Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 391

In the lava of Jia Nan Academy, countless flame lizardman appeared and surrounded Yan Qingshan and Zi Yan.

“These stumbling tigers really don’t have any eyesight!”

Yan Qingshan looked at the lizardman who surrounded them, smiled and shook his head slightly, the stature did not move, a vast expanse Soul fluctuations spread out very quickly.

Along with this soul fluctuation, the energy in the lava fluctuates violently, and there is a faint humming sound. The surrounding flame lizardman trembles suddenly and shiver coldly rises. .

A terrifying coercion resembling Heavenly Might, made them extremely fearful, let alone fighting, even if they were to maintain the formation, they couldn’t do it.

This scene greatly changed the leading white lizardman complexion, but before he could respond, an indescribable vast wave of fluctuations had already exploded divine might in his body.


The power of this soul wave broke out, and the lava waves of thousands Zhang spread rapidly, and the white flame lizardman was directly blown away. , A mouthful of blood sprayed out, with a thick astonished expression in his eyes.

The vast soul fluctuations continue to spread, and there are waves in the lava Sea Territory that are disturbed. Not only these lizardman, even some of the lizardman who are still coming, are all It is the stature that can’t maintain its own state of action with a tremor.

“peng~ peng~ peng~ ……”

With the explosion of energy, these lizardman who came to surround the two were directly shaken off, leaving a passage, and Yan Qingshan And Zi Yan didn’t mean to continue entangled with them, and left directly along the empty path.

He has never killed these flame lizardman in large quantities. After all, at his level, the crystal nucleus of flame lizardman has little effect on him, and he is not familiar with it at all, and he can’t confirm whether after a large-scale killing What changes will it cause?

This sea of ​​lava was lifted by Yan Qingshan to Heaven and Earth turning upside down. Those flame lizardman who originally looked fierce also receded far away with horror, looking far away. With that back like a Demon God, watching them leave from a distance.

“If you trespass God’s Tomb, they will be condemned by God!”

The white flame lizardman prevented his tribe’s powerhouse from continuing to chase, and swallowed the sweetness in his mouth. Blood, roared hoarsely.

Yan Qingshan and Zi Yan didn’t pay attention to his words at all. Their attention was already in the endless depths of this lava. In that deep underground, there seemed to be something terrifying entrenched, send cold shivers down one’s spine.

“en! This kind of breath is the guy last time, and my child…”

In the deep Underground World, a silhouette is dormant for a while, suddenly body trembled Looking above, the whole body began to tremble.

“These two stupid guys are bringing about one’s own destruction.”

The all-white flame lizardman is coldly snorted, and the stature blends into the lava. The tribe quickly swept away towards the distance. He wants to leave this area close to the ground to avoid unsuspecting disasters.

At the end of the endless underground lava, the road ahead seems to have no end, no matter how Yan Qingshan and Zi Yan increase their speed, there is still a red lava around them, which looks hazy and fuzzy.

The depth of the Lava Sea Territory is far beyond their expectations, and to be able to leave the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion in this area, should it be called Dou Di!

The two were not hit by the depth of the lava, but accelerated their speed, rushing down all the way like a hot knife through butter, the color of the surrounding lava gradually happened The change has gradually evolved from crimson to the color of red and black.

When the lava becomes this color, their speed is also forced to slow down. In this color of lava, there seems to be a kind of peculiar heat hidden. This kind of heat is actually even Dou Sheng couldn’t be purified easily, and now both of them are well-known figures in Dou Sheng, otherwise here, there is no power to protect themselves.

“Be careful.”

Yan Qingshan’s sense of vigilance in his heart is getting stronger and stronger, a sign emerges from his heart, his stature of flying and diving is in an instant Stiff, looking quickly, Dragon Emperor Zhu Kun, the daughter slave, was obviously looking at him again. This old fellow simply was an impulsive temperament that became irrational.

The lava around the body was shaken and exploded, and as Yan Qingshan stretched his hand forward, the two seemed to have touched a space in a staggered level.

Yan Qingshan gave Zi Yan a look to let her go first, and then he followed along. The Dragon Emperor Zhu Kun here has been trapped for many years and is so impulsive that he can’t understand it. If he walks forward first, maybe Being directly slapped to death by the opponent’s palm was not a lesson from the past.

The two entered this mysterious space one after another. The flow of lava that was originally flooded before suddenly stopped, and an endless space with some darkness and silence appeared in the line of sight.

This space, I don’t know how many years of silence, the whole space is filled with a smell of ancient vicissitudes.

