Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 372

“These words are the old rules, please don’t mind…”

The old man Baoshan laughed loudly after introducing him and standing in front of the auction platform. He coughed, “Now that the people are almost there, there is no need to talk nonsense, this Space Auction Fair, let’s start!”

The old man Baoshan’s words just fell, great hall All the eyes within it were gathered on the auction stage. Many people’s eyes faintly allowed some expectation and enthusiasm. Everyone knows that what can be traded here will not be anything ordinary.

“Everyone, let’s start auctioning the first item of this Space Auction Fair.”

The palm of the old man Baoshan wiped out in front of him, and a pair of white bone wings appeared. In the sight of everyone, the sound of wind and thunder was faintly heard from within Gu Yi, showing that it was extremely extraordinary.

This is a pair of Demon Phoenix wings, Heavenly Demon Phoenix wings, capable of refining the world’s superb Flying Dou Technique. Of course, this thing is also a great trouble.

Heavenly Demon Phoenix family values ​​the bloodline of clansman’s body very seriously. If anyone dares to take it privately, once discovered by the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, they will be undying endlessly and will surely attract the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family Of encirclement and suppression.

Although this is the case, there are still some outlaws who have shot out for profit. Now this pair of Heavenly Demon Phoenix wings is a certain Heavenly Demon Phoenix wreckage that has been underhanded.

“Demon Phoenix Wings, the wings of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, everyone here should know how rare it is. If it is refined into Flying Dou Technique… Things to prepare…”

The old man Baoshan smiled and said that he was not afraid to offend the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan. Looking at the Central Plain, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan is extremely powerful, but there are still some stronger forces than them.

Behind the scenes of this trade fair, there are too many forces involved. The old man behind Baoshan is not nobody, and he is not the owner of the goods, so he is not afraid of revenge from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan.

“The owner of the Demon Phoenix Wing wants to exchange for a Tier Eight medicine pill that has experienced four-color Pill Thunder. After evaluation, the Demon Phoenix Wing is worth this price. If you are interested, please Let’s make a price!”

The old man Baoshan’s voice fell, and the great hall fell silent again. There was no one in the great hall talking. But for this, the old man Baoshan was not in a hurry, it was still A smile on his face.

This silence lasted for a long time, and finally a hoarse voice sounded, “I want it…”

A silhouette wrapped in a cloak threw it away. A jade bottle away, the old man Baoshan took it and took a look. With no one bidding, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix wing was successfully taken by the bidder.

This transaction is very simple. Both parties deliver at the same time, but the things they take out are very expensive.

Space Auction Fair is very different from ordinary auctions. The old Baoshan and their behind power are very extraordinary, and their ability to appraise treasures is very extraordinary. In this case, it is almost impossible to find out.

“The second auction item, Diamond Glazed Form, Heaven Class low level Dou Technique, this Dou Technique was created by Holy Sage Liu Li thousands of years ago…”

The first After a transaction item was successfully traded, there was a second transaction item. This time is an extremely rare Heavenly Tribulation Dou Technique. Although it is only Heaven Class low level Dou Technique, this Dou Technique is not limited to attributes. It is the cultivation Strength of Fleshly Body, which is quite rare.

Yan Qingshan is not interested after taking a look. Heaven Class Dou Technique is not important to him now, let alone trifling Heaven Class low level, even Heaven Class high level Dou Technique is not suitable He won’t touch it, he has enough means.

The old man Baoshan smiled and offered the bid code, “The owner of Dou Technique wants to exchange for a volume of Heaven Class low level water element Qi Method, or a medicine pill with matching value……”

Yan Qingshan is not interested in this Heaven Class Dou Technique, but there are many people in the great hall who are interested in this volume of Dou Technique. In less than two minutes, there are four The scroll appeared in the hands of Old Baoshan.

Heaven Class Qi Method, even among forces like Pill Tower, is extremely rare, but four of them suddenly appeared here, which shows the high quality of this Space Auction Fair.

After the exchange of Heaven Class Dou Technique Qi Method, there are trades one after another, and the items that appear are getting more and more dazzling, from Dou Technique to Qi Method, from medicine pill to heavenly materials The earthly treasures range from weapons to medicinal cauldron.

However, everything that is taken out is enough to cause a commotion in the outside world, but here, it seems so ordinary.

When a volume of Poison Scripture called’Heavenly Dark Poison Canon’ appeared in the middle, I asked for two Tier Eight medicine pills from Pill Thunder, and traded for a nine-color Pill Thunder before wandering around in Space Town. Same as the source stone, Yan Qingshan took the shot.

Both of these are useful things to Xiao Yi Xian and Medusa in the original book, and he will of course keep them for them. However, with their current strength, most of these two distinct things will not play a big role.

This Heavenly Dark Poison Canon was created by a powerhouse named Holy Sage Tian You Du thousands of years ago. This powerhouse loves poison in his life. This poison canon One of his inheritance, Yan Qingshan also gained some gains after flipping through it.

