Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 400

“Bang… ”

In the empty space, Hun Clan’s direction is, Hun Feng, Hun Yu and the others are crushing and hitting two puppets At this time, another puppet flying from Xiao Yan reached behind them, swelling up and bursting open at a speed visible to naked eye.

The explosion of this puppet is not an exception. With the explosion of the first puppet, the remaining one also quickly self-destructs.

The indescribable terrifying energy storm swept through the sky at an astonishing speed. The lava Sea Territory under the thousand zhang was also torn apart by a long ten thousand zhang. Lava cracks.

In the rest of these powerhouses, some bad luck guys who run late, just don’t lightly sweep the body with the violent energy, it is the body torn skin and gaping flesh, and the meridian in the body is also inch by inch broke apart.

This self-destruct of Hono has almost affected everyone except the big war circle. It happened so suddenly that everyone was unprepared. Among them, Hun Clan suffered the most, with three puppets equivalent to surrounding them self-destruct.

The self-destruct of these fierce and unafraid of death shocks caused many powerhouses to flee in desperation, fleeing quickly one by one.

“Be careful…”

Yao Clan’s medicine spirit is desperately running forward, not far behind her is a hoon puppet about to self-destruct, Just when she thought she could not escape and was about to be seriously injured undying, a sudden palm pulled her over.


Between a loud noise, a milky white “mushroom cloud” rose, and Yao Ling only felt that he was being held in his arms and knocked down. A piece of stone mountain, deep into the stone wall.

Her head was a little dizzy, but she didn’t suffer any serious injuries, because more impact was blocked by the person in front of her.

“You…are you okay…”

The smell of blood lingered in the upper nasal cavity, Yao Ling’s heart suddenly lifted, and she gently pushed The person in him made a trembling voice with a little worry and fear.


There was a little moan in this man’s throat, and then he fell to the side. After sitting upright, Yao Ling quickly looked to the side. A somewhat unfamiliar man fell beside her, but behind her was a bloody blood.

Yao Ling’s lovable body trembled, Life and Death Instant’s loss of consciousness, and these highly impactful images were deeply engraved into his mind. This strange man desperately saved her. At this moment One of her hearts was shaken.

“Don’t move, take this medicine pill.”

After a while, Yao Ling finally recovered his calm. Seeing that this person was about to get up, he quickly reached out In the past, I helped him and took out the spiritual medicine from the Storage Ring and fed him down.

Tier Eight Spirit Pill took effect very quickly. The person behind the injury quickly recovered, but there was a trace of Demon Fire hidden in the wound. It was unfamiliar and easy to remove, although it looked okay. , But this person’s condition is already quite bad.

“Ling’er, you are okay…”

A sound of breaking wind came to Yao Ling’s side, Yao Tian watched his younger sister safe and sound, and a big rock fell in his heart. Yao Ling is not only his younger sister, but also the most innate talent of Yao Clan’s generation, who is most likely to impact the Emperor Realm soul, even more important than him.

If something goes wrong with Yao Ling, let alone his big brother, even Yao Clan Law Enforcement Elder Yao Wan Gui, who led the team at this time, is bound to suffer.

“I’m okay, he saved me…”

Yao Ling supported the person next to him with one hand, letting him lean on his body, his movements were gentle and his voice was also Rarely, the temperature is a little bit higher.

“This gentleman is…”

Yao Tian’s attention shifted to the person next to Yao Ling. He didn’t seem to have a very outstanding appearance, and he barely set foot in the Holy Land. Cultivation base, this kind of cultivation base should have some reputation, but he has no impression at all. Of course, it may also be that he rarely pays attention to people and things outside of Imperial Clan.

“Northwest Continent Black-Corner Region, Loose Cultivator Qing Shan, this time I came to Central Plain for the first time, but I didn’t even think about it, I ran into such a grand event. It’s really…”

The guy who suddenly saved people was naturally Yan Qingshan. At this time, he was half leaning against the arms of this Yao Clan beauty, looking very badly, with a wry smile at the corner of his mouth.

His rescue of Yao Ling was entirely temporary, just like he had just pitted Hun Clan. He just made use of the situation and did it when he thought of it.

He is very curious about Yao Clan, the woman who claims to be the most likely to reach Emperor Realm. She didn’t have the chance to contact before. Now she just took the opportunity to try her secrets. After all, if he wants to break through Dou Di, the Emperor Realm Soul is a difficult level.

Yao Tian listened to Yan Qingshan’s words, the guards and doubts in his eyes remained unresolved. As the most powerful house and person in power of the younger generation of Yao Clan, he would not believe in human kindness, but now everyone They are all in danger, and he doesn’t quite believe that this is a layout specifically for Yao Clan.

Yan Qingshan’s mouth has a wry smile, shook his head and said: “Yao Tian brother, Young Miss, the medicine spirit, I just shot it, and it can be considered a bit of my own thoughts. This time I am in a dangerous situation. My strength is extremely difficult to escape.

With the identity and strength of the two and Yao Wan Gui Elder, the probability of getting out is not small. I cultivation body refinement Dou Technique, just after the explosion. The harm done to me can’t actually cause too much injury. I saved Yao Clan Young Miss……”

“Qing Shan brother, please be relieved. Since you saved Ling’er, you are my Yao Clan benefactor. Later, you will be behind me with Linger!”

