Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 364

“Old Ancestor, according to what you said, Central Plain today is not an ordinary mess!”

Yan Qingshan and Pill Tower Old Ancestor exchanged views After the episode, I have a certain understanding of the chaos in Central Plain, and it really is flying randomly.

Pill Tower Old Ancestor shook his head, “This Old Ancestor sits in the Dan realm. It has been a long time since I went out. I only know the situation in Central Plain. For more specific things, you should contact Xuan. Kong let them go.”

“Old Ancestor, then I will retire first.”

Yan Qingshan nodded, arched his hands respectfully towards Pill Tower Old Ancestor, and then followed Feishen left the place. Before leaving, he took a look at the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Inside the ancient tree, Xiao Yi Xian was still in retreat. The Poison Pill made by Dou Di’s negative energy gave her an effect beyond Yan Qingshan. Expected.


In the Pill Tower chamber, Yan Qingshan sat on the recliner in the great hall thinking about the current situation in Central Plain and what he should do next.

“Young Master, this is the information you want.”

Qing Ling’s silhouette appeared in his line of sight, with a copy of the scroll in his hand. These are all Some detailed situation changes and various types of intelligence in Central Plain in the past two years.

“Thanks for your hard work, Qing Ling!”

Yan Qingshan faced Qing Ling nodded, then took the share of the scroll and spread it out, his eyes quickly swept over, eyebrows slightly frowned.

What Pill Tower Old Ancestor said before is still a bit conservative. Now, the Central Plain is a little messy, it’s a mess in the world.

Although ancient Imperial Clan such as Hun Clan and Gu Clan restrained each other, the powerhouse on the upper level did not end up fighting, but the Dou Zun fighting sects below had already started a battle, Gu Clan’s Black Almost all members of the Submerged Army are deployed, and the rest of the races are also in the same situation.

Gu Clan Black Submerged Army Four Great Colonel and Eight Great Commanders, Yan Clan, Yao Clan, Shi Clan, Lei Clan… These ancient Imperial Clan reached Dou Zun’s young powerhouse with batches The army swept the Central Plain and broke out with the Hun Clan powerhouse, which sent a large number of troops to rebuild the Soul Palace.

So many ancient Imperial Clan young powerhouses dispatched together against Hun Clan, and Hun Clan’s response here is even more direct, as if a pin against an awl, sending out the ten sons of Hun Clan, the most tyrannical younger generation.

The destruction of Soul Palace seriously affected Hun Clan’s plan to collect soul and engrave the blood sacrifice great spell. This incident caused Hun Tiandi and the others to be quite a headache.

The current Hun Clan is closely watched by Gu Clan. After the Soul Palace was destroyed, under the impetus of the people, Soul Palace remnant forces were all scrapped by the original Peak forces in the Central Plain. These people are sure He didn’t want Hun Clan to send someone over again.

In this case, Hun Clan must send the powerhouse to enter the arena. Unfortunately, because of Ling Clan, the major Imperial Clan all stared at the high level of Hun Clan, and Dousheng powerhouse is unlikely to be able to go out and stir. With wind and rain, the ordinary Dou Zun powerhouse is basically impossible to subdue.

In this case, Hun Clan sent the younger generation powerhouse into Central Plain to stir the situation. There are many powerhouses of Hun Clan younger generation. Under the billowing waves washing the sand, there are the ten sons of Hun Clan, each of which is at least not weaker than Gu Clan Four Great Colonel.

Because Void Swallowing Flame has the ability of Spirit Swallowing Tribe, Hun Clan’s bloodline has not been exhausted for so many years, and even two Divine Rank bloodlines can be produced in this generation.

Among the ten sons of Hun Clan, Yan Qingshan pays attention to these two Divine Rank bloodlines, one is Hun Yu who participated in the birth of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment in the original book, and the other is the future Hun Clan young head of the clan Hun Feng.

Of course, no matter what Hun Clan ten sons or Divine Rank bloodline, or even the young powerhouses of Imperial Clan, the current Yan Qingshan doesn’t care about it. But the current situation is that people don’t take him seriously.

The major Imperial Clan is unwilling to start a full-scale war, and thinking about the end of the battle, they actually use the Central Plain as the battlefield, let the younger generation powerhouse to disturb the situation, the Central Plain Central Area is now a mess, many The forces on the site are forced to wash the plate.

The Pill Region where Pill Tower is located is not bad. Those imperial Clan powerhouse jealous of Pill Tower fighting saints have not dared to be too foolish, but the eleven forces sung by the original Central Plain are already powerful. Changed its appearance.

One Hall One Tower, Two Sects Three Valleys Four-Way Pavilion, Soul Palace were the first to be destroyed, but even Hun Clan couldn’t find out who did it.

The Pill Tower outside Soul Palace has no one dares provoke because of the battle of Saints, Burning Flame Valley and Flower Sect, and the alliance with Pill Tower, barely able to maintain the basic plate.

Two sects Another one, Sky Abyss Sect had some connection with Soul Palace before, Hun Clan powerhouse is out again, Sky Abyss Sect will soon be changed to Heavenly Soul Sect, then Old Ghost Tian Ming is even more prepared When the new Hun Clan Great Heavenly Venerate.

In the Four-Way Pavilion, Wind and Thunder Pavilion has a background from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, and it can be considered to be able to gather some sites. Star Meteor Pavilion cooperates with Gu Clan, and has many powerhouses. Now it is in the ring with Sky Abyss Sect, and two great influences are in a row.

In addition to these forces, most of the other famous forces have been compressed, or simply joined the two great spell camps. Now the entire Central Plain is almost completely messed up. And this is exactly what Yan Qingshan doesn’t want to see.