There is no distinction between medicine and poison. He started his career by medicine and poison. Although these methods are hardly needed now, it is a good thing to gain more.

Along with the successful completion of the transaction for each item, the atmosphere in the great hall is also seduce a lot by these things. Under many cloaks, there are fiery eyes shooting out, staring firmly. The old man from Baoshan in the center of the great hall.

Yan Qingshan is still waiting for neither fast nor slow. His final goal for the Space Auction Fair this time has not appeared yet, but he has already inquired about the news before, basically not mistaken.

In his original idea, he wanted to have private contact with the sellers behind Baoshan Old Man before this Space Auction Fair, and it is best to get the deal in advance. Unfortunately, the holding forces of this Space Auction Fair have failed to appreciate. Somebody’s kindness, if you don’t give him the face of the Pill Tower giant, he can only come here in person.

Yan Qingshan’s hand, thumb and index finger rubbed slowly. He searched for this last map fragment for many years. He originally wanted to obtain it in advance by relying on the huge intelligence network of Pill Tower, but unfortunately there was no clue. In the end, the Space Auction Fair could only be found by the original rules.

“Everyone, the following item is related to a legend. A few days ago, the Tian Ming mountain range battle, before Hun Clan powerhouse retreated, it mentioned Jinglian Demon Fire. I think everyone should know something about this!”

After the old man Baoshan finished an item transaction, he lifts the head with red light on his face, looked at the great hall, laughed, and shook his palm. A piece of yellowed ancient leather paper appeared in his hands, “Everyone, this item is related to the legendary Demon Fire.

This seems to be just a map. Fragment, there is no special energy on it, but after our research, we have concluded that it is indeed related to the Demon Fire. And just a few days ago, a powerhouse from Pill Tower wanted to talk to me in Mirror Jewel Mountain privately. Trading…”

The old man Baoshan held up the old leather paper in his hand, and with the fall of his last word, almost everyone in the great hall focused their eyes on the old map. fragment on.

Jinglian Demon Fire, Heavenly Flame ranked Ranked 3rd, this kind of Heavenly Flame that almost only exists in the legend, this kind of top three Heavenly Flame, is completely legendary, representing a kind of The real power of destroying heaven and extinguishing earth.

Different from the more mysterious Heavenly Flame rankings number one and number two, the Demon Fire of Demon Fire has been subdued in the record, and the demon sage of Demon of the Demon of the continent is alive. At that time, the ancient Imperial Clan was overwhelming, and it was so majestic.

If such a powerful Heavenly Flame can be obtained and controlled, it will surely become the true Peak powerhouse of the continent. This is the tyrannical Heavenly Flame that even the ancient Imperial Clan was enthusiastic about!

Absolute silence in the great hall, the old man from Baoshan smiled slightly. He knew the attractiveness of Jinglian Demon Fire, so he kept a map fragment related to it until now. .

He greeted the fiery gaze from the one after another staring at the map fragment, and he was very happy. The three Sects of Pill Tower had not considered the previous transaction, but after thinking about it, he decided to auction it. In order to get the most benefit, Pill Tower’s request can be used as a selling point.

“Roaming Sect, Black Sky Sect, Mirror Jewel Mountain, you are very good!”

Above the stone seat, Yan Qingshan’s palm unconsciously touches the handle of the stone chair Crushed, he didn’t expect, the old Baoshan had the courage to put himself together.

Before he sent someone to subscribe to ask for it privately, it was a bad rule. These three Sects refused. Although he was a little unhappy in his heart, he still couldn’t do anything.

But now, the old man Baoshan sends out the news he asked for. Although he did not specify who it is, he is also using him and using Pill Tower to drive up the price of the map fragment stalls. This is taking him for fun!

“The owner of this map fragment wants to use it to exchange some medicine pill. The quality of medicine pill must be at least six-color Pill Thunder. As for the quantity, it depends on everyone… …”

The old man Baoshan smiled slightly, then glanced at the audience, and said loudly: “Now the bidding starts, please, please!”

In the great hall, for this map fragment There are obviously a lot of interested people. At the moment, there is an old and hoarse voice: “Three Tier Eight medicine pill with six-color Pill Thunder.”

In less than two minutes, One after another The sound of bidding suddenly made the atmosphere hot, and the price of bidding rose rapidly in the eyes of the old man Baoshan with a smile.

Everyone knows that the value of a map fragment is far less than this number, but if anyone can really rely on this map fragment to find Jinglian Demon Fire, then these losses are not worth mentioning. Although it is just a map fragment, many people are willing to do it.

The medicine pill of the six-color Pill Thunder is just a starting point. Soon someone bids for the Divine Pill of the seven-color Pill Thunder. The Tier Eight medicine pill is divided into nine colors, and it can be called as seven colors. Divine Pill, this level of medicine pill, even has a good effect on Half Sage.

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