Yao Tian listened to Yan Qingshan’s remarks, and his doubts a little bit. Although he is still vigilant, he already believes this statement. .

Although everyone is still in danger now, no matter what, the probability of getting out of a few Great Influences with 4-Star Dou Sheng is definitely greater, like’Qing Shan’ Is it normal for this kind of people who don’t have a backstage and want to escape with their thighs?

The voice of hong long long kept ringing, and the self-destruct attack of the hono puppets was finally over. Although the reaction and speed of these powerhouses were not slow, things happened too suddenly. Not everyone escaped with such luck.

Several Huo slaves rushed in front of some powerhouses in the dying explosion, and then in their horrified eyes, they self-destruct once again, destroying energy, almost In a moment, it was to tear those bad luck guys into nothingness.

With several heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosions in this world, the powerhouse that entered the Demon Fire space was damaged a lot.

Some people who survived by chance, all stared blankly at the lava Sea Territory below. There are several ten thousand zhang huge lava pits. They didn’t expect, these hono Will also self-destruct.

ten thousand li On the cloudless sky, the rest of the people are looking at the empty sky with dull eyes. There is absolute silence for a time. The self-destruct of these honoids makes them Walked on the gates of hell.

“Don’t keep your hands, let’s solve this guy together.”

The 4-Star Fighting Saint of Hun Clan looked at the embarrassed Hun Feng and Hun Yu , And then furiously shouted Dou Qi, a huge black great spell of ten thousand zhang appeared in the sky, and the center of the great spell was precisely locked to the Jinglian Demon Fire below.

This black great spell is Hun Clan’s Heaven Net Sealing Devil Spell. It is able to arrange the magical formation so quickly, obviously Hun Clan came prepared this time. Medusa and other six powerhouses can’t care about anything else at this time, flying one by one into the six formation eyes.

Heaven Net Sealing Devil Spell changes instantly, and the vast and trembling energy column of Six Paths surges up from everywhere, and finally rushes directly into the great spell in the sky. .

Hun Clan’s 4-Star Fighting Saint received energy infusion, his handprints changed quickly, the great spell trembled, and a beam of light full of mysterious rune and pitch-black as ink suddenly emerged from the center of the great spell It burst out, and finally blasted on the body of Demon Fire below Jinglian Demon Fire like lightning.

“Heaven Net Refining Fire, turn it into the original source!”

His eyes showed a frenetic color, greedily looking at the Jinglian Demon Fire that was hit below, while taking advantage of it. With this opportunity, he wants to refine the latter back to its original source, and this Jinglian Demon Fire will become his possession.

The huge black beam of light bursts down from the center of the great spell. The speed of the beam is astonishingly fast. It penetrates this world in a flash, and even the lava Sea Territory below is Forcibly tore open a huge lava giant pit of several hundred zhang.


Jinglian Demon Fire’s body was hit by a black beam of light, and the flame on his body’s surface became dimmed for a moment, and a miserable misery mixed with rage The call sounded in this world.

Yan Qingshan, who was leaning against Yaoling, looked at the Demon Fire of Demon Fire, and his eyes flashed with inexplicable brilliance, “Doing the show and doing the whole set? Or is this magical formation really hurting him? “

He is very clear about the true strength of this Jinglian Demon Fire, which is at the level of 7-Star Fighting Saints. If he didn’t want to try to deceive the residual restrictions of the Demon Fire space, it would have been at first. If everyone is killed, where will they be given a chance to perform.

In the black beam of light, the body of Jinglian Demon Fire suddenly expanded and opened, directly turning into a huge flame shape with a thousand zhang, the temperature between Heaven and Earth rose sharply, and the lava below , Boiling up violently, one after another lava column burst out continuously, the sound of hong long long, like the end of the day.

Jinglian Demon Fire, after such crazy struggles, the black beam of light was rippling, and even faintly distorted, it seemed that this array really made him feel When it comes to life and death crisis, it is about to be ready to go desperately.

“What are you guys, you want to seal me…”

Jinglian Demon Fire seems to be really dangerous. Roared out this’lose one’s head out of fear’ , And the flame in the black light column suddenly exploded without warning. One after another devastating shock wave hit the light wall of the black light column fiercely.

Jinglian Demon Fire’s frantic counterattack directly caused all seven of the main lineup to turn pale, and some of them were more seriously injured. A mouthful of blood was sprayed out instantly.

“Everyone, fight with it!”

Hun Clan’s powerhouse suddenly spewed a mouthful of blood essence containing energy, which was submerged in the magical formation. Others except Medusa, who had been pretending all the time. , They are all learned Blood Sacrifice Array.

The black light suddenly flourished, and the huge body of Jinglian Demon Fire began to shrink rapidly. Although the latter continued to roar, it still could not stop the shrinking trend.


As the black beam of light that runs through Heavenspan quickly retracts, Jinglian Demon Fire sends out the final’unwilling roar’.

The black cylinder shrank to about one zhang size, and within the cylinder, a group of milk-white flame slowly rose, and an extremely terrifying temperature quietly spread out.

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