Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 382

“How could Feng Qing Er suddenly return to his ancestors? This matter is not simple, and her strength…troublesome.”

The stone beside the altar Platform, Huang Tian relies on his tyrannical strength to fight against the pressure from the bloodline, just like the Dragon King bloodline in Ancient Void Dragon can suppress the ordinary dragon clan. Sky Phoenix bloodline suppresses Heavenly Demon Phoenix even more seriously, let alone Said, Feng Qing Er still has a trace of Dragon Phoenix power on his body.

This is Huang Tian’s strong strength, close to the 6-Star Dousheng’s cultivation base, making his bloodline infinitely close to the ancient Sky Phoenix, and can withstand this pressure.

In fact, even in Ancient Era, most of the ancient Sky Phoenix couldn’t break through Fighting Saint. Huang Tian, ​​which is close to 6-Star Fighting Saint, even in Ancient Era, is also the powerhouse of Continental Peak.

But it can’t change his bloodline. No matter how strong he is, he still hasn’t been able to return to his ancestors and become the ancient Sky Phoenix. This has also led to the fact that he now faces Feng Qing Er’s Sky Phoenix The real body felt the pressure from the bloodline.

“Lord Dragon Emperor, the ancient Sky Phoenix, but the enemy of my family…”

Before the mountain range of the Phoenix Falls, the amorous forehead revealed the true body of Sky Phoenix, many Phoenix races The powerhouses worshipped one after another, and the dragon clan powerhouses headed by the Ancient Void Dragon clan felt the threat of natural enemies, and many eyes gathered on the Dragon Emperor Zi Yan.

The pure bloodline of the ancient Sky Phoenix is ​​reborn again, which seems to indicate that this ancient bloodline is about to be reborn, and this is not a good thing for dragon clan powerhouse.

In the face of many eyes, Zi Yan’s performance was very flat, “Even though the ancient Sky Phoenix king capital, which was extremely prosperous in the past, has come to an end, it’s just one end, a small Sky Phoenix, do you need to care!”

The calm words of her made everyone a little surprised, and then they were relieved that the Ancient Void Dragon family did not value the ancient Sky Phoenix on the side of the trifling. You must know that even the ancient Sky Phoenix family from Pinnacle back then , All ended in a confrontation with Ancient Void Dragon.

The remaining remnants of the ancestors, no matter how strong their potential, are basically impossible to pose a threat to the Ancient Void Dragon clan, even more how, Zi Yan understands that Feng Qing Er will not be a threat in this regard.

“hahaha…the ancestor soul is revealed, Sky Phoenix is ​​here, this is the Heavenly Bless Phoenix…”

Huang Tian smiled and got up, looked towards Feng Qing Er in the air, eyes filled The passionate desire, the desire for Sky Phoenix True Blood.

A cold voice came from the side, and Zi Yan said calmly: “Huang Tian Clan Leader, the reappearance of the ancient Sky Phoenix into the world is indeed a good thing, but now that the Sky Phoenix festival has been completed, it should be Time, let’s talk about business!” Zi Yan suddenly interrupted, Huang Tian’s laughter suddenly stagnated, then turned his head, looked at Zi Yan for a long time, and then spoke again: “The Dragon Emperor’s office That’s right, I think you and the demon Clan Leader already have a charter before! Let’s talk…”

The conversation between Huang Tian and Zi Yan attracted everyone’s attention at once. Back to reality, many Phoenix powerhouses secretly said in one’s heart came. When Ancient Void Dragon and Nine Underworld Python came to the Phoenix Mountain range together, they had already guessed what happened today.

“The turmoil in the Central Plain was due to the conflicts that broke out between the ancient Imperial Clan. Not all Human Race forces expected to be involved in this war.”

He spoke, and his calm voice reverberated in the valley, “Although the group of ancient Imperial Clan is rare, the bloodline from Dou Di gives them a lot of powerhouses. If you want not to be involved in their battles, you must Show enough strength.

Our three tribes in the beastland plus many ethnic groups are indeed a very strong force, but this is not enough. It is just a combination between Magic Beast and will sooner or later. Being targeted by humans is more likely to be conspired to transfer contradictions. Therefore, we need to unite with Human Race.”

“Unite with Human Race? Jokes, demon, you know what you are talking about!”

Huang Tian hasn’t spoken yet, and other powerhouses of the Phoenix clan have exploded. Kun Huang, one of the Celestial Demon’s three phoenixes, directly taught his polite position: “The contradictions between our Magic Beast and human beings are profound. Deep thoughts…”

“Humans have a lot of thoughts, and uniting with them may suffer, but this is not the reason for us to give up uniting with Human Race.”

The demon is indifferent. Continued: “Everyone knows the current situation, and no one can guarantee that the fire between the ancient Imperial Clan will not burn us. We can ignore them, but we can’t break the contact with humans. ……”

Feng Huang pondered after a while and continued to speak: “I understand the idea of ​​the demon Clan Leader. I am quite curious about which partner you found for cooperation!”

“Huang Tian Clan Leader, meet for the first time, don’t blame it!”

Yan Qingshan gently shakes off the covering on his body, facing Huang Tian nodded and said: “Central Plain Pill Tower, Yan Qingshan, met Huang Tian senior.”

Huang Tian’s complexion changed slightly, “Pill Tower giant, the old man has heard of you. He once had kindness to the demon, but didn’t expect , You are so courageous, come to my animal domain to talk about this kind of thing.”

