Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 394

On the western sky of Central Plain, on this day, two crescent moons, one up and down, quietly appeared. At the same time, Endless Starry Sky, nine shining stars, are connected in a line under the gaze of countless eyes.

Double Moon rise together, 9-Star one, Heaven and Earth tide, Demonic Fire descent. The legendary Jinglian Demon Fire finally came to the world in this brief moment.

“Jinglian Demon Fire, are you going to be born!”

Besides Northwest Continent and Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion, when the Central Plain unusual form was born, Yan Qingshan suddenly stood up. Between the eyebrows, there was a slight amount of light, and the ancient picture inside sensed the sign of the birth of Heavenly Flame, and the strange light group suspended in his mind, violently rippled.

“Boy, you are going to leave.”

Dragon Emperor Zhu Kun woke up again and opened his eyes. He also noticed some strange signs on Yan Qingshan’s body, and said A little bit of blood light flew out, “This is an attack of my blood essence. It may be able to save your life at a critical moment.

9-Star Lianzhu, Demon Fire is born, if you can get this Jinglian Demon Fire is also very helpful to Zi Yan. Zi Yan is here to retreat and I watch, you should leave first!”

He said looking towards the changing purple Light cocoon, Zi Yan’s breath now has transformed into 6-Star Fighting Saint, but there is still a period of time before he wakes up, and it seems that he can’t keep up with this time.

“Thanks Senior.”

Yan Qingshan thoughts move, after suppressing the abnormal movement of the light group with divine sense, he waved his hand and put it away without pretense. From Zhu Kun gave a ban on the hole card, then broke the space barrier and rushed to the place of the Central Plain unusual form as quickly as possible.


Above the Central Plain starry sky, when the nine bright stars connected in a straight line, a strong energy wave suddenly appeared across Heaven and Earth. Countless strange mists diffused out of nothingness, and there was still the sound of waves in the faint, from between Heaven and Earth.

This is Heaven and Earth tide. Every time it appears, it means that the energy of a certain place has rioted, and this level of Heaven and Earth tide is rare in a thousand years.

The distant sky suddenly burst into a strong light. Under this light, there is also a kind of extremely terrifying temperature. The ripples spread out, and I don’t know that it is affected. How large is this unusual form can be easily observed anywhere in the entire Pill Region.

9-Star Lianzhu, Heaven and Earth tide, the unusual form appeared, which immediately attracted the four directions clouds moves, and many ancient influences who had been paying attention to this major event took action one after another.

“This is the unusual form of the 9-Star co-occurrence. The Jinglian Demon Fire will soon be born. Although the Alliance Chief is still in retreat, we can’t miss this time’s event.”


Central Plain Pill Tower, within the Dan realm, Xiao Yi Xian, Medusa, Qing Ling and the others quickly exited the customs after sensing the unusual form, and led many allies in accordance with the plan previously planned by Yan Qingshan Rush to Heaven and Earth tide with powerhouse.

The news of Yan Qingshan’s retreat was spread by Pill Tower, but not many people knew the inside story. Only Xiao Yi Xian, Qing Ling, Medusa, etc., were familiar with and carried out the instructions here. Plan to repair plank roads.

Old Man Shen Nong and Pill Tower Old Ancestor guessed it, but they will not say anything. The strength of these two has already surpassed the 4-Star Fighting Saint, and according to the peak forces Under unwritten rules, 5-Star Fighting Saints cannot easily end up fighting.

Although it is said that the major Imperial Clan is divided into two camps facing each other to prepare for the war, there has not yet been a full-scale war. In addition to the acquisition of Jinglian Demon Fire this time, both Imperial Clans are both They had a tacit understanding and didn’t mean to destroy the unwritten rules. Although Pill Tower was near the water platform, the two of them could only watch.

Queen Medusa flew to the square in the center of the Dan Realm, accompanied by a clear howl, one after another silhouette hurriedly flew from all over the Dan Realm, and finally hovered above the sky.

Many Elders of the Little Pill Tower, Burning Flame Valley Huo Yun Old Ancestor, Flower Sect’s Qing Hua two immortals, three Magic Beast tribes… a powerhouse under the 5-Star Fight Summon came quickly.

“Everyone, Jinglian Demon Fire was born, right near my Pill Region. Our alliance is for the right to speak. This time, I must not miss it. Before the Alliance Chief retreats, I will be responsible for this. The second thing, I think no one has an opinion!”

Medusa looked around for a week, the breath of 4-Star Peak Fighting Saint was unconcealed, and naturally no one had any opinions as far as she could. She was Then he said: “Everyone, this trip is dangerously dangerous. If you encounter an invincible danger, you will retreat first, and everything will focus on yourself.” After Medusa looked around, said solemnly, the powerhouse here is basically The elite strength that can be counted as the alliance, if the loss is too great, the alliance will also strengthen great injury.

Medusa knows that Yan Qingshan has another plan for snatching Demon Fire from the Demon Fire. People like them just clearly attract attention, so they can’t make unnecessary sacrifices for them.

Many silhouettes in the sky are powerhouses, and they have their own minds, and they should all drink together. Medusa doesn’t talk nonsense. With a wave of his palm, a space passage is opened in the sky of the Dan Realm.

A stream of light quickly sank into it, blasting away at the Demonic Fire descent as fast as lightning.

