Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 388

“There was such a movement when refining pills. Is this the legendary Tier Nine Precious Pill.”

“The new lord of the pill world, I don’t know if it is Which Pill Tower senior?”

“Gathering Power of Heaven and Earth refining pills, these methods…This is not Tier Nine Precious Pill, this is the method of refining Black Pill.”



The powerhouse in the Dan world who came to observe the ceremony was shocked. Tier Nine Black Pill, the cream of the crop medicine pill that the current Alchemist can refine, and looking at the entire continent, Those who are qualified to refine the Tier Nine Black Pill will definitely not exceed the number of hands, and those who can successfully refine it, I’m afraid there is less than one hand.

Generally speaking, if you want to refine Tier Nine Black Pill, you need at least the cultivation base on 5-Star Fighting Saint and the Soul Realm on the Great Perfection of Heaven. Without the strength of this cultivation base, you don’t have any Ability to mobilize such majestic Heaven and Earth energy.

After these two conditions are met, you can only say that you barely met the refining conditions. As for whether you can refinish it, it depends on your own chances.

On the original Yao Ceremony, the four major Alchemists refining Black Pill at the same time, extracting a good Fortune of Heaven and Earth, and finally the Black Pill embryo mixed with the four, barely succeeded in refining. It was the equivalent to the four major Alchemists that succeeded in refining together.

Of course, it is also mentioned in the original book that Yao Clan Clan Leader Yao Dan at the 7-Star Fighting Saint level is capable of refining Tier Nine Black Pill alone, and is also the 7-Star Fighting Saint’s strength. Hun Xu is probably fine too.

However, Hun Xu hid his strength at the time. When the embryo of his Black Pill was taken away, it did not happen, and Xiao Yan was allowed to refine the Tier Nine Black Pill successfully.

Except for their two 7-Star Fighting Saint level Alchemists, other Tier Nine Alchemists whose cultivation base exceeds 5-Star Fighting Saint level can all be tried, but it depends on luck. .

And now, in the Dan world, a Tier Nine Black Pill is about to be born.

“So much energy has been gathered, and the energy in a radius of a hundred miles is almost drained!”

“Where is this, refining Tier Nine Black Pill , Need to absorb the very terrifying Heaven and Earth energy, which means that the energy in the Dan world is rich, otherwise it can be felt in the outside world, and the energy riot can be sensed within thousands of miles.”

“Tier Nine Black Pill Ah! This is a treasure that you may not be able to see once in a lifetime.”

“This can refine the Tier Nine Black Pill, or the Lord of the Pill World, the senior of the Pill Tower, at least all 5-Star Fighting Saint!”


There was noisy discussion from the square, and many people were discussing the identity of this Alchemist and speculating about him. It is the senior figure of Pill Tower’s generation.

In a corner of the square, Xiao Yan asked Old Yao next to him in a low voice: “Teacher, do you know this senior of refining pills! Do you think this senior can succeed in refining!”

“If the Tier Nine Black Pill was so easy to refine, the quantity would not be so scarce.”

Yao Dan shook his head slightly and sighed: “Tier Nine Precious Pill and Tier Nine Black Pill, although only one word difference, there is the difference between Heaven and Earth. Among the Pill Tower senior powerhouse I know, the strongest is the little Pill Tower’s Lin Great Elder.

Unfortunately, even he is only a low-level fighting saint, far from the threshold of refining Black Pill. I don’t know this one, where is Pill Tower from? When it comes out, I also want to see the scene where Black Pill was born!”

Old Yao expressed the voice of many people. Although he was looking forward to it, most of them felt that it was impossible to succeed. Looking at the continent, Tier Nine Alchemist is actually not a minority, but it can barely refine Tier Nine Precious Pill. As for Tier Nine Black Pill, no one seems to have succeeded in nearly a hundred years.

Far away above the sky, the energy screamed frantically, and finally condensed into four huge tornado storms. At one end of the storm, a phantom of a fire cauldron is expanding, and the other end is rich in Heaven and Earth energy. , Continuously pouring away from the burning cauldron.

This horrible energy storm makes people trembling in fear. Some people with weak cultivation base actually feel that Dou Qi in the body is showing signs of breaking out. Right now, they are calming and concentrating. Dou Qi from the arduous cultivation in his body was sucked away.

There are many unusual forms above the sky, and the Heaven and Earth energy that is swimming in the surrounding air has become much thinner, and even a little bit of green is stained with withered yellow.

Tier Nine Black Pill is a man-made divine object. The energy required for its formation is terrifying enough to shock many powerhouses.

There was once an ancient book record, Ancient Era, as long as there is a place where Tier Nine Black Pill was born, it is almost a thousand miles away, because all the energy of this world has been incorporated into the medicine pill.

Because of this, Tier Nine Black Pill has an amazing intelligence after it was born. Of course, Pill Tower Old Ancestor is a special case in a special case.

The forming of the Pill Tower Old Ancestor is a coincidence. The medicinal properties of the Tier Nine Black Pill at the beginning were close to the level of Golden Core, and even a hint of Immortal gold was condense, and when it was formed, it was integrated with refiners. Part of the soul, after thousands of years of cultivation, has become the peerless powerhouse comparable to the 6-Star Fighting Saint.

