Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 384

“Supreme Dragon Phoenix!!!”

Celestial Demon Three Phoenix and many Phoenix powerhouses, at this time I only feel a cold inside, the one in the sky The huge monster, the new Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon clan, turned out to be the third in the world and the only surviving Supreme Dragon Phoenix.

“cough cough…”

Huang Tian mountain range, Huang Tian’s true body in the tiankeng exudes a burst of glowing light, he turned into a human form, clutching his arms and stood up , Zi Yan slowly flew out of the hole, looking at the sky, said solemnly: “Supreme Dragon Phoenix, I didn’t expect your Ancient Void Dragon clan to find another Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit.

I’m still right. Strange, even if the bloodline returned to ancestors, Feng Qing Er would not give me that weird sense of oppression. It turned out to be the power of Dragon Phoenix. I can’t think of it! After many years, the ancient Sky Phoenix was born again. It was because of the help of Ancient Void Dragon clan, Supreme Dragon Phoenix, really powerful!”

Under the sight of countless light, Huang Tian coughed violently, wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, his eyes were heavy Three silhouettes of people looking at the sky in the distance.

Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, ancient Sky Phoenix, Supreme Dragon Phoenix, these are the ancient beasts of Ancient Times and Heaven and Earth, and the latter is recognized as the strongest Magic Beast in the Magic Beast world. Beast Supreme.

At this time, he also understands that he is considered to be overwhelmed. If only Feng Qing Er is messing up, even if she is pregnant with Sky Phoenix bloodline, he can also rely on the cultivation base to forcefully suppress it, but Feng Qing Er is obviously It is a combination of inside and outside with Zi Yan and the others, which is not so easy to solve.

Under the control of the ancient Sky Phoenix incarnation of Feng Qing Er, a Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python made him suffer a lot. If this is to add a 5-Star Supreme Dragon Phoenix, he You can’t win anyway.

“The ancient Sky Phoenix seized power, and Nine Underworld Python and Ancient Void Dragon forced the palace. This time the old man was planted, damn it…”

Huang Tian’s eyes flickered, and his heart was slightly distressed. Some regrets, the matter of Feng Qing Er can’t be considered what a big trouble, who would have thought that such an accident would happen suddenly.

Now he also thinks about it clearly, all this must be a conspiracy, but the facts have already happened, he is seriously injured and can’t stop it.

Huang Tian is silent, inside and outside Huangyu mountain range, this world is also quiet, those powerhouses of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan are also looking at each other in blank dismay, and dare not speak.

Huang Tian, ​​who has always been powerful in their eyes, was beaten so miserably, even if you add the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan and the Phoenix clan to either the fish dies or the net splits, I’m afraid it’s just one The end of all fall, nothing can be changed.

“Huang Tian Clan Leader, do you still want to say something!”

Yan Qingshan stepped forward to the tiankeng, and glanced at the silent Huang Tian , Finally broke the silence.

Huang Tian’s face trembled slightly, his expression gloomy and uncertain changed for a while before he said hoarsely: “I have to admit, this time this king admit defeat. If I guess it is correct, this Everything is your credit! Yan Qingshan Yan giant.”

Huang Tian blurted out these words, and immediately caused an uproar. No one had expected that this one was in the beastland. The owner of the famous Heavenly Demon Phoenix Clan Leader, will actually be soft-hearted, and more importantly, he actually thinks that all of this is Yan Qingshan’s tricks.

“Did I show any weak spot!”

Yan Qingshan took a deep look at Huang Tian and asked curiously, he asked himself to arrange everything quite concealed , There should be no end of hand left.

Huang Tian coughed and replied: “It’s not that you showed any weak spot, but you gave me a very strange feeling. From the moment you entered the Huangyu mountain range, it was too calm, everything It’s all in your grasp!”

“Is that so! I was negligent.”

Yan Qingshan nodded, he recognized Huang Tian’s statement, and he was right again. Huang Tian opened his mouth and said: “Since Huang Tian Clan Leader has lost, do you have any other ideas?”

Huang Tian’s complexion is a bit ugly, coldly said: “This Clan Leader has lost , But to say a word of approval does not mean that this king is afraid of you. If you really want to fight together, even if this king is defeated, you will surely be able to bring one or two of you to the funeral.”

“Tut tut tut… Why is Huang Tian Clan Leader so fierce? Don’t worry, I’m not interested in killing you, but this alliance matter, don’t give me any more moths.”

Yan Qingshan one He patted Huang Tian on the shoulder. He didn’t have the intention of killing Huang Tian, ​​because it’s no good. Huang Tian enjoys great prestige among the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan and even the Phoenix clan. If he is really killed like this, he will definitely Cause trouble.

Feng Qing Er may be able to suppress a part of the Phoenix clan, but there are definitely many Phoenix powerhouses who will retaliate wildly. If this is the case, he will have a very headache.

Yan Qingshan has the support of Ancient Void Dragon and Nine Underworld Python. Isn’t it impossible to forcibly attack the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan? Didn’t you see that Huang Tian was defeated so simply, but the reason why he chose Feng Qing Er Provoking the internal division of the Phoenix clan is also worrying about the backlash influence of the hidden forces of the Phoenix clan.

It is easy for him to clean up Huang Tian and even solve the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, but it is difficult to condense the heart of the Phoenix clan again, even if Feng Qing Er, the ancient Sky Phoenix, is the same, Huang Tian is too Special, before Feng Qing Er was born, he was a Totem character in the Phoenix clan, and his status and influence were unmatched.

