Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 361

“Shen Nong senior, the affairs in this small Pill Tower are not cumbersome, and there are basically no mundane affairs…”

Yan Qingshan leads the way While talking to Old Man Shen Nong about the small Pill Tower, he led the way into the passage, and after a short transmission of the space passage, their entire group appeared on a huge green peak as high as ten thousand ren.

“This little Pill Tower is named is not in vain. It is a good medicinal fragrance.”

Old Man Shen Nong satisfactorily overlooked below, and the whole mountain is covered with plants. There are countless medicine gardens, a medicine ingredient that is quite rare in the outside world, but here it grows in pieces.

Yan Qingshan took the entire group to the depths of the small Pill Tower. A lot of silhouettes were seen along the way. An old man appeared from time to time in the surrounding lush medicine sea. These old people are like hard-working medicine farmers. From time to time, it plays a role in spiritual medicine.

These seemingly ordinary old men are the true heritage of Pill Tower. Except for Yao Clan, most of the Peak Alchemist in the entire Central Plain are gathered here.

This one Senior Elder is the Tier Eight Alchemist last time, and there are many Old Ancestor figures from the rest of the Central Plain, which represents Pill Tower’s extremely deep heritage and network resources.

The same as the Peak power that had the half-emperor at the time, Burning Flame Valley weakened rapidly after Fen Yan Old Ancestor’s death, and Pill Tower has survived many crises and can still rank outside the Central Plain Imperial Clan The strongest force of the People’s Republic of China relies on this unusual background.

Yan Qingshan’s line is quite eye-catching in this small Pill Tower. He, a Pill Tower giant, has a lot of fame in this small Pill Tower. There are seniors who come to say hello along the way. Some of them Keep staring at Old Man Shen Nong, it seems that he has recognized something.

After traveling through several mountain roads, the entire group was finally at the top of the mountain and came to the small Pill Tower chamber.

The small Pill Tower Chamber, as the only official organization in the rather loose organization of the small Pill Tower, is run by the elder assembly.

Among the eight incumbent Elders, there are elders from the cultivation selection in the small Pill Tower, and the Pill Tower giants that are like Xuan Kong’s breakthrough. As the main body of the small Pill Tower, the Elder assembly hall naturally has the elder assembly Elder.

“old man, long time no see! Have you missed my good discipline!”

When Yan Qingshan and the others came to the chamber, they happened to see you When he reached a familiar character, Little Witch couldn’t help but went up to’kindly’ and greeted his always Xuan Kong son.

“There are so many of you…this senior is…”

Xuan Kong was painting at his desk. Cao Ying was so frightened that he almost didn’t catch his breath. Seeing that it was his precious discipline, there was no way. When his eyes turned to Yan Qingshan and his party, his face changed slightly, and he stared at Old Man Shen Nong.

“Xuan Kong’s son Elder, I want to meet Great Elder and inform Old Ancestor that it’s time to return to Pill Tower.”

Xuan Kong’s words from Yan Qingshan The son moved slightly, and immediately nodded got up. Soon after the silhouette slowly disappeared, the space fluctuation rippled again, but this time eight figures appeared at the same time.

“This senior is…”

The little Pill Tower Great Elder in sackcloth and the eight Great Elders including Xuan Kong appeared at the same time. When he saw Old Man Shen Nong was also extremely surprised.

Yan Qingshan introduced Old Man Shen Nong to everyone, and directly expressed his thoughts, “Everyone Elder, this is Old Man Shen Nong senior, Great Elder, I am going to invite Shen Nong senior to serve as The second tower owner of my little Pill Tower.”

“Shen Nong ……senior.”

The identity of Old Man Shen Nong was exposed, including the little Pill Tower Great Elder. The members of the elder assembly were all shocked. Among all the youngsters present here, in addition to Yan Qingshan and other youngsters, they are at least several hundred years old. They are figures of continent Peak and very veteran powerhouses.

But it’s just such a group of Old Seniors. Compared with Old Man Shen Nong, they are really a group of “pink and tender newcomers”. These are real Old Seniors, living fossil-like figures. They were already famous thousands of years ago. The long-time fighting saint is one of the most outstanding Alchemist in continent today.

Great Elder did not express any objection, but also expressed his opinion, “The position of the lord of the small Pill Tower has been vacant for many years. Shen Nong senior is willing to join the Pill Tower and succeed him as the lord of the small Pill Tower. Not excessive, but it’s very important at this time. I’m afraid I will invite Old Ancestor to come back and discuss it.”

Yan Qingshan is also nodded, “Great Elder’s words are what they deserve, and this is what I mean. And I also want to meet Old Ancestor. There are some things, I’m afraid I still need to discuss with Old Ancestor!”


Noon on 2nd day, the small Pill Tower Chamber Inside, Yan Qingshan was sitting and dealing with some affairs. After returning to Pill Tower, he took over some affairs again and began to prepare for work arrangements before the retreat. When he was discussing with Cao Ying and the others, he suddenly felt There was an unusual breath.

“Unexpectedly, between Heaven and Earth today, there is such an Alchemist as your Excellency, and the respected driver is Old Man Shen Nong!”

Space fluctuation outside the chamber When he got up, an unusually vicissitudes of life sounded quietly, and the members of the little Pill Tower elder assembly hurriedly went out to greet each other. A green ox stepped on the void, and amid the low cow howling, slowly appeared above this space.

