Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 379

“Nine Underworld Python family, Ancient Void Dragon family, listen to the Sky Phoenix festival, and come here to pay a visit.”

In the Huangyu mountain range, it’s in When the Phoenix Races gathered and wanted to start the Sky Phoenix Festival, suddenly bursts of noise came, and the subsequent loud voices echoed endlessly in the mountain range.

“Nine Underworld Python! Ancient Void Dragon! How did they come together.”

“What is going on, the Sky Phoenix Festival has always been just a grand gathering of my Phoenix family. There is a saying of visiting and observing the ceremony.”

“These two races came together, could it be troublesome? Could it be that my Phoenix race has developed rapidly over the years and wants to suppress it.”



In the Phoenix Mountain range, the Phoenix Races of all veins are in turmoil, and there are three major Magic Beast clan in the beast area. Two of them came to this Heavenly Demon Phoenix family together. , This matter is not simple from the inside out.

“The Ancient Void Dragon family was born. What is going on…”

On the high-hanging stone stage, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family Clan Leader Huang sits upright Tian, ​​with an expression for the first time, showed a little surprise and fear. Although he has developed the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family very well in these years, it is not a 1-star difference compared to the ancient Sky Phoenix.

But in Ancient Era, the glorious Sky Phoenix clan was ultimately defeated. The Ancient Void Dragon clan is the only ancient race without bloodline failure since ancient times. The background and strength are nothing else. Race can be compared.

“Clan Leader!”

Under Huang Tian, ​​Celestial Demon and the three phoenixes all raised their heads, waiting for the decision of the most powerful house of the Phoenix family, not just Heavenly Demon. Phoenix family, at this moment, all the Phoenix family branches are waiting for Huang Tian’s decision.

“Although it is unreasonable, but the visitor is a guest, everyone, come and meet me together!”

Huang Tian pondered for a long time, slowly got up and made a decision, As his voice fell, one after another tyrannical breath rose from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan.

“This is the Phoenix Mountain range, the place where the Sky Phoenix clan ends, and the last Sky Phoenix burial ground. It is said that if the Ancient Dragon clan hadn’t cleared the battlefield back then, it is very likely that something involving Supreme Magic would be born here. Beast’s resources.”

Outside the Phoenix Mountain range, countless Magic Beasts gather like tides, and at the forefront of countless Magic Beasts are the Nine Underworld Python family and the Ancient Void Dragon family. The high-level of, and the one who spoke just now was Yao Liao.

“Huangyue mountain range, if it weren’t for my Ancient Dragon clan to recover the corpse of the dragon clan powerhouse, it is really possible to reappears a Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit…”

Zi Yan looked at the Phoenix meteor mountain range in front of him, to close eyes felt the ancient breath in it, and finally sighed, “The ending battle of the ancient Sky Phoenix, I also paid for the Ancient Void Dragon It’s not a small price!”

Ancient Era, all kinds of tyrannical beast Magic Beast are constantly competing, Ancient Void Dragon, ancient Sky Phoenix, Ancient Heavenly Snake, Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python… many Magic Beast races are constantly fighting, among which the final battle for the overlord of Magic Beast is the ancient Sky Phoenix and Ancient Void Dragon.

The ancient Sky Phoenix and Ancient Void Dragon each have excellent ethnic innate talents. What’s more peculiar is that the fusion of the power of the two races will converge to become the true overlord of the Magic Beast world, the Supreme Dragon Phoenix .

The first thing that successfully transformed into Supreme Dragon Phoenix was the powerhouse of the ancient Sky Phoenix clan. During that period, Ancient Void Dragon was in a difficult situation. Fortunately, it finally got through to its own Dragon Phoenix. Phoenix.

Because these two Supreme Dragon Phoenix, which are comparable to Dou Di, the Two Great Races that fought to the end were the well-deserved overlord of Magic Beast at that time, accompanied by the death of the two Dragon Phoenix, two races Also launched the final bloody battle, and in the end, Ancient Void Dragon was slightly better.

The race battle is about victory, survival and defeat. The even better Ancient Void Dragon didn’t mean to let go of the ancient Sky Phoenix. The final battle broke out in the Phoenix Mountain range, all pure blood Sky Phoenix died in battle, and the Ancient Dragon family also lost a lot of powerhouses.

It is said that Ancient Era’s Phoenix meteor mountain range, but the true giant mountain is only this height now, and the most majestic central mountain is now the ancient phoenix altar, almost The huge valley deep underground, one can imagine the fierceness of the battle.

In the fierce battle, the two clans fell that many powerhouse, which also met the conditions for the birth of Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit. Zi Yan has read the clan records, and there was even the birth of Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit at that time. sign.

Only at that time, the Ancient Dragon clan’s loss was also very serious, and the birth of Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit takes time, and this is the ancestral land of the Phoenix clan after all. In order to avoid accidents, the ancient Dragon was evacuated. The clan took back all the dragon corpse and destroyed the nascent Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit.

“Huang Tian is here.”

Zi Yan looked at the Huangyu mountain range and seemed to have seen the ancient pictures across time and space, and she was feeling this ancient At the time of the breath, within Huangyu’s mountain range, one after another silhouette soared into the sky, and she immediately raised her head and looked over.

In the depths of the mountain range of the Phoenix meteor, the powerhouses of the ancient phoenix veins are collectively dispatched, the sky silhouette heavily, one after another huge wings are like black clouds, covering this world, and the distant and surrounding Huangmei The Magic Beast army in the mountain range confronted each other.

