Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 366

“Chairman Yan is very polite, but my sister-in-law should not be considered that way!”

She wore a Chinese robe, her face was handsome, and she had a bit of harsh temperament. Yao Tian opened his mouth, and the imposing manner rising slightly from his body was actually overwhelming the crowd.

Yao Clan is in the middle and lower among many Imperial Clan, not to mention that compared with Gu Clan Hun Clan, it is a bit worse than Yan Clan Thunder Clan, although bloodline failure has not yet been revealed. It’s a sign, but it’s also obviously not in Peak anymore.

Currently, Yao Clan, in the entire Imperial Clan, there is 6-Star Elder and Clan Leader 7-Star. Except for the Two Great Powerhouses, the rest are in 6- Under Star Fight, the overall weakness of their strength indicates that their bloodline has begun to go downhill.

In this case, Yao Clan would naturally choose to save himself and concentrate resources to cultivate a powerhouse. Xiao Clan told all Imperial Clan at a terrible price that it is really not that easy to become Dou Di, but similar Yao Clan’s bloodline has begun to fail, or for Imperial Clan, who has already exhausted, they have no choice at all.

They spend their thoughts on cultivating the powerhouse, which can also make Clan more prosperous for several generations. If there is no true powerhouse in charge, even the existing benefits will be divided.

It is precisely because of the sense of crisis, and for some reasons, that Yao Clan values ​​this generation of young children, and it can even be said that they spare no effort in training, Yao Xing Ji, who owns The Seventeenth Nine Dark Wind Flame on the Heavenly Flame list, and Yao Tian, ​​who is now speaking, inherited the thirteenth turtle spirit earth fire.

Among the Yao Clan powerhouses of this generation, Yao Tian is the most respected by Yao Clan powerhouse. The Nine Dark Wind Flame that Yao Xing Ji conquered is in charge. Clan’s 6-Star Fighting Saint regained it, but the tortoise spirit earth fire on Yao Tian was really passed on to him.

Yan Qingshan stared at Yao Tian in front of him, his indifferent voice could hardly hear any other emotions, “Heaven soul, your body also contains a medicinal property that has never been emitted, one close to Black Pill Tier Nine Precious Pill, you Yao Clan are really willing to pay your blood!”

This Yao Tian’s strength is unexpectedly strong. It has reached the level of the Holy Realm, and it is actually better than the ancients. The Divine Rank bloodline of Xun’er, to be more precise, Yao Clan was willing to pay the blood.

It has already been explained in the original work. This Yao Tian once swallowed a Precious Pill that could almost become a Tier Nine Black Pill. Its strength is among the younger generation of Imperial Clan. one of the very best, and this depends on the layout and support of Yao Clan.

Yao Clan learned the lessons learned from Xiao Clan. Instead of waiting until the bloodline was about to dry up before cultivating the town’s powerhouse, Yao Clan prepared in advance, a Tier Nine Precious Pill close to the Black Pill level. I’m afraid it was Yao Clan’s Clan Leader Yao Dan who took the shot himself.

Yao Tian looked at Yan Qingshan, indifferently said: “Yan Chairman bright vision like a torch, Yao Tian admires, I can have the current achievements, thanks to the help of clan. Speaking of which, it is Yan Chairman. , Let me see through!”

“If I let you see through so easily, why come to stop Central Plain.”

Yan Qingshan glanced at Yao Tian, Once again looked towards the medicine spirit on the side, “Moreover, compared to you, I think Lingmei’s potential is greater. Fighting saints often have them, and those who might cultivate soul to Emperor Realm are really comparable. Less!”

Yao Tian’s complexion slightly changed, and I unconsciously looked at the changes in the complexion of the surrounding Imperial Clan powerhouses. Yao Ling has the strength of the breakthrough Emperor Realm, which is considered to be Yao Clan. Absolutely secret.

“Yan Chairman, I don’t know where you got the rumors, the sister-in-law is not as powerful as you said!”

Yao Tian calmly made the mistake of medicine After she reached herself, her handsome face was instantly cold, and her feet slammed forward. An unusually vast Spiritual Strength was violently surge out, like the ten thousand zhang huge waves, mixed with terrifying power, cruel. Facing Yan Qingshan madly swept away.

“Do you want to do it with me?”

Yan Qingshan looked at the huge soul wave that was swept by the hong long long sound, the smile on his face quietly converged, He shook his head and raised his palm, facing the void in front of him, and shook it gently.

His grip did not have the slightest Dou Qi fluctuations, but there was a crisp sound of ka-cha, the seemingly majestic soul wave, completely under a simple grip collapse.

“It’s still a bit far behind.”

Yan Qingshan easily smashed the huge wave of soul, the corner of the face raised a curve, and the foot stepped out and clenched tightly. Fist, the far away is a fist that blasted past Yao Tian, ​​who was shocked.

Peng sound loudly, Yan Qingshan punched out, and above the sky, a huge soul fist print with several hundred zhang takes shape suddenly, and on the fist print, there is also a strangeness densely covered The crystal layer looks like a substance.

At the moment this fist hits, an extremely strong spiritual pressure is also suddenly centered on it, hiding the sky and covering the earth violently, and the surrounding powerhouses feel it The soul was covered with dust, and there was a huge layer of oppression on the head.

“How can it be terrifying like this? Is it Heaven Realm Great Perfection? It shouldn’t be a breakthrough Half Sage. How could Soul Realm rise to such an outrageous level.”

