Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 377

The nine-color python in the sky slowly swims with a snake letter, and a pair of cold nine-color snake eyes locks on the only human among the thousands of silhouettes.

Yan Qingshan beckoned to the nine-color python slightly, the snake’s head flicked, dozens of seven colored scales under the snake’s mouth suddenly fell automatically, turning into dozens of incomparable gigantic Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python, and then snaking around each other, like a snake net.

The huge Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python in the sky slowly occupies a huge body with a colorful and brilliant luster. It surges out violently from its body. The huge body of Heaven Swallowing Python begins to shrink, and finally That one after another stared in astonishment, turned into a beautiful figure with enchanting curves.

The brilliance in the sky gradually dissipated, and the enchanting shadow appeared in the line of sight. Cold, enchanting, bringing calamity to the country and the people… When I first saw the faintly charming face with a cold glamour, many people’s heartbeats were quietly speeding up the frequency, such a person Son, it can be called a peerless stunner.

The enchanting person in the sky appeared, and the jade hand faced the dozens of Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python in the sky. The latter was whizzing down and finally turned into one after another Colorful brilliance swept into his body.

These Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python are not actually condensed by energy, but the real Heaven Swallowing Python soul, dozens of Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python souls. The number of Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python, which has always been pitifully small, appears so many at once, which is really quite rare.

The colorful brilliance intertwined and set off behind her, forming a very beautiful round of colorful god wheels, which is very powerful.

The astonishment of countless Nine Underworld Python clansman below, the jade man in the sky did not pay attention to it, swept across this world slowly with a trace of lazy and cold eyes, it looked like The queen who examines her subjects is indifferent and majestic.

However, for those who are affected by those lazy eyes, their heart will throb and throb violently. Some people with weak minds are even more flushed, Dou in the body Qi is all confused.

The enchanting jade person’s eyes just swept roughly below, and then moved away without stopping, looking at the youth beside the demon, above her delicate face, squatting. allow some soft smile, a pair of nine-color eyes, full of joy.

On her enchanting cheek, there is also a slow curve, like a blooming peony, charming and moving, and beautifully stunning.

Yan Qingshan looked at the exquisite face that was so beautiful that it was a little dazzling. The smile on that face actually made him feel a little trance. He shook his head and came back to his senses. Wild Beast smiled right.

Medusa smiled, narrow and beautiful eyes swept across him slowly, and then the slender eyebrows were slightly raised, and the smile on the comics became more brilliant. “You have improved a lot, but , This time seems to have been overtaken by others again!” Yan Qingshan did not reply, his hands were slightly opened to make a hug, while Queen Medusa moved lightly, with a seductive touch. Xiangfeng of Xiangfeng approached.

Her beautiful eyes flickered, a slender jade onion finger suddenly pointed at Yan Qingshan like lightning, and at her fingertips nine-color luster became faintly discernible, a strange energy quietly spread.

“People are better than you again! My husband, are you still going to eat soft rice!”

Queen Medusa pointed at his between the eyebrows and turned The lovable body moved and hugged her, and her strength surpassed Yan Qingshan, which made her feel good, and she put her face on the side of Yan Qingshan’s face to make her affectionate, and her mood was quite happy.

At this moment, Medusa seems to have once again become the Queen Medusa that was difficult to tame in the past, cold and charming, and has a stronger self-confidence.

“Queen, I hope you are still so confident in the big evening.”

Yan Qingshan slightly embraced the beauty in his arms, feeling the amazing elasticity of the slender waist, laughed To provoke this great beauty in reverse.

Queen smiled proudly and snorted proudly: “hmph! Then you have to work hard to satisfy this queen…”

“What is your current strength? Yes.”

Yan Qingshan and Medusa interacted warmly, hugged her slender and soft snake waist, and asked in a low voice.

“I should be 4-Star Fighting Saint…”

Queen Medusa puts both hands around his neck, and is also slightly smiled, speaking truthfully, no matter how strong she is How tyrannical and how strong in front of outsiders, but before the man in front of her, she is still able to show her rare gentleness and cuteness.

“You see this is the chance of others, it really depends on your help!”

Queen Medusa said, raising the jade hand and drawing her sleeves. Down, revealing a jade-like wrist that looks like suet. On that wrist, there are colorful snake patterns that extend up along Cai Lin’s jade arms, only leaving some snake patterns on the outside.

This strange snake pattern, combined with Medusa’s stunning face, reveals a strange charm, tempting people to want to continue to dive in and taste this thorn in depth. Nine-color roses.

Yan Qingshan lowered his head slightly, his eyes flashed with weird silver light, his big hands were holding the silky wrists in the envy and fiery eyes, and his fingers gently rubbed the colorful snakes. Pattern.

