Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 355

“Don’t worry, let’s talk about it later!”

Yan Qingshan didn’t struggle for too long. He shook his head to ignore this thought and cleaned up Five Half Sage puppets, their way forward is unimpeded, and they are naturally ready to continue on their way.

After the five Half Sage puppets were solved, Yan Qingshan took Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Ling along the direction they appeared, and opened a passage in this World Mysterious Anomaly, and there was a burst of light. After the sparkling space fluctuations, the three seemed to have entered another space.

“Ancient Tree of Enlightenment!”

Yan Qingshan has already spied the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment through Bodhi Seed, and Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Ling have seen this for the first time Divine object located in the legend.

“So huge, so magnificent…”

Xiao Yi Xian muttered, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment right in front of you was extremely magnificent, one after another Xuanqi power came , They can feel the hugeness of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, the shade of the tree hiding the sky and covering the earth, like an Ancient Holy thing standing in the time of Heaven and Earth, filled with ancient and vicissitudes of life.

The huge Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is involuntarily giving birth to a touch of awe. In the face of such an ancient divine object that does not know how many years it has existed, no one can maintain the past and present in front of it. A waveless state of mind.

Looking at Ancient Tree of Enlightenment up close is undoubtedly another shocking landscape. There are thousands of zhang’s huge torso, like a Propping Up The Heavens Pillar connecting Heaven and Earth. -like, on the torso, densely covered with ancient breath.

The shade of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is extremely large, spreading, can cover a city by a half, one after another extremely rich fresh air, diffused from the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Rippling in this sky, making the sky change from time to time all kinds of magical phenomena.

The sunlight in the sky is pouring down at this moment, shining on the ancient trees, and there is a faint sense of transparency, a powerful life force that makes people feel extremely shocked, permeating.

The tree pole of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment of the huge emerald green is about hundred zhang, there is a group of bright brilliance, this group of brilliance, like a huge energy heart about one zhang, faintly, burst out strong Powerful beating sound.

“Is this Bodhi Heart!”

The eyes of the three Yan Qingshan gathered on the group of brilliance hidden in the huge tree. The hearts of everyone It jumped a few times involuntarily.

“Qing Ling, Xian’er, you are here waiting for me.”

Yan Qingshan looked at the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment not far away, the one exuding brilliance Bodhi Heart is heart-pounding, and this ancient tree exuding the breath of powerful creatures also makes him overwhelmed by emotions.

“Young Master, be careful. I can feel this ancient tree, which seems to have a different breath. If something happens to you, Qing Ling will go in and look for you.”

Qing Ling spoke softly and backed away slightly behind Xiao Yi Xian. Xiao Yi Xian didn’t say any extra words, but just gave him a look, and the meaning was exactly similar to Yan Qingshan.

Yan Qingshan turned his head and smiled slightly, “Don’t worry! I’m afraid of death!”

He moved forward slowly, the rustling of footsteps sounded slowly, gradually When I reached the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, I looked up and looked down, and I could feel how huge this ancient tree that has survived for many years is so huge.


Just when Yan Qingshan arrived at the bottom of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, the tree at the height of hundred zhang suddenly burst out with brilliance, turning into A beam of light directly covered him.

“Young Master!”

This sudden scene surprised both Qing Ling and Xiao Yi Xian. Qing Ling was about to rush forward, but Xiao Yi Xian was calm Holding her wrist, she shook her head and did not speak, but the meaning of the expression was obvious, making her wait.


A beam of light shrank rapidly. With a squeak, it retracted into the tree like lightning, and disappeared at the same time, naturally. It’s Yan Qingshan.

When Yan Qingshan regained his vision again, the white light filled his vision, standing blankly in this white light world within the realm, there was no silhouette around him, and for some reason, his memory, There seems to be some faint disorder.

“Dawn, record and analyze all the data…”

Yan Qingshan frowns, muttering to himself with silver brilliance in his eyes, lifts the head and observes all around, in his Not far away, there was a ring of light, he did not hesitate, stepped closer to the ring of light, and then stepped in.

The moment he stepped into the ring of light, although it seemed only a moment, but he felt as if thousands of years had passed, but his body was suddenly shaken. The lush grassland replaced The white world appeared in his sight.

“Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region!”

The huge grassland in front of Yan Qingshan still has several points of familiarity. It is the plain of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region. This empty plain and the entire Heaven and Earth reveal a lonely breath. Here, it seems that he is the only one who exists.

“roar! !~”

Suddenly the roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering was heard around Heaven and Earth, and the tide of red beasts was like a scarlet bloodline Generally, from the end of the line of sight, it rushes forward, and within a few blinks, it appears in its hundred zhang, and the stench is oncoming.