Many Feeling the powerful spiritual pressure in my powerhouse, I was very surprised. A line of sight stared at the silhouette in the sky with shock. Obviously, I can’t imagine how this person’s soul cultivation base could be so terrifying. Like this.

The speed of this soul fist mark is extremely fast, and at the same moment it was formed, it appeared directly in front of Yao Tian about one zhang distance.

The terrifying spiritual pressure blasted the latter’s head fiercely. If this fist hits, this Yao Tian’s soul will inevitably be traumatized.

“Big brother, be careful.”

Yao Ling’s exclamation sounded, but Yao Tian didn’t have the ability to talk to her at this time, and only heard it clearly. With the sound, Yao Tian’s whole person flew out directly, and fell to the ground without knowing the life or death.

“Big brother!!!”

Yao Ling only felt a strong wind suddenly blow. When I looked again, his big brother had fallen to the ground. This It was totally unacceptable for her.


The dust cleared, Yao Tian’s body stood tremblingly, opened his mouth and spit out a big mouthful of blood, his body was stiff , His eyes were filled with unbelievable colors, there were blood stains at the corners of his mouth, and a trace of blood overflowed slowly.

From childhood to great age, this is the most irritating thing he has encountered. The innate talent of the Imperial Clan family is amazing, coupled with Yao Clan’s full training, so that his cultivation base far exceeds that of the same generation. No one has ever dared to be dissatisfied with him, let alone such a lesson of don’t give face.

“This guy did it on purpose.”

“So offended Yao Clan, what is he doing!”

“The strength of this guy, It’s so terrifying.”

In the square, many powerhouses are paying attention to everything in front of them at this time. The original noisy discussions, but at this time, they came down silently, looking at it with a line of sight. In this scene, a bit of chill emerged in the heart of a powerhouse.

These far ancient seed races care about their faces the most. Yan Qingshan slammed Yao Tian in front of so many people. It was even more exciting than killing him. people.

“Yan Qingshan, do you think that if you call you Yan Chairman, you are really a who, courting death……”

Yao Tian finally came back from shock His senses, his eyes turned red in an instant, he looked at Yan Qingshan madly and ferociously, roaring, a brown flame like the earth, suddenly surge out of his body.

Amidst the roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, the flame condenses into the appearance of a giant turtle. This giant tortoise is covered with sharp fire thorns, and its huge mouth is full of blade-like fangs.

Yan Qingshan’s performance was quite plain, and he looked steadily forward and said: “Turtle spirit earth fire, Heavenly Flame ranks thirteenth on the list. This Heavenly Flame passed to you. In your hands, it really is It’s a waste!”

“You die to me!!!”

The Fire Spirit gathered by the turtle spirit’s earth fire took shape, and the face of the medicine became more and more ferocious, angry roar, That huge Fire Spirit was moving four hooves, and the huge tail full of sharp fire thorns behind it, directly and ruthlessly slammed Yan Qingshan.

“Little Yao Tian, ​​you are also equipped with display one’s slight skill before an expert.”

Yan Qingshan’s body flickered. Among the coldly snorted, two divine lights flew out from the body, Turned into two figures, the Fallen Heart Flame exuding a faint fire, and the Three Thousand Raging Fire with purple hair and a purple dragon ring. The appearance of the two clones attracts countless light.

Yan Qingshan’s Fallen Heart Flame clone beckoned a little, and a huge translucent fire snake near thousand zhang was formed in the sky. The snake flicked at will, and the Fire Spirit of the turtle spirit’s earth fire immediately screamed. The sound almost dissipated in its entirety, and only a few residues finally swept into Yao Tian’s body.

“pu pu… ”

Yao Tian’s complexion turned white again, and his mouth spurt blood shot out immediately. Turtle spirit earth fire ranked only thirteenth, Yan Qingshan’s Fallen Heart Flame is only ranked fifteenth. The reason why he lost so simply is that the owner of Heavenly Flame does not have it. It is really useless.

“Big brother, be careful!”

“Yao Tian, ​​rewind.”

“Everyone, let’s do it together.”

Don’t worry about Yao How domineering Tian was just now, at least when he fell down the wind, the performance of the group of people in front of him was still qualified. The medicine spirit supported a soul barrier to block the strength of Yao Tian from being removed. One after another attack hit Yan Qingshan. Prevent him from pursuing.

“hmph! !!!”

Yan Qingshan’s pupil light is like electricity, two clones are dispatched at the same time, and the thousand zhang fire snake of Fallen Heart Flame continues to chase and make a bigger The movement and the silence went all the way, and the Three Thousand Raging Fire, in the form of a fire dragon, flew in the direction of Yan Clan Huo Xuan and Huo Zhi.

Yan Qingshan took advantage of the victory here, but these Imperial Clan powerhouses didn’t want Yan Qingshan to continue like this. They responded quickly, even if they looked at Gu Clan, who was unwilling to be an enemy of Yan Qingshan. People are also all dispatched to hinder Fallen Heart Flame clone’s action.

Thousand zhang fire snake was finally stopped, and on the other side, the Three Thousand Raging Fire incarnation fire dragon, a huge flame red lotus and a pair of huge thousands zhang fire wings soared into the sky , The three flame unusual forms competed, and finally accompanied by a muffled sound, a terrifying storm swept out.

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