Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 363

“This kid has been in retreat for two years. Is there finally something happening today!”

On a high mountain in the Dan world, Pill Tower Old Ancestor gazes at the Ancient Tree At the root of Enlightenment, the glow of emerald green became more and more radiant. This was the first time that the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment had such an unusual form in its two years of gentle growth. It made him suddenly think of Yan Qingshan in retreat.

In the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, a bright blue light burst out, the azure light turned into a huge dragon shadow covering Heaven and Earth, swirling and slowly dissipating, and a youngster appeared in the sky. on.

In the sky, the youngster figure stretched out lazily, and his body skin squirmed at this moment, and the skeleton in his body was like a complex mechanism that had turned on a mechanism. One after another crisp skeleton friction collision.

“Ah…It’s so comfortable, how long I have slept.”

Yan Qingshan feels the feeling of comfort that diffuses in his body, with a long mouthful The white breath wafted out slowly from his mouth.

“Is this the feeling of Fighting Saint!”

Yan Qingshan’s palm was slightly squeezed, feeling the vastness of Dou Qi in his body like the sea, and he couldn’t help but feel a little fascinated. This kind of power possesses the insane power of temptation, and countless people have spent their entire lives for this kind of power.

His palm protruded out and held it slightly, and the space in front of him was constantly distorted like a toy, and a black hole appeared, and countless spaces collapsed, finally condensing into a space pearl.

Yan Qingshan twisted this space pearl in his hand, nodded with satisfaction. Just now, this was just a random blow, and Dou Zun powerhouse could be easily solved.

If this space jewel is thrown out, under the fighting sage, including the Half Sage powerhouse, once it is hit by it, it will inevitably break into a pool of flesh and blood on the spot, without any vitality.

He felt that this kind of gesture is enough to shatter the vastness of space, and a smile slowly appeared on his face, this realm, in his view of the year, how far out of reach, truly The continent Peak powerhouse!

At this time, he had a breakthrough and faced the Hun Miesheng again. He didn’t say he was defeated in battle, but he didn’t rely on the puppet. Star Fighting Saint.

“This time in retreat, I have sorted out my own fire Attribute Power, these two clones, don’t take it back for the time being!”

Yan Qingshan’s mind moved, two A clone with a different hair color appeared, one with pale red fire light all over, and the other with a bright Purple Qi. These were the Fallen Heart Flame clone and Three Thousand Raging Fire clone that he separated from his body.

This time retreat breakthrough, Yan Qingshan has four different Heavenly Flames in his body, namely Green Lotus Core Flame at the 19th Heavenly Flame list, Fallen Heart Flame at the 14th, and 9th The Three Thousand Raging Fire, the fifth Life Spirit Flame.

Among these four Heavenly Flames, the latter two are among the top ten powerful Heavenly Flames. Even with Yan Qingshan’s current strength, it is difficult to suppress them all.

He has only two choices now, either like Xiao Yan, turning wood into fire, cultivation Flame Mantra, or finding another way to prevent them from conflicting.

The first road was considered by Yan Qingshan at the beginning of the cultivation, but he rejected it later. Now it doesn’t mean it. There is only the second method, so they don’t have the chance to conflict. .

If Heavenly Flame had a conflict, the consequences would be very serious. The Venerable Tian Huo of the year was caused by the Heavenly Flame conflict, which was a one big and one small conflict between the same Heavenly Flame. .

Yan Qingshan now has four Heavenly Flames, two of which are among the top ten. If this conflicts, even the fighting sage will be hit hard.

If a person wants to have a variety of Heavenly Flames, apart from Flame Mantra, he has only strong strength, at least in the realm of fighting.

In the original work, in addition to Xiao Yan, there are two people who have more than two Heavenly Flames, one is Yan Clan’s Clan Leader Yan Jin, and the second is 9- from a thousand years ago. Star 斗圣Xiao Xuan.

The two powerhouses are both high-level fighting saints above 7-Star. They have the strength to try and have high fault tolerance. The former achieves the effect of Flame Mantra, using the powerful Dao of Fire Control to combine the two Heavenly Flame is perfectly integrated, while the latter is completely suppressed by strong forces.

Yan Qingshan does not have the strength of the two, but he also has a cultivation base for Dao of Fire Control. When it comes to Dao of Fire Control, he believes he is not weaker than others, and he has also been comprehend. Flame Mantra, has his own research and understanding of the principles of Heavenly Flame integration.

After retreating, Yan Qingshan, after careful calculation and deduction, used Dawn SmartBrain to design countless plans, and finally chose the current approach.

He used Fallen Heart Flame and Three Thousand Raging Fire as clones. Fallen Heart Flame can be a Tempered soul, which is a Primordial Spirit clone. Three Thousand Raging Fire and Ancient Void Dragon have a very close relationship. It bears the Dragon Phoenix Bloodline Strength, and it also makes the bloodline extremely Tempered.

The two Heavenly Flames he retains in his body are both related to Wood Attribute. He uses this point of integration to boldly blend and enhance the power of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Strengthen his own Wood Attribute Life Source power. After success, the cultivation base advances greatly.

Although Yan Qingshan had more than one kind of Heavenly Flame before, none of the two are completely compatible. It is quite trembling with fear to use, and the forcible combination shows several colors.