Yan Qingshan said with a lightly smile: “Huang Tian Clan Leader is jesting, this beastland is not a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den that kills humans. What I did was to avoid being involved in the battle between the ancient Imperial Clan that’s all.

The many tribes in the Beast Territory are united. They are indeed powerful, but their influence is limited. To put it hard, this is the era when Human Race dominates the continent. Those ancient Imperial Clans are all Human Race powerhouses, and Magic Beast’s influence within Human Race is really limited!

Although my Pill Tower is not inferior to the Ancient Soul Clan, it is not inferior to the ancient Imperial Clan. I think it has some influence on the continent! If Beastland cooperates with Pill Tower, it is definitely a mutually beneficial and win-win thing.

There are many spiritual medicines in the animal domain, and Pill Tower is good at Alchemy. After the alliance, the two parties complement each other, which is of great benefit to both parties…”

Huang Tian was silent for a long time before he spoke again: “What a sharp mouth, the old man has to admit that you moved me, if it weren’t for you to be with this Nine Underworld Python and Ancient Void Dragon…”

Huang Tian was preparing to give reasons to guide the topic, and suddenly a cold voice interjected, “I think he was right. This is indeed a good proposal for everyone. The Huang Clan can alliance with Pill Tower . “

“You…you know what you’re talking about!” “

Huang Tian was interrupted by someone, and an angry color flashed in his eyes. When he saw the person who was speaking, his eyes were even more incredible.

Because I just said Huang Tian The tribe who can allied with Pill Tower was Feng Qing Er who awakened the ancient Sky Phoenix bloodline breakthrough fighting sage. This made him feel that things were not good.

Feng Qing Er just said that it was the Phoenix tribe, so it should be. The descendants of the entire ancient Sky Phoenix, including the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, are not even represented by him, but Feng Qing Er said so, no tribe directly refuted it.

The significance of Sky Phoenix is ​​extraordinary. Even if it is the Sky Phoenix who returned to the ancestors, the bloodline coercion that suppressed the great Phoenix tribes is still to make them obey their inner choices, and the natural acknowledge allegiance is the source of the bloodline.

“Huang Tian Clan Leader, I know what I am talking about! Pill Tower is continental Alchemy Holy Land. Cooperating with them is good for all Magic Beast clan. “

Feng Qing Er spoke again, staring calmly at all the Phoenix races. The Sky Phoenix divine light on his body drew the bloodlines of many Phoenix races. “After my family Sky Phoenix, he is one of the Magic Beast Supreme races. First, it is natural to do something beneficial to many Magic Beasts.

I hope you will not turn things into twists and turns because of personal grievances and interests. Such a move will not only affect everyone, but also compromise the prestige of my Heavenly Demon Phoenix family. “

Feng Qing Er’s remarks seem to be aimed at Huang Tian, ​​but there are still many people nodded. They seem to agree with this remark. The Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan under Huang Tian’s leadership is too much Domineering has long caused dissatisfaction among many people. If someone is guided at this time, it will be a catastrophe.

“Feng Qing Er, you are so bold, you dare to accuse Clan Leader. “

“Do you know what you are doing, it is difficult for you to unite outsiders with Clan Leader.” “

“Feng Qing Er eats inside and out, you don’t deserve Sky Phoenix True Blood, you should give her bloodline to Clan Leader for processing. “

Huang Tian this hasn’t happened yet, a group of his loyal followers can’t wait to speak, especially Jiu Feng, his eyes are greedy Feng Qing Er’s body and bloodline, staring at the void standing The daughter of Sky Phoenix.

“I don’t know when it started. My Phoenix clan actually looks like some depraved Human Race forces. Having such a flattery guy is really a shame to the Phoenix clan. Those who commit crimes shall be punished! ! ! “

Feng Qing Er’s pair of phoenix eyes turned, his slender hand lightly lifted his fist slightly, and the one after another silhouette that just opened his mouth suddenly screamed into a torch, howled in the sky of fire, and finally turned It’s ashes.

“father, save me…”

Jiu Feng’s body also ignited flame, the original black inflammation that was originally like a finger arm suddenly burned madly Now, if it weren’t for his strong bloodline and close to Sky Phoenix, he would have been burned to ashes as a torch with that other person.

“Asshole…you actually shot your own clansman, It’s really frantic…”

Huang Tian failed to save the other subordinates, but it was also impossible to watch his only son turn to ashes, and with a beckon he isolated the space between Jiu Feng and the outside world, allowing him to regain I control myself to extinguish the black flames, and then turn to Feng Qing Er to make accusations.

“Huang Tian Clan Leader, I think you have done a lot to the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan. I will not pursue your rudeness, but just now, These guys are indeed damned. “

Feng Qing Er’s eyes are flat, the light of Sky Phoenix on her body resonates with the entire Huangyu mountain range, “The emperor must not be humiliated, no matter if I am carrying Sky Phoenix, or I have already broken through.” Dou Sheng, this group of guys can’t blame me indiscriminately.

Since they did something wrong, they naturally have to pay the price of their lives. The current Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan is too outrageous, they dare to commit the crime. “

Feng Qing Er’s Huang Tian squeezed his fists tightly, the space around his body was rippling, but he couldn’t refute anything, because it includes Celestial Demon, the three phoenixes and the major phoenix families. Among them, no one thinks Feng Qing Er’s words have any problems.

Magic Beast is originally hierarchical, with special emphasis on bloodline and cultivation base. Feng Qing Er is the ancestor of Sky Phoenix, and breakthrough With Dousheng, it is true that some people can chew their tongues.

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