Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 383

“Even though some of them were wrong, they also made great contributions to my Huang Clan, why did it come to this……”

Huang Tian was surprised at Feng Qing Er’s attitude, there is an urge to do things under the anxiousness, he didn’t expect that his position will be challenged.

Feng Qing Er became the ancient Sky Phoenix and also broke through the battle sage. Regardless of its cultivation base or status, she was able to vaguely contend with him. More importantly, she actually opposed him face to face. It’s definitely not a good thing.

Jiu Feng and others attacked with words, perhaps without his instructions, but these words definitely entered his heart, and they were what he said, but they didn’t expect Feng Qing Er to act like this Decisively and fiercely, the reason given was so that he couldn’t refute it.

“Huang Tian Clan Leader, I was born following the will of many ancestral souls. Among the descendants of the Phoenix tribe, there are people who imitate human beings and commit crimes with words. It is already time to change…”


Feng Qing Er’s words made Huang Tian complexion greatly changed. The other party accused him in secret, saying that he secretly suppressed the other voices of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, but he still couldn’t say anything, the facts just now Better than eloquence.

“The ancient Imperial Clan was in chaos in the continent. This is not a good thing for our Phoenix clan. The strong alliance with Pill Tower is beneficial to all major Magic Beast clans. Naturally, our Phoenix clan should follow suit correctly. The choice, everyone said, is it…”

Feng Qing Er said loudly, and the voice spread throughout the valley. It was in the hearts of many people. Huang Tian and other high-level powerhouses of Magic Beast clan considered more Many interests, but part of the people at the bottom, pay more attention to the actual interests of the alliance with Pill Tower.

“The Blue Bird clan supports the daughter of Sky Phoenix!”

“My Ziyan clan is the same.”

“Honghu has always followed the will of Sky Phoenix.”


“I am from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, and I also support Qinger Young Miss.”


Feng Qing Er’s tone barely fell, each of the voices is It sounded, at first was only a few weak tribes. Later, even the powerful branch of the Phoenix tribe like Tianluan chose to support Feng Qing Er, and even within the Heavenly Demon Phoenix tribe, someone spoke up.

“You, you, you… how dare you…”

Huang Tian is inexplicably angry and feels betrayed. For so many years, he has been the Number One among the Phoenix clan Powerhouse, he didn’t say a hundred responses, but he never enjoyed the treatment today. He was forced into the palace by his clansman.

“Huang Tian Clan Leader, since your Sky Phoenix girl understands the righteousness, why do you persist in your own wrong doings!”

At this time, the demon is also timely He opened his mouth, one after another silhouette stood up, and countless lights gathered on Huang Tian, ​​even as the highest cultivation base in the field, he felt extremely pressure at this moment.

“I understand, this is your conspiracy, Feng Qing Er, you unexpectedly unite with a foreigner to attack the same clan. You do not deserve to have the ancient Sky Phoenix bloodline.”

Huang Tian finally is Realizing the problem, this series of things are connected together, and it is easy to sort out a clue. Feng Qing Er has contact with the group of people who came today, and what is happening now is not an accident.

Feng Qing Er still has a flat expression, “Huang Tian Clan Leader, I don’t know what you are talking about, I just made a decision that I think is the right decision.”

“The right decision! Hehe, this Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, it is not your turn to make a decision. I, Huang Tian, ​​is the Clan Leader of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family.”

Huang Tian screamed. In the form of a thousand zhang demon phoenix, he vomited, and thousands of black light flooded out. Although the ancient Sky Phoenix in the form of Feng Qing Er tried his best to resist, the opponent’s strength was far stronger than her.

“Three, it’s best not to intervene indiscriminately. Whether it is Huang Tian or Sky Phoenix female, which one to choose is not a correct decision!”

Celestial Demon Sanhuang Ready to go to help Huang Tian, ​​Yao Luo and Ancient Dragon Clan Leader blocked their actions, facing several fighting saints, they expressed silence.

The demon’s words are right. They are not Huang Tian, ​​the Heavenly Demon Phoenix Number One Person. The appearance of Sky Phoenix women will indeed diminish the power in their hands, but their hearts are against the ancient Sky. Phoenix is ​​still full of awe.

Huang Tian is different. He in 5-Star Late Phase is the former master of the Phoenix clan, and he is also an ambitious man. In the original book, he wanted to take advantage of the civil strife of the Ancient Dragon clan to destroy Ancient. How can Void Dragon tolerate the loss of power, so his confrontation is inevitable.

Huang Tian’s strength is stronger after all. Even if Feng Qing Er used the ancestral spirit to give a breakthrough to fight the saint, Huang Tian, ​​who is close to 6-Star, is still at an absolute disadvantage. At this time, Yan Qingshan and The others naturally shot.

Beside Yan Qingshan, Queen Medusa turned into a nine-colored rainbow on display. A huge nine-colored snake tail with a thousand zhang shot out, and with one shake, it chased Feng in mid-air. Huang Tian of Qing Er is stuck tightly.

“Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, it turned out that this Divine Beast was born.”