A huge fire cauldron close to thousand zhang is suspended in the sky, and extremely astonishing energy fluctuations diffuse out from it. The energy of Heaven and Earth within a thousand miles of the alchemy world has all gathered into this cauldron. .

The soul of the Great Perfection of the heavens, at most people can control the Heaven and Earth energy within the ten thousand li range. Of course, this also depends on the cultivation base, 9-Star Great Perfection of the heavens. Perfection and 1-star Fighting Saint’s Heavenly Realm Great Perfection, can this effect be the same?

This is also the reason why the cultivation base and Soul Realm are needed to refine the Tier Nine Black Pill. The energy of thousands of miles can converge into the embryo of a Black Pill. Without the strength of this cultivation base, you have the qualifications to induce it. The terrifying Heaven and Earth energy.

The energy required for medicine pill at the Tier Nine Black Pill level is already extremely terrifying. According to legend, a medicine pill at a higher level needs at least the word’Emperor’ to be qualified to refine it.

It is said that in the ancient times, there was a super powerhouse that stepped into the soul of the Emperor Realm, and controlled nearly half of the Heaven and Earth energy of Central Plain for refining pills in a single thought. It was simply terrifying.

“Fortune Black Pill, the old man pursued the things of his life, but he did it for others, that’s all, that’s all, the old man is also the person of Pill Tower anyway, it’s a gain for the kid Come!” In the depths of Pill Tower, Old Man Shen Nong sat under the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and the majestic Heaven and Earth energy poured into the medicinal cauldron under his meticulous control.

With such a vast and indescribable energy pouring in, the liquid energy surging in the fire cauldron quickly melted away. At the center of the liquid energy full of the cauldron, a small green light spot slowly The emergence.

“hong long long…”

At the moment when this green light spot appeared, above the clear sky, there was an instant black cloud covering the whole land.

Black thunder, with destructive power, swiftly shuttles among the clouds. The low thunder of hong long long makes the many powerhouses on the square not far from here all one. The shock on the face, such a terrifying Pill Thunder, was the first time they had seen it in their lives.

“It’s horrible, this is the Tier Nine Black Pill level of Pill Thunder.”

“My God, I feel that I only need one, and I’m done.”


“You only need one more. You can praise yourself too much. This is a black demonic thunder. It is not a powerhouse that touches the holy realm. It is not qualified to deal with it. This way, all people are gone.”

“This is the legendary black demonic thunder. I have learned a lot.”


one after another Furious gaze towards the sky, dense black thunder Below, within the huge fire cauldron, there was a wave of waves, an indestructible medicinal fragrance spread quickly, and the brilliance of emerald green gathered in the sky, unexpectedly condensed into one after another beads of different colors, densely The packed dropping from the sky is like a grand rain.

Divine Vestige like this, I saw a lot of Alchemist, and couldn’t help the tremor in his heart. It turned out to be subconsciously kneeling down below.

“Dan Yu fell, Black Pill came out, this nine-turn Black Pill became…”

Many insightful Pill Dao powerhouses, one or two bodies Shaking, being able to witness the birth of a Tier Nine Black Pill is something that Alchemist can brag about for a lifetime.

The pill pill in the sky poured down and fell on the square, making a clear and raindrop-like clicking sound. Although this pill can’t be considered medicine pill, it is also caused by Condensed by the pure energy, if taken, it will have no small effect on the human body.

“Everyone, I am here to replace the senior who refining the Black Pill. A small gift is considered disrespectful.”

Yan Qingshan waved his hand and countless pill rain particles flew over. In front of everyone, there was a Danyu particle suspended in front of everyone, at least equivalent to the low-level Spirit Pill level. So many Danyu particles were sent out at once, but it was really rich and imposing.

“The energy of this Black Pill is so abundant, not simple, the cultivation base of the refiner, I am afraid it is not 5-Star Fighting Saint, at least at the 6-Star level.”

Old Yao took a pill grain in his palm, and he was slightly trembling under his eyes. From this pill rain grain, he saw a lot of things. It is precisely because he saw so much that he felt more deeply shock.

“hong long long……”

Above the sky of the Dan realm, within the thick dark clouds, black thunders shuttle like python, aggressive Heavenly Might, Many people shrink their necks subconsciously, for fear that the terrifying black demonic thunder will fall on their heads.


The sky was surging Lei Yun, and there was a huge tremor of the huge fire of thousands zhang, and a beam of light burst into the sky. In the middle, you can see a light group faintly like a fetal egg.

This huge beam of light is inserted into Lei Yun in full view, Lei Yun tossed violently, one after another black demonic thunder is like a roaring black python, densely packed around it Dao Guangzhu, and then fiercely blasted towards the fetal egg in the light beam.

This is the last level of the temper. The Tier Nine Black Pill is different from the previous high level medicine pill. The previous high level medicine pill and Tier Seven are followed by the arrival of Pill Thunder, but both After becoming a pill, it can be artificially defended.

And this Tier Nine Black Pill’s Pill Thunder is a must pass, even the refiner will not intervene, making it the final step of nature.

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