Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 378

“Sky Phoenix Festival! You have to mix your hands on this matter. This is too risky.”

Zi Yan heard Yan Qingshan mention Sky Phoenix Festival At that time, I was not consciously frowned, just like Gu Clan had an adult ceremony. The Sky Phoenix Festival is an adult ceremony of the young powerhouse of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family.

It’s just that unlike the Gu Clan Mitzvah that invites the major Peak forces in the Central Plain, the Sky Phoenix Festival is the Magic Beast clan of the Sky Phoenix bloodline descendant. The ceremony held is mainly based on the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan. Lord, it doesn’t invite foreign forces, even the forces within the Beast Territory are the same.

Zi Yan frowned: “The Magic Beast Three Large Clans in the Beast Domain, the Ancient Void Dragon clan and the Nine Underworld Python clan, can indeed control the general situation in the Beast Domain. There is a great possibility of unifying the Beast Domain in the war.

Sky Phoenix Festival is a grand gathering of the Magic Beast clan of Phoenix Blood. It not only gathers the powerhouse of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan. If you start at that time, you will not be very sure. .

Clan Leader Huang Tian of Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, is a 5-Star Late Phase Fighting Saint powerhouse. Although I barely broke through 5-Star Fighting Saint, I’m not sure. I want to. To unify the animal domain, it’s better to wait for my breakthrough 5-Star Middle Phase and plan again!”

Yan Qingshan slightly smiled, waved his hand and said: “I know what you are worried about, in Sky Phoenix It is easy to cause hostility and siege from many Phoenix blood races, but if there is a contradiction within these Phoenix bloodline descendants, Zi Yan is taken aback first, and then flashes through his mind. A silhouette, “There are also yours in the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, is that Feng Qing Er?”

Yan Qingshan slightly smiled, nodded and said: “Do you still remember the one you gave me back then? To the Phoenix Wing!”


Beastland, the huge area where Magic Beast and Human Race are mixed, is not inferior to the Central Plain Central Area. This is the paradise of Magic Beast clan. , Primordial’s environment hides many opportunities, as with the Central Area, there are countless wonderful things.

Among the huge animal domain, the most eye-catching existence is undoubtedly the Three Great Clans group standing on the Peak of the pyramid, Ancient Void Dragon, Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, and Nine Underworld Python.

Magic Beast Three Large Clans, the Ancient Void Dragon clan has not been seen for many years, the vassal is relatively rare, and its power has declined over the years.

The Nine Underworld Python family is large in number and is the strongest among Three Great Races, but in terms of the quality of the powerhouse, it is weaker than the other two families.

The Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan has been in the disappearance of the Ancient Void Dragon clan over the years, and has continued to accumulate strength to develop secretly. Now they almost have the status of the uncrowned king in the animal domain. Their every move is naturally attracting attention.

Sky Phoenix Ceremony is a ceremony of the ancient Sky Phoenix clan disappearing in the long river of history. Many Magic Beast races with the ancient Phoenix Race bloodline pay homage to the ancient Sky Phoenix ceremony. It is also the bloodline display of the ancient Phoenix races. The stage of strength.

Ancient Era, the ancient Sky Phoenix and Ancient Void Dragon fought endlessly and finally failed. The pure-blooded Sky Phoenix has long ceased to exist. Only some branches that inherit the Sky Phoenix bloodline still exist. Among them are The Heavenly Demon Phoenix family closest to the Sky Phoenix family.

Recently, the animal domain is extremely lively, and the protagonist of this lively is the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan in the Three Great Clans group, because the Sky Phoenix festival hosted by them is about to begin.


The venue of the Sky Phoenix Festival is the famous Phoenix Mountain range in the Beastland Zhizhong and the famous Phoenix Meteorite mountain range. Legend has it that this is the place where the ancient Sky Phoenix clan ended. The home of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan.

In the Phoenix meteor mountain range, the primitive forest of emerald green exudes extremely rich life breath, and the Phoenix phoenix nests are scattered among the phoenix trees.

The rising sun hangs high, and the sun falls on the earth. One after another, the silhouette of spreading wings continues to converge to the majestic Huangmei mountain range.

A round of divine rainbow across the horizon, beautiful Luan birds walked together, stretched their wings to the sky above the Phoenix Mountain range, slowly falling into silhouettes, One of the young girls with outstanding temperament stared at the center of Huangyu mountain range.

“Sky Phoenix Festival, I want to come to this is the stage she has been waiting for!”

Mu Qing Luan looked at the Phoenix Mountain Range Central Zone in the distance, and a certain flashed in his mind. Proud silhouette, that is her rival for a long time, but she can also be regarded as her girlfriends and sisters, at least in the option of men, they have something in common.

The center of the Phoenix Mountain range is a huge valley. Phoenix nests are attached to the mountains and valleys. Together they guard the most central ancient phoenix altar. The breath of the Phoenix nests soars into the sky. All kinds of powerful breaths are mixed together, and there are thousands of prosperous scenes.

The all around of the ancient phoenix altar is a huge suspended platform. There are many seats scattered on the top, some of which have many silhouettes, one after another, and the lively conversation continues. The outgoing is very lively.

Above these stone stages, there are stone chairs lined up side by side. On both sides of these stone chairs, the beautiful maid with wings stretched past like a butterfly. The jade cups and saucers on the table are neatly arranged.

“The Tianluan clan is here!!!”