These snake patterns have life force, not energy bodies, but real Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python, the snake souls that have survived countless Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python.

Queen Medusa whispered in his ear: “What you said is good, at the bottom of Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, there is a nest of Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python family hidden. I have gained the inheritance of the ancestors. .

There are some ancestors among them. Although the physical body is damaged, the soul still survives. I awakened them, and they are also attached to my body. I can use their power to fight, even if it is I am not afraid of 5-Star Fighting Saint.

But unfortunately, although these ancestors have remnant souls, they are not complete souls. It is too difficult to restore them.”

Yan Qingshan took the jade wrist to the side and smiled, “It’s okay, I have become Tier Nine Alchemist, leave it to me to fix the soul!”

Queen Medusa looked at Yan Qingshan , Leaning his head on his shoulder obediently, “You have become a Tier Nine Alchemist, 3-Star Fighting Saint. It looks like it is impossible to surpass you too!”

“hehe! So Queen , You have to work hard to prevent your husband from surpassing, but I really want to retire early!”

Yan Qingshan laughed, the two embraced each other, just like no one else. Dog food, Hei Qing and Yao Luo next to them have a dark face. The two are not without female companions, but those who are hard to say are partners. They are so uncomfortable for these two alternative single dogs to show their affection to the dog food. .

It’s a pity that just picking one of these two in front of you can suppress the current Nine Underworld Python family. Although it is very uncomfortable, they can’t do anything, they can only watch it.


In the Great Hall of the Dark Snake, Yan Qingshan and Medusa are discussing things, and there is a slight sound of footsteps outside.

“Little Child Shan, what are you looking for with me…”

At the same time as the voice of energetic and bustling came, a silhouette rushed in front of them, the first to be printed into the field of vision Yes, it is a silhouette of a slightly familiar woman, with a faintly charming long purple hair fluttering at will, has faded from the appearance of a little girl, but has completely turned into a big beauty.

The tall figure is wrapped in a set of dark Golden close-fitting Battle Armor. The Battle Armor is not bloated, and it is tightly attached to the exquisite and lovable body, which outlines the graceful and sexy curve.

In the faint temptation, there is a kind of coldness that pierces the bones of one’s bones. The little girl back then is so charming and enchanting now.

Zi Yan’s exquisite face was originally meant to allow some coldness because of his high position for many years. Between the slender willow brows, the faint superior temperament can be seen vaguely. As the Dragon Emperor Your Majesty of the Ancient Void Dragon, when it truly matures, the demeanor of the king will only make people daunting.

But just now, the future Dragon Emperor made an instant success because of his cheerful voice. The cold and majestic Dragon Emperor is still the energetic and bustling girl in front of Yan Qingshan.

“Cough cough, Zi Yan, pay attention, it’s the Dragon Emperor anyway…”

Yan Qingshan was being fed a sip of wine by Queen and almost surprised by Zi Yan Shocked, he yelled angrily while covering his mouth.

“Heh, are you ashamed to say me!”

In front of Zi Yan Yan Qingshan, with the advantage of being tall, he looked down at him with his hands embracing him, “You are in charge of Pill Tower giants, don’t do things in Central Plain, why come to our beastland to do!”


Yan Qingshan suddenly smiled and stretched out his hand to take the Dragon Emperor The adult took it into her arms and put it on her leg, and lightly nodded her Qiong nose.

Zi Yan’s face is still a little thin, and he can’t stand his behavior. He unnaturally turns away from Zhenshou to prevent him from succeeding, but he doesn’t leave his side, making it quite difficult to sit and stand. Ann.

Yan Qingshan raised the wine glass to Zi Yan’s lips, but Little Lass was a little bit cowardly leaning toward the first: “Don’t be like this, I came here this time and brought you Elder, they are outside. Waiting! Change time, things are done, let’s do this again…”

“Okay! When the time comes Dragon Emperor Lord, you have to take care of me!”

Yan Qingshan heard Zi Yan’s words, and he became a little more straightforward, but before his attitude became honest, he still ate some tofu at the place where the Dragon Emperor was quite upright, and made some red-faced promises. Let go of a certain Dragon Emperor.

Zi Yan Weiwei leaned against Yan Qingshan and said strangely: “You are here alone at this time, Qing Ling and Xiao Yi Xian!”

Yan Qingshan shook his head , “They are secluded cultivation, and the matter this time involves the animal domain, it’s not a good thing to have too many Human Races.”

Zi Yan said curiously: “You are so anxious to send the information, in the end What’s the matter, you have to take a trip yourself.”

Yan Qingshan looked into the depths of the Beast Territory in a certain direction, “The dragons in the Beast Territory have been without a master for so long, it’s time to unite. , The Sky Phoenix Festival of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family is about to begin.”

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