Celestial Demon Three Phoenix and many Phoenix powerhouses, looking at that across Heaven and Earth The look of shock flashed in his eyes. The ancient Sky Phoenix first, and then the Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, the ancient bloodlines that have disappeared were born one after another. Is it really the choice of the ancestors? Huang Tian was really wrong. ?

“Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python! How is this possible? How is it possible that Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python exists on the continent.”

Huang Tian’s huge body is Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python The restraint is in midair, turning his head to look at the snake letter in front of him, a pair of colorful snake pupils staring at his Jiucai python coldly, his eyes also have a look of shock, an unbelievable cry of shock Tao.

Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, an ancient existence comparable to the ancient Sky Phoenix King, how could it still exist in the world, and was born at this time and was an enemy of him, is he really wrong? Up?

Huang Tian roared incredibly, the snake pupils of Jiucai python are still cold, and the snake tail that is entwining his body gradually increases the force of gravity. The force of horrible squeezing actually turns Huang Tian The feathers on the body, like iron essence, were severely cut off, and the skeleton made a weird crunching sound.

The action of Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python made Huang Tian feel severe cramps, and began to resist unconsciously. The confrontation between the two caused the ripples of space to be distorted. At this time, the ancient Sky Phoenix incarnation of Feng Qing Er also Flying in again, a Sky Phoenix holy flame aimed at Huang Tian’s head.

“You damn guys…”

Huang Tian felt the crisis above his head, and the strong squeeze that filled the body, swept across the huge eye pupils After a touch of shock and irritation, a sharp whistle from the sky, the brilliant golden light, hiding the sky and covering the earth shooting out of its body, the golden light flying into the sky and colliding with the holy flame.

With a loud bang, the golden light and the holy flame exploded at the same time, and the terrifying energy fluctuations shattered the space here.

Under the rendering of golden light, the feathers on Huang Tian’s body were actually erected automatically, like a sharp blade, slashing wildly on the body of Jiucai python, and the sky sounded The sound of ding ding dong dong, sparks are constantly splashing down, like a rain of fire.

Huang Tian’s counterattack made the Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python snake’s head sway, and dozens of seven colored scales under the snake’s mouth suddenly fell automatically, and it changed into dozens of incomparable gigantic Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing. Python, snake tails entwined with each other, like a snake net, which surrounds Huang Tian heavily.

Dozens of Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python screamed in the sky, the snake net suddenly shrank at a speed visible to naked eye, and Huang Tian felt a more difficult force.

“boom~ boom~ ……”

The speed at which the snake web shrinks is terrifying, and while it shrinks, an indescribable force of squeezing is in the snake The formation within the net, and even that piece of space, collapsed in an instant…

Huang Tian is in the center of this terrifying squeezing force, even with his strength. I couldn’t help but jumped up a little bit of panic. If he was hit, even he would have been seriously injured. A retreat was born in his heart, and his huge body shuddered strangely. It actually forcibly loosened the entanglement of Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python. some.

Golden light surged, his huge body shrank like lightning. Unfortunately, Feng Qing Er didn’t let him get out so easily at this time. Under the resonance of Sky Phoenix’s light, the bloodline of the demon phoenix in his body It’s boiling, and the transformation from beast form to human body cannot be completed, and the best opportunity is missed.

“clang clang clang clang…”

As the snake net shrank, every attack hit Huang Tian’s body and burst a series of fire stars, Huang Tian’s huge body seemed to be The ball was usually hit and flew around, and bloodstains were all over the body immediately, and the injuries were quite serious.

Faced with such a crisis, he gathered all his strength at the moment, and the brilliant golden light broke out, forcibly breaking through the snake net and rushing out.


Huang Tian’s speed is extremely fast, his wings swept in a flash from the slit of the snake net with a flash, but he thought he was fleeing When he was born, a huge shadow suddenly dropped from the sky, and the colorful snake’s tail was thrown fiercely on his body.

In the terrifying sound of air explosion, Huang Tian seemed like a sandbag that had been blown away, smashing the ground under the ten thousand zhang out of a huge giant pit close to the thousand zhang.


He was hit by the sturdy snaketail, and the terrifying attack he had just received in the snake net. This serious injury caused Huang Tian was a mouthful of blood spurted on the spot.

The power of terrifying almost shook the internal organs in his body. There were bloodstains all over his body, and his feathers were all messed up. His current state was extremely bad.

A line of sight looked at the huge tiankeng extending to the end of the line of sight. They all rolled their throats unanimously, and looked at the Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python in the sky again. There is some color of fear.

This kind of terrifying power, even if it is an ordinary powerhouse, I am afraid that it will be thrown into blood mist. Even if Celestial Demon and three phoenixes go, there are no more ways to stop it. .


The Heavenly Demon Phoenix powerhouse, who was still a bit dissatisfied, is now stiff and sluggish. Under the pressure of Hegemon in the sky, they No one dared to move forward to rescue Huang Tian.


Yan Qingshan’s Zi Yan, who was in a visual battle next to him, suddenly stature moved, a huge purple Divine Dragon spreading out a pair of phoenix wings appeared in the gaze of countless lights Under the pressure and offensive of Supreme Magic Beast, the purple divine light poured into the tiankeng, and Huang Tian, ​​who barely crawled out of it, finally fell staggeringly.

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