Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 358

“Qing Shan big brother, you, you have taken away the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.”

“Young Master, have you taken this old tree “

Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Ling were both stunned, staring at Yan Qingshan blankly. This is the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, the first Divine Tree on the Dou Qi continent of the ancient inheritance.

“It hasn’t been completely refining and conquered yet, but it has a good impression on me, fits with my attribute, and is willing to follow me to leave.”

Yan Qingshan smiled nodded, Wood Attribute’s The good thing is that he and Ancient Tree of Enlightenment belong to the kind of perfect state that can grow and grow with each other.

In the original work, Xiao Yan helped the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment refining Dou Di, and the benefits were a lot, but compared to the Peak period before the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was eroded by Dou Di, it’s really not That’s a lot, and it’s a one-shot deal.

This is not to say that Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is not good for Xiao Yan. The second generation and their attributes do not match. The Wood Attribute of Xiao Yan is also the same. It is more of the Fire Attribute which is incompatible with the wood.

Yan Qingshan is different, Wood Attribute Dou Qi itself has a growth effect on plants, and the spirituality Dou Qi from his Azure Dragon Dharma body cultivation is also good for Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, plus he helped Ancient Tree of Enlightenment got the goodwill of this ancient tree, and only then was it able to successfully take it away.

Of course, now it’s just taken away, and it’s not refining and conquering like Heavenly Flame. The real human tree is one.

It’s not that Yan Qingshan doesn’t want it, but it’s not possible for the time being. The energy possessed by Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is too majestic, more than Void Swallowing Flame and Demon Fire combined. To be more, a Jinglian Demon Fire must have the strength of the holy realm to try to refining, not to mention that it can be comparable to Dou Di’s Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

Now he, even Bodhi Heart does not refining, let alone trying to refining Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. For the time being, he is going to take the old tree away first, and wait until the right time for deep-level refining breakthrough, using his power to help enlighten and transform the old tree into shape.

“Young Master, shall we go back to Central Plain!”

Qing Ling and Xiao Yi Xian woke up from shock and asked about the next plan, according to their original In terms of Pill Tower’s planning, after getting Bodhi Heart and Bodhi Seed, he was preparing to return to Pill Tower.

But now the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has been taken away unexpectedly, and Yan Qingshan seems to have some other thoughts, they only have this question.

“I originally thought that I would miss that chance, but I never thought that Old Man Shen Nong actually appeared in this Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region. How could I give up on such a coincidence Yeah!”

Yan Qingshan closed his eyes and perceives another direction in the depths of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region. An extremely pure but hard-to-detect creature’s breath is transparent to him. This In more than a month, Old Man Shen Nong didn’t seem to have succeeded, so he seems to have a chance!

Yan Qingshan opened his eyes and stared at the direction he felt, saying solemnly: “Let’s go over there.”

As soon as his voice fell, Qing Ling was controlling Ancient Demonic Python leaned down, Yan Qingshan and the three flew onto the body of Heaven Demonic Python, and a black mist rose into the air, moving quickly in the other direction of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region.


In the depths of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, the black mist of the incarnation of Ancient Demonic Python quickly flies in the sky. Yan Qingshan stands on the head of the python overlooking below, with a giant towering into the clouds. The mountain appeared in his field of vision. In the winding mountain range, the breath of countless creatures made him feel very comfortable.

On the top of the huge mountain, the clouds and mist are shrouded, and the breath of strange creatures spreads out, giving people a relaxed and joyful feeling, just like being in the Immortal Realm.

Yan Qingshan overlooks the earth, where a cloud-shrouded valley is located, a piece of emerald green comes into view, and various precious spiritual medicines grow wildly.

“Let’s go down.”

Yan Qingshan’s eyes locked on the old man strolling leisurely in the valley. This old man was carefully distinguishing and collecting a plant on the east side of the valley. This strain of precious spiritual medicine also looked up at the same time when he saw it. He was slightly surprised when he saw Heaven Demonic Python.

“Shen Nong senior, meet again.”

Ancient Demonic Python leaned over and landed, Yan Qingshan, Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Ling came to Old Man Shen Nong together, While speaking, his gaze swept across the valley, and he casually observed.

“Yi! You kid, it’s just a month’s absence, I can’t see through you.”

Old Man Shen Nong faces Yan Qingshan slightly nodded and is preparing Continuing his original work, he was slightly paused just when he was about to withdraw his gaze, and then looked at Yan Qingshan carefully again. This time he looked very carefully and seriously, and there were many surprises in his eyes.

“It’s just a little chance that’s all.”

Yan Qingshan slightly smiled waved his hand, said a little chance on his mouth, but how the joy and lust in his eyes were hidden It’s impossible.

“you brat, such a great opportunity can also be called a little chance, it really makes countless people crazy!”

Old Man Shen Nong laughed He shook his head, “No wonder you were unwilling to follow old fogey with me before. It turned out to be another chance. Now that I have succeeded in Perfection, I am ready to compete with my old fogey!”

Yan Qingshan shook his head, and walked to a somewhat weird spiritual plant, “Senior said, I don’t mean to seize chance.”

