Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 389

“boom~ boom~ ……”

one after another black demonic thunder keeps falling. This is the powerful thunder of continent second only to Nine Black Gold Lightning, don’t Money was splattered and dropped, and under the strikes of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, even the entire mountain range in the Dan realm shook with it.

There are countless lights watching the sky. Under the violent blast of Heavenly Lightning, a group of emerald green light eggs have undergone Thunder Calamity. The embryo of Tier Nine Black Pill, if it can experience this Thunder Calamity , It can break out of its tires and become a real Tier Nine Black Pill.

For this kind of thing, outsiders cannot help, even Alchemist can only choose to watch. Tier Nine Black Pill needs the power of thunder to make them completely perfect and natural Metamorphosis.

Under the attention of countless nervous eyes, the light of the fetal egg in the beam of light became more and more bright, and a trace of black lightning flashed on the fetal egg.


With a slight sound, the thunder is near the end, and there is movement in the fetus, which naturally attracts a lot of people Everyone’s eyes were shocked, and they looked at the fetal egg.

After a small crack appeared on the surface of Black Pill’s fetal egg, it suddenly spread and opened, and in the end, it exploded with a click of peng sound. A ray of light penetrated from the crack, and the fetal egg was dazzling and dazzling like a small sun.

As the last thunder fell, Black Pill’s fetal eggs exploded and opened. At this moment, the amazing smell of medicine diffused in the sky, and the smell of medicine hovered, unexpectedly condensed into various forms. The shape of herbs, all over the sky, seemed extremely strange.


A light and shadow suddenly flashed into the sky, immediately like lightning, and quickly moved towards the distant place of the Dan realm. The pill fragrance is rich, and it is as rich as the substance. general.

Tier Nine Black Pill level medicine pill is almost equivalent to real creatures. Wisdom is quite high. When I was born, I knew that I wanted to avoid disadvantages and want to escape. It’s a pity that this is in the Pill Realm. It’s all in vain.

This Black Pill turned into a flying rainbow and wanted to leave, immediately attracted countless people’s boiling, and many of them flew directly to grab, one after another, greed surging in the depths of their eyes The color. Under Tier Nine Black Pill, few people can curb their greed.

“Everyone, this is something from my pill world, don’t just stretch out your hands.”

The extremely indifferent words came from Yan Qingshan, which immediately made some people feel that they were being poured over. A pot of cold water made them sober. This is the Pill Tower’s Pill World. If you grab Pill Tower’s things here, isn’t it a proper courting death!

“Come back!”

As an old silhouette rises high in the sky, it catches up with this a stream of rainbow light in a few steps, and the color light diffuses out of the desire to transform into shape. To resist, it is a pity that with the palm of this old man, the entire Black Pill spirituality gradually collapsed.

The human form of the Black Pill incarnation gradually became illusory, and finally turned into a touch of dragon eye size, surrounded by all kinds of exotic medicine pill.

Old Man Shen Nong took out the jade bottle from the Storage Ring and set up several layers of soul seals on it, and then cautiously put this Tier Nine Black Pill into it. This is what he refined in his life. The first Black Pill, you have to be careful.

“Central Plain Meeting, not born for so many years, I can’t imagine that there are so many talents in Central Plain now!”

A voice full of vicissitudes of life , Slowly swayed in the sky, and at the same time as this sound, there was also a strong to the extreme-like medicinal fragrance.

In the square, everyone who was shocked by the birth of Black Pill saw that the distant sky flickered green, and a pale green medicinal cauldron broke through the sky, and a person sat cross-legged on the medicinal cauldron. The old man wearing ordinary linen, with many jade bottles hanging on his body, made a crisp sound while shaking.

“This, is it the senior who made the Black Pill just now.”

“It can’t be wrong, such a bearing is really heartbreaking, but I don’t know it is Pill. Which generation of Tower’s powerhouse.”

“This one was born. There was a misunderstanding between him and Pill Tower.”

“Look at this breath Is there a breakthrough recently? After Yao Clan’s Clan Leader Yao Dan, will there be another Alchemist who has reached a high level of fighting sage.”


Many pupil light Gathering on this old man, many people racked their brains and thought, trying to match the old man with a legendary figure who had heard of status.

“Teacher, do you recognize this senior!”

Xiao Yan and Old Yao are slightly behind, looking at this seemingly ordinary and casual old man, Xiao Yan felt an extremely deep threat.

“I seem to be a little bit impressed. Could it be the legendary Old Man Shen Nong, but this one was rumored to have some accident with Pill Tower, and he was the powerhouse a thousand years ago, and he actually became the owner of Pill Tower. Is it!”

Old Yao’s eyes suddenly flashed with a touch of surprise. Following his opening, Xiao Yan on the side was startled first, and immediately remembered something, the grave expression in his eyes rose sharply.

Although the title of Old Man Shen Nong does not sound very loud, he is Alchemy within the realm. The very old Old Senior. Even if compared to Old Yao, he can only be compared to Junior. Li, didn’t expect this man who has been missing for many years will appear here unexpectedly.

Old Man Shen Nong stood up from the medicinal cauldron, swiping his sleeves to take the medicinal cauldron away, his vicissitudes of life swept around, and then stopped on Yan Qingshan’s body. After gently brushing his sleeves, his hands bowed slightly, “Alliance Chief, the old man is not late!”

