Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 369

“Ten of you, I will return Interesting, but that’s all.”

Yan Qingshan opened his mouth again and brought a fierce wind. At this time, there are only eight black smoke and Hun Feng Hun Yu left in the dense black fog. They are the ten sons of Hun Clan, and this time is considered a rare combination against the enemy.

“Yan Chairman, you are too big!”

Hun Yu is not pretending to be gentle and jade at this time, a touch of hostility surges on his face, palms directly It is clenched into a fist, punched out, driving the wind of terror.

Hun Feng not say a word, but the action was followed by an attack almost at the same time. The other eight silhouettes turned into black smoke were dispatched at the same time, and another round of black mist swept across Yan Qingshan. direction.

“Bang… ”

Countless vines rioted again, between the ground trembling, one after another vine plants broke out of the soil, among the debris flying around, tenacious plants The densely integrated wall stood in front of the people in Hun Clan, and immediately followed by an unfamiliar collision. The strong wind formed by the terrifying collision made the faces of everyone watching the game change extremely.

The ten sons of Hun Clan launched a second round attack fiercely, but the result of the matter was beyond everyone’s expectations, they fell on the contrary.

Plants that looked like giant trees continued to break out of the soil. Soon a forest appeared on the top of Tian Ming mountain. This giant tree hiding the sky and covering the earth, let the surrounding The breath of creatures became extremely terrifying, the majestic black mist quickly sparsed under one after another blue light, and even a few screams came from it.

Hun Feng’s complexion slightly changed, the dark Dou Qi gathered quickly, his eyes locked on Yan Qingshan’s position, and Hun Yu exchanged a glance, and the two shot almost at the same time.

“Black Hun Feng storm!”

“Jade Soul Space!”

Hun Feng’s body was rendered with a terrifying storm, Dou Qi inspired Celestial Phenomenon to change , Set off a flying sand running stone to form a black storm, while Hun Yu’s Dou Qi slowly diffuses all directions, it seems that the space is filled with a layer of black.

These two people at the same time actuate Heaven and Earth to change the space environment, and the eight black mists grow rapidly as if they have taken a tonic, and once again swept the direction of Yan Qingshan, this time like a hot knife through butter , Countless vines burst and splashed, and Hun Feng and Hun Yu also flew out at the same time.

Yan Qingshan heard two low sonic booms beside Yan Qingshan. As fast as lightning strikes, the space on both sides of him wriggled at the moment when the sonic boom sounded, Hun The silhouettes of Feng and Hun Yu are like ghost-like appearances, and two Dou Techniques blasted at his chest and back.


Between Yan Qingshan coldly snorted, countless vines spun up along his feet, quickly enveloping his body all around, and the green light floats. At the same time, two figures blasted the vines that spread out at the same time, whirled two muffled sounds, and Hun Yu and Hun Feng flew out at the same time.

This column of vines that is constantly cruising and spreading, the light is getting brighter and brighter, the light waves of dark green are rippling everywhere, the light is bright and dazzling, the blue light is constantly converging in the black mist, and the sound of chi chi is constantly coming out.

The brighter and brighter the beam of light is like a hot sun, the next moment the terrifying light sweeps across the country, everyone in this brief moment subconsciously closed their eyes.

Hun Yu and Hun Feng retreated quickly. On the surface of their bodies, the pitch-black Dou Qi condensed almost like a conditioned reflex, and quickly turned into a black shield that looked like a substance, but in this bright light Under the eruption, it was like a melting reaction of ice and snow, and chi chi continued to consume a large amount of Dou Qi.

One after another vines pierced through the air, like a sharp spear piercing the space, without the slightest stagnation, the heavily spotted on the black shield of the two, the protection of the two suddenly broke, and at the same time feel It’s a swift offensive like a storm.

They faced Yan Qingshan, who was a very ruthless attack, and they were coldly snorted in their hearts. They dealt with it desperately. At the same time, the eight great Hun Clan powerhouses, who were transformed into black mist, tried to gather again, intending to launch a counterattack. .

“Hun Yu, stop him.”

Hun Feng’s stature retreated, and the pitch-black Dou Qi exploded from his body in a flash, Hun Yu saw this Behind the scenes, he gritted his teeth slightly and turned in front of Yan Qingshan. A trace of dark flame flew out of his body. The fire curtain formed would burn like a tide and the vines that hit the sea, but his face became paler and paler. .

In many horrified eyes, Hun Feng has turned into countless soul phantoms all over his body. These phantoms form a strange magical formation, enveloping them, kneeling down with a pious face, and at the same time , There was also a one after another piercing soul sound wave in his mouth.

“Thousands of souls worship!!!”

Countless soul sound waves condensed in front of Hun Feng, and immediately turned into a sound wave arrow shot out, and the target was that Yan Qingshan is guarded by countless vines.

“wū wū wū wū ……”

Soul sound waves hit the sea of ​​vines severely, and countless vines burst into pieces, and for a while, hiding the sky sounded in the sky. And covering the earth’s soul whine, under these soul sound waves, many people with insufficient strength turned pale, and they flew back quickly while being injured.

The collision of sound waves in the sky spread, and the countless illusory souls around Hun Feng also flew into the sea of ​​billions of vines and exploded one by one, and were finally blown up, and Yan Qingshan also reappears.