With the sound of the call, Mu Qing Luan flew down with the clansman, led by the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan envoy We have reached a very wide stone stage.

There are many similar suspended stone stages around the stone stage where she is, and there are already many silhouettes on the stone platforms everywhere. The breath of these silhouettes is strong and weak, but they all have a unique characteristic. From time to time, someone stretches out their wings.

The one who can come to participate in this Sky Phoenix festival is naturally the well-known figures of the branches of the Phoenix tribe. Their temperament and strength are extremely outstanding. Being here, it is as if you have come to heaven, one after another stretched out The silhouette of the wings is like an angel in heaven.

“Qing Luan, you see, that is the most powerhouse of my major Phoenix tribe, the Clan Leader of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, the Huang Tian saint.”

Mu Qing Beside Luan, a Dou Zun Elder of the Tianluan clan pointed out: “Didn’t expect this time Sky Phoenix Festival. Even he appeared. It seems that the rumors are good. Among the festivals at this time, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan is very May have to choose the next successor.”

Mu Qing Luan followed this Elder’s guidance and saw that the highest point of the many stone stages, a silhouette dressed in purple robes, was sitting upright A pair of golden and incomparably majestic eyes glanced at each side.

This silhouette sitting in a high position alone is the master of this Sky Phoenix festival, the real king of phoenixes, and under him, sitting three silhouettes, the rest of the eyes are looking When towards these four people, they are all filled with awe.

Among the three, the one in the middle is a woman in a red dress. She looks about thirty or so, but her breath is terrifyingly powerful, a pair of slightly The slender eyebrows are erected lightly, baleful aura is implicit, and the two old men beside her are both to close eyes.

These four existences are the cream of the crop powerhouse of the entire Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, the ninth-order Magic Beast of Supreme in the beast domain, and the four fighting saints of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan. Except for Clan Leader Huang Tian, ​​the remaining three are respected as Celestial Demon Sanhuang. Although they are not as powerful as Huang Tian, ​​they are also the powerhouse of real deal.

“It’s auspicious time, Heavenly Demon Phoenix Festival, start!”

One after another, the silhouette that spreads its wings slowly falls on a stone stage, accompanied by the last phoenix. With the arrival of the clan branch, at noon, the Sky Phoenix Festival officially began.

A powerhouse of the phoenix clan followed the ancient rituals for a ceremony, and the senior officials of the phoenix clan watched the younger generation from above, observing the situation of the next generation.

Huang Tian’s next head, that scarlet clothed woman was on the stone stage of the Tianluan clan, and she saw Mu Qing Luan at a glance, “The girl from the Tianluan clan has good strength, little I have become Dou Zun at a young age.”

“Sister, that Little Lass should be the Little Brat where the Tianluan clan joined the Star Meteor Pavilion. The Star Meteor Pavilion has developed very rapidly over the years…”

Beside the red robe woman, an old man dressed in black robe opened his eyes and took a glance. His voice was extremely hoarse, and between his mouth slightly opened and closed, a kind of terrifying suction spread quietly. .

His name is Kun Huang, many of his opponents, after being captured by him, were swallowed alive by him. This man’s foul name is truly extremely resounding in the Magic Beast world. Many powerhouses everywhere are become terror-stricken at the news.

“The guys in the Star Meteor Pavilion, are they relying on those ancient Imperial Clan. When my Phoenix Clan was in its heyday, why not fear those so-called Dou Di clan.”

Another old man with a gloomy expression, snorted, was quite dissatisfied with his words. It was the eagle and phoenix among Celestial Demon’s three phoenixes.

Feng Huang, the red robe woman, is also coldly smiled, “The ancient Imperial Clan gang, we don’t need to bother for the time being. I heard that they have fallen out now. Hun Clan has committed public outrage and the two gangs are making trouble. It’s best to make friends all over.”

Eagle Phoenix chuckled and said: “Sister, this time the Sky Phoenix Festival is still the brightest face of our Heavenly Demon Phoenix family. Don’t look at joining the Star Meteor Pavilion. The Little Brat in Central Plain has a good reputation in Central Plain, but when she was in Central Plain, Feng Qing Er from my family kept pressing her head down!” Kun Huang on the side also said, His voice seemed a little hoarse, “The third child is telling the truth. Whether Jiu Feng or Huang Feng, or even the junior named Feng Qing Er, are far better than the rest of the Phoenix Clan, the general trend of the Phoenix Clan is still in Heavenly. Demon Phoenix family.”

Feng Huang is also nodded, “en! Of this generation, Huang Tian Clan Leader’s son Jiu Feng is the most outstanding. He has reached 9-Star and started Dou Qi’s ninth turn, but I want to It takes time to break through the holy realm!”

The conversation of the Three Great Saints fell in Huang Tian’s ears above. He didn’t change his expression, and his eyes were still patrolling all sides. , Watching a rising star of the Phoenix Clan.

A young powerhouse of the Phoenix clan stands in various places under the leadership of the veteran Clan Leader of the Phoenix Clan, preparing for the opening of the Sky Phoenix Festival.

One after another young silhouette stands at the rear of the team. Among the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, two men and one woman attract the most attention.

Of these three women, naturally they are Feng Qing Er, who is famous for walking in the Central Plain as the Wind and Thunder Pavilion Little Hall Master, and the other two, one with white hair and the other With colorful eyes and good breath, they are both very extraordinary rising stars of the Monster Phoenix clan.

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