Old Man Shen Nong slightly smiled and said: “This opportunity is based on luck. Although I have been searching for old fogey on the continent for a long time to get some clues, I am not sure that I really have a chance to get that Heavenly Flame.”

“The word chance, it really depends on luck!”

As Yan Qingshan spoke, his right hand turned slightly, holding the spiritual plant next to him, it was an emerald green. The small tree of, there are many tall and leafy trees, a lot of fruit, full of life breath, but I can’t recognize which kind of spiritual medicine it is, it is probably some kind of special spiritual plant that has not yet discovered its medicinal properties!

Yan Qingshan’s palm was slightly hard, and the spiritual plant branch he held with no difficulty escaped from the spiritual plant. This was originally not something worthy of attention, but it was on this branch that was separated from the spiritual plant. After that, strands of light green flame appeared on Yan Qingshan’s palm.

“This is…”

Old Man Shen Nong was planning to lean over and collect the spiritual medicine, but when he looked at the one in Yan Qingshan’s hand, it started to burn With the branches of the green fire, the whole person was stunned, and even the medicine spatula and medicinal cauldron in his hand did not consciously drop to the ground.

In the palm of Yan Qingshan’s hand, that branch suddenly ignited spontaneously without fire, and a strand of green flame, like a liquid, rose slowly.

emerald green flame rises against the storm, the green liquid fire sea diffuses out, and layers of mist rise up, where the mist rises and diffuses, countless kinds of strange medicine ingredients slowly grow up and diffuse out. A moving life breath.

“Life Spirit Flame, it’s really it, it’s really it…”

Old Man Shen Nong stared at Yan Qingshan’s palm, like a demon. The diffused green fire released the branches of countless creatures’ breath, and there was more desire and a little struggle in his eyes, and the breath on his body became irritable.

Life Spirit Flame, Ranked 5th on the Heavenly Flame list, this kind of Heavenly Flame is extremely strange. Although most of the Heavenly Flames have different forms, they are filled with Destruction Strength after all. But this Life Spirit Flame does not show powerful destructive power. What it is famous for is the kind of Life Power it floods.

It is said that this Heavenly Flame spreads, and the surrounding plants can sprout and grow quickly. Even ordinary plants can be transformed into peerless spiritual medicine. The place must be a treasure of spiritual medicine.

In other words, with this Heavenly Flame, there is basically no need to consider what to search for medicine ingredient. As long as you have enough spiritual medicine seeds, you can continuously get the medicine ingredient you want. It must be magical.

If this Heavenly Flame takes shape, the intelligence is quite high. Normally, it will not appear in the form of fire, but will change into various medicine ingredients, quietly rooting in the soil. Among.

Many times, even if you pass by it, you can’t recognize it. Only those with great opportunities can get it out of the ground.

Life Spirit Flame is also known as the fire of longevity. For those who get it, lifespan is better than the Magic Beast, which is famous for lifespan. The only shortcoming is that this fire is not good at it. In battle, the increase in battle strength is not very strong.

But this is only a relative point of view. Its destructive power may not be as good as Gold Emperor Heaven Burning Flame and Eight Desolation Shattering Flame, but the increase in battle strength is not weaker than the rest of the top ten Heavenly Flame. And that fascinating Life Power, it smells like a relaxed and joyful feeling.

Qing Ling suddenly stopped in front of Yan Qingshan, “Young Master, be careful, this Shen Nong senior seems to be in a daze, and the breath is very unstable.”

The old Man Shen Nong stared at Yan Qingshan’s palm, the emerald green flame restored to its original appearance, Dou Qi unconsciously condensed in his palm, a terrifying power hiding the sky and covering the earth, the entire valley Thunder and lightning flashed above the sky.

The powerhouse of Fighting Saint is close to Immortal God. The ordinary 1-star Fighting Saint is able to take full action, which is a taboo battle strength that can destroy the city, not to mention the 6-Star Fighting Saints like Old Man Shen Nong. , The emotional change between thoughts and movements is the sympathy of Heaven and Earth, and the situation changes.

“Shen Nong senior, wake up!!!”

Yan Qingshan screamed, Old Man Shen Nong’s eyes flashed a little struggle, but it seemed that he was also affected. The stimulus generally changes even more, and it seems that it is about to be shot.

“The three-headed dragon, restrain Shen Nong senior!”

Yan Qingshan let out a low growl, and a tall and rugged robust man silhouette blocked Yan Qingshan’s body, down In a flash, he came to Old Man Shen Nong’s side.

“Bang… ”

Only the arms of the three-headed dragon were placed on the shoulders of Old Man Shen Nong, and the majestic Dou Qi rushed forward with a sound There was a fierce collision between muffled sounds.

“It’s very risky, it’s very risky. I didn’t expect the old man to have such a time when he lost his mind…”

The terrifying storm swept all over the place, but strangely, it was only this one. After the wheels collided, there was no continuation. As the aftermath dissipated, an old voice with a bit of exhaustion sounded again. Old Man Shen Nong and the three-headed dragon puppet also reappears in the sight of Yan Qingshan and the others.

At this time, Old Man Shen Nong had his shoulders choked by the three-headed dragon, with fine beads of sweat on his forehead, and weakness and fatigue on his face.

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