Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 385

“The reopening of the Dan Realm, this is impossible, the Dan Realm of the Dan Realm, I remember that I missed the best opportunity to remedy it, and it was already on the verge of breaking…”

In Gu Clan, when Gu Clan’s senior management received the news of the reopening of the Dan realm, even Gu Clan’s Clan Leader Gu Yuan was alarmed.

Dou Qi continent powerhouse as clouds, but with the exhaustion of source gas, the peak-level powerhouse has been declining. However, a thousand years ago, Dou Qi continent seemed to be back to light. In the same era, Five Great Half- Emperors powerhouse.

Although time flies, the rain blows and the wind blows away. Among the former Five Great Influences, Xiao Clan declined, Burning Flame Valley and Pill Tower weakened a lot, but the Ancient Soul Clan never underestimated these two Forces.

In the long history of history, there are not many powerhouses for the breakthrough 9-Star Peak Dousheng outside of Imperial Clan. It is placed in Ancient Era. This is the first-class powerhouse of Jinglian Demon Saint and Demon Sage Huang Quan Characters, but they don’t care.

Although Pill Tower and Burning Flame Valley suffered heavy losses by plot against, and even the profound realms they opened up had their own problems, but now the reopening of the Dan realms still spurred Gu Yuan. Heartstrings.

He will never forget who caused the current confrontation between the two ancient souls. At first, he might not expect, but after so many years, he can be sure that Yan Qingshan gave His news is definitely not accidental, the other party must know more.

“Xun’er, what do you think of Yan Qingshan in Pill Tower.”

Gu Yuan put down the invitation card in his hand, looked towards his daughter aside, and succeeded in refining Xiao Xun’er of Gold Emperor Heaven Burning Flame is not only more attractive, but also capable of successfully breaking through Dou Sheng.

Gu Xun’er thought for a moment, and he reflected the appearance of Yan Qingshan in his mind, and responded softly: “father, Yan Qingshan, the daughter has never seen through, he is a very calm person, he will move when he is determined. People, I think he must have other plans to reopen the alchemy world.”

“You can’t see him, it seems that he is really a secret!”


Gu Yuan was silent for a moment, then shook his head, rubbing his fingers over the invitation, and after a long silence, he said: “This time’s Pill Tower event, you and Qingyang will lead them together!

Jinglian Demon Fire is about to be born, you can try one’s luck when the time comes, I will let Nanhai Elder go with you, pay attention to Hun Clan’s movements, I understand Hun Tiandi, I always feel that those guys won’t be so easy to let go.”


The ancient Xun’er nodded slightly leaned against his father, turned and walked slowly. Leaving the great hall.


Gu Yuan sighed long as he looked at the back of his daughter going away. As a Clan Leader, he just barely qualified, and as a Father, he knows very well that he is not qualified at all.


“Clan Leader, there is news from Central Plain that the Dan Realm is about to reopen.”

Within Hun Realm, when the Dan Realm reopens The news of Hun Clan reached the top of Hun Clan, and many rare Hun Clan powerhouses gathered together. Void Swallowing Flame took a look at the information and passed it to Hun Tiandi, who was doomed.

“Dane World, the Pill Tower founded by the old fellow, there has been a lot of limelight these years!”

Hun Tiandi slowly opened his eyes, it was a pair of dark eyes , As if a black hole swallowed all light, no one dared to look at it as far as he could.

Among Hun Clan’s many powerhouses, an old man said in a deep voice, “Clan Leader, according to the news from Hun Yu and Hun Feng, the giants of the Pill Tower generation are somewhat evil, and they break through at a young age. After the 3-Star Fighting Saint, even Hun Qianqiu was injured by him.”

“hehe, Hun Qianqiu is just a barely breakthrough 4-Star Fighting Saint, I encountered some tricky things, something went wrong. The problem is normal. There is no shortage of geniuses who fight across levels in this world.”

Clan Leader Hun Tiandi of Hun Clan shook his head, “But even if he is a genius, he will not be now. Threat, even if it is possible to become the owner of the next Pill Tower, he still needs time!”

“Clan Leader means…”

Hun Tiandi Let Hun Clan’s powerhouse look cold light, already thinking about how to concoct the Pill Tower giant. His Hun Clan’s power is not as thin as outsiders think!

“What are you thinking about, a trifling Pill Tower, wait for them to have a high-level fighting saint, now the more important thing is to deal with the Gu Clan Thunder Clan Yan Clan guys.”

Hun Tiandi is coldly snorted, everyone was startled in a cold sweat, his cold and severe voice echoed in the great hall, “I never care about Pill Tower, I only pay attention to Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade, now Gu Yuan and they have increased their vigilance. At this time, they attacked Pill Tower, do you think it is not enough to beat the grass to scare the snake!”

“Clan Leader, calm down!”

Many Hun Clan powerhouses bowed their heads, including the Four Saints of Hun Clan, no one dared to look directly at Hun Tiandi’s eyes, even the Void Swallowing Flame remained silent.

Hun Clan has always been a group of interests. Although Hun Tiandi is a Helmsman, he only pays attention to how to break through Dou Di, that is, Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade. More affairs, in fact, represent mostly These souls are the old interests of Clan Leader.