And now his body, there is only one color of Heavenly Flame, the flame of emerald green is full of majestic energy, combining the abundant energy of Life Spirit Flame and the violent destruction of Green Lotus Core Flame, now This emerald green Heavenly Flame, all aspects of formidable power should not be underestimated.

“You guy, you are finally willing to wake up!”

A wind sounded around Yan Qingshan, and the silhouette of Pill Tower Old Ancestor appeared in front of him, Today, his strength has also risen sharply. The gift after the pill world has been repaired and stabilized has made him closer to the Tier Nine Golden Core, and now he has the strength of the 6-Star Dousheng Late Phase.

“Yan Qingshan many thanks Old Ancestor has been watching for a long time.”

Yan Qingshan laughed and cupped the hands respectfully to Pill Tower Old Ancestor.

Pill Tower Old Ancestor waved his hand, smiled and said: “You brat, thank you for those little girlfriends! If they didn’t support Pill Tower for the past two years, the old man might not be able to sleep well.”

Yan Qingshan also sighed slightly, “I’m afraid I’ve suffered for them when I’m away. Old Ancestor, not only the current Central Plain situation, but also the major Imperial Clan such as Hun Clan and Gu Clan. Is it still the same as before!”

“Hehe, still the same as before!”

Pill Tower Old Ancestor shook his head, faintly smiled and said: “These old fellows They are all millennium foxes, and they won’t go to war easily. However, Hun Clan has done too much in Ling Clan’s affairs. If this is not taught to them, Gu Clan will not give up.

But now these people have little probability of a full-scale war. After all, the Jinglian Demon Fire is about to be born, and the major Imperial Clan has been greedy for a long time. It is like Hun Clan. If it weren’t for the help of Void Swallowing Flame, it would be Hun Clan. I can’t stop the combined efforts of so many Imperial Clan.”

“This is expected, it is not so easy to go to war!”

Yan Qingshan was a little disappointed, The friction between Hun Clan and Gu Clan was provoked by him. The intention was to make these two Imperial Clan really fight. For this reason, he also specially sold the news of Ling Clan to Gu Clan, destroying Soul Palace and making bigger ones. Contradiction, who ever thought that although the two sides had confronted each other, they still restrained themselves.

But it’s normal to think about it. Although Gu Clan’s Gu Yuan is very dissatisfied with Hun Tiandi, the Gu Clan leader himself has always been an indecisive temper. Clan’s opportunity, he actually let go, let him and the current Hun Clan full-scale war, it is still somewhat impossible!

Several Imperial Clan Late Phase and Hun Clan are at war. On the one hand, Hun Clan overbearing, and on the other hand, Hun Clan has the inheritance exposure of Spirit Swallowing Tribe, which makes several Imperial Clan really real. Feel the genocide crisis.

Although the ancient Imperial Clan between Heaven and Earth is prosperous, along with the ebbing of time, the Bloodline Strength in the body is constantly declining. However, the Spirit Swallowing Tribe was able to swallow the Bloodline Strength of other Imperial Clan to stretch the bloodline of its own race. This terrifying ability caused all Imperial Clan’s hostility at the time.

The extremely powerful Spirit Swallowing Tribe was wiped out by all Imperial Clan because of its racial abilities. The last generation of Clan Leaders was killed by Hun Clan, and their inheritance was also inherited by Hun Clan, to be precise. , Is inherited by Void Swallowing Flame.

Void Swallowing Flame swallowed the last Spirit Swallowing Tribe, gained the ability of Spirit Swallowing Tribe, and then cooperated with Hun Clan to help Hun Clan maintain the prosperity of Bloodline Strength.

So many years have passed, Hun Clan is still very prosperous, the ability of Spirit Swallowing Tribe was secretly used by them on some weak Imperial Clan, which greatly extended their bloodline.

And they are very careful when doing this, except for Ling Clan this time, because of the news that Yan Qingshan told, they were discovered by Gu Clan, and this is where the situation is now.

At that time, when Gu Yuan arrived, although he severely injured Void Swallowing Flame, he did not find that Void Swallowing Flame was using the power of swallowing spirits. After Hun Clan, he also intentionally contracted his power. Gu Clan didn’t want to lose too much. In the end, the two did not go to a full-scale war, but chose to confront each other after a tentative attack.

The current Ancient Soul Clan and even the other Imperial Clan, although they have faced each other for a long time, and chaos may break out at any time, they all have their own plans.

Hun Clan is not afraid of any one Imperial Clan, but all the Imperial Clan united, their pressure is also great, at least on the surface strength, they are actually at a disadvantage.

Although Hun Clan still has some hole cards, he did not have the confidence to destroy all Imperial Clan in one fell swoop. Hun Tiandi was unwilling to expose it like this.

The rest of the Imperial Clan except Hun Clan, all want to weaken Hun Clan, but they are not willing to sacrifice too much. Although the overall strength after the alliance is stronger, it is not a single rope. Instead, It is absolutely disadvantaged.

Currently, Hun Clan is not sure to take all Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade at once, and is also thinking about the Demon Fire of Jinglian, so there is no full-scale war, but as the situation develops, it can be foreseen. Yes, a great chaos in the entire continent is inevitable.

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