Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 381

Above the dark heavy sky, the sound of deep thunder is constantly resounding, and the thick and oppressive clouds give people an extremely depressed feeling.

“hong long long……”

In the thick dark cloud, a thunder like a silver python suddenly tears the sky down and a silhouette is penetrated by the thunder The whole body trembled, and behind it came a loud wind and thunder, and the thunderbird with purple and blue lightning flash awakened and joined the battle.

On the stone platform outside the square, Kun Huang looked at this youngster and said solemnly: “Luo Ting, the young head of the clan of the thunderbird tribe, is a good genius. This pure bloodline is very close to the thunderbird. The ancestor of Thunder Phoenix!”

“The only ones left in the end are true powerhouses. None of them are simple characters. You must know that even my Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan has many variants. There are even those who are close to the blood of Sky Phoenix!” Eagle Phoenix said slowly, as if to confirm his words, a young powerhouse of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan suddenly ignited a fire, not ordinary Heavenly The dark phoenix flame of the Demon Phoenix family is not inferior to the Heavenly Flame, but a kind of scarlet flame in the heart of the earth, lingering around the body and awakening the bloodline, behind it appeared a red flame Divine Bird like the legendary Vermilion Bird.

Feng Huang, the head of the Celestial Demon Three Phoenixes, said: “This Zhu Feng is really competitive, and there are very few Demon Phoenix Clan people who have awakened the flame innate talent by mutation. But what surprised me was that. , The little girl of the Tianluan clan has quite a bit of strength, and she has persisted until now.”

Now the Sky Phoenix festival has reached the second half, and at this time, she is still continuing to condense the Phoenix shadow. Of course, it is a real great opportunity person.

Now there is more than one fighting saint here. Under the eyes of so many powerhouses, wanting to masquerade as having an ability is basically impossible.

In the middle of the square, there are less than 30 silhouettes who can still stand at this time. Many people are eliminated in a round of battle, and some people are ready to put a back on before they are eliminated, and it is difficult to deal with them. , He hit the crooked idea on the few people who were still awakening.

But unfortunately, their move is destined to be unsuccessful. The lower bloodline challenged the upper position. They are not some geniuses fighting across levels. It is only the outbreak of Dou Qi that disperses them. The phantom phoenix image cut them out.

These people who have not fully awakened the bloodline True Form are undoubtedly well-known figures in the Phoenix family. Not only are the bloodline amazing, but they are also extremely powerful, at least at the Dou Zun level. Sitting at the altar all around and watching the part of these powerhouses is not inferior.

billowing waves washing the sand, after such fierce battles, there are only twenty-four silhouettes that can still stand in front of the altar, and the twenty-four phoenix shadows are leading Power of Heaven The energy fluctuations between and Earth, this world have become more intense.

Among the twenty-four silhouettes, the five are still condensing the stature of the phoenix shadow, which is even more eye-catching. To this day, they can continue to awaken the bloodline. The ancient bloodline on these people is very close to the ancient Sky Phoenix is ​​out.

Along with a loud scream, the yellow bird with bright yellow feathers crosses the sky for nine days. This is the Divine Beast yellow bird that is very close to the ancient phoenix.

Mu Qing Luan’s body is also rendered with bright azure light, one head is gorgeous, the whole body is blue, the pointed tail feathers are particularly long, the two wings have many red yellow and white eye-like markings, and the body is particularly gorgeous. Huang appeared under countless eyes.

The legendary Divine Bird Qing Luan, the most beautiful Divine Beast after Sky Phoenix, and the Supreme King among Tianluan, this Divine Bird was born and immediately suppressed most of the phoenix shadows. Even a few powerhouses that awakened the Heavenly Demon Phoenix bloodline have fallen into a disadvantage.

“hmph! This is the ancestral land of my Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan…”

Mu Qing Luan greatly showing divine might suppress the limelight of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, naturally it arouses Because of the dissatisfaction with the powerhouse of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan who identified himself as the landlord, the one who was still gathering the Phoenix Shadow coldly shouted, and the Phoenix Shadow behind the Phoenix Cry burst into a loud voice.

This is a white-haired man with a bright body and a brocade coat. For the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, his age of about 30 is undoubtedly just a youth period.

The white-haired man has a very handsome appearance, and his smiling face makes him look extravagant, and he knows that he is not an ordinary person at a glance. And at this time, between his clear howl, behind revealed a huge Demon Phoenix statue.

The dark Heavenly Demon Phoenix presents a strange feeling, but compared with the ordinary Heavenly Demon Phoenix, the white-haired man’s pair of phoenix pupils have snow white eyeshadows, which is strange The feeling of coercion, it seems that even the energy in this world has become a bit disordered.

“Holy phoenix statue, Swallowing The Sky!”

The white-haired man coldly shouted down, and the illusory black phoenix behind was like a resurrection, sending out a sharp Phoenix Cry from the sky. , Immediately the huge wings vibrated, and a huge black light full of ten zhang swept across the square, one after another phoenix shadow burst open and was swallowed in.

The King of Ten Thousand Phoenixes, fighting out, this man is not only standing up for power, but also fighting against the other two to strengthen his own background.

“Huangfeng, do you think you can defeat me if you solve them!”

At the top of the altar, participating in the Sky Phoenix festival, Huang Tian, ​​the highest ranked Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan His son Jiu Feng drank coldly when he saw this scene.