Yan Qingshan’s eyebrows are slightly frowned. He didn’t expect these two people to have some abilities, but he could give him a slight look.

Beside Hun Feng, Hun Yu’s temperament changed suddenly, his hands Dou Qi gathered, countless vines were held in his hands, swirling black flames swept out.

In his pupils, there was a strange Devouring Power, which permeated out, and the energy between Heaven and Earth around him was continuously sucked into his body. Then he was completely swallowed by that kind of weird power.

“Yan Qingshan, you will lose today.”

Hun Yu smiled lightly, with a weird smile on the twisted face, countless vines in the unknown Black Flame The lower part burned out quickly, his palm slowly protruded, and a strange black flame suddenly emerged.

While the black flames tumbling, they faintly converge into a face, one after another Devouring Power, which is the violence surge out from the face of the face.

When this black face appeared, many voices sounded, and the eyes of Star Meteor Pavilion Little Hall Master Xiao Yan who were watching the battle flashed with a little desire.

“This is…the second Void Swallowing Flame in Heavenly Flame?”

“Void Swallowing Flame? Not the body, but a Dao Child fire!”

“Even if it’s a child fire, it’s not easy to deal with it. The ordinary powerhouse, I am afraid it will be difficult to carry a Dao Child fire, accidentally bursting into death, this Hun Yu can really dare to fight!”


There were discussions around, especially the Imperial Clan powerhouse, especially the survivors of Ling Clan, who are quite familiar with the power of this Void Swallowing Flame , Fear and resentment.

Void Swallowing Flame, Heavenly Flame ranked 2nd Ranked Heavenly Flame, this fire was born in nothingness, invisible, invisible to be grasped, so-called swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth, possessed With the power of Devouring All Living Things, between Heaven and Earth, only a few things can counter the power of devouring.

This Void Swallowing Flame has always existed in legends. The Great Influences of Central Plain have never heard of it being surrendered, but the top Imperial Clan leaders know that this Heavenly Flame has always been Hun Clan’s hole cards.

“zhi zhi 叽叽……”

Countless vines and giant trees were burned and swallowed, and the black flames around Hun Yu seemed to be a little more majestic, and his face became Fierce, among the black flames, there is also a cry of one after another with allow some excitement.

Hun Yu jié jié smiled, the breath on his body skyrocketed, as if he had taken some tonic, “Yan Qingshan, it seems that Lord Void is very interested in your power!”

“It’s just a sub-fire of a Void Swallowing Flame, you just swell like this.”

Yan Qingshan looked at Hun Yu, faintly smiled, a cyan-green flame slowly Spreading outside the body, the breath of vigorous creatures burst out.

Hun Yu gave out a weird laugh, “Heavenly Flame ranks nineteenth Green Lotus Core Flame, Yan Qingshan, you are bringing about one’s own destruction. Even if the fire in my hand is just a little fire, clean it up. The Heavenly Flame is more than enough, unless it is among the top ten, except for the Life Spirit Flame.

However, the Three Thousand Raging Fire you have is still a bit behind, and it’s just barely taking it out. It’s just a response. Among the Heavenly Flames controlled by people in the world, only Nine Quiet Gold Ancestral Flame, Gold Emperor Heaven Burning Flame and Eight Desolation Shattering Flame can suppress the sub-fire of Lord Void.”

Void Swallowing Flame’s sub-fire is extremely powerful. Heavenly Flame, which ranks behind the top ten, can’t fight against it. Among the Yao Ceremony after the original work, Hun Xu is relying on the strongest sub-fire of Void Swallowing Flame. Suppressed the two Planet-Star battles between Yao Wan Huo and Old Man Shen Nong.

Among the top ten Heavenly Flames on the Heavenly Flame list, the other sub-fires that stand alone against Void Swallowing Flame may encounter some trouble, but they can still be suppressed, that is, the difficulty of suppression is different. But there is one exception to this, and that is Life Spirit Flame.

Life Spirit Flame is indeed quite powerful, with a variety of magical effects, but it is among the top ten Heavenly Flames, and only one Heavenly Flame that has never had a strong Destruction Strength. The subfire of Void Swallowing Flame will be at a disadvantage.

However, the Heavenly Flame currently used by Yan Qingshan combines Green Lotus Core Flame and Life Spirit Flame, and has a power comparable to or even surpassing Gold Emperor Heaven Burning Flame.

“Hun Feng, you guys come and help me together.”

Hun Yu raised his palms between the weird smiles, and the black flames in his hands turned out to be open. Big mouth, biting on his palm fiercely, Dou Qi continuously surged out in his body, and was swallowed into the black inflammation in the end.

Hun Feng turned into a black mist and mixed Hun Yu with the other nine great experts of Hun Clan. Nine of them suffered the energy of Void Swallowing Flame at the same time. Although Hun Yu looked pale, he Barely able to bear it.

This Dao Child fire engulfed many Dou Qi, the original head-sized body, shook his body nearly hundred zhang, the sky was black and blazing, and it was vaguely visible that there was a black hole in the flame, and the people present You can feel Dou Qi in your body begin to stir.

“Speaking of which, every time I watch Xiao Yan use this move, I use it myself, it always feels weird!”

Yan Qingshan’s whole body is rendered Suddenly divided into two, the two Heavenly Flames of similar colors collided instantly, and a delicate Green Lotus that looked like a handicraft quickly took shape.

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