind, and the laughter echoed between Heaven and Earth. The whole person was already Disappeared between the Ancient Territory platforms.

“Life Spirit Flame!”

Yan Qingshan looked at the space fluctuations in the direction in which Old Man Shen Nong disappeared, with an inexplicable look in his eyes. If there is a chance, this A Heavenly Flame, he was still ready to fight.

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