“Old Ancestor, you…”

When Yan Qingshan went out, he just saw the Maid Pill Tower Great Elder with a look of disbelief, the green in front of him Above ox, the real body of the little Pill Tower Old Ancestor is indeed a bit speechless.

The person on the back of the green ox, when everyone sees what they look like, is a glimpse at the moment. The imaginary image of the old man does not appear. The person on the back of the cow has a short body and is dressed in a Wearing ordinary coarse cloth clothes, his eyes are clear and his face is immature. From his appearance, he is just a boy who looks like a teenager.

A line of sight stared at the boy on the back of green ox in amazement. For a while, it was absolutely silenced. Except for Yan Qingshan with a plain face, apparently no one expected it. That old voice would come from a boy’s mouth unexpectedly.

Although the people in Pill Tower have known for a long time that this Old Ancestor likes game life and constantly borrows his weight to regenerate, but it is the first time I saw this Old Ancestor, so’young ‘, this is getting more and more over!

Old Man Shen Nong smiled and looked at Pill Tower Old Ancestor, and Wei Wei cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Under Shen Nong, I can’t be called old and I have seen Old Ancestor.”

Although Old Man Shen Nong can be regarded as an old monster-like character, in terms of generation, compared with the existence of Pill Tower Old Ancestor, who is considered as the founder of Pill Tower clone, it is still inferior. some.

“Old Man Shen Nong, I’ve heard of it. Don’t show up like that with me. By the way, I and that person are different individuals, so you shouldn’t be such a gift.”

green ox and the shepherd boy stretched lazily, and then smiled slightly, looking at Old Man Shen Nong and Yan Qingshan beside him with unusually clear eyes, “You Little Brat, I’m in Central Plain out Traveling, I heard your name many times!”

“I have seen Old Ancestor!”

Yan Qingshan bowed slightly and saluted Pill Tower Old Ancestor respectfully.

“No, you, Little Brat, can invite this Old Man Shen Nong. Compared with Xuan Kong’s three of them, Xuan Kong’s ability is indeed much better. Xuan Kong’s vision is very good this time. “

Pill Tower Old Ancestor’s words made Xuan Kong nearly ashamed and unable to show one’s face to death,” Old Man Shen Nong cultivation base spirit, he will succeed the Pill Tower as the tower master, naturally No problem. But, I’m curious how you impressed him.

I remember well, the Yao Dan Clan Leader of Yao Clan back then, but he personally invited you to be that foreign surname Elder, the price offered by Yao Clan, I’m afraid it’s more generous than the Pill Tower I’m down now!”

Old Man Shen Nong shook his head, “Yao Dan is indeed very sincere, but he can’t give it to me. Yes. But this Yan Family boy gave me a hope to make up for the Dan Realm and break through 7-Star.”


Old Man Shen Nong’s words When it came out, not only the Pill Tower Old Ancestor, but also the elder assembly and even Cao Ying and the others were shocked to the extreme.

Where is the Pill World? That is the real base camp of Pill Tower. The current small Pill Tower is just a pure land that was torn apart after the Pill World could not be saved. Pill Tower’s true strongest heritage, It is still the pill world full of countless spiritual medicine.

It’s a pity that after the fall of the Old Ancestor in the Dan realm, Pill Tower was repeatedly plotted against by Hun Clan. Almost the older generation of powerhouses died, and now the strongest is only the little Pill Tower of the two stars. Great Elder, but he was a junior at the time.

The current Pill Realm, because of the missed best opportunity to save, has long been broken, even 9-Star Fighting Saints can’t recover. And now what Old Man Shen Nong said, they are going to mend the Pill World, and Old Man Shen Nong can also take this opportunity to break through the 7-Star Fighting Saint.

Between Yan Qingshan’s mouth, a dark green light and shadow appeared slowly in the palm of his palm, “The reason why the alchemy world continues to decay is because of the lack of key suppression objects, and my trip has already achieved the most Important things.”

“This is…the legendary plant…”

Pill Tower Old Ancestor was completely stunned, how could he not think, Yan Qingshan I actually got this treasure, mountain road twists around each new peak, this is a real big reversal!

“Little Brat, I have to admit that I really underestimated you!”

Pill Tower Old Ancestor seriously reviewed Yan Qingshan for the first time. Condensedly said: “Pill Tower is in charge of you. It is definitely the luckiest thing in so many years.”

Yan Qingshan slightly smiled, “Old Ancestor is praised, Pill Tower and me, if one Prospers, all prospers, to promote Pill Tower is to help me. Now Soul Palace is destroyed, Hun Clan and the rest of the ancient Imperial Clan are fighting, these guys are messing up, it is my Pill Tower opportunity.

The restoration of the Dan Realm is definitely something that some forces do not want to see. In order to avoid long nights and dreams, we have to go to the Dan Realm and let my Pill Tower restore the foundation.”


When Pill Tower Old Ancestor was faintly complied, the surrounding space still rippled, as if countless pieces of glass had been shattered in the void, and the space between the abruptness seemed to be torn apart like a mirror surface. All the silhouettes present were It was slowly dissipated in place.

Central Plain is turbulent, and inside Pill Tower, the wind is also beginning to rise!

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