There is an empty piece of space, and there is nothing strange about it. The two hold hands and move forward cautiously. After about a few minutes, their footsteps stopped, and their eyes were fixed on a distant place, where a faint light appeared.

They speeded up and passed, and the situation within the light group also appeared in their sight. It was a stone gate, a huge stone gate with several ten thousand zhangs.

This stone gate stands quietly in this vast space, like an eternal existence, an ancient and wild-like breath, slowly spreading from it, rippling in this world. in.

Before this stone gate, there was an equally huge square. Yan Qingshan took Zi Yan to a halt and looked at this strange place.

There are four ancient fonts on the top of this stone gate, Yan Qingshan knows it, and Zi Yan’s surprise in his eyes cannot be concealed when he sees it.

“Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion! This is the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion that the ancient Imperial Clan has pursued for a lifetime.”

Zi Yan looked at the top of the stone gate, her heart could not be calm for a long time, The ancient fonts do not appear to be too gorgeous. However, in the ordinary, they have an endless majesty above Heaven and Earth, which gives people a very strange feeling.

Yan Qingshan did not speak, because he suddenly felt a chill in his heart, that kind of feeling, as if there was something watching him, he knew in his heart that a certain daughter slave had discovered Up them.

Yan Qingshan’s gaze swept all around, and soon he found the problem. His gaze looked towards the space below. Although he was prepared in his heart, his body trembled was unavoidable. .

A firelight illuminates the space that resembles Darkness for thousands of years. In the Darkness space below, a huge monster is exuding traces of hostility.

This is an indescribably huge creature. It occupies the in the sky of Darkness and does not move. Its eyes extend along its body to the distant Darkness space, but it has not seen his whole body clearly. .

This huge monster, the whole body presents the color of purple, and its body is covered with cold scales, a feeling of vigor and steel is born spontaneously, but this one is definitely the largest he has ever seen in his life. Magic Beast.

Yan Qingshan’s eyes are looking down, the darkness in the space is silent, the one below does not emit a powerful imposing manner at all, but only the missing breath makes people feel it. Life crisis of stocks.

Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi, like this one, are 9-Star Dousheng Peak and possess the half-emperor existence of the Emperor Realm soul, but this one is Magic Beast Supreme, powerful and breakthrough. Half the emperor has a longer time and is much stronger than the other two. He is definitely the most powerhouse in the world.

Darkness in the sky, a pair of huge eyes that have been closed for a long time suddenly opened. These eyes appear faintly red, and the pupils of the eyes overlap, just this pair of eyes, It is hundreds of times larger than Yan Qingshan’s entire NPC.

As soon as these eyes opened, they locked Yan Qingshan and Zi Yan. An extremely terrifying coercion directly enveloped Yan Qingshan, and when Zi Yan’s body revealed the unique characteristics of the Dragon Emperor When the energy halo, this coercion changed.

Yan Qingshan’s face changed slightly, and he felt the mire-like feeling around him fade a little, and he finally felt relieved.

This huge monster stared at Zi Yan in a daze. He felt an extremely familiar taste, the feeling that the bloodlines were connected. It was the bloodline of the same sect of the same sect, between this Heaven and Earth can only be owned by his only child back then.

“child, child…”

This huge thing, which was originally full of monstrous, fierce and majestic Golden pupils, almost instantly became soft and silent. The heart of countless years suddenly beat violently, his gaze, staring at Zi Yan closely, murmured unconsciously.

Zi Yan came to Yan Qingshan’s side, clutching Yan Qingshan’s clothes, frowning and trembling: “His breath, I seem to be familiar with it… It’s really him…”

Zi Yan is no longer the majestic Dragon Emperor at this time, but a weak girl. She has clearly recognized it, but she seems so fragile, hoping to get Yan Qingshan’s answer.

Yan Qingshan looked at the huge Magic Beast body below from a distance, said solemnly: “Zi Yan, this senior, is indeed the long-lost Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon clan.”

The existence below hurriedly said: “Yes, this kid is right. You should have returned to Ancient Dragon Island. You should know that I have been missing for a long time…”

Zi Yan looked a little throbbing, and his cheeks became a little cold, indifferently said: “The last Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon clan will not appear for a long time. This emperor is the current Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon clan.”



With Zi Yan’s words, the gigantic beast underneath stopped for a while, and then again and again nodded and said: “You are right, you are right, you When the Dragon Emperor is right, you really deserve to be the Dragon Emperor.”

Such a huge monster showing such gestures and expressions is really a bit spicy. Yan Qingshan’s expressions all have become weird. Said this is indeed a daughter slave below!

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