Whether it is Hun Feng or Hun Yu, or even Soul Palace Hun Miesheng and the others, there is hardly much Hun Tiandi’s will in the power behind it, because he doesn’t care about these things at all, he only pays attention How can I have the opportunity to breakthrough Dou Di and the others.

The former Soul Palace, now Hun Feng Hun Yu and the others, stir up the wind and rain on the continent to collect soul bodies. Does Hun Tiandi need these things? At his level, no matter how much soul origin is He couldn’t make him go further. For him, the soul origin is useless at all. What he needs is for them to engrave the blood sacrifice great spell.

However, the origin of these souls is useful for many Hun Clan powerhouses including Void Swallowing Flame, and they are the true supporters of these things.

Soul Palace’s soul collection will definitely stir up chaos, and Hun Feng and Hun Yu and the others do the same, but this is contrary to the interests of Hun Tiandi.

Hun Clan used to be concealed and did not attract the attention of the major Imperial Clans, but now Gu Yuan is staring at them. Now chaos will only improve his capture of Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade. The difficulty.

Hun Tiandi has been looking for an opportunity to weaken the opportunity of the major Imperial Clan alliances to capture Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade. Before that, he did not want to cause trouble and cause concern, which is why Hun Tiandi let them rest. The cause of the matter.

If this were to be put in the past, Hun Clan would have made a big news at the Pill Tower event to’repay’ the event that the six Heavenly Venerates were killed.

“Let Hun Feng and Hun Yu take care of this matter, pay attention to it a little bit, and explore the strength of Pill Tower. The Black Pill clone, this Clan Leader is very interested.”


Hun Tiandi gave an order after thinking for a while. If there is something interesting in Pill Tower, it is Pill Tower Old Ancestor, Black Pill close to Tier Nine Golden Core level, you need to know Tier Nine Golden Core, but it can be refined with Dou Di’s strength, and it is also beneficial to Dou Di.


Central Plain South, Star Meteor Pavilion.

Xiao Yan put down the invitation card in his hand, and the pressure flashed in his eyes, “Teacher, this pill world…I remember that at the time of the Pill Competition, the pill world was already on the verge of collapse. The suppression made up for it. Pill World, what kind of strength is needed?”

“At least five 6-Star Fighting Saints are needed to do it. Could it be that Old Ancestor took the shot, but it’s not right. Old Ancestor is Black Pill clone, strength and pill I don’t agree with the world, otherwise I’ve already started it!”

Old Yao shook his head after thinking for a moment. Although he was experienced and knowledgeable, he can only be said to be new at this level after the breakthrough holy realm. For many things , He doesn’t know much.

“Teacher, look at the news from Pill Tower, is it related to that Jinglian Demon Fire!”

Xiao Yan spoke again after a moment of silence, he mentioned The Jinglian Demon Fire, this is the message left by the ancient Xun’er before he left. She has long known that Xiao Yan needs Heavenly Flame.

Yan Qingshan had previously dispatched to suppress the chaos between Hun Feng Hun Yu and the major Imperial Clan, and the Central Plain was temporarily calm. After the chaos subsided, Gu Xun’er and the others also left. After leaving the Star Meteor Pavilion, they returned to their respective Imperial Clan. Before leaving, Gu Xun’er also informed Xiao Yan that Jinglian Demon Fire was about to be born.

“I don’t know. Although I have some connections in Pill Tower, I am considered senior, but you know, the current Pill Tower, the Yan boy in power.”

Old Yao He shook his head crying and smiling, “Xuan Yi came the news some time ago, the current Pill Tower Big Three, I am afraid there will be changes.”

“Pill Tower Big Three changes, is it Yan Qingshan He is ready to abdicate, but he is strong enough, but how many years he has been in power, and he is willing to lay down his power?”

Xiao Yan seems quite surprised. Among the current Pill Tower Big Three, Yan Qingshan is the youngest and the most powerful. Strong, the cultivation base of 3-Star Fighting Saint is one of the strongest in the entire Pill Tower. It is in line with the rules of abdication and resignation, but the key is that he has only been up for a few years. Will he retreat so easily?

“I don’t know, but I think this matter, I am afraid it will not be that simple. Every time Yan Xiaozi makes a shot, which time does not disturb the continent.”

Old Yao He shook his head and sighed in a deep voice: “I also know some through the doorway of Flower Sect. At this time, the Dan world has reopened. Flower Sect and Burning Flame Valley seem to be officially included in the alliance of Pill Tower.

This time the alliance matters were decided by the Yan Xiaozi himself, you and I know him, things are definitely not simple, but it has nothing to do with our Star Meteor Pavilion, when the time comes, let’s take a look. That’s it.”

“Teacher said so.”

Xiao Yan was finally nodded. Although he was a bit displeased with Yan Qingshan in his heart, he still did not regard him as an enemy. What, he knows exactly what his enemy is, Hun Clan’s threat, after all, is still hanging on his head.

The Pill Tower event reopened in the Dan realm. When the news spread across the continent, the entire continent was boiling. Since the birth of Hun Clan, the Central Plain’s originally peaceful environment was broken.

When the ancient Imperial Clan went off the field, a more chaotic battle started, and the entire Central Plain was almost a mess. It was Pill Tower who came forward to stop the fight, and the Great Influence naturally thought Good for them, the Pill Tower event this time is naturally very lively.

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