Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 362

“This is the current pill world, it is really desolate!”

The silence of the desolate plain, the voice of an old man suddenly sounded, the empty space suddenly There was a squirming, and immediately a silhouette emerged from the space swept in a flash, floating above the sky.

In the desolate world of Pill, barrenness is the main theme here, the air is filled with violent energy storm, the earth is full of yellowish colors, and occasionally there will be some green shade embellishments, releasing a little bit Vitality and vitality, in such a harsh environment, only some plants and Magic Beast can survive.

On the yellowish plains, occasionally some small Magic Beasts burst out, bringing up a wisp of yellow smoke, and then disappearing into the distance.

These silhouettes descended from the passage of space, naturally from the childhood Pill Tower to the Yan Qingshan entire group in the Dan Realm, and what I just said was the Old Man who was going to succeed the lord of the small Pill Tower. Shen Nong.

This one Alchemist, who has very old qualifications, is a very rare solo Loose Cultivator powerhouse. It has become famous thousands of years ago, but it has no communication with the continent’s first Alchemy Holy Land Pill Tower, even This Dan Realm is also the first time to come.

“The energy here is getting more and more violent. If you continue, I am afraid that even Magic Beast will not survive, and even the entire Pill World will be destroyed.”

Pill Tower Old Ancestor grabbed a handful of energy and frowned slightly. He was naturally aware of the situation in the alchemy world. He had thought of a way before. Unfortunately, although his strength is not weak, he is not a real person after all. Good way.

“The situation in this pill world is getting more and more serious. If it is delayed for a few more years, I am afraid that even if it is suppressed by the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, it will be powerless!”

Yan Qingshan Sighing slightly around, the right hand moves is one after another green light wave of the lake, a small tree appears with a magical wave, and after it appears, it bursts out with a bright blue light, releasing an extremely shocking breath of life .

“Shen Nong senior, it shouldn’t be too late, let’s start early!”

The Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was released by Yan Qingshan and began to regain his true body. Thousand zhang tree body connecting the heavens through the earth, the roots of the tree rooted in the earth, waves of dark green colors rippled out towards all directions, and at the same time it brought changes in the Dan Realm’s eyes, as if suppressing something.

“You brat is anxious, but this is also just to my liking.”

Old Man Shen Nong flew into the air with a long laugh, powerful and the others Dou Qi released outside the body , The energy between Heaven and Earth quickly gathered.

6-Star Fighting Saint is almost the closest to the powerhouse between Heaven and Earth Peak. With no difficulty, Heaven and Earth can be changed, not to mention that the current Old Man Shen Nong is even more intentional. With the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, the terrain changes caused by it are more turbulent and obvious.

Old Man Shen Nong cooperated with the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment to accumulate spiritual qi, the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy was released from violent to converge and contracted, and the entire Dan realm began to fluctuate.

Since the death of the Lord of the Dan Realm, there have been problems with the operation of the Dan Realm. The original source is lost to suppress, the energy is constantly released and violent is not conducive to absorption, which is why Pill Tower finally gave up and evacuated Le Dan The cause of the world.

But now, the actions of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment and Old Man Shen Nong seem to be forcibly filling a hole and squeezing the released energy back again. The resistance to this can be imagined.

In the Central Zone of the Dan Realm, the violent energy releases turbulence. Even with the strength of Old Man Shen Nong, it is still not lightly damaged, but the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, the main force of suppression, is unscathed. On the contrary, because of swallowing a lot of pure energy, it has grown a lot.

The Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is too old and powerful. The thousand zhang tree body is just the result of years of power consumption. It has plenty of energy. It can grow quickly and return to Peak. This is why Yan Qingshan To use it to transplant the Dan world.

After the Dan Realm is refilled, the powerful energy generated by that wave is enough to restore a lot of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and the spiritual qi within the Profound Realm is more dense, which is more suitable for the restoration of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment .

In the center of the Dan realm, the chaos is still going on, the earth fire feng shui is chaotic everywhere, all around a misty land, all with silk trace Qi of Primal Chaos, although it looks like it is quite dangerous, but everything All follow the good reverse development.

Pill Tower Old Ancestor watched from a distance. Although he wanted to intervene, he didn’t really move. He is still a little different from the real cultivator. The Black Pill clone whose body is medicine pill is more harmful, which is why he cannot replace Old Man Shen Nong to bridge the pill world.

“Here, to gather the old man.”

The excitement of Old Man Shen Nong suddenly came from the energy storm. I saw countless spiritual qi condensed into one. A spiritual qi seed, under the control of Old Man Shen Nong, slowly submerged into the Dan realm.

The moment the spiritual qi seed plunged into the earth, there was a violent tremor of the earth, followed by a majestic storm sweeping across the square, and the colorful flying clouds rendered the entire Dan realm, the ancient tree that was originally fluctuating. of Enlightenment landed steadily, and then took root in the earth steadily.

Old Man Shen Nong stands in between Heaven and Earth, the colorful rainbow Central Zone, and the whole idea of ​​between Heaven and Earth is gathered on him.