“You…what do you want me to do.”

Of course Huang Tian is dissatisfied with Yan Qingshan’s behavior, but when he speaks, he feels suffocated, and his complexion is a bit heavy. But his heart is bitter. In his current state, if he really chooses not to cooperate, ten out of ten will end up on the spot.

“After this battle today, you have already lost. If you lose, you will look like a loser. You will transfer your power smoothly to Qing’er, so that the Zihuang clan will be free from internal friction.”

Yan Qingshan looked at Huang Tian in front of him, and said with a smile: “Ancient Void Dragon, Nine Underworld Python, Heavenly Demon Phoenix, the three Magic Beast tribes unite, command the snake tribe, dragon clan, and Phoenix tribe. Beastland, unite the major races of the Beastland with my Pill Tower alliance.

My Pill Tower is about to reopen the Dan realm, and Supreme Elder Old Man Shen Nong has already broken through the 7-Star Battle Saint, by reopening the Dan realm The Beastland of the Chance Alliance, the strength of the powerful combination is enough to deter the imperial Clan from going into chaos. This is good for everyone.

The Beastland and Pill Tower jointly form an alliance to connect the domain gates to stabilize the forces. , To deal with possible threats, but after that, in order to deter the major Imperial Clan, Huang Tian Clan Leader should be invited to bring a part of Elder to stay in the Dan realm.

Don’t worry, in Dan within the realm, My little Pill Tower and many Elders will provide you and the powerhouses of the beasts in the Dan world with enough resources.

I have some research on how to transform the Sky Phoenix bloodline, and Shen Nong senior can refine it for you. Special medicine pill, I think it will help you break through 6-Star Fighting Saints and even higher levels. This is good for everyone, what do you think!”

“Do you want to be under house arrest… Cough cough, is there any choice for old man, that’s all, you said you have a secret skill that transforms bloodline, I want to see…”

How can Huang Tian not hear Yan Qingshan’s words? If he really arranged according to his arrangement, Huang Tian would be kicked down to the pill realm, and his name would be Shocking Imperial Clan. In fact, he would be placed under house arrest, so that Feng Qing Er could reorganize the Huang clan forces and establish a new rule.

He is naturally unwilling, but think about it carefully, what can he do? The opponent’s overall strength is above him. If there is no bluff, Pill Tower also has a 7-Star Fighting Saint. It is a force that the entire Phoenix clan union can hardly resist. There is no hope for continuing to fight, and it can only choose to compromise.

And what the other party said is not wrong. He has already lost. According to the rules of the Magic Beast world, he has to hand over his power. Feng Qing Er is from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan after all, can’t be Considered outsiders, it is considered that they are losing power, anyway, the other party is in the high position, or the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan controls the power.

In addition, Feng Qing Er is the body of the ancient Sky Phoenix, which is even more recognized by the Phoenix clan of various veins. In her hands, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan may be able to accomplish what she has not done and fully integrate the various veins. The Phoenix family is unified into the new lineage Phoenix family.

“Huang Tian Clan Leader is willing to cooperate. This is naturally a good thing. This is the transformation of Secret Skill, which requires a lot of resources, and the strength of Huang Tian Clan Leader is so strong that it is more difficult. Big. But don’t worry, my Pill Tower still has some advantages in this respect.”

Yan Qingshan simply gave Huang Tian a copy of the scroll. This is because he studied Feng Qing Er bloodline. He was not afraid of Huang Tian’s repentance of some of the achievements he got from his ancestors, because there was a lot of knowledge in it without his explanation, and he simply could not get started.

Huang Tian took the scroll and took a rough look. At first, he didn’t care, but he became serious behind him. After reading it briefly, he put it into the Storage Ring and said to Yan Qingshan : “If this thing is really useful, the old man is resident in the Dan realm, so how can it be used by you.”

“Well, Huang Tian Clan Leader is really quick to speak, then I wish us a happy cooperation. “

Yan Qingshan was quite satisfied with Huang Tian’s straightforward attitude. As he spoke, he stretched out a palm, Huang Tian also responded, and the two reached an agreement. Huang Tian chose to cooperate. Everything is on the right path.

After the Sky Phoenix Festival of the Phoenix Mountain range, the entire animal domain suddenly changed. Ancient Void Dragon, Nine Underworld Python and Heavenly Demon Phoenix jointly swept the animal domain, some big Magic Beast clan Knowing something inside, and some small Magic Beast races can only be forced to take hold of the general trend.

The three major Magic Beast clan united with many powerful races to block the beast area together, cleaned out the spies of the foreign forces, and completed the real unification of the beast area. All the saints in the beast area The powerhouse gathered to the Ancient Dragon Island.

Many powerhouses joined hands to connect the space passage leading to the Central Plain Pill Region. After connecting the two domains, many powerhouses came to Dan within the realm, adding the heritage of the Dan realm, and further planning Yan The specific steps of Qingshan’s plan.

Three months later, the Central Plain, which had been calm for several months, became a sensation again with a piece of news. It has been banned for hundreds of years. Only every time the Pill Competition will be opened for a short period of time, will the Dan Realm prepare It reopened. When the news of Pill Tower came out, the entire Central Plain was boiling.

Pill Tower’s Pill World, in addition to the ancient Imperial Clan, the few Perfection Mystic, reopening in this complicated situation, what does it represent? The peaks of the Central Plain The forces, the ancient Imperial Clan, all moved at this moment, the situation will be Central Plain, no one knows what will happen to the next Central Plain.

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