Along with the powerhouse of the young head of the clan, a young head of the clan who was pre-designated as Heavenly Demon Phoenix, a huge phantom traveled across the sky, and the entire sky was violently distorted. Even the demon phoenix statue of the Phoenix Peak and the Qing Luan phantom of Mu Qing Luan were directly crushed.

“Jiu Feng deserves to be the most outstanding descendant of Clan Leader. With such a powerful bloodline icon, he has a great opportunity to break through and fight the saint.”

On the stone stage next to the altar Looking at Jiu Feng greatly showing divine might suppressing everyone, Kun Huang’s words made Jiu Feng’s father and Heavenly Demon Phoenix’s Clan Leader Huang Tian very happy that he has successors. If Jiu Feng succeeds in overpowering Zhuhuang to become Wanhuang’s Wang, the next generation Clan Leader of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family is basically determined.

“No, this Feng Qing Er is a mutated wind and thunder demon phoenix, but if I remember well, her demon phoenix ancient blood is not too strong, so how could she have not fully awakened yet? “

On the stone stage, Feng Huang, the head of Celestial Demon Three Phoenix, pays particular attention to Feng Qing Er because of her relationship with women. When she noticed Feng Huang’s more and more intense Feng Huang. When divine runes, I felt strange.

“Take blood as a bond, and use the bond as a symbol to awaken the ancestral soul!”

Before the altar, Feng Qing Er put his hands together, mutter incantations in his mouth, and the voice fell along with her , A bright light burst out from the sky, the light poured down from the sky, and then slowly fell on her body, one after another soaring through the Nine Heavens Sky Phoenix icon quickly fell.

“This is…that drove the arrival of the Sky Phoenix icon, unprecedented. What is the situation?”

The change at this moment naturally attracted everyone’s attention, especially It is the powerhouse of the various Phoenix tribes, and suddenly felt a strange feeling of bloodline boiling,


The earth trembled suddenly at this moment, one after another Sky Phoenix phantom suddenly broke out, a bleak breath inherited from ancient times, quietly spreading, under this breath.

“This is the power of the ancestral soul, but why is it attracted!”

Many Phoenix powerhouses noticed this breath, and their complexion suddenly changed. This is the previous Sky Phoenix festival. A scene that has never happened at that time, it is necessary to know that even the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan closest to the ancient Sky Phoenix, without some special ceremony, can not cause the ancestral soul to descend.

In today’s Sky Phoenix Festival, although there is a certain chance that the power of the ancestral soul will be awakened to help awaken the bloodline, it will never be the way it is now. The ancestral soul is completely born, and once the power is exhausted, it will dissipate in between Heaven and Earth, and this is not a good thing for the Huang Clan.

one after another Sky Phoenix remnant soul soaring through the Nine Heavens, they looked at the silhouette below that radiated dazzling light, the ancestor Sky Phoenix, although the bloodline is not so strong, it is true The pure blood of Sky Phoenix has a trace of Dragon Phoenix origin, which is the hope of the Sky Phoenix clan to rejuvenate.

At this moment, countless Sky Phoenix remnants awakened, and the energy gathered in the Phoenix Mountain range, one after another Huang Tian Phoenix statue burned silently, turned into a stream of light and poured into Feng Qing Er In his body, these ancestors of the Sky Phoenix clan chose to use their last strength to perfect the descendants, giving the Sky Phoenix clan a new lease of life.

The desolate breath rises slowly, the Feng Qing Er lovable body trembled in the sky, in the eyes, the golden light flickers, when the jade hand is lifted, a majestic golden light is brought up with a destroying heaven extinguishing The terrifying energy of earth.

With a loud Phoenix Cry, the silhouette of Feng Qing Er disappeared, the dazzling Golden was filled with countless sights, and the golden light of the dazzling Sky Phoenix was filled with a purple halo. , The wings moved, wind and thunder sounded, and the invisible coercion filled the square.

“Heaven, Sky Phoenix is ​​born!”

At this moment, all Phoenix powerhouses, including Huang Tian from 5-Star Late Phase, stand up unconsciously and look at this They felt the real body of Sky Phoenix that was more than hundred zhang, and the feeling from the bloodline, the ancient Sky Phoenix, once again reappeared in the world.

Sky Phoenix was born and Wanhuang adored. At this moment, including Jiu Feng, who had suppressed the audience just now, all the phoenix images of the young Phoenix powerhouse unconsciously bent down to reveal the acknowledge allegiance. One silhouette after another, under the ancient coercion, they chose to bow down.

At first, it was just that the younger generation powerhouses could not withstand this coercion. Then there were some powerhouses of the Phoenix clan that followed their inner choices and expressed respect for Sky Phoenix.

Before the altar, Mu Qing Luan looked at Feng Qing Er in the air, feeling quite uneasy. “This is the real body of Sky Phoenix. Has she finally succeeded? Return to the ancestor the day after tomorrow. The real ancient Sky Phoenix.”

“This breath, it breaks through the holy realm so quickly, did the ancestor spirit sacrifice herself to complete her? She is recognized by all the ancestor souls “

Celestial Demon Sanhuang and Huang Tian looked at Feng Qing Er in the air. The breath of the ancient Sky Phoenix’s real body changed rapidly, breaking through the sacred realm and being promoted to the battle sage. The seniors also felt the pressure.

At the moment of Feng Qing Er breakthrough, even the powerhouse of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family did not consciously bow and bow, showing the acknowledge allegiance to the bloodline, even the Celestial Demon Sanhuang, they all owe slightly. To show respect, the only one standing upright in the field is Clan Leader Huang Tian from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan.

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