Heaven and Earth is alive, and a mysterious realm actually has a weak consciousness. It was restored from the brink of ruin by Old Man Shen Nong, and it will naturally give back to his benefactor.

The incomparable spiritual qi gathered on Old Man Shen Nong. This powerful old man slowly closed his eyes and sat cross-legged between Heaven and Earth, where countless rainbow lights gathered and cocooned. , His breath became more mysterious and unpredictable.

Yan Qingshan stared at the stabilized Pill Realm, and suddenly said: “Old Ancestor, Xianer and I are also going to retreat for a period of time. During this period of Pill Tower, I hope Old Ancestor can arrange to pay attention to it. .”

“Yes, I will let Xuan Kong take your place to preside over the overall situation.”

Pill Tower Old Ancestor did not consider how long, it was nodded and said: “You have Bodhi Heart and Life Spirit Flame, after complete refining, there is not much difficulty in breakthrough fights, 1-star fights will not be your upper limit.”

“Old Ancestor is so important, then I must also Work hard!” Yan Qingshan chuckled softly, and turned Xiao Yi Xian’s jade hand slowly to the ground. When he came to the Bodhi tree, the Bodhi tree showed a green light, and the silhouette of the two disappeared. In the same place.

The retreat he chose is naturally the interior of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. There is nothing safer than the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. After all, this is a creature comparable to Dou Di.

This time Yan Qingshan prepared for a long time before the retreat. Yan Qingshan asked Old Man Shen Nong to refining Dou Di Cannian for a peerless Poison Pill. Bodhi Seed was also handed over to the Alchemist to refine the Tier. Nine’s Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill and Pill Recipe are provided by Yan Qingshan.

Yan Qingshan owns Bodhi Heart and Life Spirit Flame, as well as Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. The breakthrough fight is affirmative, and it is very possible for two stars or even 3-star fights.

Yan Qingshan and Xiao Yi Xian entered the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment to retreat, Qing Ling and Cao Ying and the others were each arranged with some things, mainly to help Yan Qingshan take care of some of him before closing As explained, Pill Tower has also entered a period of rapid development with the stability of the Dan world.


Long two years of time, this is not a short time, time is waiting for everyone, slowly passing, spring passes and autumn comes, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was originally The rooted land and the barren plains have been covered by lush weeds, but Yan Qingshan has no sign of leaving the customs.

In the past two years, although the Dan Realm has been completely stable and has recovered some of the previous weather, Pill Tower is still quite stable, and no news has been released, even some recent news about the Dan Realm. The news has become taboo.

During this period, Qing Ling and Cao Ying and the others also came one after another, but they did not get any satisfactory results, but Qing Ling was able to sense a certain breath in the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, There seems to be an incredible transformation.

During the period of Yan Qingshan’s retreat, the Central Plain was also quite turbulent. Soul Palace was destroyed, the ancient Imperial Clan confronted and fought, and local struggles were already underway in secret, even in various places. The Central Plain Central Area outside of the Imperial Clan base plate has also become a battlefield.

Because of the destruction of Soul Palace, Hun Clan lost a good peripheral power, which greatly affected their plans, and Hun Clan would naturally not give up.

But it is a pity that they are now being watched by the other Imperial Clan. Once a large number of people or powerhouses are dispatched, it is very likely that other Imperial Clan powerhouses will be recruited.

So, under various constraints, Hun Clan and the younger generation powerhouses of other Imperial Clan began to compete for the end, each temperer.

Hun Clan came out in order to recreate a Soul Palace. It can be said that it is the best out of the elite. Tier Nine and even the young powerhouse of Divine Rank bloodline are sent out. At least they are all the young powerhouses of Dou Zun Level 1. Central Plain once again set off foul wind and bloody rain.

In this case, the Imperial Clan has never given up. Except for Xiao Yan, who inherited the last bloodline of Xiao Clan, and Ling Clan, who was almost wiped out, the other five groups are called young powerhouses. , To compete with Hun Clan, and there are also competitions between races.

A young Dou Zun powerhouse swept the continent, and the impact and consequences were not general and far-reaching. The basic disk of many forces was broken. In this case, Central Plain became more and more serious. There was confusion.

However, compared to other forces that cannot suppress their own territory, during this storm, the Pill Region where Pill Tower is located is also somewhat chaotic, but the overall situation is quite stable.

Central Plain storms are gradually rising, and the peaceful Pill Region naturally makes many powerhouses come here, and for these powerhouses, Pill Tower has shown a willingness to welcome them.

After all, the Central Plain at this time is too messy. The young experts of the Imperial Clan wantonly develop the forces to fight, and even Pill Tower has to deal with it carefully. In this case, absorb more powerhouse development forces. It is definitely a wise choice.

Pill Tower is willing to absorb the powerhouse, and many powerhouses have long been interested in the medicine pill of Pill Tower. With such a hit-and-click situation, the power of Pill Tower is developing rapidly.

And in this virtuous circle, Pill Tower’s secret power is undoubtedly soaring. It was originally the Pill Tower in Central Plain, but now it has the strength to say that it is true.

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