At the time of the mobilization of Pill Tower, the Wraith League formed by Hun Clan and the Heavenly Mansion alliance that Gu Clan supported Star Meteor Pavilion and other forces were also carrying out a major mobilization, apart from this Some Great Influence big Sects are flying a large number of silhouettes at this moment.

“Don’t worry, Xiao Yan big brother, this time Gu Nan Hai Elder personally leads the team. He has a close relationship with my father, and I will definitely help you get Jinglian Demon Fire.”

In the Star Meteor Pavilion, Xiao Yan Old Yao and other Star Meteor Pavilion powerhouses followed Gu Xun’er and Gu Clan to Elder to go to the destination. Listening to the soft voices of the beautiful people around, Xiao Yan’s heart, in fact, It’s pretty unpleasant.

Above the sky northwest of Central Plain, the sound of wu wu broke the wind one after another, passing by the sky one after another, their goals are all amazingly consistent, and they are all It points to the place of Demonic Fire descent.

In just one night, the entire Central Plain was commotion for it.

“xiu 咻xiu…”

On the northwestern sky of Central Plain, suddenly the roaring wind masterpiece, a large group of silhouettes flew from the distant sky, close to the Demonic Fire Within a thousand miles of the descent location, the dazzling bright light is constantly released like a shining sun. As you get closer and closer, one after another terrifying high temperature is oncoming. Even if you can get here, it is not a weak hand, but Many people are still sweating profusely.

“This is the formidable power of Jinglian Demon Fire. The residual heat released by it alone makes these powerhouses that are at least high-end Dou Zun difficult to resist. 6-Star Dou Zun Below, I’m afraid I’m not qualified to approach at all.”

Medusa led the many sacred powerhouses of Pill Tower to this Demonic Fire descent place, and saw many Dou Zun returning with the team on the way. I have a preliminary understanding of the power of Demon Fire.

6-Star Dou Zun’s powerhouse, placed on the Dou Qi continent, is already a Peak powerhouse that can be called a vertical and horizontal continent, but this level of strength can only barely resist the Demon Fire of Jinglian. The residual heat released from this shows how terrifying the Jinglian Demon Fire is. Without the strength of the Holy Realm, it is basically impossible to conquer this Heavenly Flame.

The top three Heavenly Flames on the Heavenly Flame list and the other Heavenly Flames are completely two concepts. Even the Gold Emperor Heaven Burning Flame, the fourth highest on the Heavenly Flame list, faces the top three Heavenly Flames. It’s also there’s no resistance.

The top three Heavenly Flames in the Heavenly Flame list have all spawned a humanoid Fire Spirit with a Primordial Spirit. Even if they return to the initial state of intelligence, the majestic energy is enough to burn the battle saint.

These powerful Heavenly Flames don’t have the strength of the Holy Realm to conquer, so before this time major event, the ancient Imperial Clan will give their children a major upgrade and be able to be taken. The young powerhouses who come here must at least have the strength of Half Sage.

When everyone arrived at the lofty mountains of Demonic Fire descent, they were all shocked by the sight in front of them. The lofty mountains that were originally lush and green are now a milk-white crystal desert, a kind of terrifying The temperature evaporates from the desert, making the space within several thousands li all present a sense of distortion.

In the distant sky, the space there has been cracked and opened, and the milk-white brilliance pouring out from the broken space. In that brilliance, there is a kind of soul. It is unbearable terrifying temperature.

“Xiao Yan? He actually broke through the Holy Land?”

The powerhouse of Pill Tower met many teams with the same purpose along the way, most of them were of average strength. It’s not a threat, but when the group of people from Star Meteor Pavilion appeared, there was some surprise. In the eyes of everyone, Xiao Yan, who was an innate talent, also broke through Dousheng. It was not Half Sage, but the real one. Fighting Saint.

Xiao Yan has the current strength. In fact, he has a close relationship with Gu Clan. More precisely, it has a lot to do with Tian Tomb.

Yan Qingshan grabbed a lot of opportunities for Xiao Yan, but he couldn’t change the ancient Xun’er’s heart for Xiao Yan. After Xiao Yan successfully entered the tomb and saw Xiao Xuan, this former half emperor powerhouse Naturally, it is dedicated to cultivating the only promising younger generation in the family.

Originally just like this, Xiao Yan was at best a high-level fighting saint, but as the conflict between Gu Clan and Hun Clan broke out, in order to better compete for the Demon Fire of Demon Fire, and to train younger generations, Gu Yuan personally sent a group of people into the tomb again.

This approach naturally violates the major Imperial Clan agreements, but now the Imperial Clan splits the two camps, the Tian Tomb is in the hands of Gu Clan, Hun Clan has no opportunity to express opinions, and the rest of the races All of them have places to enter the tomb again, and this matter will naturally be carried out successfully.

Xiao Yan was sent to the tomb again because of the relationship between Xiao Xuan and the ancient Xun’er. Xiao Xuan learned that his junior wanted to subdue Jinglian Demon Fire, so naturally it was a great power. Support, use his strength to run wild in the sky tomb naturally, and help Xiao Yan obtain the crystal nucleus breakthrough, naturally it is nothing difficult.

In the past two years, the Heavenly Tomb has been in chaos. The remnants of the powerhouse from Hun Clan were hunted down and all refining, which also caused the cultivation base of the group of people who entered the Heavenly Tomb to soar. Among them, the most profitable one is naturally Xiao Yan with Xiao Xuan as the backstage.

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