“This sense of power is really fascinating, as if omnipotent, it can easily destroy the continent.”

Yan Qingshan raised his palm, an indescribable terrifying energy, like The destruction is generally fluctuating, spreading from his palm. At this moment, he is like a god who lives and kills.

Yan Qingshan looked at the blood-colored beast tide coming, just raised his hand and pressed it lightly. With the pressing of this palm, the grassland suddenly dented a huge Great Hand Seal nearly ten thousand zhang. Terrifying ripples penetrated the ground, and the shadows of thousands of beasts disappeared without even screaming.

Under one palm, on the entire grassland, the countless ominous beasts are completely annihilated and invisible. This kind of power… makes people feel scared from the heart.

“Hun Tiandi, today Alchemy becomes the emperor…”

The white light flashed again, still in the familiar Central Plain Sacred Pill City, a huge blood formation. Everything is refined into it, and there is a terrifying silhouette in the center of the continent, as if the entire continent is about to be destroyed.

“I feel that my current self can easily kill him!”

Yan Qingshan looked at this nightmare scene in his imagination. This is the motivation for his long-term struggle. Hun Clan’s blood formation is all over the continent, even if it is in the Northwest Continent, it is still not safe, so he has to keep plotting against and keep getting stronger.

“This feeling is really good, but it’s a pity that the fake is fake, it’s a pity…”

Yan Qingshan shook his head, the Storage Ring in his palm flashed, glowing The pearly brilliance of the green light was exploding, and a cool breath came from the palm of his hand, digging into his mind all the way.

Along with the influx of this cool breath, Yan Qingshan’s body trembled fiercely, the disordered memory in his brain and some unfathomable mystery’s extra things, immediately disappeared, and accompanied As these things dissipated, the blood red and violent in his eyes disappeared at a speed visible to naked eye.

When the last ray of blood in his eyes dissipated, Yan Qingshan looked around and looked at the void in front of him, “Illusory Territory of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, there really is something! What a pity, I Knowing the method to break the game, I can also help you please aftereffect.”

When Yan Qingshan slowly lifted Bodhi Seed, a blue light and clear shadow enveloped the whole body, and this world was also violently distorted. , Like a broken mirror, burst open with a bang.

When this world burst open, Yan Qingshan’s spirit was also in a trance, saw a flash, and when he came back to his senses, he found that he was already in a place full of dark green. In the space of color.

In this space, an ancient tree about ten several feet or so, seems to stand here forever. This tree, the whole body emerald green, is like an extremely fine jade cast. , Releasing an amazing life force.

This tree is exactly the same as the huge Ancient Tree of Enlightenment that is close to thousand zhang outside, except that it appears to have shrunk countless times.

Yan Qingshan walked in, and the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment in emerald green suddenly shivered slightly, and a huge ball of light flew out of its body, finally floating in front of him .

In this light group, there is an Ancient Tree of Enlightenment that reaches ten thousand zhang, and before the ancient tree, in the middle of the space, a silhouette wearing a black jacket stands in the air. The breath, as if Heaven and Earth Supreme, gradually spread out of the human body.

Under this kind of breath, even the huge Ancient Tree of Enlightenment of ten thousand zhang is quite small. This is the true continent peak of Ancient Times, the brand of Dou Di powerhouse. mark.

Although this black clothed back is only an image, the breath makes his soul feel trembling. Between Heaven and Earth, in addition to the Dou Di powerhouse, which only exists in ancient legends, there is also who can possess this kind of power.

In the light group, the black silhouette stands in front of the ten thousand zhang huge Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Suddenly, this silhouette began to attack the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and within the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, one after another monstrous terrifying energy was also permeated. In this terrifying confrontation, even this world seemed to be It collapsed.

This is the reason for the decline of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. This one seems to have existed at the beginning of the establishment of the continent, and once had an unbeaten relationship with Dou Di powerhouse.

The images within the light group danced at an accelerated rate. In the last scene, the black silhouette was suddenly hit by a powerful wind of destruction from outside the light group. , Even with his body and this world, all exploded into nothingness.

This one tried to kill the Dou Di powerhouse who was healed by the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment refining. In the end, he was unable to escape his fate. During the battle with the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, he was sneak attacked. Yes skeleton doesn’t exist.

One Dou Di ended in a joint attack between Ancient Tree of Enlightenment and another Dou Di, but the image in the light cluster did not stop because of the fall of the black clothed Dou Di.

In that piece of nothingness, a trace of black qi suddenly appeared. When these air currents appeared, they quickly rushed into the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

As these air currents entered, the ancient Tree of Enlightenment was filled with fresh air, obviously adding a faint coldness. This is the past and present of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment and the reason why he has become like this.

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