Yan Qingshan provoked the contradiction between Gu Clan and Hun Clan, in order to fight between the two Imperial Clan, so that he could have time to develop awkwardly, and Central Plain was his basic board, originally in his plan At the time of the ancient Imperial Clan battle, Central Plain should be a calm and tranquil development force.

However, with the entry of the ancient Imperial Clan forces, Central Plain has become a battlefield for war. All of this is somewhat out of the control of Yan Qingshan. Before the retreat, he actually predicted the current situation. It was just that there were not many cards in his hand and hesitated.

But this time, Yan Qingshan has advanced in strength and has confidence in his heart. He is also ready to come back to rectify and sort out the Central Plain forces. At the very least, he must establish some rules for those Dou Di descendants.

The news of the Pill Tower giant Yan Qingshan’s exit soon spread out. Many forces who received the news reacted differently, but very quickly, another related news made today’s The Great Influence who stirred the situation couldn’t help but suspend their actions.


“You are really ready to take action against those ancient Imperial Clan people. Wouldn’t it be too risky? You weren’t the lowest-key player before and didn’t like being pushy? !” In the Pill Tower great hall, Cao Ying looked at Yan Qingshan sitting upright with a little worried, eyes full of concern. Just now, Yan Qingshan sent someone to send a greeting card to him. The major Imperial Clan powerhouses that are active in Central Plain have stated that they are going to pay a visit to solve the chaos problem in Central Plain.

“Central Plain is too messy, it won’t work this way.”

Yan Qingshan slowly put down an ancient book in his hand, and said faintly: “I know what you are worried about. , But today’s Pill Tower is not what it used to be, and I never paid attention to those people.

Although there are many Imperial Clan powerhouses, they are now overwhelmed by themselves, as long as I show strength Moderately, even if those guys are black hands, I can bear it.”

Yan Qingshan knows very well what disturbances will be caused when his greetings are delivered to Great Influences. He wants to solve the chaos problem in Central Plain. , But these problems are caused by these Imperial Clan powerhouses. In other words, this is the challenge post sent by Yan Qingshan.

He wanted to go over field by field, and overwhelmed these ancient Imperial Clan powerhouses, and asked them to abide by the rules set by him, and doing so would definitely attract the attention of the major Imperial Clan high-level powerhouses.

Yan Qingshan is afraid of troubles, especially for the high-level powerhouses of Gu Clan Hun Clan, especially Gu Yuan Hun Tiandi, but now he is not what he used to be, and now Pill Tower is also Not in the past, but also with some confidence, this will make the current decision.


Star Meteor Pavilion is located in the southern part of Central Plain. Among the original Four-Way Pavilion, the dísciple of Star Meteor Pavilion is the rarest, and the quantity is small and refined. Every Star Meteor Pavilion dísciple has a strong cultivation talent.

In the Four-Way Pavilion, the Star Meteor Pavilion dísciple is not only the least in number, but also the most mysterious. The other Three Pavilions have built their headquarters in a magnificent atmosphere, so that people can feel it at a glance To this sect the tyrannical strength of this faction.

But Star Meteor Pavilion is different. If you are not someone who knows the Star Meteor Pavilion very well, I am afraid that even the location of its Sect would be difficult to find. And this way, it also makes the Star Meteor Pavilion outside. In people’s eyes, there is a little more mysterious feeling.

The mountain range of Star Meteor Pavilion where Star Meteor Pavilion is located, there is a naturally formed great spell, which was found by Venerable Yao and Venerable Feng to establish the sect. After a century of development, especially in recent years, Venerable Yao returns, accompanied by the birth of the major Imperial Clan.

Today’s Star Meteor Pavilion, because of the support of the Imperial Clan forces such as Gu Clan Thunder Clan, and the presence of Tier Nine Alchemist Old Yao, it seems to have the strength that surpasses most of the old Peak forces, and Hun The Sky Abyss Sect supported by Clan fought head-on without being weak.

At this time, in the main hall of the Star Meteor Pavilion, many powerhouses gathered. Old Yao and Xiao Yan were the landlords, Gu Clan represented by Xiao Xun’er, Thunder Clan represented by Lei Ying, and Huo Xuan represented Yan Clan…a powerhouse sitting in the town, everyone was watching a greeting card from Venerable Feng, a greeting card from Central Plain.

Old Yao spoke with a headache, looked towards Xiao Yan next to him, “Little Yan has left the customs, and now I have brought this thing. On the surface, he said that he was discussing solving the chaos in Central Plain. In fact, it’s just dissatisfaction that we are fighting with Sky Abyss Sect and the Central Plain is in chaos.”

Xiao Yan remained silent. Gu Clan, who had seen Yan Qingshan and other Imperial Clan powerhouses, did not speak, but thunder. The representative of the clan, Lei Ying, who had been in retreat before, was quite dissatisfied, “A Pill Tower giant, does he really have such a terrifying?”

Xiao Xun’er was silent for a moment and then said, “Lei Ying Brother Shi, it’s not that the younger sister is aspiring to others, but Yan Qingshan is very troublesome. This person seems to be very talkative, but in fact he is very overbearing. No one can change the things he decides.”

Xiao Yan Hearing this from the sidelines, I felt quite uncomfortable, but he couldn’t say anything, because he knew clearly that Xun’er was right.

“Xun’er younger sister, it’s not that the elder sister doesn’t believe you, but Pill Tower has been silent all these years. It seems not as serious as you said!”

A woman in Yao Clan’s camp also spoke, and her voice also changed Xiao Xun’er’s expression, which seemed to bring a slight look of dreading.

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