Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 356

“pu!! !”

In the Bodhi Illusory Territory, the light group slowly dimmed, and it immediately condensed into a mass of intangible objects, rushing in like lightning Yan Qingshan’s forehead, a strange flow of information made him understand many things.

After reading the original work, he naturally knows that the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has become the entire process of development as it is today, but from this information flow, he can learn more details and gain some benefits. There are many things that can be seen from the influence of Dou Di level fighting.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment no longer knows how many years it has existed. After the precipitation of countless years, this Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has not evolved a complete intelligence, without real wisdom, it only possesses some The basic function of a spiritual creature, autonomous protection or counterattack.

In terms of strength, during the Peak period, it was stronger than the top three Heavenly Flame’s Demon Fire and Void Swallowing Flame. If it can be transformed into shape like them, it can be compared to Ancient Emperor Tuo. She, but the real situation, the intelligence of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is at most equivalent to Green Lotus Core Flame, and it will only instinctively protect and counterattack.

Before the distant Ancient Era, during the Dou Qi continent Peak period of the Dou Di horizontal and horizontal continent, there was a Dou Di powerhouse with a serious injury who wanted to forcibly extract the tree spirits of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment for treatment His injury.

But that Dou Di underestimated the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. At the same time, he was quite unlucky. He was targeted by another Dou Di, and was finally beheaded by his opponent and the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

The black clothed Dou Di that died obviously caused the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment to suffer extremely terrifying trauma. It was originally ten thousand zhang in shape, but now it is only about thousands of zhang, in such a long time. It is always weak.

And the root of all this is the residual power left behind before that black clothed Dou Di was dying. At the moment the latter fell, some of his lifeless grievances and other negative energies gathered together. , Invaded into the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, causing the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment to suffer severe damage.

For countless years, these energies have not been completely consumed, and have gradually eroded the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, causing the uncomplicated intelligence of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment to begin to lean towards Darkness and coldness.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment for a long time has been eroded and gradually evolved towards the evil side. The five Half Sage puppets lost themselves under this evil Illusory Territory and eventually became puppets.

Fortunately, the Bodhi Seed in the hands of Yan Qingshan can awaken the kind of intelligence deep in the memory of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, which restored some of its instinctive mechanisms.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment does not have the power to solve those negative energies, but its intelligence is too rigid to actively consume that energy, but with the help of external forces, everything is possible solve.

Yan Qingshan’s Bodhi Seed lighted up slightly, and said softly, “I have been troubled for so many years. It is uncomfortable! Let me help you and solve it…”

“hua hua…”

Yan Qingshan’s words immediately made the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment sway, as if it were nodded.

“Refining releases the medicinal properties of Bodhi Seed. The best Heavenly Flame is actually Life Spirit Flame. Although my Green Lotus Core Flame is not as good as Life Spirit Flame, it can still play a great role.”

Yan Qingshan waved his palm, a ball of clear green flame wrapped Bodhi Seed, flame refining Bodhi Seed, a breath of fresh air appeared, and finally got into the body of the ancient tree, and accompanied by these clear air Entering, the gloom permeated by Ancient Tree of Enlightenment seemed to fade a little.

“hua hua ……”

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment swayed happily, green light spots floated out of its body, and finally hovered in front of Yan Qingshan , These light spots are all Bodhi Seed, the crystal clear and near-transparent color is obviously more refined than the refining Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva in his hand.

“hua hua ……”

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment shook again, seeming to urge Yan Qingshan to hurry up.

Yan Qingshan stroked the branches and leaves of the ancient tree with one hand, hooked his fingers and teased: “Don’t worry, let’s discuss it, and force the black air out, don’t obliterate it, after all, it’s Dou Di. What is left may have some effect…”

While Yan Qingshan spoke, a Bodhi Seed has been completely refined into a crystal clear and near-transparent liquid, and this liquid slowly The evaporating, turned into a wisp of breath with allow some emerald green.

This breath of fresh air permeated from the flame, and finally got into the ancient tree of Enlightenment like a jade-like tree, and accompanied by this breath of fresh air poured in , The Ancient Tree of Enlightenment trembled suddenly, and a very thin black air quietly penetrated out.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was originally prepared to use its own power to destroy it all, but Yan Qingshan’s words had the effect. In the end, a cloud of azure light imprisoned the black energy, with strands of black energy. Gradually discharged, and all gathered in it.

A ball of green light was released from the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and an ancient emerald green futon appeared at the bottom of the ancient tree. A branch stretched out to reach Yan Qingshan’s body, slowly pushing him Put it on the futon.

One after another pure energy is like tidal water, poured into Yan Qingshan’s body from the futon, the limbs, the limbs, the corpses, and the acupuncture points absorb this majestic energy, a naked eye can see Clear breath, slowly leaked from his top of the head.


Tide-like pure energy continuously poured into the body, Yan Qingshan’s body heard bursts of crackle sound, under this crazy perfusion In just a few moments, he recovered all Dou Qi, and even Dou Qi became more refined.