Yan Qingshan smiled and replied: “What did Shen Nong senior say, your Senior is a sea Purple Liang, who would dare to say that you are late!”

Yan Qingshan pointed out the identity of Old Man Shen Nong, which immediately caused an uproar. Only some people recognized it before, but now it has His confirmation naturally made more people understand this person’s qualifications and strength.

Yan Qingshan hugged cup one fist in the other hand to all around, and then introduced loudly: “Everyone, let me introduce to you, Old Man Shen Nong senior, the living fossil in Alchemist, His Senior has now agreed to succeed as the Lord of the Pill World. It is really an honor for me to Pill Tower…”

Many powerhouses around are frowning, even the deepest and most secretive Hun Clan powerhouse, They also felt that the situation was unexpected.

The Pill Tower event at this time is truly an amazing event. First is the handover of the three giants of Pill Tower, the strong Great Influence alliances such as Pill Tower, Flower Sect and Burning Flame Valley, and the alliance of multiple Peak forces in Central Plain. This was originally a major event that changed the situation.

Immediately after this, the Dan Realm reopened again. A Space Teleportation took them directly to the Dan Realm, and found that the current situation in the Dan Realm had become extremely good. Obviously, it was not to catch the ducks on the shelves. There is a real heritage.

After the reopening of the Pill Realm, the Three Large Clans of the Beast Realm led the entire group of forces of ninety-nine percent of the Beast Realm to join the Pill Tower. This is already quite scary.

The original strength of Pill Tower is not inferior to Shi Clan and Ling Clan at the end of Imperial Clan, but if you add these strengths of the alliance, you can go with the Yao Clan in Imperial Clan. Wrists off.

But it’s not over yet, and the ceremony started. Soon, Pill Tower came again, the movement, Tier Nine Black Pill was born, and it’s a rare encounter in hundreds of years for the whole continent. In the major event, the Alchemist finally appeared.

This debut scared a lot of people even more familiarly, Old Man Shen Nong, the activated Stoneman in the Alchemy world. Not only is he qualified but also strong enough to kill any one in the field, including the major Imperial Clan. The Dao Protector sent out basically couldn’t support a few tricks.

“No, it seems something is wrong, which is different from the rumors.”

“This Old Man Shen Nong’s cultivation base is not 6-Star, but higher. “

“This old fellow has achieved a breakthrough in the cultivation base, is it a gift of opportunity to restore the Dan world.”

A powerhouse secretly communicated, but no one dared to open his mouth indiscriminately for fear of offending This is a highly qualified Alchemist.

Old Man Shen Nong walked slowly in front of Yan Qingshan, and handed him a jade bottle, “Little Yan, the baby here, but the highest pursuit of old man who has practiced medicine for most of his life. ……”

Yan Qingshan reached out and took the jade bottle with a strong medicinal fragrance. Even if it had been banned many times, there was still a lingering fragrance of medicine, and countless fiery eyes stared at him. With this jade bottle.

Tier Nine Black Pill, taken under 6-Star Fighting Saint, at least can be promoted to 1-star, 6-Star Initial Phase, can be promoted to 6-Star Peak, even if it is 7-Star Fighting Saint, You can also advance to a small level after taking it.

This divine medicine, which allows people to quickly advance on the road of fighting sages, has not appeared for hundreds of years. If it were not in the Dan world this time, I am afraid that so many people would have been fighting.

And Old Man Shen Nong handed this Tier Nine Black Pill to Yan Qingshan, which seems to corroborate a shocking guess that this Old Senior has already broken through 7- Star is promoted to a high-level fighting saint.

After 7-Star fights, if you want to make progress, even refining the divine object of the Demon Fire this stage is a bit difficult, not to mention the artificial divine object Tier Nine Black Pill.

Generally speaking, it is best to take this Tier Nine Black Pill during the four 5-star battle, and after taking it, you can be promoted to 1-star. In the original book, Xiao Yan took Black Pill when he was facing a crisis. After a great battle, he wasted a lot of medicinal power, but after the retreat ended, he still broke through from 5-Star to 6-Star level.

“Many thanks to Senior.”

Yan Qingshan clenched the jade bottle in his hand. With this Tier Nine Black Pill, his next plan is to have more Good choice.

“Everyone, today, I have a feeling in my heart that I want to retreat through the breakthrough, and then let Xuan Kong’s sub-Chairman take the place of the hospitality, sorry…”

Yan Qingshan’s breath Suddenly there was some change, and after a hurried speech, his silhouette disappeared in a flash. Xuan Kong also responded very quickly, smilingly stepped forward and took over the conversation and continued to greet the many powerhouses.

Countless people looked at the scene in front of them with a slight stun, and they all looked at the direction of Yan Qingshan’s disappearance with some envy.

Yan Qingshan was originally the 3-Star Battle Saint Peak. Now that he has reached the threshold of 4-Star Battle Saint, he will soon be promoted to breakthrough, plus the Tier Nine Black Pill that has just been refined. I know what level the cultivation base will be promoted to when this Yan Alliance Chief leaves the customs.

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