A huge monster phoenix vibrates the huge wings of several hundred zhang, and on the head of the monster phoenix, a silhouette dressed in purple robes stands holding hands, a pair of golden and incomparable majesty His pupils also cast towards Zi Yan.

“The Ancient Void Dragon clan is now the leader of the juniors? But this junior is not simple. Why is the Ancient Dragon clan so powerful.”

Huang Tian and Zi Yan Looking at each other, Yaoyao felt the strength of the other party, his fists clenched unconsciously. It was also 5-Star Fighting Saint. He was still close to the 5-Star Late Phase of 6-Star, but facing the young Zi Yan, he felt a little bit. Somewhat slumped.

Too young. The Ancient Dragon girl who came by this one is too young. At that age, she seems to be younger than his son, but this terrifying cultivation base is almost capable Caught up with him.

Feng Huang stretched his wings and came to Huang Tian’s side, “Clan Leader, that is the monster of the Nine Underworld Python clan. It is said that he was imprisoned by Yao Xiao Tian for many years, and was rescued by the current giant of the Pill Tower team. Regain power, the strength is slightly stronger than me.”

“Monster? It’s just a barely breakthrough 3-Star Fighting Saint, but it’s not something to worry about.”

Huang Tian slightly Glancing at Yao Liao, he then aimed his gaze at the Ancient Dragon clan camp. In his eyes, only dragon clan was the true opponent of the Phoenix clan.

“Clan Leader, on behalf of clansman, I will go and ask what the monsters intend to do, and spy on them by the way.”

Feng Huang took the initiative to invite Ying, and then his wings spread out. Silhouette has come to a place less than the hundred zhang from the Magic Beast frenzy. The Phoenix Mountain range below has already been surrounded by various Magic Beasts. Many of them are a region’s Overlord within this animal domain, with Dou Zun sitting in the town. .

Feng Huang looked at the monster and shouted: “You and the Ancient Void Dragon, come to my Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, what is it?”

“It turned out to be Feng Huang Young Miss, long time no see, you are still so charming!”

The demon slapped haha ​​with a little ridicule. It seems that Feng Huang is really like this An old acquaintance, “I came here today, thinking about the complicated situation in the Central Plain.

The Central Area is in chaos. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that a war broke out between the ancient Imperial Clan sooner or later, although I don’t want to Admit it, but those guys are the ones standing at the apex of the continent. The war between them is bound to cause a series of incidents, and it is difficult for our animal domain to stay out of the matter.

The things in the Central Area are related to my animal domain. It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to be involved, but I only belong to the Nine Underworld Python family. I am afraid I can’t resist the pressure from the ancient Imperial Clan. You know, Yan Clan came from my family and left Nine Quiet Gold. Ancestral Flame.

After thinking about it, I feel that only by uniting the major tribes in the Beast Territory can it be possible to withstand the pressure from the ancient Imperial Clan.

I and the Ancient Void Dragon Clan , And the many Magic Beast tribes here, came today to take the opportunity of the Sky Phoenix Festival to discuss this matter with your Monster Phoenix family. I hope you don’t get me wrong, we are not here to cause trouble!”

“Clan Leader…”

Feng Huang thought for a moment, then looked back at Huang Tian with some embarrassment. According to her own meaning, she didn’t want to join forces with the Ancient Dragon clan. But what the demon said is very reasonable.

The ancient Imperial Clan battle in the Central Area will allow them to watch the show with the Peak forces, who are not weak in strength, and who have the fighting saints, and that kind of thing, once it gets involved, it is Under the covering of the nest, if there are no eggs, it will definitely not be pleased.

If they have a way to avoid getting involved, this is a good thing, but cooperating with the Ancient Dragon clan is not a decision she can make.

“Monster Clan Leader, Huang Tian, ​​I have thought about what you said, but I can communicate with you. Now that you are here, you are the guests. Don’t be nervous, I The Heavenly Demon Phoenix family is not so stingy.”

Huang Tian is worthy of being an old river and lake. In a few words, he reversed the tense atmosphere of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family. He watched Huang Tian standing beside him in mid-air. Zi Yan, who is from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said loudly: “I don’t know which powerhouse this is from the Ancient Dragon clan. I have also dealt with your three dragon kings. This one is very strange!”

“My name is Zi Yan, and I am the daughter of the last Dragon Emperor Zhu Kun, the contemporary Sovereign of the Ancient Void Dragon family.”

Zi Yan Yaoyao and Huang Tian looked at each other in a long voice: “Huang Tian Clan Leader, your news is a bit lagging behind. The three dragons you mentioned are nothing but Royal Clan Bloodline. They cannot be called the Dragon King, and they have launched a rebellion and have already died in my hands.”

“Ancient Void Dragon, the daughter of Zhu Kun, the new Dragon Emperor.”

Huang Tian fell into silence after hearing Zi Yan’s words. The name Zhu Kun is really too It was too long, long enough to make Huang Tian feel terrified. When he was young, it was this Dragon Emperor who completely suppressed the resistance of the Phoenix Clan, and the entire continent was almost invincible.

“Take the post of Dragon Emperor Zhu Kun? What era of powerhouse is this, his daughter? I have never heard of it, it’s a lie!”

“How many girls are there? He took over as the Dragon Emperor when he was six years old. Isn’t there no one in the Ancient Dragon clan?”

“The news that the three dragon kings died hasn’t been leaked for so long. Dragon clan’s news is indeed tightly blocked!”

In and out of the Huangyu mountain range, Huang Tian and Zi Yan stared at each other, and the countless curious guys around had long been discussing it in secret.

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