The energy in the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was stronger than Dou Di in the Peak period. Even if it’s not in Peak now, it’s still comparable to Dou Di, like a Dou that will never dry up. Qi source, as long as it is there, there is no need to worry about the exhaustion of Dou Qi.

“The energy of the Bodhi tree really fits well with my Dou Qi. As long as the plan is successful, even if Xiao Yan swallows Void Swallowing Flame and Jinglian Demon Fire with Flame Mantra, it cannot be compared to me. .”

Yan Qingshan’s eyes are glowing with blue light, and the breath of the creatures on his body is more concentrated and refined. If there is a different tree on the Dou Qi continent imitating the Heavenly Flame list, then this Ancient Tree of Enlightenment will be fine. It is a well-deserved number one, comparable to the powerful existence of Dou Di.

The power of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment washes the body, Yan Qingshan has already reached the upper limit of the cultivation base that is difficult to progress, and has been expanded. When it helps people to restore Dou Qi, it is also unconsciously. The human body, the container that holds Dou Qi, has been enlarged by a point.

This is an extremely powerful function. Just imagine, if this container is continuously expanded, the so-called bottleneck, even the heavenly stream of the breakthrough Supreme Fighting Saint, will be there. With the gradual expansion of this kind of container, it slowly disappeared.

Yan Qingshan’s body of dragon shadow cruising, Dou Qi continent’s energy is relatively low after all, Azure Dragon Dharma body cannot be cultivated here to produce spiritual power that is unique to Great Thousand Worlds, but it is derived from Qi Method cultivation Strength, more advanced than the ordinary Dou Qi.

“hua hua ……”

This Dou Qi has extraordinary effects even for this Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. While Yan Qingshan is restored to strength, spirituality Dou Qi is also growing Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, while the branches and leaves of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment sway, appear quite happy.

“You should feel it, I can help you become stronger, how do you follow me…”

Yan Qingshan said softly, using divine sense and Ancient Tree of Enlightenment exchanges, carrying out the great cause of abduction, while using the palm as the furnace, Green Lotus fires the Tempered Bodhi Seed, continuously releasing fresh air to assist in expelling the remaining power of Dou Di.

“hua hua!”

one after another black energy is gradually expelled, and the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment also sent out excited mood swings, shaking the branches, vast pure energy Continue to pour into Yan Qingshan’s body, and gradually let go of the body, let Yan Qingshan’s power gradually imprint it with its brand.

The space filled with green is full of vitality. With the ebbing of time, the first batch of Bodhi Seed has been exhausted by Yan Qingshan’s refining.

These breaths from Bodhi Seed refining did not completely remove Dou Di’s remnant thoughts from the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, so dozens of them floated out of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Bodhi Seed.

So many Bodhi Seeds, these rare things that are enough to drive them crazy in the eyes of outsiders, are enough to make a batch of heavenly materials and earthly treasures of the Continental Peak forces such as the ancient eight tribes go to war. At this time, they are just small Consumables only.

Dou Qi in Yan Qingshan’s body has a small breakthrough at this time, and this kind of refining work is still going on, and it has been going on. At the same time as the infinite cycle, his spirituality Dou Qi is also trying With continuous imprinting of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

He has no plans to conquer the refining Ancient Tree of Enlightenment now. This is too unrealistic. It is like the Demon Fire of Jinglian. If you want to refining, you must have the foundation of the Holy Land, the Ancient Tree of the Tree of Life. of Enlightenment Although the energy is milder, the energy in its body is only more majestic than Demon Fire.

But there is a bit more advantage. The Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is not as smart as Demon Fire, so it’s better to deceive. Now Yan Qingshan helps it get rid of Dou Di’s remnant thoughts, and it’s easier to gain trust. With goodwill, when the time comes refining, it may not be difficult at all to conquer it!

I don’t know how long this cyclical refining work lasted. When the last trace of black air slowly penetrated from the tree, a cloud of extremely dense black was wrapped in the empty azure light. gas.

The whole body is like a jade-like Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Suddenly there is a buzzing sound, and between the green glow, one after another dazzling green glow, bursts from the tree. After going out, this space finally permeated, making the original rich vitality here even more rich.

At this time, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is more and more emerald green, the original coldness that permeated in faintly has dissipated, and now the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, it gives people a kind of peace, sacred and wisdom. Strange feeling.

“hua hua ……”

A branch of the ancient tree slowly extended, and finally it was like a human palm, gently stroking Yan Qingshan’s head, from that branch You can feel a kind of emotion called joy and liking.

Yan Qingshan gently patted the branches of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Dou Qi of Wood Attribute once again had in-depth exchanges and interactions with Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, constantly trying to carry out preliminary exchanges like refining Heavenly Flame .

Yan Qingshan closed Yan Qingshan, a strange sound was also heard from the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and a burst of emerald green light burst out immediately, and countless branches and leaves wrapped him like tentacles, carrying Yan Qingshan’s body floated toward the glowing tree heart in the crown of the tree.

In addition to the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Qing Ling’s Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils was glowing with gloom. After Xiao Yi Xian looked at each other, said solemnly: “This Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has changed. This kind of negative energy that seems to be the most poisonous in the world has disappeared, or it has been eliminated.”

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